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From beginning to end the experience was top-notch! Bill met with us several times to be sure he understood what we wanted in our new patio. He knew we had waited and saved for years for this and we wanted it to be stunning. He created a masterpiece! After putting together a design and then revising it to our desires (which admittedly changed as we worked with him) he brought us a hand-dwarn blueprint (he does all his design by hand, feeling it gives him much more freedom and creativity than the computer could give), we were presented with an estimate. Although the estimate was fair and itemized meticulously, we then realized that our tastes out-priced our budget.
When I called Bill to ask him, once more, to revise the plan and down-size it a bit, he cheerfully agreed to "make it work" for us. Remember, he has to do each design again by hand. He called us back several days later with a slightly reduced plan. To our delight, he retained most of the size and features and even found a way to trim the price with a few extra discounts for "Winter work". Although we had been fortunate enough to get estimates from 2 other excellent companies, we decided
was our guy!
When they showed up to start work,
(the foreman) and his crew went to great lengths to make sure the elements of our property that would stay were protected before they started pulling up the old deck. The demolition was careful and quick and they even kept a small deck bridge so our dog could run out the back door and "do his thing". Despite the unpredictable December weather, the crew kept working through the cold, cleaning and removing all debris nightly and tarping the work area completely.
The early work was pretty nuts and bolts, with a lot of PVC, drainage and concrete. We were impressed that Bill often noticed problems before they happened and, just as effortlessly, had solutions for them. A big reason we hired him was because we felt confident he was not going to run into a problem he couldn't solve. He found a few (roots, old deck material, drain problems, etc.) but never disappointed us with his ability to problem-solve on the fly.
The patio installation was an event! Every detailed was passed by us as Bill,
and the crew brainstormed and made revisions they thought we might like in the design. They even seemed to be having fun with the project and often got visibly excited by what they were creating! You could tell they genuinely liked working together and, more importantly, liked the work they did.
As the patio took shape, we realized how beautiful the whole project really was. The area we have to enjoy is more than enough and we feel our house, overall, has expanded in size. When it came time for us to complete a small project (siding repair) that held up the patio completion, Bill stopped work briefly but never stopped communication with us. When the siding was done, he quickly returned (in the ice and snow) and finished the brick so we could install and use our hot tub. He even came out and
down plywood so the hot tub delivery would not damage our lawn or patio!
The over all cost of the project was high, but seemed in line with other estimates we received. For that price, however, we felt the quality was outstanding. Besides the service, Bill made sure the materials were the best he could find and was never satisfied with "just good enough". (We got quite an education on the importance of quality landscaping "soil" after mistakenly referring to it as "dirt"!)
I think it's clear how happy we are with
and his crew. Kudos as well to his wife, Charmin (spelling?) who answered the phones at his office and always helped us know what to expect next. We are planning to do some landscaping in the spring and I have no plans to even bother shopping around for other landscapers. We couldn't be happier with this company if they had done the work for free!! (well. maybe...)
- Bryan L.

I called
on Friday afternoon and
answered the call and said he could be at my home Saturday morning. I was going to be busy on Saturday so I asked if he could come Monday early and he agreed to be there first thing Monday morning.
showed up promptly and quickly identified the issue. They were gracious enough to wait while my husband made a quick run to Home Depot to switch the fan and they installed the new fan in no time. The cost was very reasonable and I would definitely recommend them and would use them again. They were both friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.

Lighting Installation reviews in Cleveland


Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
came on the 14th and looked over the job and quoted a price, noting he could come back next day and do the work.
I did not shop around for this service - felt this was a fair price for the work involved. The outlet was installed in a 2nd floor apartment and had to drop all the way to the circuit breaker box in the basement. Of course in an old house like this nothing lined up but he was very careful and it went very smoothly. Looks great and is positioned perfectly for new media center fireplace.
For the outside light fixture he brought two different kinds so I would have options - installation went well and I love my new light!
He was very knowledgeable and answered any questions thoroughly. He arrived right on time, and I had rec'd a phone call that he would be there within the hour both days, and he arrived well within the time frame.
- Marilyn D.

Working with
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
could not have been a better experience. He looked at our
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
canvas of a yard in a new development and work a masterpiece. He arrived promptly for our initial meeting, he took the rough ideas we had for what we would have liked to see and ran with them. His profesionalism and his knowledge was very apparent as we watched the product develop. He listened to our initial ideas, ran with them, and then added his expertise and experience to make a master piece of lanscaping. This finished product was amazing. We couldn't have been happier. His services are not the least expensive in the area but the work he and his staff provide are worth every dollar. His crew was punctual, professional, polite and very clean. I would highly reccomend him to anyone needing any level of lanscaping jobs.
- Bob L.

The result of the work done is good, but not the professional result I expected. The overall job progress was poor and in fact was not finished. The lack of communication between the contractor, the subcontractor and the carpenter/installers
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
to a lot of work being redone and too much time added to the job. The repetitive "redo's" also
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
to damage to completed work which could not be made to look like new. I redid my kitchen for cosmetic reasons and I did not get the result I expected. I also had many delays which impacted my vacation and my family. The job was projected to be done the week of
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
4th 2013. We parted at the end of September with the job unfinished.
They responded to every concern I raised and bent over backward to make things right. The problem was that almost every part of the job had to be done over and over again.
1.Tear down went without any problem. Was completed on time. They cleaned up all their garbage and left the items I asked them to behind.
2. Plumbing was done without any issue.
3. Ductwork/HVAC Ductwork had to be redone several times because of appearance. I wanted the soffits as small as possible
and they initially installed large rigid ducts that couldn't be
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
behind small soffits. This was a major part of the design plan. The contractor did not explain to the carpenters what my plans were about minimizing the soffits, so the ductwork and soffits had to be redone several times .
The make up return air unit couldn't be installed by the HVAC person they used although they asked him to review the unit and installation before it was ordered.
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
hired an outside consultant to look at installing the unit. We parted because they gave this stranger the entry code to access my house.

4.Carpentry. The base cabinets had to be reinstalled twice. The first time was because they were not raised high enough to accommodate the new floor. The second time was because the cabinets were not level and the stone countertop couldn't be installed. The crown molding over two of the cabinets is currently loose and pulling away from the ceiling. The floor trim looks good. Some areas are loose.
5. Stone counters were done by someone I hired that is not affiliated with
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
. They did excellent work.
6. Flooring was also done by a company not affiliated with
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
7. The painting and trim was done by a subcontractor through
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
. The painter who did the stain for the floor trim did a beautiful, perfect job. The stain was a combination of different colors and numbers of coats that resulted in a perfect match to the floor. It is beautiful.
The walls were initially done very nicely. The damage done after they were painted had to be spackled, drywalled and repaired.
The walls never looked good after the damage was repaired. The paint and walls are now irregular and patchy. Really looks poor with the light at night. I am disappointed. It was nice but the constant "redo" work on the soffits, electric and caulking ruined the walls and the subsequent paint job.
8. Electric work was poor until they brought in an electrician.. They had carpenters do the wiring and hook up the switches and nothing worked properly. They came back to "fix" it several times and caused the damage to the walls that ruined the paint job. Finally they called the electrician who made everything work properly and also found an ungrounded plug which he grounded. ( I didn't know why my ground fault protector kept kicking in and cutting the power.) The light fixture installation was without issue.
9. Patio door. Installation of the door into the wall seems okay. The door hardware and screen installation was terrible. Couldn't understand why the door wouldn't latch, why the screen door was "off" and why the lock didn't look or feel right. The screen door was upside down and the door hardware was not installed properly. It had to be redone. One of the door hardware installers gouged and scraped my brand new cabinets.
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
ordered a repair kit which could not fix the damage and then offered to replace the cabinet drawer face.
10. Window.
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
requested that I have the window and all materials ordered before the job was started. I had a previous contractor's
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
window representative tell me I could install a custom sized bay window over the sink and he gave us the dimensions that would fit.
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
had me order the expensive custom window without checking for themselves whether it could be installed. They went by a different contractor's and the
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
reps " say so" without checking for themselves if it would fit. It didn't. They did install the custom window for free in my laundry room. It is beautiful. The work seems well done. They ordered another double hung window for over the sink. It added six weeks to the job. It was not what I wanted in the original design but it looks okay. They bent over backwards to try to make this right. They even offered to build a bay window for the space. I opted not to because I thought it would be more wood than window. The bay window was one of the major design changes that fell through.
11 Black silicone caulk was applied between counter and wall. It was sloppy and smeared. They agreed to remove and repaint. Removing the silicon (in
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
) hacked up the wall. It had to be repaired. The wall looked awful. It wasn't repaired or prepped right and had to be resanded and repainted over and over again. Finally it was finished and they recaulked it with the black silicone (in September) they smeared up the walls again. I am now removing the silicone, patching, priming, sealing and painting the walls myself. It is better than it was but not great, I am no professional. That's why I hired them.

- Ilona M.

We'd experienced difficulty with the delivery of the doors and
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
was able to postpone the beginning of the work. He started demolition the very day the doors were finally delivered so that we wouldn't have a hole in the wall overnight. Dans workmanship is outstanding, he's fantastic at communicating with us (so we could delay the work), he's always punctual, and keeps dust and debris to a minimum. He always cleans up the site as he's working. He's a wonderful person to work with. He renovated our bathroom last year and its the pride of our home. We have recommended him highly to many neighbors and will definitely continue to use his services for any renovations in the future.
- Judy E.

As dependent as I am on Angies list to find the best people available I would be remiss if I did not recommend
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
. I called the office and set up an appointment with
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
, the owner, to come out and take a look at our project which was to light our newly designed backyard , highlighting trees and other features one of which was a waterfall.
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
came out one evening shortly after I called and using real lights and fixtures he demonstrated what the area would look like and made notes as to what he proposed to do. Shortly afterward he sent a proposal indicating all fixtures and lights he recommended using.
We accepted his proposal and he began work shortly thereafter. His team was able to fiinish the project in a day and that evening we were able to enjoy our wonderful “light show.”
There were a couple of things we felt needed tweeking and he came out as happily the second time as he did the first time to address our concerns.
All the personnel associated with the company are pleasant and helpful and know their product. I woud not hesitate to reommend
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
to anyone who wants a first class job!

I called
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
& spoke with Mr
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
about coming to my home to give me an estimate for the work I needed. He said he would call me later in the week to set up a time to come to the house. He called Thursday and confirmed he would be there Saturday morning since I work during the week. He called me Saturday to confirm that he would be there by 9:30 and confirmed my address. He arrived promptly assessed the work that needed to be done. He was unable to do the work on the outside of the house because he needed a ladder with extension. He did do the work I needed done inside the home for a reasonable price. He promise to be back on Tuesday to finish the outside electrical work. Shortly after leaving a new electrical problem occurred. The outlet that the
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
was plugged into stopped working. Since Mr
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
was coming back Tuesday, I was going to ask him to take a look at this problem also. He was unable to come Tuesday as expected but did call the day before to arrange a new date. He was able to come on Saturday instead and completed the initial work that I wanted done on the outside and also found the problem with the
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
outlet and fixed that too. Mr.
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
was always prompt and always called confirm the time he was planning to arrive, and usually called when he was on his way to the house. They cleaned up any dirt that was created and were courteous and prompt. I would definitely recommend to family and friends if asked.
- Leslie H.

I called in the evening (after normal business hours) due to a fuse that continued to spark and blow when I tried to change it. Mr. Trivisono answered the phone immediately and said he would call me in the morning to come a take a look. He called me first thing and arranged to come later that morning. He was able to figure out that the problem was wiring in a light fixture that was loose and causing a short circuit. He quickly fixed that, and he also was thorough and made sure that there were no other issues. He actually had another worker come and help out. With both of them, they also found a live wire behind a non-working light switch and fixed that as well. I also asked if they would be able to hang a new light in my dining room sometime, and they did it right there and then. I am having them back to convert my fuse box into a circuit breaker. They were very professional and responsive. I would recommend them without hesitation.
- Moira C.

Clover is an exceptional company and the first one that I know of to suggest that some work be done to cover the $79 that I spent in hopes of adding a light above my
Cleveland Lighting Companies Provider Name Locked
. I wanted it hard-wired and that turned out to be too expensive. When I declined the estimate, the very nice technician made the suggestion to install two GFI outlets near the kitchen sink.

It has been several months since Clover was here, but when I called them last week to help me figure out why my dishwasher was shutting down mid-stream, they sent a service rep. to my home the same day to double check the GFI outlet that was being affected and at no charge. That's commendable.
- Carol T.
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