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Stone and his company
began working on my house around the last week of April 2014 with an agreed upon completion date of approximately May 25th. It is
3rd as I write this, and the work has not been competed and we have had to resort to finding outside qualified contractors to fix and complete the work/mistakes
and his company caused. The following list of damage and incorrect/hazardous work has all been documented by pictures and I will gladly send any images to Angie's list or any concerned parties to verify.
The most expensive and damaged part of the house are the wood floors. We paid for wall to wall hand scraped, pre engineered wood floors to be installed in the master bedroom, living/dining room hallways and closets. Usually when there is a lot of demo, painting and dry wall work to be completed the wood floors are the last thing to be installed.
installed them in the beginning of the project and then did not cover them when installing the dry wall, causing dust to be ground into the hand scraped finish. They were also sloppy with the glue during install and there are several spots that have glue in the hand scraped grooves of the wood. Two separate inspectors have reviewed the floors and determined they were damaged during install, and the discoloration is due to paint/drywall, and glue that was ground into the profile (I have multiple pics). The floors were also laid in an incorrect pattern. Each box contained instructions on the proper pattern, but these were ignored. You can easily tell that the people laying the floors were not properly trained in laying these floors. Granted, it was a more complicated floor, given we chose a floor with varying plank widths and lengths. However, I was assured by
that his crew had installed this type of wood before and knew what they were doing. When we finally were able to get
to come to the house to see the work we had been complaining about, his response to the discoloration damage was “thats how they come from the factory.” Even after we presented several pieces from an unused box that were clean.
To add insult to injury,
had his crew try to clean the damage out of the profile of the wood. We discovered that they used paint thinner as a cleaner on the entire floor, not just spot cleaning for glue or trouble spots This caused the finish in many large areas of the floor to damage and look dull and cloudy (i have pics). We called the distributor of the floors and they said paint thinner should never be used to clean entire wood floors. We told
and his crew this and they said they would stop using it. However, we caught them continuing to use it after we asked them not to and they damaged even more of the floor. To repair the damage they caused, we walked in on them using a dark stain (Miniwax wood finisher) to cover their mistakes (I have pics of this). Remember, these are pre-engineered floors that already had eight coats of finish on them. Luckily we found them doing this before they were able to cover a large area and we have been cleaning the finish off ever since. Due to this incompetence we have several areas of our new floors that are dull and damaged and show the “wipe pattern” that they used when applying the paint thinner and Miniwax floor finish.
Another example of their incompetence is regarding the step down into our living room. Instead of using a proper stair nose piece of matching wood, they used a cheap pine corner piece and painted it brown to try to match the wood. They didn't even install it correctly and it has already broken and chipped in several places. Additionally, the trim used on the base board isn’t even base trim. They cut corners and used window trim as base board trim. After all of this we are still finding areas where the floors don't even meet the wall and the subfloor underneath is exposed. Another example of their laziness shows at every doorway they passed when installing the wood floors. They did not under cut the doors during install, they just filled the gaps between the boards with white caulk to try and hide the mistake (pics available). There are also several areas that were included on the bid that we paid for, but did not receive wood floors. All the hallway closets were omitted from the installation even though we paid for the square footage and work to be done. This is the first of instances of possible theft we discovered during the remodel. Everywhere they could cut corners, they did. It’s amazing really, as we keep finding lazy, corner cutting mistakes everyday.
We also had
install tile in the kitchen and fireplace. We have a step down from the kitchen to living room and they did not bullnose the tile edges like we asked and tried to hide the sharp tile
under the same cheap pine piece they used in the living room. Another case of being charged for something we did not receive. In multiple places in the kitchen and hall bathroom there are multiple gaps in the grout and you can see to the subfloor below. We supplied white marble tile for the fireplace and wanted white grout/mortar. My wife and I both work and could not be around to watch for every mistake and the crew used the same grey mortar the used on the grey kitchen tiles and tried to cover the mistake with grey grout. This cause an extreme color mismatch we did not want, and they also stained and scratched the marble in the process by not cleaning the grout properly during install. They also laid the pre arranged herringbone tile pattern incorrectly. How do you mess up pre-laid patterns? The tiles from the bottom of the fireplace to the mantle are also crooked. I have multiple pics of the poor workmanship and damage.
While all that is upsetting and frustrating, the real scary part was yet to be discovered. The most dangerous part of the remodel was the removal of two walls and the install of a support beam across the new area. Before any work started we asked
if we need any permits and to make sure that he has all required permits filed and paid for before work begins. He assured us that nothing they were doing required permits. Luckily, a city building inspector randomly showed up to inspect the work. Not only did we need mechanical and electrical permits for the work being done, but the work they had done installing the support beam failed inspection and we had to delay the work until it was corrected.
’s response was to blame his crew for not knowing the proper city code. As a
, he refused to accept responsibility for any of the problems we had. He would always just tell us it was his crew’s fault, but he would never be here to supervise them. Since he kept blaming his crew (and they were clearly inept), we asked for a new crew many many times, to no avail. His lack of management skills is clearly evident and quite appalling.
To continue,
claimed that he did not need electrical permits because they were not doing any electrical work. I pointed out that his company had removed two walls with three electrical outlets, four light switches and the thermostat (our AC also broke during the remodel…coincidence?)
also installed four 6” lights in our living room ceiling (installed incorrectly and uneven with the ceiling…pic available)). Still, he insisted they didn't touch anything electrical. After finding many outlets that did not work, I insisted that an independent and qualified electrician inspect the work. Two different electricians refused to start work unless a deposit was paid because of the damage they found on initial inspection. They both were alarmed at the fire hazards in the area where our wall was removed and lights installed. Note, when we purchased the house (May 2014) all outlet and switches worked and we passed the City's Occupancy inspection with no electrical issues or fire hazards.
And the hits keep coming, we paid for a new front door and frame to be installed, but when we came home from work one day, the door was installed without the new frame (another case of possible theft, as we have no idea what happened to the frame we purchased). Our house had its original frame door from 1968 and the
crew installed our new door in the old frame with the old hinges and screws. The door was installed incorrectly and instead of using the new frame we paid for,
shaved down the door and cut into the old frame to try and hide the poor work. The door is clearly very crooked and they tried to hide it by installing weather stripping on the top of the door. I asked them to use the new frame, but it had disappeared. I was charged for a new frame and did not receive one.
These are just some of the major issues we have had to deal with. There are several other issues we have involving poor quality painting/workmanship techniques on the walls and ceilings and a so-called “custom media cabinet”. We expected a professional remodeling job and received less than amateur, if not complete incompetence.
During this whole process we asked
Stone to be present to watch the crew in our house, to witness the poor workmanship. He refused to supervise the crew and consistently dismissed his responsibility for the work by claiming “I’m not the one doing the work”. Hiring
is probably one of my biggest regrets with regards to real estate. My wife and I could never recommend this company, or any company associate with
Stone. I sincerely hope that anyone considering hiring
, does better research than we did. Reach out to us and we’ll happily show you pictures of the damage they caused to our home.

- Mike L.

was prompt, professional, and very thorough. His painting work was very good. He takes great pride in his work. Other than using an assistant to wash the surfaces to be painted, he performed all of the work himself. The work consisted of cleaning the surfaces to be painted, preparation work (which took the most time), including caulking (including replacing old caulk around windows), sanding, repairing some areas in which the wood had rotted or had been chewed up by squirrels, or had cracked in the sun. He was diligent, and worked pretty much nonstop while here, and worked from the time he arrived until close to dark each evening. His breaks were modest in frequency and length. Since the painting was completed, the house, which had not been painted in several years, has looked much better. From start to finish, his work took about 6 days. The first day consisted of cleaning. Days 2-5 consisted of prep work; he began painting during Day 5 and finished on Day 6. The work took a little longer than expected due to some portions of the woodwork that required more repair than originally anticipated; the scope of the repair did not become apparent until the old paint had been removed. His price was very reasonable; the price included the cost of paint and other materials he used in the job. The price matched his estimate.
- Paul T.

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The work was all very professionally done. The crew arrived on the agreed date and powerwashed all the surfaces that were to be painted. The next day a small
Dallas Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
came and began the prep work of repair and stayed to finish up the primer coat of paint. I was very impressed that they worked a 12 hour day. The crew was back punctually at 8:00 the next morning to apply the paint.
Besides the excellent work, the owner,
Dallas Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
, was very responsive to my request to fix part of the soffit with new wood after the painting was completed. I really appreciated the timely manner and the number of men on the crew so that the job could be completed in three days. I certainly can highly recommend this firm.

The interior paint work was average. Lots of areas that needed touching up or were done a bit sloppily (e.g. paint runs, areas where paint is thin and you can see old paint underneath, nails and screws left in walls and painted over instead of removing them before painting, etc.) They painted a metal clothes rod in one of our closets that caused paint chips to fall onto all of the clothes and shoes in the closet for an entire year until they came out and corrected the problem by replacing the rod with an unpainted rod. You kind of get what you pay for with these guys. The exterior paint work was far below average. Less than a year after the work was completed (they repainted our deck after it was damaged in a hail storm), nearly all of the deck paint had peeled off. The company STILL has not corrected this problem, despite assuring me that they would.
- Eric J.

I was sure that
Dallas Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
was the right person for my job as soon as I met him. One of my friends had had him work at her house twice (she found him on Angie's List). Then I read all the reviews and called him.
Dallas Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
walked around my house and garage and seemed to be knowledgable about the needs of an eighty year old home. I had not painted the trim in seven years and knew that the time was now before the hot summer.
Because I had some rotten wood due to water and squirrels he had lots of prep first. He power washed the first day. Then his very capable crew showed up the next day to sand away and bondo the damaged places or replace with new wood. They primed and painted.
Dallas Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
found perfect matches for my two paint colors and away they went. They spent three and a half days on the prep and painting.
The iron railing in front of my home was needing to be repainted as well. It was rusty and coming apart in a couple places and he re-welded it, then sanded and primed and repainted with an oil base of the same color as the darker trim. It looks much better.
The wood stained front door was needing to be refinished and he made it look great. Like a piece of furniture.
Because my home is one that is original, I wanted it to look nice, but not new. It is an old English
Dallas Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
(one of the few left in my neighborhood) and I want to keep it looking fresh. Old, but fresh. And I feel this was accomplished.
Now I know who to call when I need some painting, carpentry, insulating, repairs, whatever....I have found the right company for the job. I highly recommend
Dallas Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
and his business, DOTS (Dependable On Time Service)
Everything was cleaned up as promised. And I am happy.
- Janie S.

Dallas Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
and his team did an amazing job on our house. He first completed the exterior trim on a brick house and did such an amazing job that we hired him to do the entire interior. His assistance in the color selection made all the difference. He is creative, hard-working, flexible (with me when I changed colors after the room was done, yikes), and has an amazing team. I wouldn't let anyone else work on our home and I would highly recommend his company.
- Jean H.

Dallas Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
and his crew showed up the day he said they would and were here
Dallas Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
time very weekday morning for two weeks. We believe that our home had not been painted for 15 years. There were cracks in the plaster, dings in the walls, missing texture, popping nail heads, marred trim and cracked window sills. All of these problems were repaired and corrected. We have 20 feet high ceiling in some areas and this crew painted walls and ceilings without scaffolding. Furniture and other large items were protected in plastic. They were quiet and efficient and they swept up before leaving. I specifically wanted
Dallas Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
Natura and Advance paints, and the price of service includes that cost. I will definitely use
Dallas Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
to paint the remaining rooms.
- Connie S.

Dallas Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
and his crew did a very good job, were always punctual and gave us what we contracted for. They were not the cheapest bid, but dependability was a big factor in my decision.
- Jay A.

Dallas Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
answered my initial call immediately, came and made the estimate the next day. He was very professional, on time to the minute, and friendly. His estimate also came quickly and as very reasonable. He understood that I was selling the house and needed the work done as soon as possible. Although his schedule was busy he fit me in. He was prepared to continue working on the weekend if necessary but the crew finished before that had to happen. The repair work looks good, especially in the bathroom where the ceiling was even sagging due to water damage after a hail storm. They were all very polite and totally cleaned up afterward.
I'm still waiting for an estimate from the other company I called for a bid…4 weeks later!
- Elizabeth D.

I contacted
Dallas Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
for a bid - he priced at $8500 compared to another bid which was $3000 for the same work. All line items on the invoice were the same indicating the same labor would be performed. Would recommend getting other bids before moving forward with
Dallas Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
- Douglas B.
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