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We are so pleased. Mr.
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
did a beautiful job prepping the rooms. He made our windows look new! Special attention was given to cracks in the wall and ceiling floor moldings. He had every kind of tool imagine able to a top notch job. He came on time and prepared and was professional in every aspect of the job. He is the best painter we've had in twenty five years.
- Lisa B.

I originally called to receive an estimate on a new walkway that we need redone. I called on a Friday night, so I didn't expect to hear anything until the following week. However, I did receive a call on Saturday and provided some preliminary information on the job and set up a time that following Monday for him to come by at 5. When Monday rolled around, no phone call, no show. I don't hunt contractors down, so I didn't even bother with a follow up phone call to him. If they don't show up or call when they're supposed to I don't want to work with them anyway. And if you can't keep an appointment, that's completely understandable - in the future though, you should let your prospective clients know you won't be there. I took off work early to meet him and essentially wasted 3 hours of my day.
- Charles S.

Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
came out and gave us an estimate of the total job. He was right on time and I was pleased with his knowledge and expertise. He made suggestions on how to pick the colors and explained how the overall process worked. They used
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
A100 paint (included in the price, which also includes two colors). We went to
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
and picked out our colors so we knew the colors would be exactly what we wanted.
The painters(two) arrived right on time, and while one started preparing the house, the other took our paint cards to get the paint. Both men worked hard and steady all day and it was evident that they knew what they were doing. The foreman, Dareo, had been painting houses for 10 years.
The house looks very good and both my wife and I are pleased with the job. I would definitely use
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
again in the future.
- Ernest C.

I purchased an Angieslist deal for a small paved patio for $799. After meeting with
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
, I decided to make it a bigger job. He and his crew got to work immediately and built a lovely large patio along the back of my house. The also demo'd and removed the majority of a large concrete slab. They worked fast and the work appears to be of very high quality.
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
is very professional and great to work with. They did leave a good deal of debris (stones, dirt, plants) that had been where the patio went. I would have liked that to have been removed, but that would not keep me from hiring them again.
- George B.

This is by far the best experience we've had with a paint company.
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
was so professional, punctual, detailed, informative and nice when he came by to look at the work we wanted done. Once we decided to pull the trigger, he came by again to talk through final decisions and take notes. He made recommendations for color and finish based on the textured walls in our old, 1926
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
and was flexible when we decided to add rooms to the bid and change our plans a bit.
The day before the painters began the week-long job,
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
called to confirm the details and prepped us on what to move and get done prior to the job starting. The first day of the job, he was nice enough to arrive earlier than the painters so I could meet him, do a walk through and get to work on time. I gave him our colors and left for work while he waited for the crew. My husband and I felt comfortable enough to leave them the keys to our house so we wouldn't have to leave work to meet them. Each day when we returned home from work, the house was neatly covered with paper in the work areas and completely spotless when they were finished with the job. Another surprising plus,
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
called me EVERY day to update me and make me aware of progress and also check to make sure we were happy with everything.
This was such a great experience. We will definitely be calling them back when we decide to redo our kitchen cabinets or have any other painting needs in the future.

- Michael R.

After purchasing a Painter for a day deal here on Angie's list I was contacted by the Painter,
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
was very nice and we setup a date, he also answered questions about how much and what type of paint we would need. On the date of the appointment he arrived that morning and helped us move some furniture out of the room. He did a great job of covering everything with plastic. His work was meticulous and top notch and we will definitely use him again in the future.
- Cory W.

Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
was late on the date of the estimate; he did not call to state he would be late; I called him after 30 minutes of waiting for him. We rescheduled for later that morning; again he was late ( he did call after he was 10 minutes late). We agreed on the work and price. We set up the date for the following week, Monday and Tuesday. Monday morning I had the rooms ready and I had purchased the paint. 30 minutes after the agreed upon time, I had not heard from him. I called and he stated that I had not called him on the previous Friday (we had already agreed on the time and date previously). He said he could not come until the next day, I asked him if he could compensate me somehow for my time and he said no, that he had given me a very good price. I cancelled the job at that point. Even after all this, I did call to see if he could come the next day, he did not return my call. I had a previous experience with him a few years ago and he had done an excellent job with some drywall, so I was very disappointed with him this time.
I called another contractor from your list. His price was much lower than Mr.
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
, he was punctual and had excellent communication and exuded professionalism! The work is completed and I am very pleased with him, so pleased he will be doing some more work for me next week!
- Cristina N.

I contacted him, we set up a time for an estimate. He quoted me a fair price and we set up a date for the work to be done. The painters were very punctual, efficient and did an excellent job! This company provides excellent communication and professionalism. He will be painting my mantles (2) and finishing an antique vanity set for me next week! I highly recommend him!
- Cristina N.

Sent non English Speaking individuals house to house to place flyers and case homes for burglary later. Our home has a no soliciting sign as do all of our neighbors, didn't matter. The city of Dallas has a no-soliciting ordinance, didn't matter. Obviously very shady character.
- james P.

--- SYNOPSIS ---

Was hired to paint our kitchen cabinets (from walnut to white). Was a 2-3 day job that turned into a 3-week job which, after having his painter back twice to correct issues, we had to have another painter complete the work since we had already moved in and needed to unpack boxes. He offered to have his painter (same person that had already messed up twice), back to our home 4 days after we had moved in, and 2 weeks after originally scheduled completion date.
We requested a refund on what we spent to have a competing painter complete the job he had been hired to do – His response:
- Stopped responding to phone calls
- Never returned the half-dozen voice messages we left him over a 4 week span
- Texted notifying me had a company lawyer
- Returned (unopened) our detailed letter explaining our basis for the credit
You’ll notice
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
Co has two other reviews on Angie’s List – please click on those two reviews and you’ll find both are from members who had never reviewed anyone else and are the only reviews they’ve ever posted (not a very trustworthy review in IMHO).
Detailed version with complete chronology of events follows:
- 2/21/14 ---
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
met with us and provided a quote for painting various rooms of the home. The kitchen by itself was quoted for $2,000 (exterior only).
- 4/4/14 ---
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
returned to 7231
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
Dr. and provided a quote for painting the interior of the kitchen cabinets and drawers for an additional $500. The updated quote for painting the kitchen, including interiors, was consequently set at $2,500. This included sanding down previous stain, applying primer and two coats of
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
Pure White paint (paint included in price).
- 4/14/14 --- we, the homeowners, approved the $2,500 quote and it was agreed that the job would be done in a professional manner, the work would be overseen by
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
, and the painting would be completed in less than a week as it was noted that the homeowners would be moving into the property by the end of the month.
- 4/16/14 --- two painters from
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
began work on painting the kitchen
- 4/17/14 --- at the end of the work day,
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
notified the homeowners that the job had been completed. Note that this had originally been scheduled as a job that would take a few days to complete.
- 4/18/14 ---
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
was contacted by the homeowners to inform him that the painters had failed to protect the crown molding and drawer rails, as well as the dishwasher and multiple walls of the kitchen and dining room area, therefore certain ivory colored areas of the kitchen and dining room were now sprayed with
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
Pure White paint. Additionally, it was noted that multiple areas of the kitchen cabinets had not been painted and such faulty work included missed corners, sides of cabinet doors, and that a primer grid could still be seen through the white paint. Consequently the work had not been completed as
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
had claimed one day earlier. We have multiple pictures to back up these claims and please note that these same images were sent to
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
via text message on 4/18/14 and he confirmed receipt.
- 4/19/14 ---
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
met with one of the homeowners to review the claims of faulty work and agreed to have his painters correct all of the errors, some of which are noted in the prior bullet. At the end of the day
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
contacted the homeowners to inform that the work had been completed.
- 4/21/14--- homeowners met with the two painters at the property to review the second round of work done to correct initial mistakes. As was the case on 4/18/14, the work had not been completed even though
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
had informed the homeowners one day prior. By request of the homeowners, the two painters remained for two more hours at the residence repainting areas which still showed the walnut colored base, as well as two sets of cutting board cabinets which each contained two shelves that had not been removed in order to paint them in full. A second coat had been applied and all corners, side paneling and missed areas corrected. Unfortunately, we should have known better, and shelves were not moved to check behind them as they had wet paint.
- 4/22/14 ---
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
was paid for completion of the work
- 4/29/14 --- Homeowners moved into the home and immediately began unpacking kitchen boxes and removing shelves of the cabinets in order to adjust for height. What was found was that the painters of
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
had never removed any of the shelves and had opted to instead paint on, or around said shelves, thus when the height of a shelf was moved, the original walnut and yellowish colors were revealed. It was at this moment that, yet again for a third time, it was found that the job had not been performed and completed as per agreement with
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
. Photographs of the dozens of unpainted areas were sent to
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
to which
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
responded (via text message), that his painters were busy and could not return to correct mistakes until Friday, May 2nd – 4 days after the homeowners had already moved into the home, and 15 days since 4/17/14 when
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
had initially reported that the work had been completed.
- 4/30/14 --- homeowners, at their own expense, contracted another company to finalize the painting work in order to be able to fully unpack the kitchen boxes and utilize the kitchen and cabinets as had been agreed with
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
on 4/4/14.
- 5/1/14 through 5/21/14 --- homeowners called
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
by phone at least a dozen times and received no response. Around a half dozen voice messages were left requesting a call back, no call back was received.
- 5/21/14 --- homeowners sent
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
a text message with a request for a call back to discuss the painting job and included a note stating further action would be taken if no response was received. A response from
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
was finally received via text message indicating
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
had a company lawyer and that the company had offered to fix the painting mistakes but the homeowners had declined this offer. Correct, we declined the offer because the offer (as noted on bullet 4/29/14), was for the same faulty painter to return 4 days after we had moved in which is completely unacceptable and not what had been agreed to. The timeframe for completing this work had already expired and we had already moved into the home, thus we had to find another company to finalize the work in a satisfactory manner.
After numerous failed attempts at reaching him by phone during the month of May, and having not received a call back on a half dozen voice messages requesting a call back during the aforementioned time frame, we were forced to discuss this matter and request a refund by way of a letter which was sent to him via certified first class mail – he refused the letter and it was returned to us unopened.
The purpose of the letter, as was the purpose of all of the prior attempts to reach him by phone during the month of May, was to request
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
honor it’s agreement to paint inside and outside of the kitchen cabinets in a professional manner within a specified time frame to be completed prior to the homeowners moving in to the property. As noted in the bulleted chronology of events,
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
violated the following items of the agreement:
-- Failure of
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
to oversee the work of the painters
-- Failure to complete the work in a professional manner during a first attempt and within the set timeframe
-- Failure to paint the inside of the cabinets which included behind shelves

It is by way of the letter that we, the homeowners, were requesting a refund of $500 for the failure of
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
to complete its work within the agreed timeframe and craftsmanship. The amount of $500 corresponded to the quoted amount for painting inside of the cabinets provided by
Dallas Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
to us on 4/4/14. No refund was being requested for the other gaffes.
I too run my own business and it is of utmost importance that both me and my employees keep customers happy, even on occasions where mistakes were made or perhaps the product delivered was not as expected. In the end, customer service is what keeps people coming back and speaking well about my business. I would have expected he run his business in a similar manner, but I was mistaken.
- Arturo S.
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S & S Construction

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Cleburne, TX
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S & S Maintenance

P O Box 631912
Irving, TX
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S D Peterson Construction

509 S Elm St
Arlington, TX

S.W.A.T. Roofing and Contracting

Two Galleria Tower Noel Rd
Dallas, TX
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Sabrina Custom Homes Inc

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saenz painting

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Safe & Sound Technologies, Inc.

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Saltex/Ari & Associates LLC

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3700 Gardenia Ln
Mckinney, TX
Cost is determined by job.

Sam's Home Repair and Custom Formica Design

414 Gloria Dr
Garland, TX
25 years experience reliable and dependable insured no job too small free estimates

sams drywall

3545 Nogales Dr
Dallas, TX
We get the job done

Sanchez Painting

Lewisville, TX
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Sanchez Paintings

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Garland, Tx
We been in the business for more then 5 years but i have employees over 30 years of...

Santiago Design+Build

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Santiago painting

11024 cr 510
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Sardone Construction

3909 Swiss Ave
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Dallas, TX

Savage Construction Services

P.O.Box 10
Midlothian, Tx

Schilling Enterprises Inc

5706 Boca Raton Dr
Dallas, TX
$2 billion liability coverage; project manager on every job; gaf certified; insurance...

Schmidt's Home Repair

4008 Scruggs Drive
North Richland Hills, TX
We make your dreams affordable. why pay a high dollar price for something when you can get it...

Schneider's Home Services, L.L.C.

414 N. College Street
Waxahachie, TX
Schneider's home services, llc major credit cards accepted

schroyer home services

2107 horizon tr #3924
Arlington, tx
Licensed heat & air cond. make readies for property management company's.

Schuler Painting

405 Sixpence
Euless, TX
I use anywhere from 1-5 employees depending on size of job. we accept cash or check, payable...

Scott Burden

1414 redbud Lane
Garland, TX
Home and business repairs and remodeling over 30 years.free estimates.all work guaranteed.


Justin, TX
3 employees. uses subs for electrical & plumbing. cost is determined by the job. no service...


Mckinney, TX
Owner operated. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service charges....

Scott's Home and Yard Services

3101 Woodlark Dr
Fort Worth, TX
No subcontractors.all estimates and services performed by scott's home and yard services. free...

Scott's Home Remodeling

gen delivery
Van Alstyne, TX
Free estimate and have many trusted sub contractors under me

Scotty Man

5603 Monticello Ave
Dallas, TX
Owner-operated. rarely uses subs for exterior painting & cabinet painting. cost is determined...

Seaver Construction Company

P.O. Box 2050
Coppell, TX
Welcome to dale seaver construction company for over thirty-five years, dale seaver...

See It N 3D Design & Technical Illustrations

500 Los Faroles , Carr 861
Miami, FL
The end product will be your blue prints, floor plans, notes or drawings (non-technical nor...

Select Roofing

6605 Colleyville Blvd
Colleyville, TX
Select roofing has provided residents and business owners with high-quality roofing, gutter...

Selz Contracting

308 church st
Bridgeport, TX
We strive to provide dfw homeowners with honest and efficient contracting.

Sequoia Construction

608 N. Denison St
Bells, TX
Home repair and remodeling... as well as: general construction and roofing.

Service Contractors of TX

Venice Dr.
Duncanville, TX
Service contractors of tx has been serving the dfw metropolitan area since 1997....

Service Pros Of Texas

3577 N. Belt Line Rd Suite 150
Irving, Tx
We guarantee all of our work. customers can pay by check or credit card.

ServiceFirst Painting

555 Republic Drive
Plano, TX
You have enough to worry about - your contractor shouldn't be one of them. servicefirst...

Seven Construction

6520 Oak Forest Court
Fort Worth, TX
What makes ours client highly satisfied and likely to refer others to us for remodeling? ...

SGP Services

5701 Blue Meadow Trail
Arlington, Tx
5 employees, do sub-contracting work also spring/summer specials - call for a free estimate.

Shadywood Custom Homes

6 Shadywood Lane
Melissa, TX
Shadywood custom homes, llc is a full service buiilding, design and remodeling company. we...

Shannco Services

2251 Ravenwood Dr
Roanoke, TX
Specializing in general contracting and handyman services. we encompass a wide range of...

Sharkey Construction

908 Colorado Dr
Allen, TX
Cedar mantles, cedar shutters, almost anything cedar

Sharp Finishes Painting Services

Rockwall, TX
We are a fully-insured and family-owned and operated painting company that is dedicated to the...

Sharp Interiors & Exteriors

9722 Losa Dr
Dallas, TX
A painting company with an emphasis upon details, quality and longevity!

Shaw's Painting Service

5434 Peninsula Way
Garland, TX
Additional dba - dallas painters.

Shawn Allen Contracting

Dallas, TX
I have many years of experience in all aspects of home repairs and maintenance. anything from...

Shawn Miller

Dallas, TX

Shelton Painting LLC

5250 Texas 78
Sachse, TX
Residential and commercial painting


2689 Orchid Drive
Richardson, TX
High quality interior and exterior painting. wide range of faux and decorative painting and...


Ft Worth, TX


6512 Seth Barwise St
Fort Worth, TX

Shoettar Construction/Handyman

4533 Tennessee Trl.
Granbury, TX

Siebler Remodeling & Historic Preservation

10215 Northlake Dr
Dallas, TX
Ron siebler is a residential general contractor serving customers in the dallas - ft. worth...


Mckinney, TX

Signature Custom Home Painting

2200 Hayes St
Mckinney, TX
Additional dba - david guerra painting of north texas, inc. family owned & operated.

Significant Buildings and Construction

5431 Yolanda Lane
Dallas, TX
Sbc is a full service general contractor specializing in custom remodels and home construction...

Silsby Construction Services

5709 Sandshell ct
Fort Worth, TX
General contractor. we do from start to finish.

Silver Star General Contractors

Dallas, TX
Silver star general contractors is a family-owned business. we are a small business that...

Simple Resolutions Remodeling and Installation

2708 Whitson Way
Mesquite, TX
Family owned & operated.

Simple-Needs Home Repair & General Contracting

1515 Jennifer St.
Richardson, TX
Your one call for home repair and landscape maintenance 15+ years experience in home...

Sinjin Studios Premier Remodeling LLC

3824 Red Oak Trail
The Colony, TX
Sinjin studios specializes in complete custom remodel and construction projects. we will...

Site Cleaning Services, LLC

P.O. Box 1296
Royse City, TX
Small, female-owned business offering residential and commercial post-construction cleaning...

SK Designs

1520 Hwy 121 Business
Lewisville, TX
Sk designs 214-222-1234 is a full service home remodeling and maintenance company established...

Skip Townsend Inc.

1329 Quial Trail
Fort Worth, TX

Slagle Remodeling & Restoration

7802 Smith St
Fort Worth, TX

Small Jobs Unlimited Inc

7721 Roundrock Rd
Dallas, TX
Owner-operated. no subs. charges by the hour. no travel charges. service fees apply. may...

smart choice contractors

p o box 493
Rhome, TX
We have over 20 years experience in remodel and construction

SMH General Contracting, LLC

15855 SW Colyer Way
Portland, OR
Home repair specialist

Smiley's Quality Contracting

12381 Betty Ln
Kaufman, TX
I usually work time and material or hourly or can give a bid. i work in timely matter until...

Smith Construction & Property Services

2309 Fame Ct
Granbury, TX
We are proud to be a christian family business that has been serving north texas for over 25...

Smith It Up

209 Michelle St
Burleson, TX

Smith's Summit Construction, LLC

2713 Meadow Glen
Flower Mound, TX
Smith's summit construction, llc provides quality roofing systems and home repairs. we take...

snp painting and remodeling

1135 fulghum rd.
Hutchins, TX
Hi, we offer 25+ years of expertise in the remodeling field, we do residential and commercial...

Solar Direct Developers

1426 Gessner Dr
Houston, TX
Solar direct developers: complete remodels, additions, renovations, and new construction. ...

Solis Home Services

3513 University Dr
Garland, TX
Very inexpensive, great quality, no job too small or too big


Plano, TX

Solutions Property Management

1416 Edelweiss
Allen, TX
Property management, sales & leasing

Something Creative Custom Faux Finishes

Stonebridge Ranch
Mckinney, TX
Wall finishes but so much more ... niches, accent walls, bedrooms, fireplace panels,...

Son Light Window Cleaning

5621 Taylor Rd
Fort Worth, TX
Owner operated window cleaning company, billing available after completion of 2nd service, two...

Sonora Desert Contractors

1220 G Airport Frwy.S-526
Bedford, TX
We are a remodeling and restoration company, serving the dfw. area. no job is to small. note:...

Sooty Sam Chimney Cleaning and Service

1407 Crest Glen Dr
Arlington, TX
Over 25 years experience. full service chimney cleaning and repair. full service commercial &...

Soule Family Contract Services DBA

2317 El Capitan
Dallas, TX
We are a home repair and remodel company.

Southern Painting

2011 W Spring Creek Pkwy
Plano, TX
My name is steve macmeeken, owner of southern painting collin county and north...

Southern Painting

1540 Keller Pkwy STE 108-128
Keller, TX
Southern painting has provided the keller and surrounding mid-cities areas with high-quality...

Southern Painting

1500 Corporate Cir Ste 18
Southlake, TX
Southern painting has provided the southlake, colleyville, grapevine and surrounding areas...

Southern Painting

4275 Little Road
Arlington, TX
Choosing the right painting contractor to invite to your home can be a daunting task. you need...

Southern Painting

4701 Altamesa Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX
In business since 1989 and having painted over 50,000 homes, we are the premier painter for...

Southern Painting

11700 Preston Rd
Dallas, TX
The southern painting family includes a carefully chosen group of qualified trade contractors,...

Southern Painting

17811 Davenport
Dallas, TX
Southern painting has provided the allen, plano, mckinney and surrounding north dallas areas...

Southern Painting

5057 Keller Springs Rd
Addison, TX
1/2 down, 0% for 6 month financing options; we accept cash, check, credit cards; 25yrs in...

Southern Painting

406 State Hwy. 121 Bypass, Ste. 250
Lewisville, TX
Southern painting has been in business since 1989 has painted over 75,000 homes. we are a...

Southern Painting

406 State Hwy. 121 Bypass, Ste. 250
Lewisville, TX

Southern Painting

18208 Preston Rd.
Dallas, TX
Southern painting has provided the allen, plano, mckinney and surrounding north dallas areas...

Southern Plains Roofing

101C N Greenville Ave
Allen, TX
Full-service roofing contractor in allen, texas. new roof installation, roof replacement, and...

Southern Star Remodeling & Construction Services

3925 Atlas Dr
Denton, TX
Southern star remodeling & construction is a family owned & operated full-service...

Southern Traditions Construction Inc

4401 Willow Wood Rd
Melissa, TX
Southern traditions construction is a full service general contracting firm with extensive...


214 W 12TH ST
Dallas, TX

Southwest Tile Co

3148 Olive Pl
Fort Worth, TX
With over 25 years of industry experience, southwest tile co has gained the craftsmanship and...


2013 Gettysburg Place
Bedford, TX
Hi i usually do my own painting. but if a larger paint job calls for more painters, i can...

Spa Esoteric

105 South Church Street
Mckinney, TX
Spa esoteric is a full service day spa located in the historic area of down town mckinney, tx....

Sparger Painting

Bedford, TX
Sparger painting- check, cash, visa and debit. free bids. look for monthly promotions on line...

Sparks Enterprise & Drywall Finishers

1910 N Mockingbird Ln
Midlothian, TX
We do all jobs. no job is to small.... i have over 25yrs experience in the construction area

SPC Construction & Roofing

1107 S Airport Cir
Euless, TX
Spc construction & roofing is a locally owned company specializing in residential and...

Speciality Woodworks

2401 Deerwood Dr
Little Elm, TX
Owner operated. uses subs for all labor. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no...

Specialized Custom Wiring Multiservices

The Colony, TX
Custom wiring multiservices

Spectrum All Purpose Painting

10011 Garland Rd
Dallas, TX
We are a licensed painting contractor with 15 years of experience. call us now!

Spectrum Home Services of North Texas

7528 Kirk rd
North Richland Hills, TX
Spectrum home services of north texas is the provider for all your home services needs. we...

Spektrum Home Services

719 Donnybrook
Wylie, TX
Home services offer the comunity a wide range of services.in the bbb and serving the metroplex...

Spivey Construction LLC

PO Box 126064
Fort Worth, TX
Award winning. spivey construction llc - premium construction services. specializing in...

Spotjumpers Carpet & maid Cleaning

Arlington, TX
Spotjumpers carpet & upholstery cleaning also offers maid service for all move in/out ..as...

Spray Designs

13985 Red Oak Cir S
Mckinney, TX
Owned and operated by off duty fireman. specializing in wood privacy and wrought iron fences,...


Mesquite, TX
Small family owned company committed to quality remodeling services at an affordable price....

St. Francis Services

2015 St Francis Ave
Dallas, TX

Sta-Dry Roofing & Restoration

402 W Wheatland Rd
Duncanville, TX
Additional contact name - mr. charles goss. at sta-dry roofing / sdr construction not only is...

Stapleton Handyman Services

6148 bandera ave.
Dallas, TX
Handyman/ clean up clean out property's /and. we have. a new home checklist that we can do ...

Star Roofing and Construction

2384 N. Highway 287 Suite 214
Mansfield, Tx
We are a full service general contractor. we can assist you with any repair or remodel need...

Star Walls Custom Painting

3191 Medical Center
Mckinney, TX
Www.starwallsstudio.com 214-404-7945

Starr Construction

PO Box 803682
Dallas, TX
Starr construction is a general contractor specializing in commercial and residental...

Starwood Shutters & Blinds

7800 Preston Rd
Plano, TX
Starwood wholesale distributors is dfw's premier source for your home improvement and...

Statewide Remodeling

2450 Esters Blvd
Dallas, TX
Local family owned company with 19 years experience with helping texas homeowners. over 30,000...


Fort Worth, TX
Owner operated. uses subs for labor. cost is determined by the job. no travel charge. no...

Stephens Painting Inc

4101 Green Oaks Blvd.
Arlington, TX
Stephens painting, inc. has been an established and reputable painting company since 1983. it...

Stephens Roofing

1546 Stacy Rd
Allen, TX
We are specialist in exterior and interior renovation as well as any storm damage restoration....

Sterling Residential Services

2814 industrial ln.
Garland, TX
With over 20 years experience in the dallas area, we are a professional fence and deck...

sterling roofing

p.o. box 2272
Red Oak, TX
Roofing-gutters-siding-int and ext...


5821 Southern Hills Dr
North Richland Hills, TX
Local painting contractor in commerical and residential painting,with three crews to serve...


4700 Forest Cove Dr
Mckinney, TX
Owner-operated. uses subs for plumbing & electrical. cost is determined by the job. no travel...


Plano, TX
We accept payment by check master card or visa. i never sub-contract work done at your home....

Steve Tregre

PO Box 290
Mabank, TX
Sub-contractor, painter and wallpaper

Steve's Contracting and Carpet Cleaning

7501 Willowbend Dr
Mckinney, TX
General handymand services


2111 Lansdown Dr
Carrollton, TX
Handyman service for all projects - big or small. 20 years experience. quality and affordable

Stone Teck Home Repair

5000 Rockford Dr
Plano, TX
Home repair & remodel company

stonebrook builders

Flower Mound, TX
Stonebrook builders has been building homes in the dallas / fort worth area for 30 years. we...

Storm Master Inc.

3404 East Loop 820 South
Fort Worth, TX
Thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to storm master inc. although we have worked...

Strategic Supply

7022 Pickrell Dr.
Dallas, TX
Remodeling and repair of residential and commercial buildings

Stringer Construction

648 Northward Drive
Royse City, TX
Stringer construction is a family-owned, full-service construction company with over 20 years...

Structures Design Build Texas

PO Box 1336
Hurst, TX
We have over 30 years experience designing and building new homes and remodels in ft worth and...

Studio B Design Group

3013 Princeton Dr
Plano, TX
Studio b design group is a full service design firm offering consultation, purchasing and...


Dallas area
Duncanville, TX
Studio city is a custom design/build, and remodel company with an a plus rating with the bbb,...


Decatur, TX

Stylus Design/Build

3521 Calender Rd
Arlington, TX
We are a full service design/build remodeler. interior and exterior projects consisting of...

Suburban Home SVC

5250 Hwy 78
Sachse, TX
We offer full home remodeling severices. registered with bbb.

Sun Electric Service And Remodling

1502 Bonnie View Dr.
Garland, TX
24 years experience in electrical trade. free estimate for dfw area.

Sun Painting Texas LLC

205 N Davis Dr Ste 6
Arlington, TX
Sun painting texas llc is a full service painting company located in arlington. we are a local...


14541 CR 550
Farmersville, TX
3 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. travel charge may apply. no service...

Sunderland Designs

2809 Spring Branch Ct
Grapevine, TX
Sunderland designs offers a full range of interior decorating services to areas of dallas/fort...

Sungranite Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

3644 W Pioneer Pkwy
Arlington, TX
We are a full service kitchen and bath remodeling company. we specialize in natural stone...


Dallas, TX
Ask for details.

Super Roofman LLC

4740 Keller Haslet Rd
Fort Worth, TX
Dba: davis general contractors llc we focus on all storm damage. our crews and subcontractors...

Super Siding & Remodeling

8528 Davis Blvd
North Richland Hills, TX
We have been a family-owned and operated business for over 30 years. we are approved james...

superior buildersllc

Dallas, TX
Commercial and residential builder

Superior Building & Remodeling LLC

P.o.box 8451
Ennis, TX
Owner operated. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no extra charge for...

Superior Construction Group

P.O. Box 536491
Grand Prairie, TX
Superior construction group is dedicated to providing quality workmanship at an affordable...

Superior One Roofing & Construction Inc

8404 Sterling St
Irving, TX
You can just get a roof or you can get a superior one. we do not do what is required, we do...

Superior Painting Company

P.O. Box 2547
Red Oak, TX
Superior painting company is an interior / exterior residential and commercial painting...

Supreme Painting

7506 Pebble
Fort Worth, TX
Supreme painting is a residential painting service that has been in business since 1985 in the...

Sure Top Roofs

6300 Ridglea Pl
Fort Worth, TX
Additional e-mail - mlutt@earthlink.net.

SureTrack Handyman Services

3502 Easton Meadows
Garland, TX
We are general handyman service with 30 yrs of experience

Susan Brennan Interiors

5131 Briargrove Lane
Dallas, TX
Hello there, i'm susie brennan, i'm a interior decorator, fine arts painter,blogger and...


1820 N GARY LN
Hobbs, NM
We do roof inspections, new roofs and reroofs, metal, composition, rain gutters, painting and...

Swanson Renovations, LLC

315 Creekside Dr
Keller, TX
At swanson renovations, we specialize in top quality work and personalized service for your...


Keller, TX
Our professionalism in the business of painting, drywall, remodeling and tile setting will...

Synergy Roofing & Remodeling Solutions

305 Spring Grove Dr
Waxahachie, TX
Texas roofing company, synergy roofing & remodeling solutions is dedicated to being the most...

T & M Contractors

6448 E. Highway 290
Austin, TX
T&m contractor commercial remodeling renovation services ensure that all types of properties...

T Rock Roofing & Construction

1291 Golf Club Dr
Argyle, TX
T rock roofing & construction is the most highly recommended roofing contractor in the...

T Squared Construction

P.O. Box 180684
Dallas, TX

T W DAVI General Contractor

Dallas, TX
T.w.davi general contractor has been in business since 1985 serving the north texas area. we...


Arlington, TX
Prompt response to your call and no charge for estimates. 24 hour contact for emergencies.


Crowley, TX
Call anytime.

T&S Paint Company

2700 Valleywood Dr
Grapevine, TX
Free estimates


7544 Love Cir.
Fort Worth, TX
I give free estimates.i have been in the construction buisness for over 30yrs.we allways...

T.M. Gammill Services

7979 Wood Ct
Frisco, TX
Providing exceptional customer service to both residential & commercial clients of dfw for ...

Tarrant Paint and Stain

6613 Richardson
Fort Worth, TX
Tarrant paint and stain is owner operated with 2 crews. we offer free estimates and work in...


Fort Worth, TX


Little Elm, TX
We are a general contractor specializing in new home construction and remodeling with over 20...

Tasha Construction Co

8525 Briarwood Ln
Dallas, TX
Handy man

Tazz's Honey Do's

Wylie, TX
The stress of completing home projects can be a daunting task. busy schedules can make home...

TB Handyman Services

216 Pecan Hollow
Ennis, TX
"you name it. we can do it".

TBR Total Bathroom Remodeling

4712 Colonial
Waco, TX
Owner operated. two employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. dba- tbr


Irving, TX

Teer Construction

Royse City, TX
I have 15 years experience in residential and commercial construction and remodeling. i have...

Tejas Roofing & Contracting

3114 Blackcastle Dr
Houston, TX
30 years in business. a-t rating with the bbb. crews tejas have worked with us for over 15...

Telco Remodeling

Irving, TX
Telco remodeling is a flooring, painting and handyman based company that offers other interior...

Temple Construction

Fort Worth, TX
General contracting

Terry's Handyman Services

502 Rs Co Rd 1532
Point, TX
Discounts for senior citizens. no financing options.

Tex-Pro Roofing and Remodeling

2666 quinn st
Fort Worth, TX
Our company specializes in providing quality work and service, we specialized in roofing but...

Tex-Star Maintenance, Remodeling, And Painting

2408 Riders Way
Woodway, TX
This is an independent contractor company. i build decks, stain decks, maintenance of decks,...

Tex-Star Painting

2902 Harwood Rd
Bedford, TX
The company specializes in painting on cement, such as garage flooring, showrooms & general...

Texabama Paint Company

Covington Drive
Rowlett, TX
Texabama paint company has been serving the gulf coast states for over 10 years. from small...

Texas Affordable Roofing

Euless, Tx
General contractor for 25 years. cash or check, we work with insurance claims as well. 25% up...

Texas All Star Homes

1400 Coit & Spring Valley
Richardson, TX
Your home is your biggest investment so why risk it on a switch & bait company when for the...

Texas Best Painting & Remodeling

Garland, TX
Owner-operated. owner oversees all work. customer satisfaction is our number one priority!...

Texas Best Stain

3100 Independence Pkwy
Plano, TX
We are a small local business that offers quality fencing and other outdoor solutions at...

Texas Building Pros

6125 Airport Freeway
Haltom City, TX
We are a quality construction company and every member of our staff is highly trained and...

Texas Choice Builders & Remodelers, LLC

7702 Bayview Drive
Rowlett, TX
Our family owned and operated building and remodeling business have many ways to financially...

Texas Commercial Services

Dallas, TX
Texas commercial services, is a company that originated in the beautiful city of dallas its...

Texas Construction Management

207 West Hickory
Denton, TX
Texas construction management specializes in a number of different construction industries all...

Texas Eco Innovations

1500 Colonnade Dr
Arlington, TX
Here at texas eco innovations we are focused on providing a high-quality painting/remodeling...

Texas Elite Roofing & Construction LLC.

1113 Ben Drive.
Burleson, TX
Texas elite roofing and construction llc. is a company built on the principles of honesty,...

Texas Innovative Construction

10516 Aransas
Fort Worth, TX
Texas innovative construction is a full service general contracting company with a goal to...

Texas New Images

14651 North Dallas Parkway Suite 820
Dallas, TX
New images is a small independent company establish in 1993. we have a large network of...

Texas Paint-N-More

1207 Wilshire Ct
Allen, TX
Texas paint-n-more is offering quality work at reasonable prices / great references / insured...

Texas Painters & Remodel LLC

Desoto, TX
We are a full remodel company. we do not do any subcontracting, all our work is done in house....

Texas Painting and remodeling

Centrally Located
Fort Worth, TX
About texas painting & remodeling we are a full service painting company specializing in...

Texas Patio and Roofing

8992 Preston Road
Frisco, TX
Serving dallas/fortworth and san antonio and all its surrounding areas, texas patio and...

Texas Professional Exteriors LLC

7705 Woodway Dr
Woodway, TX
Additional contact names - daron farmer, josh helm.

Texas Remodelers and Builders Inc

556 S Coppell Rd
Coppell, TX
Our focus is on building a partnership with the client based on trust and honesty.

Texas Renovation Services

910 S. Crowley Rd. Ste 9-303
Crowley, TX
Complete renovation services for your home or office. free consultations, 24 hr. availability...

Texas Service Solutions

PO Box 126
Burleson, TX
Home remodeling specialists, architect and construction specialists, free estimates,...

Texas Specialty Contractors

213 Windy Ln
Rockwall, TX
Welcome to texas specialty contractors! whether you are looking to remodel your home or even...

Texas Star Painting, LLC.

11625 Custer Rd
Frisco, TX
Texas star painting is family owned and operated serving the north dallas area. we provide...

Texas State Property Services

2829 Sonora Ln
Mesquite, TX
Owned and operated by texans, for texans. 100% guarantee on all labor. licensed and insured....

Texas State Remodelers

420 Lillard Rd
Arlington, TX


6200 Denton Hwy
Fort Worth, TX
Family owned & operated. experienced, skilled, and knowledgable staff and crews. fully...

Texas TLC Roofing & General Contracting

6750 Cartagena Ct
Fort Worth, TX
Texas tlc roofing and services offers a personalized level of service rarely seen in the...

Texas Tuff

34 Brenda Ln
Roanoke, TX

Texpro Painters

2131 North Collins St
Arlington, TX
No sub-contractors. we only use company trained, background screened, uniformed personnel that...

TF Design and Color

6322 Ahnee Drive
Rowlett, TX
Tf design is a full service decor consulting company.i personally work with my clients and i...

TGO Construction

4000 Ace Lane
Lewisville, TX
Tgo construction was established in 1987. i have 38 years experience in the remodeling...

THD Remodeling and Design

6287 Pockrus Paige
Denton, Tx
Over 20 years experience in denton county. specialists in high end full kitchen and baths and...

The Cabinet Concierge LLC

6425 Goliad Ave
Dallas, TX
We operate primarily as interior renovation consultants, offering a host of services closely...

The Drywall Contractor

1410 Summit Ave.
Plano, TX
Have your drywall installed or repaired by the drywall contractor and save on all of your...

The Empire of Tile and Granite

3108 Shady Creek Circle
Red Oak, TX
General construction, kitchen and bath remodeling,counter tops, roofing , flooring, tile ,...


Dallas, TX
3 employees. uses subs for electrical, plumbing and hvac. cost is determined by the job. no...

The GO2GUYS Project Solutions

Fort Worth, TX
Hourly handyman rates & day rates day rate for carpentry day rate for painting after hour...

The Granite Girls

3629 Vista Verde Trail
Mckinney, TX
We are a woman owned company with more than 10 years exoerience in the remodeling industry. we...


Dallas, TX

The Home Doctors

1202 independence trail
Grand Prairie, tx

The Home Fixer Upper

Plano, TX
The business is small 2-3 employees at any one time. we do high quality work because most work...

The House Doctor's

925 anahuac st.
Fort Worth, TX
We perform work correctly and courtiously without raising our prices. we warrantee our...

The HR Group

675 N Glenville Dr Ste 125
Richardson, TX

The HR Group

7407 83rd St
Lubbock, TX
The hr group offers a variety of services to complete any commercial or residential project....

The Meticulous Painter

Fort Worth, TX
We have been in business for 26 years based in the dallas fort worth metroplex, but will go...

The Morse Code

4149 Twin Falls dr
Irving, TX
Owner operated. no subs.

The Neighborhood Guy & Milford Construction Inc

2021 Crossbow Ln
Arlington, TX
Additional email - m.milford@theneighborhood.com.

The Paint Co

1637 Rocky Point Dr
Lewisville, TX

The Paint Firm

6210 Aires Dr
Arlington, TX
We are a painting and tiling company, specializing in kitchen and bath remodels,and do...

The Paint Lady

1008 S Riverside Dr
Grapevine, TX
No subcontractors used. all work is done my me. i am committed to customer satisfaction. ...

The Painter Chicks

5613 Buttercup Ln
Mckinney, TX
The painter chicks are a faux finishing company that offers complete interior decorative...

The Pampered Home PRO

4323 Windswept Ln
Grapevine, TX
Home remodel / home repair / maintenance full service remodeling contractor

The Personal Touch Contractors

3001 Hardin Blvd
Mckinney, TX
We are skilled in a variety of interior and exterior construction trades so we know the best...

The Property Adjustment Specialists

1905 Nueces Trail
Arlington, TX
The property adjustment specialists are dedicated to making the relationships between...

The Sheetrock Doc

1504 Concord Circle
Plano, TX
The sheetrock doc has been awarded from the city of dallas for doing good business, we are...

The Spare Spouse

635 E Center Circle
Duncanville, TX
The spare spouse is a service created to give a family more of what they need... time! with...

The Spawn Group

2812 Calico Rock Dr
Fort Worth, TX
Full interior and exterior remodeling, including home additions. free estimates. we have...

The Texans Handymen

Garland, TX
We have the best handyman guys working for us no job is to big or to small.

The Tub Guy

2922 Villa Sur Drive
Plano, TX
We refinish bathrooms and kitchens every day in peoples home just like yours. we have a senior...

The Ultimate Builders, LLC

4128 Eastleigh Dr.
Plano, TX
Houston/dallas area roofing and remodeling professionals the ultimate builders, llc the...

The Wood-Concrete Doctor DFW

6705 Inwood Drive
North Richland Hills, TX
We are an honest and highly insured contracting company that prided itself on professionalism...


Haltom City, TX
3 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charge. no service fee.

Thomas Enterprises, Inc

Houston, TX
General contractor, custom home builder,commercial landscaping and lawn services/ building.

Thompson's Pro Wall Painting

2405 Kimberly Dr.
Garland, TX
For 31 years, thompson's professional painting has been providing excellent quality and...


Dallas, TX

Thunderbolt Roofing and Construction

Fort Worth, TX
3-5 employees. i do sub-contract but to same group of people on every job. no trip or...

Thurman Custom Painting

1409 S Chestnut St
Lufkin, TX
Have been in business for 19 years. all types of painting including faux and cabinet stain...

Tiger Construction & Remodeling, Inc.

304 N Cottonbelt Ave
Wylie, TX
New construction & remoldeling

Tiger Painting and Remodeling

Mesquite, TX
We have been in business since 1994 proudly serving home owners and investors. and our...

Tile Land

11446 N Central Expy
Dallas, TX
Flooring and remodeling

tile with style

Weatherford, TX
Our company is a family owned business, we take great pride in our work and always strive to...

Tim Costa Industries

621 Jamestown
Irving, TX
We are a full service remodel service. we specialize in making your dream vision in to a...

Tim Politz General Contractor

12895 Josey Ln
Dallas, TX

Tina Ross Construction

2775 Villa Creek Dr
Dallas, TX
Tina ross construction is a woman owned business that has been in business for two (2) years....


Irving, TX
Tingle painting. in business since 1970. bbb accredited.

Titan Contractors

2100 N Hwy 360
Grand Prairie, TX
Titan contractors is a bbb a+ rated general contractor specializing in residential and...

Titan Restoration

820 Raywood Cir
Plano, TX
We are a full service contracting company that deals with roofing and remodeling. we have...


1210 tulip trl
Mesquite, TX

TK's Superior Roofing

PO Box 150235
Arlington, TX
My job is to bring you options. do you have a $2,500 deductible. do you want to upgrade you...

TKL Construction

2823 Springview Ln
Mesquite, TX
I work with your insurance for hail, wind, and tornado claims on on roof and other structurs...

Tko Plumbing Heating & A/C Inc

PO Box 178
Keller, TX
Additional contact name - kelsey weeks.


Lewisville, TX
Tlc carpet cleaning is located in old town lewisville and has been serving the north dallas...

TLC Construction & Remodel

1227 Usher Street
Benbrook, TX

TLC Home Repairs

726 Egyptian Way
Grand Prairie, TX
Family owned and operated since 2008. 10% discount for angie's list customers. no job too big...

TMC Contractors

1501 C.R. 913
Burleson, TX
Tmc contractors is an established buisness for over 25 years with the better buisness buerue,...

TMG Construction

2119 Cloverdale St
Arlington, TX
We do all phases of construction big or small.

TNT Construction Services

6406 Branchwood tr
Flower Mound, TX

TODO Construction

14990 LBJ Freeway Suite 265
Dallas, TX

Tolbert's Handyman Solutions

3933 Inwood
Dallas, TX
We are a handyman company. our craftsman are knowledgable, respectful, and prompt. we are a...


Fort Worth, TX


12146 Fm 2450
Sanger, TX


Fort Worth, TX
Owner operated, subs used on rarely. costs determined by the job. no travel charges.

Tom's Painting

2131 Miriam Ln
Arlington, TX
3 employees. no subs. charges a flat rate. travel charges may apply. extra charge for...

Tom's Painting & Carpentry Service

19002 Dallas Pkwy
Dallas, TX
Tom's painting and carpentry services we're proud to offer a full range of residential and...

Tomahawk Roofing Company

105 Windridge Trail
Burleson, TX
Here at tomahawk roofing company we provide a number of services, the owner is well rounded in...


Dallas, TX
4 employees. no subs. cost is determined by job. no travel charges. design services offered...


19440 Farm to Market 548
Terrell, TX
With 35 years of experience tommy eoff painting is undoubtedly the top painting company...

Tommys Paint And Remodel Service

1708 bunker hill
The Colony, TX

Toms Home Repair and Painting

403 W. Boyd dr.
Allen, TX
Toms home repair and painting can fix and finish almost anything and never leave a...

Tony the Painter

402 N Montreal ave
Dallas, TX


Wylie, TX
3 employees. uses subs for specialty work. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges....


2700 Boyd St
Ennis, TX
Commercial and residential general maintenance

Top Coat

Garland, TX
20 years experience in exterior and interior painting, tilework, remodeling. specialists in...


Dallas, TX
For over 20 years, the team at top drawer interiors has assisted clients in defining and then...

Top Notch Concepts

4848 Lemmon Ave
Dallas, TX
Family owned and operated, we believe in personal attention and long-term relationships with...

Top Notch HMR (Home Maintenance & Repair)

13447 N Central Expy Ste. 1622
Dallas, TX
Top notch is a home repair and improvement business; family owned and operated, that will...

Top Priority Construction

13770 Noel Rd
Dallas, TX

Top To Bottom Home Repair

Allen, TX
Top to bottom repairs is a home repair, handy-man services, and small remodeling company. our...

Top To Bottom Roofing, Remodeling & Painting

3000 N Stemmons Frwy
Lewisville, TX
Get remodeled from...top to bottom. at top to bottom construction inc.,we do it all. in...

Topline Roofing & Remodeling

138 Sky Way
Rhome, TX
At topline roofing & remodeling, we specialize in helping customers work with their insurance...

Tops Home Services

4713 Penrose Ave.
Fort Worth, TX
Tops home services is honest and reliable and comitted to your total satisfaction

Tora Construction LLC

6080 South Hulen Street, Suite 360 PMB 204
Fort Worth, TX
Tora construction, llc focuses on room additions, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, garage...

Total Access Designs

107 Lemley Dr.
Rockwall, TX
After being in the building, construction and flooring business for over 25 years, a turning...

Total Home Repair & Remodeling

2040 Farm-to-Market 546
Mckinney, TX
Rated a+ at the better busines bureau no subs. cost is determined by the job. please call for...

Total Property Services

2125 Alfa Romeo Dr
Jacksonville, FL
Total property services is an experienced and insured commercial/residential repair and...

Total Remodeling

14263 Hwy 377 S
Fort Worth, TX

Total Remodeling and Paint

2304 Oak Lane
Grand Prairie, TX

Tout Construction Services

1540 Keller Pkwy
Keller, TX
Local maintenance, remodeling, construction and repair professionals. offering thirty years of...

Town & Country Painting

1501 Knight St
Denton, TX
Denton, north texas, painters, painting, paint, residential, commercial, drywall, drywall...

Tradesmen Inc

415 Newsome Rd.
Mesquite, TX
We are a smaller local company that has found a way to meet both the expectations of our...

Transformation Automation

14785 Preston Road
Dallas, TX
General contractor- home remodeling, professional handyman. all household repairs and...

Travis Residential LLC

Arlington, TX
We specialize exclusively in residential remodeling, restoration, repair and maintenance. we...


Irving, TX
In 1977 gary cochrane founded trend builders out of his house in irving texas. over the years...

Trevco Restoration and Roofing

428 W Kennedale Pkwy
Kennedale, TX
Free consultation and estimates for your restoration and roofing needs. insurance claim...


1229 goldeneye dr.
Aubrey, TX

Tri County Services

14610 Carr Cir
Mabank, TX
Family owned business with 25 years experience in residential remodeling, focusing on complete...

Tricolor Painting

6902 Tayloe St
Dallas, TX
Tricolor painting is family own company

Trident Construction

2511 Glen Meadows
Mesquite, TX
Family owned and operated. accepting cash and checks.

Trinity Handyman Services

8121 Gardengate Ct
Fort Worth, TX
Owner operated. no subcontractors. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges....

Trinity Roofing & Construction

1315 Farm to Market 1187
Mansfield, TX
Trinity roofing and construction is a general contractor specializing in helping homeowners...

Triple R & B Contractors

2721 Misty Harbor Dr
Little Elm, TX
**even though it's our busy season we are still offering coupons and incentives!! after a job...

Trivan Real Estate Solutions

2100 W Northwest Hwy
Grapevine, TX
Additional address - 2100 w northwest hwy ste 130-1036 grapevine tx 76051. additional contact...

Tru Color Painting

424 Shade Tree Cir
Hurst, TX
6 employees. no subs. dba - tru color painting. award winning.

Tru Colors painting and murals

3409 edgebrook
Mesquite, tx

True Homes

8158 Holder Road
Justin, TX
True homes, 25 years experiences in residential design/ build construction, small company...

True Line Custom Finishes

3420 Sidney Dr.
Mesquite, TX
Uniform painters with affordable rates!

Truly Noble Services

2909 Broadway Blvd
Garland, TX
Truly noble individualizes property repairs throughout all aspects of the industry standards....

Trusted Restore

12407 N MOPAC
Austin, TX
Insurance claims specialists,add-ons, full remodels,kitchens and baths,all flooring,...

TruTex Roofing Solutions & Construction

PO Box 852901
Mesquite, TX
Trutex roofing solutions & construction is a locally owned and operated general contractor in...

Trylovich & Nivens MDs

6124 W Parker Rd
Plano, TX
There are 2 doctors at this site. surgery is not performed at this site. average patient...

Tufts Tree Service

5454 Peterson Ln.
Dallas, TX
Dfw tree services & construction always done right at a low cost * residential * commercial *...

Turn Key General Contractor, Inc

3005 Bryan St
Dallas, TX
One stop shop construction company; owner robert clark; 35 yrs in the construction industry,...

Turner Finishes Inc

9419 Viewside Dr.
Dallas, TX
With over 16+ years experience in the industry, turner finishes inc. delivers results...

Tuscany Art and Painting

510 Matamors St
Laredo, TX

Two Thumbs Up

1671 Riverview Dr
The Colony, TX
Additional phone - (469) 939-2310.

TwT Home Repair & Remodeling

4251 Farm-to-Market 2181
Denton, TX
Home remodeling and repair ("texans working together) for over 15yrs., fully insured $1m...

TYO Construction

1308 Garden Terrace
Irving, Tx
Complete remodeling and new construction as well as handyman services. if i can't do it i'll...

U-Stor Trinity Mills

2551 Kelly Blvd
Carrollton, TX
For 24/7 access and door alarms on every door stop by and see our clean and friendly self...

UC Cabinets & More LLC

Po Box 1286
Red Oak, TX
New construction, remodeling, home repair, custom cabinets & millwork

Ultimate Bonded Coatings

PO Box 443
Aledo, TX
Family owned and operated business that prides itself in personal but yet professional...

Ultimate Choice Roofing and Remodeling

915 Churchill Farms
Georgetown, TX
Roofing & remodeling ultimate choice roofing and remodeling is a professionally licensed and...

ultimate precision painting

1822 alta vista
Mesquite, tx
References available. i am a professional painter. i never leave the job site trashed or with...


10841 Castle Drive
Frisco, TX
Ultimate remodeling is a family owned and operated business. we strive in providing the best...

Ultrera Painting

5024 Shoreline Circle West
Fort Worth, TX
This is an owner operated business with approximately five employess. we do sub-contracting as...

Umanzor Painting and More

1719 Quinlan ct.
Arlington, TX
We have 10 umanzor painting and more employees, and we use sub-contractors for special jobs....

Unique By Design

PO Box 271
Van Alstyne, TX

Unique Construction Concepts

2000 Lamar
Arlington, TX
Additional phone numbers - fax 866-664-3687 (817) 202-9965, (817) 517-2402. additional dbas -...

Unique Drywall

1448 Hess Rd
Mineral Wells, TX
Complete construction for 25 years.


9605 Rolling Rock Ln Apt 135W
Dallas, TX

Unique Interior and Exterior

1403 Mariposa
Mesquite, TX
Working with at least 5 employees, i work with customers on how to pay depending of course,...

United General Services

1324 Mariposa Dr
Mesquite, TX
Family owned and operated. additional dba - dfw heating air conditioning.

Universal Services And Repair

1001 Brookhaven Dr
Lancaster, TX
Owner operated.

University Village

2800 Waterview

Untouchable home repair

11540 Mansfield Dr
Frisco, TX
General home repairs

Up To Par Home Services

Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

Upholstery Fix

729 Grapevine Hwy
Hurst, TX
Upholstery repair, upholstery dye, upholstery refurbish, auto interior repair, dash repair,...

Urias Painting

1937 hobart ln
Lewisville, TX
I run a small group of employees all with 10 years plus experance. i require 50 percent down...


Lewisville, TX
Uriaspaint employs 2 experanced painters

V Design LLC

1719 Lake Eden Drive
Euless, TX
I have been working in the home building/remodeling industry in dfw since 1984, specializing...

V Fonte Designs

10548 Las Brisas Dr
Dallas, TX
We offer complete interior finish out both resadential,and commercial we specialize in faux...


Arlington, TX
2 employees. uses subs for plumbing & electrical. cost is determined by the job. travel...

Valley Ridge Roofing & Construction Inc

3305 Long Prarie Rd
Flower Mound, TX
Locally owned and operated in flower mound, texas with over 25 years of experience. we...

van Hulst Handyman Services

Dallas, TX
Van hulst handyman services is a privately owned business aimed at meeting the various...

Vandagriff Painting

213 W Schreiber
Garland, TX
10% discount for angies list, owner/operator

Vasquez Remodeling&constuction

Arlington, TX
Working to satisfy the customer!! always quality work


Allen, TX
3 employees. occasionally uses subs for major electrical & plumbing. cost is determined by the...

Veteran Hands, Inc

801 Haggard St
Plano, TX
Veteran hands is a 100% military veteran company. our goal is to continue serving our...

Victor Montoya

2012 Reagan Blvd
Carrollton, TX
I am the sole employee of this business and do all the work myself. i take cash or check only.

Victor's Paint Perfection

13525 Kit Ln
Dallas, TX

Victory Lawns & Fences

11140 E. Dawn Drive
Keller, TX
Christian based privately owned and operated. we strive to do our best to put a smile on your...

View Rite Construction/Remodeler

p.o. box 154645
Irving, TX
We have different crews for different services for example concrete crews specializing in...

Viking Painting

PO BOX 801406
Dallas, TX
Professional painter who has been in the business for over 20 years. honest, trustworthy and...

Villa Verde Construction

Wildflower Way
Prosper, TX
Free estimates, timely responses. we manage the project so you don't have to!

Village Designs Remodeling

2806 Lake Brook Ct.
Lewisville, TX
Village designs and remodeling is a one-stop shop for kitchen and bathroom design and...

Village Pro Painters

4601 Sandera Lane
Flower Mound, TX
We started in february of 2000 with one goal in mind: to bring the highest quality product and...

Villareal's Painting

Dallas, TX
*clean quality painting * interior and exterior painting / fence painting or staining...

vinnie pelletier

Dallas, tx
I perform a lot of the work myself with a helper and laborer, but have access to more...

Vinson Construction

Wylie, Tx
In business since 99. in construction since 73.

VIP Remodeling

Po Box 261638
Plano, TX
V.i.p remodeling is a full service paint contractor. we serve the public by providing quality...

VIP Services

518 Fairland Dr
Wylie, TX
It is possible for a project to be done right the first time without the hidden charges,...

Visability Consulting

828 Rockingham Dr
Irving, TX
Eco-roofing is a full service roofing and energy solutions company serving residential and...


North Richland Hills, TX
Owner-operated. uses subs. cost is determined by the job. travel charges may apply. no service...

VTB Services

8004 White Stallion Trl
Mckinney, TX
Special discounts for angie's list members.

W R Construction

1706 Rosemead Circle
Carrollton, TX
Handyman services / home improvements in dallas tx, plano tx and nearby towns

Wah Home Improvement

Trinity mils blvd.
Dallas, TX
Here at wah home improvement we are a full service home repair company, we can handle any home...

Walker Renovations

203 Maple Cir
Nevada, TX
Owner operated. uses some subs for labor. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no...

Wall Arts

Fort Worth, TX
Wall arts, where we consider interior wall work art. free estimates are given with no trip...

Wall Construction, LLC.

801 Augusta Suite 3
Red Oak, TX


PO BOX 1496
Celina, TX


Roanoke, TX

wall system techs

Dallas, TX
We fight to offer better prices, for more work and same or better quality than the...

Wall to Wall Restorations

4300 Live Oak Dr
Mesquite, TX
We offer freee estimates and garuntee all of our work. for all of you plumbing and electrical...

Wallace Unlimited Home Services

910 N IH 35E
Lancaster, TX


1920 Big Sky Dr
Lewisville, TX
Residential and/or commercial, new homes and/or remodels, the wallpaper doctor llc has the...

Walls & Halls

Allen, TX
I can trim,fix holes and just about any thing you else you might need to have done. just ask...

Walt's Painting

240 E.FM 323
Palestine, TX
Local contractor with 35 years experience specialized in remodel & repaints, also use lead...


2401 Ohio Dr
Plano, TX
2 employees. subs used for some carpentry. cost is determined by the job. travel charges may...

Ware Construction & Electric

829 Reveille Rd
Fort Worth, TX
Ware construction co. strives to meet the needs of each customer that we work with. free...


Grapevine, TX
Family owned & operated since 1950 painters are employees not subs visa & mastercard...

Waterman Services

4520 Houghton Ave
Fort Worth, TX
One call for all means free estimates on home improvements.we serve all of tarrant county at...

WaterMark Architects / Builders

P.O. Box 550129
Dallas, TX
Watermark architects/builders is a residential design/build firm that specializes in design...


5101B Davis Blvd.
North Richland Hills, TX
Financing available, extended hours w/appointment

Watson's Roofing & Construction, LLC

401 Roy court
Keller, TX
Watson's roofing & construction, llc. is a full-service, locally owned and insured roofing and...

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