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Lupita D.
"The first encounter was very uncomfortable. He was on his cel and I went outside to
him and did not say anyting like-"just a minute" or some other" sign that I should wait- he just turned his head and ignored me for several minutes until I went back inside. I realize he was on the phone and not inside my house yet but I though that was kind of rude. The work got delayed because of the birth of his child, which I did not need to know about. Work was very good, but did not tell me that the metal parts of the fence were going to left intact. Maybe I should have asked- or maybe she should have mentioned something about it. I got the impression that he does not have an office. Overall kind of a weird experience but the work was done well.
Rated by
Olga T.
"The young man was very cordial and professional. Very personable and did an outstanding job. Once he completed the work he said he was going to do, he walked me through to make sure I was satisfied with the work.
Rated by
Jack P.
"They were a little slow in submitting estimate, but arrived to do the job on time at the agreed date. Crew did good work, were polite, and cleaned up well. Overall, I was quite satisfied and will use them again.

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Our gate had been scraping the driveway due to sagging and was somewhat difficult to open fully; our lawn service did not open the gate with care and after several rough openings, the gate was ruined. After talking to
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
on the phone, she sent
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
out to do an estimate. Their estimate differed from others in that they install a third hinge to combat sagging.
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
initially said they could start the work the day after we agreed to do the work, which was then revised to some time later that same week, but the work wasn't done until the following week. This wasn't a huge deal, but they should probably try to manage timing expectations a little better (this is the only reason for the B grade on punctuality). We never got to meet
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
since my husband and I both work, but the day of the work, they completed it within the same day, and they used all new materials to replace the gate. They didn't clean up the sawdust, but that's just a small quibble. The gate works great, and we would definitely call them again if we needed any other fence repair.
- Arthur V.

I HIGHLY recommend
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked

Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
contacted me within minutes of my Angie's List inquiry. I was scheduled for the work within two days. The two-person crew was very professional, courteous and hard-working.

After the work was complete, the crew did an excellent job of cleaning up including hauling away 25 old steel cemented posts.

Thank you
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
- John C.

I was in quite a tight spot... My wife and I purchased our home a little over a year ago with a very long (80 feet) & very old brick fence running along the entire length of our back yard. The fence was leaning slightly when we bought the house even though the previous owner had supported it from the rear with 9 large wooden posts, so I knew it would have to be addressed one day. Fast forward a about 13 months; One day I noticed the fence was leaning quite a bit more than usual, and over the course of a week from that point it started moving a small amount each day. Finally, gravity took over and down it went! Our first child was due any day, we have a pool, dogs, and our yard backs up to a very busy street, so I had to scramble to erect a temporary fence.

I had three fence contractors come out to bid the replacement, one was VERY high, and the other 2 were very reasonable. Only one was willing to take on the demolition of the remaining fence and haul off the fallen brick, and that was
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
Surprise came out to do the bid (actually a member of the family that owns the business). He was very friendly & professional, and most importantly, flexible to when I was available to be home for the bid (he came to my house at 8:00 PM to meet me). Not only was his bid for the new fence slightly cheaper than the other bids i had received, his willingness to tackle the fallen fence was a HUGE relief for me given the liability I was facing due to the pool/large dogs/busy street/etc. Plus, with the baby on the way, I simply didn't have the time/energy to even ATTEMPT hauling them off myself.

My baby ended up coming a little earlier than expected, so I was not able to meet
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
to provide the upfront deposit so his crew could begin work, but he told me that he understood, and trusted that I would get it to him as soon as I was able, so without a dime up front from the customer, they started tearing down my old fence & building the new one! Like
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
, I also run a small family business, and know how tight funds can be some times, not to mention how risky it can be to perform a great job on a handshake. The fact that
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
was willing to take those types of risks to help me out is a prime example of excellent business judgement & SUPERIOR customer service! It took his crew about a week to ten days to start my project (every
other company had the same time frame), and 2 days to complete ALL of it, brick fence included...and they did a fantastic job. In two days we had a beautiful 8 ft., board-on-board, red cedar privacy fence that is the envy of the entire neighborhood! I have officially found my "fence guy" for as long as live in Dallas. The fence hasn't even been up a week, and I have already referred
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
to a neighbor that stopped by to ask who built my fence.
I will use
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
again, and HIGHLY recommend you do the same!

- dina B.

Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
once joked with me that the longest he remembered a client putting off starting a project from the time of their consultation was 5 years. Well it only took 3 years from the first time I met with
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
until we were finally ready to get our fence replaced. It wasn’t my intention but things got in the way over the last few years. Still, there was zero pressure from
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
all this time. I was more impressed that after all that time had passed,
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
still remembered. He even returned with a copy of the original quote which naturally needed to be updated, but that’s the kind of business he runs.
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
is a treasure to deal with, always politely taking the time to explain the process in detail and work through all of your questions, concerns, fears and unique requests. He’s truly a pro and his years of experience definitely come through. He knows the ins and outs of what works and what doesn’t and when you think you have him stumped because you have an overgrown tree, or a gas meter in the way, or your soil turns to quicksand and back to stone in a week, he’s got an answer for you and can work with your unique requirements. With
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
, it’s not about how it’s always done but how YOU need it done.
Before the project,
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
touched base regularly and explained what each phase would entail. He was always available to answer any question, no matter how trivial I thought it was. Our project was targeted as a 3-day project. A fourth day was necessary as scheduling and weather issues delayed the first day until the afternoon. To set expectations appropriately,
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
was considerate enough to call if any time slipped with schedules or if weather or other issues played a role in altering the schedule.
We were replacing the entire perimeter of the house with the exception of one side that belonged to a neighbor. In addition, we were installing an additional entry gate as part of an enclosure on the side of the house as an add-on to the gate in the front of the house. This enclosure can be accessed from a sliding master bedroom door. The crew tore away at the decking that was there before and created a flawless replacement.
The big difference we added was an electrically controlled sliding gate to secure a carport that faced the
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
and left the cars fully exposed to vandals or lurkers. The transformation from a falling fence and no carport security to an enclosed space that not only gives peace of mind but also looks great is astounding.
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
works with a reputable third party to manufacture the frame for the sliding gate and procure the motor. After the sliding gate frame is welded together,
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
’s team then fills the frame with their quality fencing wood and the end result is amazing. He recommends that owners make their own arrangements to have the electrical run to the motor to keep costs down. He also suggests that you bring your electrician after the motor is installed so that any electrical work won’t interfere with all the other stuff going on. Their equipment requires the use of air compressors and other tools so having uninterrupted power is essential.
Keep in mind that a project like this requires coordination between his team of workers, the ordering and delivery of materials to your location, weather issues that might come up and the automatic gate company. The fact that it all came together so seamlessly is a testament to
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
’s experience. Here is the run-down of what to expect for a similar project:
Before project – Delivery of materials (wood, posts, fasteners, concrete, etc.) to your location. It helps having a driveway or place to keep these items but you can work with
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
in this respect.
Day one – demolition of old fencing and cutting down of old posts. If time permits, new posts are set.
Day two – final posts are set and framing begins with the horizontal runners fastened to the posts which are cut down to the target height (8ft in our case). If time permits, vertical panel installation begins.
Day three (or longer, as needed) – Panels completed, entry gates constructed. Sliding gate hardware and panels complete so that the gate is manually operational until the arrival of the motor equipment. For us this took an extra day because of the holiday weekend. The rest of the installed vertical panels are cut down to the right height and the trim and cap installed all around.
We chose to pay a bit extra to have the trim and cap put on top of the fence for a more finished look and to create more stability in the structure. We also added the pre-treated and stained cedar to buy us quite a few maintenance free years. Everything from the wood to the nails is
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
and these extras are worth the investment.
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
explains how they go deeper and closer with the support posts compared to others and when you see the finished product you can see why. This thing is solid!
I have to give props to his team also.
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
and his crew work diligently, taking a break only to grab some food and rest for about an hour. To watch these guys work is like watching high wire acrobats. Once the posts and railings are in place, you are amazed at how fast things go. They were a pleasure to work with and with just a few ground rules about where to keep debris and what vegetation to be careful about, they will work with just about any requirement you have. I recommend prepping your area as best as you can to create a logical pathway through and around any plants or shrubs you are concerned about. Despite all the best efforts to be as careful as possible, there will be things that fall (like pieces of the old fence) and some awkward corners that have to be negotiated so set your expectations accordingly. I always smiled and thanked them. The end result was worth every bit of angst in the beginning.
This fence will last for many years to come and it has upgraded the look of the house already. We are getting compliments from neighbors as well as requests for
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
's information.
Thank you
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
and team for truly
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
- Michael C.

My experience with
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
was a case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
. On one hand, they were very quick and accommodating to get a quote, turning it around in 48 hours, the quality of the fence is great, they squeezed us in a tight schedule, and the guys that came to build the fence were very nice and sought input before building anything. On the other hand the people in the office were incredibly hard to get a hold of, sometimes totally unresponsive, and frankly were about as rude as I've ever encountered considering the money spent.
As I said, they were very quick to get a quote and signed contract, and then radio silence. On a couple of occasions they answered back with "will call you later this week" and then never called or emailed until it was to inform me that they were showing up the next day. The next day they didn't show up, so I called back and they said "in a couple of days". They didn't show up until late that night and the next day. While I appreciated them trying to squeeze us in quickly, it was incredibly unprofessional to assume people can just stay at home to let the fence guys come any day they felt like working on it. I understand things get delayed, but not informing your customers with a quick phone call is unacceptable.
Almost all correspondence was done by me calling the office and getting one word answers giving little specifics. No point in leaving a voicemail or email, they won't answer it.
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
acted like I was wasting his time to expect answers about timing and that I had the nerve to expect a hard date for them to complete work or have the expectation they show up on the day they said. Multiple times the crew thought another person was coming to do a portion of the fence. It resulted in fence post setting being delayed 2 days because of lack of communication.
In other words you get a great fence at a decent price and are expected to put up with the headaches that go with dealing with these guys. I probably would not go back to them in the future, considering I think you can get a quality fence without the stress.
- Stephanie H.

I contacted A1 Texas Fence the first of August to get a quote for replacing part of our fence. On August 8, 2014, I get an email from
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
saying someone would be contacting me soon. That's the last I have heard from anyone.
I'm sure it will be the same old statement, "Oh, I tried to call you, but your phone wasn't working" or some lame excuse like that.
Well, guess what,
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
, you have my email address!! And your excuse is?
- Connie F.

I had a wood fence that had not been maintained in 12 years, and it was starting to rot, sway, and fall apart. It was also black and discolored and looked very bad. It now looks pretty much brand new, thanks to
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
and his workers. Promptly after I filled out an inquiry form online, I was called by Mr.
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
' scheduler, and an appointment was set. Mr.
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
arrived early, was extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and looked over every inch of my fence and discussed all the issues and options with me. He then prepared a quote in his computer-equipped vehicle, and after some minor negotiations we agreed upon a price that was less than his initial estimate. And, he came back and visited a second time before the work commenced, when I asked him about another area of the fence, and again, he was early for the appointment. He's a really friendly and knowledgeable guy, and even keeps cold Coke's in his truck for new customers! A few weeks later (today) the scheduled work was done, and I think the workers did a very good job. And, Mr.
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
came over in the morning as the work was getting underway, to make sure everything was done properly, and promptly responded to my concerns during the work that all loose nails around the fence be nailed in tightly. Overall, it was a great experience doing business with Mr.
Dallas Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
and his crew, and I'll definitely be calling on him again.
- Greg G.
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