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Linda M.
"I have a very long story about their mortgage services including refinancing. I have been a customer since 1997. My problems with them began in 2008. Suffice it to say that
" tried to foreclose on my house back in 2008 because I made 2 payments 30 days late due to my financial difficulties at the time. That started 2 1/2 years of an absolute nightmare. This was during the housing foreclosure insanity and even though they had no legal right to foreclose, they tried it anyway. These vultures didn't get my house but due to their incompetence, they ruined my credit. All of my payments have been on time since then.
was one of the banks involved in the predatory loan lawsuit by the Government. My loan was one of them and
was forced to pay a small dollar amount to borrowers affected by the bank's illegal home mortgage loan policies. Despite admitting that they were in the wrong and the slam on my credit was wrong, they still refuse to remove it. I have filed appeals through the big 3 credit bureaus. Each time,
responds that the "past due and foreclosure record" is correct and they can keep the negative info on my credit report for up to 10 years. The foreclosure wasn't ever completed due to my perseverance. Because of the bad report, I can't refinance or get a home equity loan with
or any other lender. It has made it very difficult and in some cases impossible for me to obtain other credit such as a credit card. The real insult was when I applied for $200 of overdraft protection.
said NO based on my "serious delinquency" in 2008!! So, they've tied me to them, perhaps until 2018 because of their illegal activities. Run, don't walk away from this bank!
Rated by
Kim W.
"The Branch Manager is more concerned with the customer signing the contract than answering customer questions, branch manager is thin skinned takes everything personal,Fatigues ASTONISHINGLY" fast from customer’s questions. Jumps to conclusions, wants to dismiss customer and refuse to write loan if customer ask too many questions, yet branch manager Repeatedly assures customer that He will answer any questions you have and assures you that he personally will handle your account and answer all your questions yet he gets upset when you ask him questions to make sure you both have the same understanding, he claims it is a waste of time to repeat himself. Sometimes you may have to repeat an answer to give clarification to make sure everyone is on the same page. Once contract is signed if customer has further questions he blame’s them chew’s them out, lectures them, and scolds them for signing the contract without full knowledge and understanding of contract. Branch Manager also makes tons of verbal promises and assurances of all kinds then refuses to put them in writing. Yet he wants you to sign the contract based on those verbal promises. It seems that his own Company's policy and (Federal Law -15 day Cool off period -) where a customer has the right to change his or her mind within 15 days of signing said contract, also seems to irritate Branch Manage. If Branch Manager Would Allow the Customer to tell him what they need and how much they need to
and not interrupt them and rush them tire of their questions and jump to conclusions, and dismiss them and ANSWER THEIR QUESTIONS and NOT give them the hard sell, then both he and they would be on the same page. And He Branch Manager, would not have any misunderstanding and he Branch Manager would not have to RETRACT a loan or cancel a Loan and rewrite loans, he gets in his own way. And it waste not only his time but it wastes the customers time….Above All Else … ALL.....Questions…MUST be… ASKED… and …ANSWERED….Truthfully…… and…….Correctly …….
Rated by
Dean and Kelly D.
provided outstanding service throughout the mortgage loan process. The loan closed on time and all the closing costs were as expected. We strongly recommend"

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Banking reviews in Cleveland


They are always super nice when you go there but as far as service calls is concerned, I
Cleveland Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
’t know. They charge me $10 a month for my checking account. It’s convenient and their customer service is outstanding.
- katieann L.

Contacted their office to inquire about merchant services, talked to
Cleveland Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
very helpful and professional. Have my merchant account set up with in 2 day. Very prompt.
- Vinh T.

I bought a car today from a private party. Went to Chase for the cashiers check and noarty. They made it so easy. The notary knew just what needed to be done to tranfer title. They even made a copy of the title for the sellers. All no-charge. I've been banking with Chase since 1994.
- Helen I.

Last year we refinanced our auto loan to
Cleveland Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
and our eldest
son refinance his auto loan to there as well. Every month his payment
was posted to our account and a late charge was added. There is no
electronic funds transfer from the bank we have our checking accounts
with and FNB. Every month a paper check was cut and sent. The loan
processing department at FNB would manually write the full account
number on each check, putting our account number on both our check and
our son's check. Every month I would have to call and they would
straighten it out. I was told it was my fault because our bank's bill
pay did not put the full account number on the check, just the last four
digits. I had automatic monthly payments set up with no ability to add
a note or menu. I would have had to manually initiate a payment each
month to get the full account number on the check.Finally we
refinanced in September. Our loan was payed off about two weeks ago,
but our sons was not. After many exasperating calls to customer service
and my wife sending a negative review on their website, our son's loan
was paid off today and the last late charge reversed, but there is still
a small balance because they did not post the check in a timely manner.
I am hoping they will write off that small amount and close the loan.This
should have never happened with today's available technology. Customer
service was not always courteous or helpful, and I usually spent 20-30
minutes on the phone with them each month to resolve their mistakes. I
worked in banking for 20 years for two other local banks. This is
inexcusable and not an incentive to ever bank with
Cleveland Credit Unions Provider Name Locked

for any reason ever. I had to click on one star for this review, but
wish I did not have to click on any. FNB deserves no stars and really
needs to review their loan processing systems and procedures.
- David P.

Cleveland Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
was my loan coordinator and he was extremely helpful, prompt, courteous, professional, and generally really wonderful to have as a loan coordinator. How many others can say that about their mortgage lender? Apple FCU does not resell their mortgage in the secondary
Cleveland Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
, unlike Bank of America and almost all other large mortgage lenders. I received 0.25% to 0.50% lower interest rate than the lowest rate equivalent loan packages from 2 other large mortgage lenders in N. Virginia area. I did receive a quote with just 0.125% higher rate, but that involved taking out a 2nd loan with higher fees and not so easy to pay-off early, so was not a better deal as a package. We needed to get a firm commitment to lend letter from the underwriting department in a short time frame to satisfy our home builder. It took just 1 week to process the underwriting review. I was impressed how fast it was. Plus, the paperwork requirement was the least intrusive. Since Apple does not resell their mortgages, the underwriting department did not require us to fax them last 4 years of tax filings will All Original Attachments!!!, which the others required like robots and would not budge. Apple could tailor their need for our situation. Since almost all of our income came from our employment, they only asked for the W2's and HR contact phone numbers at work. This is like night and day! We did email a list of all of our bank accounts and IRS accounts, but that was it.
Cleveland Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
was on top of the whole process (2.5 months) and called or emailed me every few days to let me know what was going on and advise me if we needed to do something to make the whole process go smoothly. At first, all we paid Apple was a $50 loan application fee, but we were treated like a VIP.
Cleveland Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
diligently spent a lot of time with me and helped me pick the right Title Company and get the final Appraisal right. He gave me tips on inspection and what will be done by the County to inspect the new home. Even though he knew we were still shopping around for the best terms until we locked-in the loan, he did not seemed to mind at all that we may pick a different lender after all that work. I really, really recommend
Cleveland Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
and Apple FCU in
Cleveland Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
, Virginia. Mortgage is handled by headquarters in Virginia, and
Cleveland Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
said the underwriting department is also in the same building. So he can go over there and apply plenty of pressure if there is any delay or problem with the loan during settlement. We're closing in 2 weeks, but I do not expect any trouble at settlement. He also said settlement will only take 30 minutes to 1 hour at most, which is much shorter than what I've read online. Apple also provides auto loans. Check them out if you are looking for a loan in Northern Virginia area!
- Jennifer Y.

Here is a brief story of what happened to my recently deceased Grandmother and our Family/Estate ... My Grandmother recently passed on, the executor/cosigner on my Grandmother's account wrote checks for various Funeral Expenses (which most people would think is reasonable and acceptable) then instead of notifying the estate their intentions, Fedcom decided to confiscate ALL money from the checking account and pay part of the balance on a credit card my grandmother also had through
Cleveland Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
. Well, because they took all the money without our knowledge ... our family (unintentionally) "Bounced" all the checks we wrote for the funeral and a few other expenses.

Well, one would think that Fedcom would have said "I'm sorry, lets pay the funeral expenses and then pay towards the credit card".

The first thing they basically said was too bad, Then approximately a few days later they said "they would pay all the bounced checks and the fees incurred", then approximately 3 - 4 days after they said they would cover things, they changed their mind and said they would NOT fix anything - basically too bad! ... so that is where our family stands with
Cleveland Credit Unions Provider Name Locked

Additional information ... my Grandparents had been members for over 60 years and I have been a member for approximately 30 years ... but probably for not much longer!

Fedcom used to be Family oriented, but that appears to be LONG GONE.

- Charles B.

I have been with Teachers for years. It is the financial institution in which I can truly say I trust. I love the fact that I can bank at partner banks. I can also use other Credit Union ATM's without a fee. If you
Cleveland Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
your card no worries, just go to a bank and they will print one off for you. I have never caught an overdraft fee either. If I didn't have the money in my account the transaction was declined, even if it was by a few cents! I love the rewards points you earn as well. I love
Cleveland Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
. My only complaint is that they do not have a branch in
Cleveland Credit Unions Provider Name Locked
. :( But overall it is a great credit union. I would recommend to anyone.
- ada G.

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