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Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
was the best!!! I would recommend him to anyone. he fixed the toilet and the busted pipe. and he went ahead and fixed the pipe under my faucet even though it wasn't on the claim. the drip behind the bathroom sink was not happening when he was there but he said he'd check while he was under the house to see if he saw any dripping.
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
was friendly, polite, efficient, on-time, all of the good stuff. and i know that the $120.00 that i was charged for fixing the busted water pipe was well under what other providers would have charged. if i could rate an A+ i would!!!
- fran C.

So first, I think it's important to set expectations here. I've read a lot of the reviews from the Angie's List Deal for Freedom and people obviously don't understand what these deals are for. Maybe Angie's List could do a better job of describing the details, or what's more likely is that people just want something for nothing. If you're looking for a new water heater and to apply this towards it, then you would be one of those stupid people. Now - back to the review!
I emailed back and forth with Freedom to set up a date and was asked to call to schedule. No biggie, because I'm sure they're busy and it's easier to discuss services needed on the phone versus an email. I asked my wife to call while I was traveling and she said it was a smooth transaction and very easy to schedule the appointment. We needed a bathtub drain snaked, we had a toilet leaking from not being set correctly on the wax ring, and lastly we needed a sink leak fixed.
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
arrived on time and was very pleasant to deal with. We showed him what we needed done and all work was performed quickly and more importantly, done right. I also asked a few questions about changing out an electric
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
-top to gas and he provided me with the estimate and set expectations on how it'd be done, along with the drywall work needed.
I will be using
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
again to run that gas-line and am very pleased with the work performed.
- Charles S.

I was concerned this could get expensive being a
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
old home with original plumbing, however, the serviceman was quick to repair what we couldn't!

We were also provide a complete estimates on future work needed.
- Sunnye G.

I wanted a custom irrigation system that would allow me to address the varying water needs of several planting beds located throughout my property, while providing efficient spray coverage for the grass. I also had a problem of
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
collecting in a low spot near the back corner of the house, from gutter runoff.
I had four people come out to give me bids on this project. Of the four,
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
seemed to have the best grasp of what I wanted and the best idea for handling the drainage problem. He impressed with his flexibility and expertise, and submitted a proposal that was both thorough and competitively priced.
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
is also one of the few companies that install Hunter rotators, which have been well reviewed for water efficiency. (The sprays also look pretty cool compared to the Rainbird heads, which is a bonus.)
The entire project took 2 days to finish. The crew arrived on time both days and worked very hard to ensure everything was done right. When a few minor problems arose, they quickly resolved them to my satisfaction. They gave me options on where certain components (such as valve boxes) would be located. I was impressed by their efficiency and how much pride they appeared to take in their work. The drip lines were laid in a comprehensive pattern that provided even more coverage than was originally discussed. Afterward, everything was cleaned up thoroughly and the trenches were neatly filled. It was a bit windy when they finished, so they could not check the spray pattern of the nozzles completely and returned another day to ensure everything was fine-tuned properly. They also added a few doughnuts at no charge to protect the sprinkler heads along the driveway.
It's been 2 months since the work was completed, and I am loving my new sprinkler system. I have full coverage of my lawn, and runoff is minimal compared to my neighbors' systems. The drip zones are working great and my plants have never looked better!
- Heidi C.

The company installed a drain pipe and grates to capture rain water and runoff water coming down the hill. The water will be channeled through an underground pipe that extends to the
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
so that the water will end up in the street instead of in our house. The job involved cutting through the sidewalk, installing grates, digging a trench and installing plastic pipe underground. Although we have not yet had a torrential rain, we think it will work well. We are very pleased. The Company was easy to work with and did exactly what they told us they would do for the price they quoted us. We will use them again.
- Corliss W.

Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
showed up on time and did all wok/repairs in a very timely fashion. He cleaned up after himself and was very professional! Several homeowners at Copperfield Condominiums call on
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
and are very satisfied!
- James B.

These guys are pros. They stick to their promises and walk you through the entire process start to finish. Now that they are gone, I can barely tell they were here (other than the small trenches in the back yard).
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
's attention to detail was amazing. I was behind on a DIY landscaping project, so i didnt have some flowerbeds even established. As I walked him through the yard, i told him things like where the flower beds were going to be and also where the flower bed edging was going. He not only remembered everything I said, but made sure all of it was communicated to his workers. Every request that I made was addressed without me having to remind them or say anything twice. They got it done, in budget, in scope and on time. They worked two 10 hour days to make sure it got done in time.

They had to move most of my popups in the front because they had sunk several inches down below the grass level. They separated out the front 4 zones to 7, so it could better control water where it was needed, especially during the summer sun (this summer i was over watering one area just so enough water was getting to another area on the same zone). This will help me save water by being able to separate out the zones that need more water. They also added 4 additional zones in my back yard. They worked around the pool which was no easy task to get a trenching machine around it.

I wanted 2 gutters downspouts tied into a drain so that the run off did not drain into my neighbor's house. I had the same thing done about 6 months earlier by a different company (which i have another review for).
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
made sure that they drilled out the
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
just like the other drain, so they would match. The other company used green pipe at the
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
, so
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
made sure that they used the same color to make sure it matched on the
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
. Little things like that tell you that they want to make sure it gets done right. All those little things add up and it shows!

Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
came by late afternoon on the day the project was to be completed and walked me through every detail of the system. They even located a lost valve i could never find. He showed me every feature of the controller and how it works. The workers did a fantastic job cleaning up afterwards. They took all of the water hose that I was using to irrigate the backyard and neatly stacked it in the corner of my house. They swept my pool deck that had chunks of cement and other debris I had found in the flowerbed from tilling the day before (I hadnt had a
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
to pick it up and throw it away). They cleaned everything without me asking. Again all the little attention to detail adds up and it shows!

I am very impressed with their attention to detail and professionalism throughout this project. I would definitely call them again for any irrigation and drainage needs. Thanks guys!
- Chris W.

Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
started the job on Monday, they tore out the wall and had the new wall, windows and door in place before leaving Monday. On Tuesday they came back and installed my new electrical outlets, installed the shelves and re-painted the interior and exterior walls. Wednesday was final touch up and inspection by myself and
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
, owner of
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked

I am very pleased with the new look and feel of my sunroom. I had a vision in my mind of what I wanted and
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
was able to work with what I wanted and suggested several other ideas that worked better and made it all happen with minimal disruption to me and my house.
- Joy G.

Well let me first say that this group did a quality job because the drains work great after our latest rain events. I hired
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
to solve a serious problem of water entering the house any time it rained outside. The engineer's assessment was very thorough. I went with these guys because it was the most thorough of the reports I requested and that the engineer said they never want to come back out for the same problem again (meaning that it will be done right the first time and will last a long time). It was not the least expensive bid, but I felt like they knew what they were doing and they had great reviews. I had to wait about 3 weeks before they could have a crew come do the work. My idea was that I would get the drains installed by
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
and then I could re-landscape the whole area with a landscaping company I was hiring. They stated it would be a 2 day job, so I scheduled my landscape refresh work to start 4 business days after the drains were to be finished. This is a pretty detailed account of my experience:

On the day the crew was supposed to show up, they did not. I was at the house and wondered why nobody showed up. I call to find out why, only to find out that they were 2 days behind and wouldn't be there for 2 more days. I never received an update or any form of communication informing me of this change. They then told me that I didn't have to be present for the work, which was fine but it sounded like they justified their reason to not inform me with the fact that it didn't require my presence so it didn't matter if they informed me or not. 2 days later the crew shows up at 9:30am to start work. They started strong and worked very hard in the hot conditions during the heat wave going on. Unfortunately this was the only day where a lot of work was done. On day 2 they showed up close to 10am and started to work. The job got more complicated because they hit a small natural gas line leading from my back yard to an unused gas lamp post in my front yard. They shut off the gas and promised to fix it but that left us without hot water over night. I understand the gas line was out of their control especially since it was unmarked and I had no idea the gas line existed. I do not fault them for this, I am merely explaining everything that happened. By the end of day 2 it was obvious that work would have to continue another day at least. Unfortunately day 2 was on a Friday and it wasn't until around 3pm that i got a phone call telling me that work would have to continue into next week. One frustration I had was that there was no on site foreman and only one worker spoke broken English. It would have been nice to at least get a daily phone call update regarding the status (especially if things are running behind schedule, so I could be in the loop of the new estimated completion date).

Day 3 starts off with the workers arriving around 10 again but this time they aren't getting as much work done. Most of them spent about 2.5 hours throughout the work day laying down not including the lunch break (which I understand of course). Needless to say, the job was not completed by the end of the day, but nobody tells me that they have to come back for a 4th day. I had to figure this out on my own when I go outside after the crew left only to find unfinished work. This is where the problem began, because I had a separate company coming to redo my entire landscaping the next day. I did not schedule this to include the two crews working together. I even put in two buffer days in case work carried over (except for now with them being behind 2 days before work began and work carrying over 2 days, that buffer was now gone). I cant reschedule the landscape work now because they have palates of grass and plants coming in from Houston and the heat would
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
it if it were delayed a day for installation. We had no choice but to have the crews work side by side on their particular tasks. The landscapers showed up at 7am and began work but the drainage crew didn't show up until near 10am again! Because they were in close quarters, the drainage crew from
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
started talking to the landscape crew in a derogatory manner telling them that the landscape crew was stealing away
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
's business. I was never offered landscaping services from
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
, so I hired a different company to make my yard look great. The drainage guys were trying to start stuff with the landscape crew but the landscape crew wouldn't have any of it and continued to work. This showed pretty unprofessional behavior on the
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
crew in my opinion. The drainage crew finished around 2:45 and left, which made landscaping much easier after that. A lot of this could have been avoided if only the foreman kept me in the loop on the project, especially if I was informed on Day 2, so i could have advanced notice to push back the landscapers for another day but I had to give them 48 hours notice so plant and sod harvesting and delivery could be rescheduled.

There was another concern about professionalism that involved one of my female friends. There were several times that she walked in and out of the house and they would whistle at her and say things in spanish. What they did not know was that she is fully bilingual growing up in Honduras. They were saying very dirty and suggestive things about her when she walked in and out of the house. She of course addressed this to me in a very upset manner. I in turn write out an email after Day 4 addressing all of my concerns to the generic info email on the
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
website. I address everything I have mentioned above in this review and left my contact information in case they wanted to discuss this in more detail over the phone. I received a phone call at 9am the next morning from
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
expressing his sincere apologies for everything that happened. He and I discussed every issue I presented, in detail and was very receptive of my input and concerns. He assured me that when the crews returned to the office that night, he would talk to every worker and nobody would leave the office until they understood that the behavior I experienced was unacceptable and would not be tolerated. I believed that he was sincere and very concerned about my concerns. I appreciate his professionalism on this matter. Hopefully this incident will not happen again.

I have many good things to say about the quality of the work that
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
did. All of the drains are set low enough to the ground which allows water to naturally fall into the drains. They tied my gutters into the existing system, which I didnt know was going to be done. This of course made me very happy about the extra effort being made. The drains fall naturally to the street and any water that goes into it, gets deposited into the street right away. I know even in monsoon conditions, this drain system will no doubt keep up.

I have no doubt in my mind that this company does A+ work. I would hire them again as long as the communication issues and professionalism issues of the workers are resolved. I have no doubt that the management cares about their customers and I appreciate their concern in my situation. If I did not have a positive experience when I expressed my concerns, you would bet that the rating would be a lot lower. Overall experience is B (good). I hope that the company can take this review and use it to make their business more successful in the future. I appreciate all the hard work this company did to solve my very bad drainage problem. This latest rain we have received really tested the system and it passed with flying colors. Thanks
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
- Chris W.

We contacted
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
through an advertisement in the Home Magazine.
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
, with
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
, quickly set up an appointment to come out and provide us with an estimate. He was extremely responsive and had suggestions to help us determine the best way to build out the patio to avoid flooding issues that we were currently having with the existing patio and slope.
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
gave us a detailed bid prior to leaving and offered to come back with samples or to answer any other questions. He was very patient while we obtained 2 other bids and even came back out again at our request to leave samples of the pavers. We decided to use Legacy for the job mainly because of
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
's outstanding customer service, responsiveness to our needs and the fairness of his estimate. They also provide a lifetime product guarantee on the pavers and a 10 yr Workmanship Warranty.

On the day of the job,
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
came out to address any outstanding questions that we had and also came back out prior to the completion to check on the progress. His crew was professional and worked diligently to complete the job right before dark. The end result was a great looking patio! I would definitely use
Dallas Drain Pipe Installers Provider Name Locked
again and would highly recommend them to others.
- Debra W.
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Granbury, TX
We are a licensed and bonded plumbing company with over 35 years experience. all services...

Argyle Landscapes

804 Pioneer Circle
Argyle, TX
\\\"design & installation specialists.\\\"

Arlington Plumbing Surgeon

Arlington, TX
License number m-36515. as a master plumber i bring over thirty years of experience in the...

ARS Rescue Rooter Dallas - 9126

1768 Empire Ctr
Dallas, TX
We have 100 employees, we do ues subs. out cost is determined by the job. there are no travel...

Artisan Construction Group

2911 County Road 330
Mckinney, TX
Artisan construction group company's mission to provide clients with quality construction...

Atlas Foundation Company Inc

3916 Heritage Dr
Burleson, TX
Atlas foundation company, inc has been family owned and operated in the dfw area since 1958. ...

B & T Handyman Services

1014 Chestnut St
Irving, TX
At b & t handyman services we offer quality workmanship of everything that we do.


3755 N. Josey Ln. # 118582
Carrollton, TX
We are a full service landscaping company that offers landscape design , installation,...

Baker Brothers Plumbing & Air Conditioning

6730 Horizon Rd
Rockwall, TX
Since 1945 our quick, efficient service, on-time performance and fair pricing have earned the...

Balance Lawn

Frisco, TX
Balance lawn, located in frisco, tx, is a landscape and sprinkler company dedicated to job...

Baldi Gardens Inc

820 Station Dr
Arlington, TX
Serving dfw since 1993, baldi gardens is a family owned, family operated company that takes...

Barbosa Plumbing and AC

9810 Abernathy Ave
Dallas, TX
Family owned and operated since 1979. barbosa plumbing & a/c offers honest and reliable hvac...

Barnes Plumbing

5331 Fm 3080
Mabank, TX
I am the owner/operator of my company which let's me provide low cost service's and am able to...

Bartlett Home Care & Repair

2800 Oak Grove Dr
Plano, TX
Owner operated. cost is determined by the job. no service charges. no extra charge for after...

Bean Irrigation

3204 Tina St
Sachse, TX
In business for 32 years, install service and drainage.

Bell Mechanical Services LLC

11711 Sun Belt Ct
Baton Rouge, LA
Financing available. family owned & operated. additional contact name - jamie bell. additional...

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

701 E Plano Pkwy
Plano, TX
Benjamin franklin plumbing - plano has been serving the area for many years. we promise prompt...

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

PO Box 171557
Arlington, TX
Does your plumbing company solve your plumbing problems? at benjamin franklin plumbing® your...

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

1019 Explorer St
Duncanville, TX
When scheduling plumbing service with us, rest assured that we have been taking care of...

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

13551 Method St
Dallas, TX
Benjamin franklin plumbing - mckinney has been serving the mckinney and dallas area for 12...

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

1911 Old Denton Rd
Carrollton, TX
Benjamin franklin plumbing - has been serving the carrollton area for 12 years. we promise...

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

2211 E Continental Blvd
Southlake, TX
Benjamin franklin plumbing - dallas has been serving the dallas & surrounding suburbs area for...

BER Handyman & Home Services

201 E. Criddle St.
Waxahachie, TX
I am a single person owned and operated handyman and home services company.my billing...

Berkeys Air Conditioning & Plumbing

2875 Market Loop
Southlake, TX
For over 35 years, texas-based berkeys has been providing quality plumbing, heating, and air...

Bernard's Plumbing Co

2101 Shoreline Dr
Flower Mound, TX
Bernard's plumbing is a local plumbing company serving flower mound, coppell and surrounding...

Best Deal Home Repair

810 Castleglen Dr
Garland, TX

Best Quality Plumbing

1309 Greensboro Drive.
Wylie, TX
If you want a family-owned and operated professional plumbing company that is courteous,...

Best Solutions

75 Lake Ridge Dr
Lake Dallas, TX
I use the number of employees to get job done fast and safely.sub-contracting in and out.we...

Bewley Plumbing LLC

PO Box 611
Mckinney, TX
Bewley plumbing is a locally owned and operated company since 1947. we offer free on site...

Bill Blankenship Contracting

6016 Midway Rd
Haltom City, TX
We are a highly skilled plumbing and remodeling company with over 40 years of experience,...

Billdit Home Improvement

912 Denton St
Denton, TX

Blackburn Plumbing LLC

PO Box 816 Durant
Durant, OK
A family owned and operated company. blackburn plumbing, llc. wants to be your one stop shop....

Blanks Irrigation & Landscape Lighting, LLC

PO Box 24762
Fort Worth, TX
Licensed, bonded and insured texas irrigation company with over 12 years experience in the...

Blueprint General Contractors

Dallas, TX
Blueprint construction is a locally owned and operated remodeling business in dallas, tx and...


PO BOX 1110
Lake Dallas, TX
3 employees. no subs. cost is determined by an hourly rate of $65-80. travel charges apply...

Bohannon Services

2070 hwy 157 n
Mansfield, TX
Ac, heating, appliance repairs, plumbing, landscaping, and other custom services as needed

Botanically Correct Services

North Richland Hills, TX
We started in 1999 by demand. since then, we have grown into a versatile, multi fasceted and...


Dallas, TX
Dba: brown foundation repair & consulting inc. financing available.

Bruce Belz Construction

4924 E. Hwy 67
Alvarado, TX
We are a general contractor. we accept cash, checks and money orders. we may utilize...

Bruces Sprinkler Repair

1728 Our Lane
Southlake, TX
Sprinkler repair and maintenance and installs

Bryan's Plumbing LLC

3201 Handley Ederville Rd
Fort Worth, TX
Bryan's plumbing llc has been family owned and operated since 1972, serving the dallas fort...

Buckeye Plumbing

8214 Berrigan Dr
Arlington, TX
Plumbing, sewer line, water heater & fixing leaks.

Buckner Plumbing

4030 Gus Thomasson Rd
Mesquite, TX
Family owned, family focused, customer satisfaction is our goal. we offer master card and visa...


Fort Worth, TX
Burks irrigation & landscaping in fort worth, tx has been family owned and operated for over...

C & W Plumbing

1890 Midway Rd
Lewisville, TX
Free dispatch fee to angies list members- c&w plumbing has been offering plumbing services,...

C & W Plumbing

3104 Chestnut Rd
Carrollton, TX
Plumbers-c&w plumbing is a professional plumbing company offering plumbing services in...

C and C Construction

Denton, Tx
We have been in business for 10 yrs and have over 30 yrs experience. we offer a wide variety...

C Rainmaker Irrigation

5028 Walker Dr
The Colony, TX
We are a family owned company that specializes in personal service to folks with landscaping...

C&C Slab Leaks & Plumbing LLC

PO Box 360475
Dallas, TX
All plumbing phases. add'l phone 9722004089

Callahan's Plumbing Inc.

1904 University Business Dr
Mckinney, TX
Callahan's plumbing inc offers experienced licensed and insured master plumber to repair most...

Campanello Construction Services

5504 W Davis St
Dallas, TX
Texas residential general contractor offers turnkey remodeling and repair, homeowner real...

Campeche Stucco and Stone

3326 Willow Creek Dr
Irving, TX
Family owner.

Carey Remodeling

807 N Oak Cliff Blvd
Dallas, TX
"with twenty years of industry experience, from flooring technician to construction project...

Carrollton Plumbing Service

PO Box 112154
Carrollton, TX
Additional address - 2515 canterbury ct, carrollton, tx 75006. additional email -...

CAT Contractors

2828 Eastbrook
Mesquite, TX
General contractors, specializing in catastrophe reconstruction. whether you exterior has...

cazares plumbing

PO Box 8
Little Elm, TX
Residential and commercial plumbing company


Denton, TX
We are an air conditioning, and plumbing service company. we have been doing business in the...

Cellier Builders

604 St Lukes Dr
Richardson, TX
I provide general contracting services throughout the metroplex from earthwork to the final...

Certificationpoint Student Project-Based Freelance

Shreveport, LA
So what is certificationpoint.org? certificationpoint is a global online employment...


9714 Castleroy Ln
Rowlett, TX
Foundation leveling & support.

CGreen Landscape Irrigation

12520 Schroeder
Dallas, TX
From humble beginnings in one of the hottest summers on record in 1980, chuck green set out to...

Charlie's Plumbing Service

Po Box 152771
Arlington, TX
Additional address: leondudley@msn.com. additional phone (817)465-6902.

Chris' Plumbing,LLC

290 Ridge Crest Dr
Weatherford, TX
Family owned & operated. see website for additional service areas.

Christian Construction /Tile & Plumbing

3600 esters
Fort Worth, TX
We are licensed and bonded / i am a master plumber and master tile installer with 45 years...

Clark Irrigation Systems

2612 Piedra Dr
Plano, TX
Lawn sprinkler repair service

Classic Plumbing Ltd

1301 10th St
Plano, TX
Award winning. additional contact name - john & shirley pritchett. owned & operated. cost is...

CLD Plumbing

2420 Fieldcrest Dr
Rockwall, TX
Cld plumbing is a small one man plumbing company for now. my personal goal is to give great...

ClearWater Plumbers

6954 Boat Club Rd
Fort Worth, TX
Fort worth plumbing service company serving the metroplex since 1997. family operated, give...

Clinton Plumbing Group

2772 Wildflower Place
Argyle, TX
Full service commercial/residential plumbing services

CMC Plumbing formerly Rogers Family Plumbing

PO Box 1358
Little Elm, TX
Being a family-owned and operated business, we’re able to offer you that personal touch...

Cody & Sons Plumbing, Heating & Air

PO Box 210433
Dallas, TX
Bill cody and sons plumbing company number of employees: 10 accept payment: cash, check,...

Cody Irrigation Landscape and Lighting

9500 Glen Falls Ln
Denton, TX
Email us direct -- codylandscaping@hotmail.com --- cody irrigation and landscape is licensed,...


PO BOX 59341
Dallas, TX
Business since1980 , bbb rated a+


Duncanville, TX
Cost is determined by the job.

Content Writings

New York, NY

Cook Landscape Concepts Inc

2380 SW Wilshire
Burleson, TX
Additional dba - cook landscape concepts.

Corporate Landscape

Venus, TX
Corporate landscape 30 years exp. for all your landscaping needs. 817-542-1645 most credit...

Corporate Services

PO Box 37
Venus, TX

Country Courtesy Care ( Handyman)

2015 Hillcrest ST Ste 1069
Mesquite, Tx

Cowboy Plumbing

5512 Santa Barbara
Fort Worth, TX
We are a small family owned company, we do not use subcontractors, all work is done by us. we...


1111 Garland Ave
Frisco, TX
5 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service charges....

CRW Exterior Solutions

1105 Trinity Trail
Fort Worth, TX
Crw exterior solutions is owner/operator, and has 5 employees that provide a complete...

Custom Dreams Remodeling

1000 Crestview Dr
Sherman, TX
All types of remodeling, add ons, decks, carports, roofing, windows, doors, ceramic tile, wood...

Custom Outdoor Trends

5811 Horizon Rd
Rockwall, TX
Additional email: craig@customoutdoortrends.com. social media: facebook:...

Custom Rain

5410 Galaxie
Garland, TX

Custom Rain

5410 galaxie road
Garland, TX
We have 10 employees we except all major credit cards we have been in buss since 1987

Cypress Point Plumbing LLC

707 Shady Grove
Irving, TX
We offer a full range of residential and commercial plumbing services, and we are committed to...

D & I Landscape Construction

3202 Cockrell Ave.
Fort Worth, TX
Design and installation of all areas of construction and landscape projects

D & R Landscape & Irrigation

518 Meadowview Ln
Coppell, TX
Starting in high school out of the back of a suburban, landscaping has always been our...


131 Brook Ct
Springtown, Tx

D&D Commercial and Residential Professionals

Dallas, TX
It all started with one man and one mower. now d&d mowing is dfw's premier landscape...

Dale Wright

5809 Terrace Trail
Fort Worth, TX
We have over 20 years exp. in the plumbing trade. mention angie;s list and get $25.00 off of...

Dallas Curb Appeal Inc.

PO Box 450602
Garland, TX
Irrigation licenses (required)--- irrigator li0016405, backflow inspector bp0011273, certified...


Dallas, TX
Exclusive use of fasp patented "filter free" french drains. drainage and affiliated...


P.O.BOX 54001
Hurst, TX
Foundation repair specialist & drainage specialist


6162 E Mockingbird Ln
Dallas, TX
Dallas landscape and irrigation inc. is a multi services firm. we offer the highest...


P.O. 2008
Mckinney, TX

Dalton Construction & Remodeling

Balch Springs, TX
Dalton construction and remodeling is a family owned and operated business servicing the...

Dan-Mar Plumbing LLC

12093 County Road 354
Terrell, TX
We are a plumbing company that specializes in multi-family, commercial, new construction, and...

Daybreak Landscaping & Irrigation

P O Box 458
Rowlett, TX
Servicing both commercial and residential

Deans' Plumbing Solutions Inc

600 N Glenville Dr
Richardson, TX
Family owned & operated.

Deaton Plumbing

248 E Hurst Blvd
Hurst, TX
Additional dba - oscar deaton plumbing inc.

Deleon Design and Construction

Fort Worth, TX
Located in fort worth, texas and serving the dfw area brings 9 years of experience as a...

DFW Improved

9741 Preston Rd
Frisco, TX
With super service awards in nineteen service categories in 2012, 2011, 2010 & 2009, we're...

DFW Lawn Enforcement

3113 Esquire Ln.
Garland, TX
Dfw lawn enforcement is a family owned business, we have been in business since 2003. during...

DFW Maintenance Guy LLC

Mckinney, TX
Whether it’s your primary residence, vacation home, rental property or commercial property,...

DFW Pipe Restoration LLC

8420 Sterling St.
Irving, TX
Additional e-mail - info@dfwpiperestoration.com. additional phone numbers - (972) 929-3300,...


2137 ridgecliff dr
Keller, TX
New construction and remodeling,plumbing service,free estimates over the phone,$69 trip charge

Dial One Johnson-Heritage Plumbing

158 Hood St
Cedar Hill, TX
Additional phone numbers - (972) 296-8677 & (972) 223-7910. 24 hour emergency service. family...

Dial One Service

911 Carlsbad
Mesquite, TX
At dial 1 we are fully committed to provide the best possible service at every point to all...

Diamond Plumbing Ind.

121 South Hampton Rd.
Crowley, TX
My name is ector gomez, i am owner and operator for diamond plumbing. i have been in the...

Discount Drain Service

parkervillie Rd
Desoto, TX
We are a family owned company with over 20 years experience. we have all the latest plumbing...


PO BOX 2143
Hurst, TX
4 employees. no subs. charges by the hour. no travel charges. no extra charge for after-hours...

DK Lawn and Sprinkler Repair

108 9th Street
Sanger, TX

DLR Construction Company

7922 Nighthawk Trl
Arlington, TX
Foundation repair to roofing, and everything in between. family owned and operated. local. we...

Dodson Foundation Repair

5 Hickory Hill Street
Allen, TX
Dodson foundation and drainage repair is dallas / ft worth metroplex foundation and drainage...

Double Eagle Sprinkler

3814 Marquis Dr
Garland, TX
Double eagle sprinkler customers are respectfully served with a no surprises method of doing...

Down To Earth Lawn and Landscape

PO Box 1945
Rockwall, TX
Down to earth lawn and landscape is a professional company with employees that have been in...


3969 County Road 276
Melissa, TX
When you need an affordable handyman for a simple repair or a more complex home improvement....


Arlington, TX
Plumbing, gas leak & repairs, drain cleaning, water heaters, residential, & commercial

Drain Doctor

Dallas, TX
15 employees. no subs. charges a flat rate for residential. no travel charges. service in...

DSC renovations and remodeling

6726 bluebell
Rowlett, Tx
We take full control of your project leaving a lot less stress and headache on our customers....


Dallas, TX
120 eployees, no subss. cost determined by the job. no travel charges.

Duckartt Solutions

2110 Fox Croft cir
Denton, TX
I will do any small job that is needed and as large as i believe i can handle. but the number...


14789 Endeavor Way
Roanoke, TX
Dwayne’s landscape service strives to build long term relationships with our customers while...

Dyer Custom Installation

496 E. Purnell St
Lewisville, TX
Costs are determined by a flat rate and by the job. charges $75 charge for after-hours...

Dynamic Construction and Roofing

9500 Ray White Rd
Keller, TX
We at dynamic construction and roofing are a well rounded company that prides itself in...

E E Joyner Plumbing Co

4604 Grandbury Rd
Fort Worth, TX
Whenever you need a plumbing, heating or air conditioning professional in fort worth, think of...

Eagle Foundation Repair Inc

906 W McDermott Dr
Allen, TX
Locally owned & operated. facebook:...


11655 A Alta Vista St.
Keller, TX
Landscape design and installation •irrigation design and installation •drainage design and...

EarthWise Inc

7004 Sao Paulo Ct.
North Richland Hills, TX
Earthwise has a proven organic gardening concept. we are eco-friendly, natural or organics...

East Texas Septic

3248 FM 499
Greenville, TX
1 employee, no subs, free consultations, i care for my clients the way i want my grandmother...

EB Broussard Remodeling

4449 Blystone Ln
Plano, TX
Cost is determined by the job. free estimates no matter if it's a small bath remodel or a...

Ebenezer Painting Co

PO Box 472271
Dallas, TX

Elite Plumbing

204 Autumnwood Dr
Mansfield, TX
We are a local plumbing company that considers ourself to be affordable,dependable and...

Endless Seasons

18936 Westwood Pl.
Dallas, TX
Endless seasons, is a full service residential and commercial landscape company

Energy DS

11742 Jones Rd
Sanger, TX
Our company was created to serve the general public and cater to the oil & gas community. we...

Enhanced Turf, Inc

3300 Cypress Ct
Bedford, TX
License number - #9037.

erath plumbing east

6905 running deer ct
Granbury, TX
Erath plumbing east is built on customer service, and strives to make your problem no mater...

Ernie's Plumbing Service Inc

Arlington, TX
Mention tracking # 1009 for $25.00 off any service. we will give you an absolute free estimate...

Establishing Firm Foundation Waterproofing

25858 Sunset Dr.
Monee, IL
We are one of the best repair company on basement waterproofing.honestly-entregity-excellance...

Evans Construction and Remodeling

Burleson, Tx
I have been in business for almost 30 years. i work our business with my sons. we are very...

Everything Outdoors

P.O Box 714
Haslet, Tx
Welcome to everything outdoors where "if you can dream it, we can build it" got a pic of...

Excalibur Plumbing

11880 W 2243
Leander, TX
At excalibur, we’ve built our business by having uncompromising, almost legendary service....

Excel Construction Group

6125 Airport Fwy
Haltom City, TX
Excel construction group strives to not only meet, but to excel in construction service to the...

Express Master Plumbing

3245 Stuart Dr
Fort Worth, TX
Family owned.

Exterior Images and Design

3500 Valley View Ln
Irving, TX
Family owned and operated. our family has been in the landscape industry for 25 years and have...


P.O. BOX 354
Addison, TX
Extreme has been successfully building and renovating residences, apartments and businesses...


POB 495594
Garland, TX
Exterior construction and repair

Fallen Leaf Landscaping

4251 FM 2181
Corinth, TX
Fallen leaf landscaping is a full service lawn and hardscape company priding ourselves in...


Aledo, TX
Farnham landscape is locally owned and operated by mike and trena farnham and has been in...

FenceScape Design & Construction

5201 Bayberry St
Flower Mound, TX


Garland, TX
Hello there. my name is albert teames and i am the owner of finishing touch contractors. i...


2633 McKinney Ave
Dallas, TX
Five star services & maintenance is a professional landscape company skillfully to provide a...

Flume Construction

P.O.Box 1290
Colleyville, TX
Flume construction consists of 17 construction professionals with a wide array of business...

Focal Point Landscaping Inc

600 Parker Rd
Wylie, TX
Focal point landscaping inc is a residential landscape design and build company serving north...

Force Home Services

1007 Shady Oaks
Denton, TX
At force home services we are all about the people. we want you to be comfortable with the...

Fort Worth Lawn Sprinkler Co.

5124 West Vickery Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX
We have 22 employees. we don't use subcontractors. we have six full-time, licensed repair...

Foundation and Concrete Services

1510 Randolph St
Carrollton, TX
Foundation and concrete services specializes in the repair of slab and pier and beam...

Foundation Dynamics Inc

11255 Camp Bowie W Blvd
Aledo, TX
Slab foundation repair, pier & beam foundation repair, polyurethane concrete lifting,...

Four Seasons Commercial Services, Inc.

4125 Hildring West
Fort Worth, TX
Four seasons has been in operation since 1984. we are a experienced full service remodeling...


PO Box 803402
Dallas, TX
Fox foundation is family owned and has been in business since 1969 in the dallas metroplex....

Freedom Plumbing

177 S. Watson Rd. Suite
Arlington, TX
Freedom plumbing specializes in all residential, light commercial, and drain cleaning...

G.L. Hunt Company, Inc.

1606 N Sylvania Ave
Fort Worth, TX
G.l. hunt company is a family owned and operated business. as a leader in the foundation...


7729 DOVE CT
Fort Worth, TX
We are a family owned and operated. we have been in business since 2003. master#3648 "i...


PO BOX 774
Waxahachie, TX
Specializing in texas native trees, shrubs, perennials & herbs, landscape design,&...

Garrison Plumbing Services

7577 Lake Trails Dr
Frisco, TX
As well as offering industrial, medical, commercial, residential and service plumbing,...


PO BOX 975
Allen, TX
3 employees. uses subs for excavating & leak location. cost is determined by the job. $50...

Geo-Tech Foundation Repair

11816 Inwood Road
Dallas, TX
Geo-tech foundation repair was established in 1984. we are an accredited “a+“ member with...


2601 Aero Drive
Grand Prairie, TX
Specialize in foundation repair including pier and beam. we also install drainage and...

George Lewis Custom Homes

Dallas, TX
We are an award winning luxury custom home builder and design/build custom re-modeler serving...

GLP Foundation & Home Repair, LLC.

6628 Bryant Irvin Rd
Fort Worth, TX
Glp foundation repairs is your one-stop service provider for all your foundation repair needs....

Go Strait Construction

4591 County Road 2648
Royse City, TX
Go strait construction and remodeling is owned and operated by randy strait, a royse city...

Good Guys Plumbing

3200 bloomfield trl
Mansfield, Tx

Good Steward Home Remodeling

12848 Hilltop Dr.
Mesquite, TX
Good steward home reformation is dedicated to performing all home remodeling needs.

GPS PLumbing

3064 Kentshire Lane
Frisco, TX
Gps plumbing is a small family owned and operated business. as the owner and master plumber i...

Granite Foundation Repair, Inc.

1400 Preston Rd
Plano, TX
Granite foundation repair is owned and managed by betty and jim oursler. jim oursler is a...


Fort Worth, TX
Grasseaters, inc. has been serving fort worth and the surrounding areas since 1984. our...

Graves Lawn and Landscape LLC

2801 Winchester Dr
Royse City, TX
Graves lawn and landscape, llc is a provider of professional landscaping services in the...

Green Meadows Landscaping

724 Holford's Prairie Rd
Lewisville, TX
Premier landscape design & maintenance full service company that provides services for both...

Green Paradise Landscaping

4900 Preston Rd
Frisco, TX
Green paradise landscape is committed to rising above and beyond your expectations. additional...

Green Valley Irrigation

1706 Kingsbridge Drive
Garland, TX
Green valley irrigation has over 25 years of experience serving the dallas – ft worth...

Greenpath Irrigation

210 Arnold Ave
Arlington, TX
Family owned. based on quality and loyalty we do i work in house. sprinkler repairs start 85$...

Griffin Painting and remodeling

4500 14th St
Plano, TX
Ready to serve you

Grissom's Irrigation Service

Fort Worth, TX
Grissom enterprises inc

GroundScape Solutions

4210 Broadway Ave
Haltom City, TX
Groundscape is a full service landscape company complete with design, installation and...

Grow It Land Designs & Garden Center

794 S Denton Tap Rd
Coppell, TX
Family owned & operated since 1998, our garden center is located at 794 south denton tap...

Guaranteed Foundation Repair Fort Worth

Po box 10804
Fort Worth, TX
Guaranteed foundation repair l.p. fort worth dallas waco houston austin great job with a...

GWS Plumbing Services

1306 Lewis Dr
Garland, TX
Gas, water & sewer line inspection, repair & replacement specialists,tankless water heater...


Arlington, TX
We are a family owned and operated business .all work done by a master plumber with over 24...

H2O Sprinkler Systems

Irving, TX
Serving the dfw metroplex since 1985. same day lawn sprinkler service! h2o uses the highest...

Hackett Plumbing & Remodel

3407 Jonquil Ln
Rowlett, TX
Full service plumbing company. service from our residential division hackett plbg. & remodel....


Fort Worth, TX
5 employees. uses subs for labor and construction. cost is determined by the job. no travel...

Halshall Plumbing

5601-B W. Jefferson Blvd.
Dallas, TX
24 hour residential & commercial plumbing service

Handy Home Repairs

6710 McCallum Blvd
Dallas, TX
Family owned & operated. painting (interior/exterior), home improvements, remodeling, fixture...

Handy Joe

6800 Heritage Pkwy
Rockwall, TX
Handyman-providing professional residential/commercial remodel repairs and routine maintenance...

Handyman Dan George

6522 Barnsbury Court
Dallas, TX
From my experience, most people really just to find someone they can trust and rely on;...

handyman services

1104 Randy Rd.
Cedar Hill, TX
We provide all types of construction/remodeling/additions ect..../we also have all types heavy...


Wylie, TX
20-25 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. steel piers used for both exterior...

Hart Construction

314 N Pecan St
Arlington, TX
Hart construction llc in arlington, tx is a private company categorized under home builders...

Harvey West Plumbing

2355 W Fm 544
Wylie, TX
Harvey west plumbing is a family owned and operated business that has been providing service...

Hawaiian Landscape Services

1104 Woodcrest Dr
Wylie, TX
Hawaiian landscape services is owned and operated by robert and sheridan maphis. robert...


Arlington, TX
Senior citizen discounts, hablamos espanol.

Heads Up Sprinkler Co.

2136 Usa Dr
Plano, TX
Heads up sprinkler co. specializes in eco-friendly lawn sprinkler repairs, drainage...

Healing Hands Lawn Care

408 Wren Ct.
Bedford, TX
Lawn mowing, edging, weed eating, weed removal, blowing, tree trimming & tree removal,...

HeavenSent Exterior Solutions

2700 McCormick Ct
Rockwall, TX
We've been in business since 2008. we are a registered dba in rockwall county, texas and...

Henley's Remodel & Repair

2700 Alma Blvd
Van Buren, AR
Henley's remodel is a small family owned company based out of van buren, ar. we have 2-4...


Granbury, TX
Family owned and operated for 40 years. payment is due when job is finished. we except cash,...

Hero Roofing Renovation ReConstruction LLC

516 E Byron Nelson
Roanoke, TX
Business includes all types of commercial and residential renovations, single family,...

HGD Plumbing

425 W. Phillips Ct.
Grand Prairie, TX
Master plumber doing the work, free estimates, no charge if we can't fix it, family owned, se...


2801 Carriage Ln
Carrollton, TX
License #3738.

High Definition Landscape

2221 Justin Road 119-332
Flower Mound, TX
Designing and installing quality landscapes since 2001

Highland Landscaping

Serving Southlake and Surrounding Communities
Southlake, TX

HME Unlimited

318 Candlewood Ln
Garland, TX
Hme unlimited is owned and operated by a "former government construction anlyst. servicing...

Holden Plumbing Co

P.O. Box 1248
Coppell, TX
Holden plumbing operates on a flat rate pricing system, which means that routine repairs have...

Home improvement solutions

Dallas, TX
Contractor, plummer, electrician, handy man

Home Maintenance Services

P.O. Box 851344
Mesquite, TX
At h.m.s., we pride ourselves on customer service and quality workmanship. we always provide...

Honey Do List

2302 Graystone Drive
Rockwall, Tx
We are a group of off duty firemen that are here to help you finish those projects you need /...

House Leveling Inc.

P.O. BOX 381909
Duncanville, TX
44 years experance

Hud's Sewer and Drain

1000 w Mitchell
Arlington, tx
Military and senior discounts, credit cards excepted, 24 hour service


Plano, TX
3 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service fees. may...

Hughes plumbing heating a/c inc

134 n Tyson ave
Glenside, PA
We come to your location at no charge to determine exactly what needs to be done and provide...

Imagine Redesign

Parker Road
Plano, TX
We can change your home to the living area you have always wanted or add more space to what...

In House Plumbing & Services LLC

601 N 1st St
Garland, TX
15 employee. no subs. cost is determined by the job. additional dba - in-house plumbing...

Infinity General Contractors

P.O. Box 479
Cleburne, TX
Infinity general contractors is a dedicated business owned and operated by people who cares...

Innovative Designs

Mckinney, TX
Professional landscape and sprinkler installation with a year warranty on all installations...

Inside/Out Home Design

1702 S Hwy 121
Lewisville, TX
While many houses may be similar, it's the differences that make them a home. call inside/out...


Grand Prairie, TX
Additional email: admin@ifsdfw.com.

Integrity Foundation Repair

5047 David Strickland Rd
Fort Worth, TX
Integrity foundation repair specializes in slab and pier and beam foundation repair for...

ISD Construction Services

12455 Montego Plaza
Dallas, TX
After 14 yrs and super customers, we have operated with referrals for the past 10 years. with...

J & M Construction

2801 Denton Tap Rd.
Lewisville, TX
J & m construction is a christian based, family owned and opperated business. we come readily...

J Epton Plumbing

17652 FM 548
Forney, TX

j&d contractor of dallas

902 grant st
Dallas, TX
We specialize in many services through out my company we been in bussiness for about 25...

J&M Foundation Repair and Drainage Solution

813 Austin St.
Garland, TX
We offer value to our customers and our prices are always low and reasonable our company works...


9130 Prarie Chapel
Crandall, TX
Jh pro is an independent owned professional plumbing contractor that specializes in all types...

Jabco Services

1401 West Street
Mckinney, TX
Jabco services is a general contracting company specializing in residential remodels and...

Jack's Plumbing

812 N Stewart
Azle, TX

JAHG Quality Construction

1420 Cotton Gin Dr
Aubrey, TX
We use highly skilled professional subs that specialize in their own trades. fair cost...

JAK Maintenance

Bedford, TX
Jak maintenance is a full service facility maintenance provider serving north and east texas....

Jakes Pizza

801 Hebron Parkway
Lewisville, TX
Spring specials running now: $ 100 cash back on purchase of 100 linear feet of fence for...

James Landscaping Inc

PO Box 3053
Grapevine, TX
Our company has 8-16 employees depending on the season. we accept visa & mastercard.

Jamie Dobbs

Horseshoe Bay, TX


North Richland Hills, TX
We specialize in irrigation,landscaping, christmas decor, and full service lawn care

Jennings Plumbing Services

2554 Tarpley road
Carrollton, TX
From leaking faucets to broken water heaters, jennings plumbing services is here to help you...

JLM Plumbing Inc

1465 Forestglen Dr
Lewisville, TX
Residential service plumbing, remodeling, light industrial

JMAC Roofing and Construction LLC

4253 Hunt Drive
Carrollton, TX
Jmac roofing and construction llc is a fairly young small business based on old school values,...

Joe's Plumbing Service of Mesquite, Tx

1932 Stephenson Rd.
Mesquite, TX
My name is joe fitzgerald. i am a texas state master plumber for 38 years now. i have worked...

John Wade Roofing

Arlington, TX
Locally owned & operated since 1982/ 30 years/ a plus rating with b.b.b. pioneer family...

John's Handyman Service

9115 Boundbrook Ave
Dallas, TX
Say goodbye to your “honey-do” list. john’s handyman services has been serving the...

Jones Seamless Gutters

827 meadow lane
Weatherford, tx
Here at jones seamless gutters we offer a 2 year warranty on all of our work. we may be a...

Jonesco Construction

4287 Belt Line Rd
Addison, TX
We are a professional residential and commercial services company, specializing in custom...

jptiner plumbing

100 Wood Oak Dr
Joshua, TX
I am sole proprietor , master plumber looking to do contracting and service work ,my payment...

juans jack of all trades

2117 centerville rd
Dallas, tx

Junior & Son Plumbing

1509 Alta Vista
Mesquite, TX
Junior & son plumbing co is owned and operated by not one, but two fully licensed and insured...

Just Rite Plumbing

PO Box 3088
Burleson, TX
All our technicians are licensed & we're insured. master plumber phillip nearn has over 18...

JZ Plumbing Company

11227 Goodnight Lane
Dallas, TX
Professional, dependable, experienced, honest, affordable, courteous service professional...

Keane Landscaping

P.O. Box 940486
Plano, TX
Nothing is more pleasing to the senses than colorful blooming flowers, lush green lawns and...

Keathley Landscaping

6302 Galaxie RD
Garland, TX

Kennedale Mansfield Plumbing, Inc.

113 North Main Street
Mansfield, TX
Kennedale mansfield plumbing, inc. (kmp) is a well-established family-owned plumbing company...

Kozy Services

11431 Plano Rd
Dallas, TX
Additional contact names - deborah collinsworth, chad rainey. award winning.

L & J Plumbing

Little Elm
Little Elm, TX
Your local neighborhood plumber.

Land Design Solutions

202 N San Jacinto St
Rockwall, TX
Land design solutions is a full service landscape company located in rockwall, tx with an...

Land Effects Inc

Aubrey, TX
Land effects inc has been in business for over 5 years and does a variety of services to the...


Plano, TX
We provide designing, planning, and installation services for landscape, irrigation, drainage,...

Landscape Innovations

232 E Bethel Rd
Coppell, TX
Landscape innovations has been in business in the dfw metroplex for over 25 years. we have...

lanTex landscape

500 S Good Latimer Expy
Dallas, TX
I have over 20 years of experience in the landscaping arena. i am available by phone or email...


6307 Midway Rd
Haltom City, TX
Lasiter & lasiter plumbing is known throughout the dallas/ft. worth metroplex as a leader in...

Lawn & Landcare

4033 Heron Cove Lane
The Colony, TX
Lawn & landcare is a professional lawn mowing service and landscape maintenance company that...


Cleburne, TX


Fort Worth, TX
We are a small family owned business. we have been in business for almost twenty years in...

Layland Plumbing Inc

114 N Caddo St
Cleburne, TX
Additional dba - layland plumbing. locally owned. family owned and operated since 1904 fully...

LCB Landy Excavation LLC.

Joshua, TX
Lcb landy excavation is a family owned and operated business with over 30 years experience!!!...

Leak Trackers

414 Bedford Dr
Richardson, TX
We specialize in rain related water intrusion however we can also do those "honey do" lists...

Lee Engineering Co

409 Dodson Lake Dr
Arlington, TX
Lee engineering was established in 1971 for the purpose of engaging in quality irrigation...

Legacy Custom Pavers

1211 East 15th Street
Plano, TX
When you hire legacy custom pavers, you are dealing directly with a family owned and operated...

Legacy Plumbing

15222 King Road
Frisco, TX
Family owned and operated with over 20 years of experience, legacy plumbing is here to take...

Level Contracting LLC

6419 Ridgemont Dr
Dallas, TX
Can handle everything from remodeling an entire bathroom or kitchen to building a new (by...

Lone Star Roofing

11252 Leo Lane
Dallas, TX
Lone star flat roof construction, llc provides a complete range of commerical roofing services...

Lone Star Water Services

1226 Corporate Dr West
Arlington, TX
We are a full service residential plumbing company, also providing some light commercial...

Lonestar Handyman Services

13481 Garden Grove
Houston, TX
***call (832) 665-9042 for any services***handyman services/ home improvement or maid...

Lonestar Maintenance & Construction, Inc

955 Curry Rd
Seguin, TX
Lonestar maintenance & construction is a locally owned company based in the san antonio area...


11553 Chairman Dr
Dallas, TX
Our highly qualified personnel have inspected and successfully repaired thousands of...

Lonnie's Plumbing

6936 Meadow Bend Dr
Arlington, TX
Family owned & operated. i run all jobs ,i use some subs for larger work. i have a texas...


521 J PL
Plano, TX
Full service lawn maintenance and landscape construction


Fort Worth, TX
A small company with out a large over head,expert licensed service techs.our goal is complete...

Luke Brackeen Plumbing

703 Walker Ln
Millsap, TX
At luke brackeen plumbing we take great pride in the quality of our work and allways stand...

M E Finchum Co

2016 Meadow Lark
Irving, TX
I am a owner/operator that does all work himself

M-F Plumbing Company

508 Martinique Ave
Dallas, TX
M-f plumbing has been in business since 1985. we are a father and son company. we take pride...

Main Street Lawn Care and Landscaping

Frisco, TX
We are a full-service lawn care and landscaping company serving frisco and nearby areas. we...

Management Lawn / Landscapes

P.O.Box 540492
Dallas, TX
A family owned business since 1996. our number one goal is to provide the best overall...

Manning Construction

4462 County Road 446
Princeton, TX
30 years experience as a complete builder and remodeler.

Mansfield Landscape & Sprinkler

1621 Ocean Dr
Mansfield, TX

Maritime Construction & Roofing LLC

10525 Church Rd
Dallas, TX
Maritime has three employed crews that handle all the roofing, painting, carpentry and...

Mark Merutka

2526 Merlin Dr.
The Colony, TX
Complete references available upon request. special discounts for angie's list members.

Master Repair Plumbing

PO Box 7765
Fort Worth, TX
Are you looking for honesty, reliability, politeness, and affordability? well, look no...

MasterCraft Plumbing

PO Box 61
Kerens, TX
We are the home of the 10%. 10% discount off all plumbing. financing available. on call...


616 Marbury Way
Wylie, TX
Family owned and operated. m-38477.

McReynolds Remodeling and Design

2317 Amhearst Lane
Flower Mound, TX
All of your home remodeling and repair needs finder of waisted space in your home

Mesa Verde Landscape, INC

PO Box 151834
Arlington, TX

Mesquite Plumbing Inc

PO Box 360661
Dallas, TX
If you are upgrading your existing plumbing or have a plumbing related emergency, mesquite...

Metro-Flow Plumbing

3730 Dilido Rd
Dallas, TX
Metro-flow plumbing is a dallas based full service plumbing company started in 1998. a company...

Mia's Quick Service

Dallas Collin
Multiple Locations, TX
Family owned company born in the dallas area, giving a good effective & quality service. 4...

Mid-Cities Irrigation Inc

1901 Bedford Rd
Bedford, TX
Mid-cities irrigation has over 28 years of experience. we repair all drainage solutions,...


Alvarado, TX
We provide any and all plumbing needs for tarrant and johnson counties. we have over 30yrs...

Military Plumbing

Burwood Lane
Royse City, TX
We take all major credit cards, checks, and cash. at the time there is only 2 employees. we...

Miracle Plumbing

PO Box 111126
Carrollton, TX
We have been in the plumbing business for 20 years, our master plumber is highly qualified and...

Miranda's Rooter Plumbing

Box 1261
Little Elm, TX
Miranda's rooter plumbing /24hr service ask our office staff about our end of september...

Moore's Make Ready

201 Ellicott Dr
Roanoke, TX
My name is william moore i am the owner of moore's make ready i have over 30 years of...

Morgan Leak Detection & Plumbing Inc.

1201 Marlborough Dr
Fort Worth, TX
Family owned & operated. award winning. additional dba - morgan leak detection and plumbing...


9607 Custer Rd ste 718
Plano, TX
We provide you with the experience you need to have a successful social security disability...

MoTek Plumbing LLC

P.O. Box 256
Little Elm, TX
Here at motek we strive to exceed all of our clients expectations.  we will provide you with...

Mr. Young’s Plumbing LLC

PO Box 1838
Boyd, TX
Cost is determined by the job. family owned & operated. see website for additional service...

MRC Plumbing Headquarters

661 E Main St.
Midlothian, TX
Mrc plumbing headquarters is a full service plumbing repair company that has over 30 years of...

mrZ Contracting

P.O. Box 293043
Lewisville, TX
Mrz contracting is a family owned custom, design/build firm specializing in master plan...

Multi Property Services

6322 Ahnee Dr
Rowlett, TX
Multi property services is a one stop shop for all your home repair and remodeling needs.we've...

MultiTrade Renovations

645 Ozark Ave.
Burleson, TX
We are a family owned business that has been in the industry for 12 years. we subcontract most...

Native Roots Landscaping, LLC.

356 Meadowlakes Dr
Meadowlakes, TX

Natural Environments

2669 Myrtle Springs
Dallas, TX
For over 34 years natural environments has provided landscape architectural planning and...

Neighborhood Handyman

2504 Heatherdale Dr
Mesquite, TX
Most of my customers are neighbors.no job is to big or to small. i finish your job before i...

Nelson Mechanical Contractors

Richardson, Tx
Nelson mechanical provides complete mechanical services including but not limited to:...

Newcom Contracting

1700 Harmon Hills
Dripping Springs, TX
A full service contracting company based in dripping springs, texas.

Noblitt Contractors

501 Bennett Ln
Lewisville, TX
12 employees. no subs. cost is determined by job. emergency service charge applies.

North East Texas Lawn Care & Landscape

621 J Pl
Plano, TX
At north east texas lawn care & landscape we understand the importance of having a complete...

NorthStar Roofing & Construction, LLC

6860 North Dallas Pkwy.
Plano, TX
17 years experience in roofing & construction. fully insured for your protection. 10 year...

O'Bryan Plumbing, LLC

572 Oldbridge Dr
Allen, TX
Complete plumbing services,

Oak Leaf Landscape Services

3307 Parker Rd
Haltom City, TX

Oleander Construction

20530 Benwest Ct
Spring, TX
Residential and commercial property damage service-solutions provider: property damage...

Olshan Foundation Repair

1614 Bluebank Rd
Dallas, TX
Additional phones - (817) 640-9004, (877) 465-7426. additional fax - (972) 402-8894....

Organic Option Inc

6340 Lake Worth Boulevard
Fort Worth, TX

ORSB Services

1876 Barton Springs dr
Little Elm, TX
We have prompt attention with affordable prices on our services. we accept cash and check

Outback Landscape

226 Woodcrest Dr.
Richardson, TX
We are a full service landscape design/build company specializing in custom stone work and...

Partridge Plumbing

1925 Spring Dr
Keller, TX
Hello, my name is shane partridge. i am a master plumber in the fort-worth area. i have worked...

Patriot Gutter Systems

Aubrey, Tx
At patriot gutter systems we fabricate seamless gutters on site to suit the needs of your...


Arlington, TX

Paul&Rubio Lawn Maintenance

P.O. Box 1562
Lake Dallas, TX
We are a full service lawn maintenance provider that strives for personal relationships, not...


1000 W Kearney St
Mesquite, TX
Pearson plumbing & heating, inc. is a family owned plumbing company that has been servicing...

Pearson Sprinkler Co

1617 Hearthstone Dr
Plano, TX
Family owned & operated.

PEI Construction

PO Box 1925
Lake Dallas, TX
16 years experience. owner operator. no travel charges. cost determined by job.

Peterson's Landscape & Maintenance Services Inc

4209 Old Denton Rd
Haltom City, TX
Peterson's landscape is one of the area’s largest landscape, landscape maintenance &...

Phillips Lawn Sprinkler Co. Inc.

2948 Mcpherson Rd
Fort Worth, TX
Additional contact name - john phillips.


PO BOX 210311
Bedford, TX
Pinckard landscape services of fort worth has made a name for itself as being the best in the...

Pinks Plumbing

1613 Glencairn Ln
Lewisville, TX
For fast, reliable, 24 hour a day, 7 days a week plumbing repair and plumber services always...


Fort Worth, TX
A bbb rated a+ company.


Wylie, TX
Custom kitchen and bath remodels. one company that will handle everything from start to...

Platinum Plumbing

529 Oakbrook Dr
Burleson, TX
All commercial and residential services offered


PO BOX 676
Mansfield, TX

Plumb One Plumbing

PO Box 339
Terrell, TX
Plumbing service

Plumb Reasonable

2836 Timber Ct
Grand Prairie, TX
Owner operated.

Plumber Dude's LLC

1425 Oak Ridge Drive
Duncanville, TX
Licensed and insured plumbers servicing the greater dallas/fort worth metroplex. gas, water...

Plumbing By Jay Inc

PO Box 818
Frisco, TX
Hello, i am the owner and operator of plumbing by jay, inc. i will be the one taking your...

Plumbing Diagnostics of Dallas / Rescue Plumber

BBB A+ rating
Garland, TX
We accept: visa, master card, discover, checks mention you found us on angie's list and...

Plumbing Dynamics

1604 Thompson Dr
Carrollton, TX
Plumbing dynamics is a 24 hour, full service, residential and commercial plumbing company with...

Plumbing King Contractors and Services

Duncanville, TX
Master plumber we are a small plumbing company. without the big company prices. we do have...

Plumbing Solution

P.O. Box 970696
Dallas, TX
Experienced licensed plumber 20 years in the business reasonable pricing, customer based...

Plumbing Solutions by Charlie

303 Long Prairie Dr.
Forney, Tx
20 years of experience as a plumber and former plumbing inspector for the city of dallas. we...


Euless, TX
Depending on how big or small the job is, i have 2 emplyees. my sub-contracting job is about...


445 Lowell Lane
Richardson, TX
Rick has 42 years of experience in framing, building and remodeling/refurbishing of single and...


Fort Worth, TX
Additional phone#: 1866-638-7537

Power Rooter Plumbing

1835 Sonnet Dr
Grapevine, TX
Plumbing, investigative leak specialist, tunneling, hydrostatic testing,remodeling - kitchen &...

Powers Plumbing

210 Brookhaven Ter
Commerce, TX


PO Box 2282
Coppell, TX
Praytor landscape uses in house crews, in addtion to occassional sub-contractors, to complete...

Precise Plumbing

5900 S Lake Forest Dr
Mckinney, TX
With over 13 years of experience serving the collin county area, precise plumbing is your...

Precision Pavers

913 18th St
Plano, TX
Precision pavers has been in business since 1984, we just celebrated being in business for 28...

Precision WaterWorks

Little Elm, Tx
Locally owned and operated plumbing business proudly servicing the denton and collin county...

Prestige Plumbing

Fort Worth, TX
Family owned and operated. 5 employees. several quality subs for turnkey finish out remodels...

Prime Field Services LLC

545 Justin Place
Nevada, TX
Prime field services is a general contractor that provides remodeling and rehab for residental...


860 Hembry St
Lewisville, TX
Pro plumbing is a full service plumbing company. we have been in the bussiness since 2001.

Pro Services

2304 Roanoke Cir
Mesquite, TX
Pro services is a full-service home remodeling company. we specialize in complete home...

Pro Tech Foundation

824 Creekside Dr
Mesquite, TX
Pro-tech foundation is a family-owned and operated business. we are members of the dallas...

Pro-Pier Foundation Repair & Drainage Company

PO Box 85
Fate, TX
Additional dba - pro-pier foundation llc.

Professional Landscape & Irrigation

7001 Meadow Park N
North Richland Hills, TX
Free estimates. licensed and insured. quick response time. no extra fees! currently we accept...

Proud Foundation Repair LLC

425 N Hansbarger st
Fort Worth, TX
Foundation repair for concrete slab and pier and beam structures. free estimates lifetime...

Pruitt Plumbing

1612 N. Grand
Sherman, TX
We are a family owned business started in 1984 .we have many customers that have been with...

Quality Gutters & Service

2800 Spruce Park Dr
Fort Worth, TX
Gutter repair & replacement, drain pipe installation, interior, exterior, painting, carpentry,...

R.T. Plumbing Services Inc

9141 Saratoga Rd
Keller, TX
Additional address - 10395 alta vista #118-120 ft. worth, tx. 76244. owned and operated by...

Raindawg Irrigation & Landscape

6505 Butterfield Ct
Plano, TX
Over 25 yrs experience in sprinkler/irrigation industry. raindawg irrigation & landscape...


Irving, TX
We are a company 100% dedicated to the repairing of, both, residential and commercial...

RCS Plumbing

169 Sears RD
Bells, TX

Rehab DFW Properties

2520 K Avenue
Garland, TX
Rehab dfw properties is a industry leader when it comes to repair and maintenance. our...

RENT-A-MAN DFW 972-781-9084

Plano, TX
Rent-a-man dfw offers all types of home improvements, handyman services. email us your...


200 Caprock dr.
Arlington, TX
An all inclusive handy man and home rehabbing service


Arlington, TX
Installing and repairing systems in the metroplex for over 30 years,two service trucks,three...

Richardson Construction

907 S Farmington Rd
Howe, TX
We are the kind of business that we want to do business with. all work guaranteed. free...


Carrollton, TX
Owner operated.may use licensed subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. may...


2905 Lakefield Dr
Wylie, TX

Riddell Plumbing, Inc.

3700 US HWY 80 E
Mesquite, TX
I’m scott riddell, the owner and founder of riddell plumbing, inc. i was born and raised...

Ridgeline General Contractors

PO Box 2444
Red Oak, TX
Locally owned & operated. we have an a+ rating with the bbb. proud to be flower mound...

Right Brothers General Contracting

12909 Grandstand Way
Keller, TX
Right brothers contactors offers full insurance claim assistance. we employee only the best...

Riley Remodeling

806 rinier courts
Dallas, TX

RJ Landscapes

PO Box 157
Krum, TX
Family owned & operated. licensed.

Rmj Landscapes Inc

PO Box 940144
Plano, TX

Robert B's Plumbing Company, LLC

1006 Fern Drive
Mansfield, TX
We are a fort worth based company locally owned and operated, qualified by over 60 years of...

Rock Foundation Repair

2560 Sundown Dr
Kaufman, TX
We are a well establish company that has been in the foundation repair business for 12 years;...

Rocks Construction

11625 Custer Rd
Frisco, TX
We have been in the residential home painting, gutters, roofing and general contracting ...

Rockwall Landscape

315 Ranch Tr
Rockwall, TX
Rockwall landscape is a family owned and operated business serving rockwall and surrounding...

Rodger's Plumbing

17403 Cathy's Place
Dallas, TX
We are a family owned plumbing company specializing in residential and commercial plumbing. we...

Ronnie Rincon - Plumbing & Drain

410 Baker St
Seagoville, TX
Ronnie rincon is a fully licensed master plumber with over 25 years of experience. he can...


3817 Conflans
Irving, TX
Roto-rooter service & plumbing co has been in business since 1935, servicing all residential,...

Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services

4600 Marsalis St
Fort Worth, TX
Coupons and discounts at - http://www.rotorooterfw.com/coupons. additional email -...

RSH Engineering Inc.

1515 N Town E Blvd
Mesquite, TX
Ours is a engineering and construction company. you will be assured that every work will be...
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