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The company president was asked to estimate the cost of replacing the siding on the house. He furnished the estimate on completion of his visual survey of the property. The next day, after signing the contract for the work, a delivery of the necessary material arrived on site. The crew that was to do the work contacted the undersigned and made arrangements to start the work. The crew (father and son) were professional in all their dealigs with me. Their work was completed in a professional manner to my satifaction. As they completed their work they took a great deal of attention to clean up the removed siding and left over scrap. They went so far as to use a magnet to scour the area to ensure all of the small residue was cleaned from the area. The company president even appeared to do a walk arrouind with me to ensure that the job was complete and to my satisfaction. I was surprised that the company president did not request an advance to start the job, but made it a matter listed in the contract that payment was to be made on sucessful completion of the work.
I would definitely use this company again should I need any of its listed services. I definitely recommend this company to anyone
who is contemplating siding repair or replacement

I've been trying for weeks to get someone to repair some loose siding before it was blown off completely. Nobody was interested in returning calls or said they could be out in 3 or 4 weeks. Well, 4 weeks later, no sign of them. I joined Angie's list this morning ~11:00 and found a contractor within just a couple of miles of my house. I messaged them via Angie's list and they responded within minutes. I received a phone call a few minutes after that and was told
would be out today.
called early afternoon and said he was finishing up and would be at my house in 90 minutes to 2 hours. He showed up a little early, saw the problem and went to work. I didn't know he was here until I heard the pounding. In less than 30 minutes the work was done,
was on his way and I could breathe a sigh of relief. I can't tell you how frustrating it has been trying to get someone to do the right thing.
did it the old fashion way, with customer service.
- Bill H.

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Siding reviews in Cincinnati


We have the best looking roof in the neighborhood. Beautiful materials at better-than-competitive price. Advantage rep met with us twice until we were satisfied with all answers. Large experienced crew did work in two days. Flashing matches well; some rotted plywood found and replaced at fair price. Took great care not to damage vines and garden. Cleaned up very well. (Price was $9410, but out-of-pocket was $1200 after insurance settlement for storm damage).
- Larry M.

The worker that came out wanted to remove most of the siding and said the install was really bad. He did stick to what I originally wanted and those pieces are improved. The problem is now the middle section doesn't fit together correctly. The edges had issues before, but now the problem piece is more in the center which was ok before.
- Mark S.

These guys were great! They were very reasonably priced and very responsive to our needs, and, in some instances, exceeded our expectations. As an example, they showed up on a Friday night on very short notice to nail big shingle samples to the roof for us to compare. When it came to installing the roof, they were incredibly quick! One day to strip two layers of old shingles off and install the new. It looks great! The neighbors have all commented on what a difference it makes in how our house looks. They also replaced some really sad old siding with much more attractive vinyl, and wrapped all of our trim boards in aluminum. For the most part, the exterior of my home will no longer require any maintenance. They were also able to solve a stubborn old gutter leak that had created unattractive stains on the brick veneer of our house. It took them a couple tries, but, even with all the recent rain, it has remained dry as a bone (first time in the history of this house since 1978)! We couldn't be happier with the price or quality of the job, so I would recommend them to anybody that wants to have this type of work done.
- Chris C.

It went very well, they were very direct and to the point. They explained the existing problems, after cleaning my gutters, and will return to nail the siding that is loose...will hear from them when the snow is off the roof.
- Geraldine S.

We are extremely satisfied with
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
. We worked with
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
Cone who provided excellent service and guidance in choosing replacement windows, basement glass block windows, doors, storms doors, bay window siding, siding on the end of the house. Workmanship was extremely professional and timely, calls were returned promptly, and work was scheduled without any delay. After each install, the workman cleaned up the area thoroughly and provided education on each item. We had 7 basement glass block windows installed, 16 windows replaced, 2 doors with storm doors replaced, bay window siding replaced, and end cap siding replaced on the house. We received excellent value for our money and highly recommend that you use
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
for your needs.
- SUE W.

If I could give this company a zero star rating I would. My husband and I are purchasing a house with a 203k loan (home improvement loan) and we had about 6 contractors come and bid to replace the entire roof.
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
was the cheapest bid we received so we decided to move forward in the process with them.
About 2 weeks after we received the bid from
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
, the apparent owner, we were asked by the bank to have each contractor give us 2 references from previously finished jobs. This was an easy task for every other company.
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
seemed to find it more difficult. I called and emailed countless times for a week with no reply. Once I finally got a hold of her she told me her phones & website were down. It took her a few days to actually send the information to me, which of course she got it to me past our deadline.
It is now about a month later and we are finally reaching the end of the grueling process of the 203k and the bank tells us that before we can set closing there are 3 basic forms they need from each contractor - W9, proof of liability insurance & proof of license. These are three things that should be sitting in a drawer that you can pull out and fax or email within minutes of getting the request - unless you're
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
I called and emailed the Friday we found out we needed these papers, no reply. I called the following Monday, no answer. I emailed Tuesday, no reply. I called Wednesday and finally got a hold of her. The excuse was, yet again, that the phones were down. We spoke about 9:30am, I let her know that it was very important that we got the papers that day since we were at our deadline and I had been trying to get a hold of her all week. She told me it wasn't a problem and that she would have everything to me that afternoon.
2:30 rolls around, no papers. I call and she tells me she will get to it. 4:20, no papers. I call, she tells me she is working on it. 5:15, no papers. I call. She says she is sending them shortly. 6:20, no papers. I call. She says she sent them 10 minutes ago. I told her they still weren't in my inbox and I asked her to please send them again. She says she will and we hang up. I wait 5 minutes with my mouse glued to the refresh button - nothing. I call. She decided to leave for the day.
The next morning I started calling their office at 8:30 when they say they open. No answer, shocker. I called every 10 minutes until about 10am or so. The phone just rang, there isn't even an answering machine. I finally get a call back about 10:15 and it is
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
. She tells me her phone was unplugged, I am sick of hearing it. I ask her what email she is sending the papers to and she tells me the wrong email. Dingbat. I tell her to just reply to one of the MANY emails I sent her asking for the papers and there should be no problem. She refused. She told me that it worked best for her to fax. I told her I was at work and there wasn't a fax machine close, but if she really was sending it right that second, I could get to one. She told me it was sent, so I ran to the machine only to find that a paper was missing. She only sent me 2 of the required 3.
I call. The line is busy. I call again, she answers. I told her about the missing page and she told me she would send it to me shortly. I was reaching my limit on patience. We were about to
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
the deal on this house because she couldn't get me three basic items in week's time. I told her I was at work and I didn't have time to sit by the fax machine all day and hope that she would actually send the paper. I told her she had to email it because that was what worked best for me. She refused.
I asked her if there was someone else there that I could speak to because this
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
task seemed too large for her. She said no. I asked if she was the owner, she said "Yes, I am the owner" drenched in attitude and hung up on me.
My husband and I had a huge decision to make. Once you close on a 203k purchase you are locked into the contractors you submitted to your bank before the deal was final. You are not able to change contractors down the road. We didn't want to be stuck with her, but we were at the end of our clock and had already come so far with her as a selected contractor. We decided to
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
it and switch contractors. We decided she wasn't worth the risk. If it was this hard to get three pieces of paper, what would it be like trying to get a ROOF?! And on the off
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
that she actually followed through and completed the roof, would she hold up the warranty guarantee. My guess is no.
Luckily we have an amazing realtor who put us in contact with RLS Construction and
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
was great. She had a bid & all required papers to us within the hour of the request. If you are considering using
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
, I strongly recommend you reconsider.
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
lacks organization and standard social skills that you need in order to run a proper business. It just seems like a scam.

- Mary Beth P.

Basically, the entire project went very well and as-planned.
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
was very forthright about his several months of work backlog when he submitted his quote in early June 2013. This was initially a disappointment since we had originally envisioned having the house painting completed by mid-
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
, but as it turned out this actually worked to our advantage, as we had the additional time to complete the "
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
-Board" fiber-cement replacement of the deteriorated composite wood siding and also provided some time for us to evaluate our wood window situation. Although
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s quote for replacement of the most badly deteriorated window sills was very reasonable, we eventually opted to take the
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
and replace all of our windows (w.e.o. basement windows & atrium door) with
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
aluminum clad exterior wood windows. (This window project was contracted through Lowe’s and was not a part of
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s scope of work.)
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
did adjust his quote downward to account for the elimination of window painting (since all the exposed window exteriors & trim are now aluminum), but preparation and painting of the window lintels was still in-scope. After some discussion, we changed course and instead of holding off on the house painting until after the window installation was completed as originally planned, the house painting was moved ahead of the window replacement project. Since the windows were all removed and installed from the outside of the house, there was some unavoidable damage to the newly painted lintel surfaces, and
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
is planning to return and touch-up the lintels within several days.
Overall, we are extremely happy with the work done by
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s carpenters and painting crew.
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
himself was on-site for most of the prep and painting work and he lends a hand with all aspects of the job. All of
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s workmen are real gentlemen, and we quickly became completely comfortable in leaving our house open & accessible when we had to leave for periods during the workday (this was at our own initiative and not requested by
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
or his workmen). One word of advice to other potential customers - contact
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
as far ahead of your planned project as possible, as he is typically very busy and his work backlog fills up quickly once the spring "painting season" arrives.

- Stephen W.

I was generally disappointed with the experience. The project began at the beginning of March 2012 and completion was promised by the end of May 2012. The completion date came and went. I was then promised completion by the end of June 2012. That date also came and went. I finally called it quits with them in mid-August of 2012. The following issues left me dissatisfied with the project -

- Failure to complete the job in the time promised

- There did not appear to be an active and focused project manager. Workers were sent to the house and did not appear to understand what was to be accomplished. This was evidenced by but not limited to the following -

> the installation of a ceiling fan in the front bedroom instead of in the den area. They came back and corrected this.

Later, at my request, they came back to re-wire to install independent wall switches to control the light and fan

separately. The person who did this, advised that the wiring that was in place prior to the project was speaker wire (not

adequate for a ceiling fan) and would have eventually resulted in an electrical fire. The use of speaker wire was not done by

Precision Group. The wire had been installed by the previous owners of the home. My issue with this finding is that

the Precision Group employee who first installed the ceiling fan used the speaker wire instead of replacing with the correct

type of wiring. If there had not been a need to take down the fan to rewire to accommodate the independent wall

switches, a fire would have eventually resulted. I appreciated the honesty and integrity of the employee who revealed this

information but got the impression that he might have been in trouble for doing so.

> installation of lighting in the wrong area - a light fixture meant for the dining area was installed in the laundry room,

> a floor vent that was against a wall that was removed was not moved. With the removal of the wall, the vent was in the

middle of the room. Instead of moving it, the vent was left in the middle of the room. When the time came to
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked

hardwood floor to fill in the areas that had previously had a wall, the hardwood was installed around the vent. This resulted

in the vent being left in the middle of what was to be the dining area.

> Further related to the laying of the hardwood, I advised the supposed project manager,
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
, of extra hardwood

available to be used to fill in areas where walls had been. this was prior to the beginning of this portion of the project. They

had removed hardwood prior to removal of the walls with the understanding that they would re-use as much of it as they

could and use the extra (new) pieces. Instead, they used pieces that had been damaged.

> The thermostat that had been on a wall that was removed was left hanging by a wire from the ceiling. The ceiling was

smoothed to remove the texture as agreed, drywall was completed and the thermostat was still left hanging by a wire from

the ceiling.

> Days went by without any work being done. Promises kept being made that this would be remedied. It was not. During the

portion of the project where the whole back of the house was open and being framed was especially hard due to these

delays. It was freezing outside. The framing was completed and the opening in the back was boarded up but did not protect

against the extreme cold. It was especially aggravating to come home many days during this period to note that no

additional work had been done. The duration could have been reduced if there were workers assigned to focus on

completion of the work.

- Regular confrontations with
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
regarding timeliness and lack of project management. I finally got fed up with him and voiced my concerns and dissatisfaction to the owner,
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
. He stepped in with his promises and these promises were also not honored.

- Collection of draws prior to what was detailed in the contract. The owner,
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
, requested the majority of the last draw at the beginning of June 2012 with the promise that the job would be completed by the end of June 2012. It was not.

- I finally got fed up with the situation and told them in mid-August that I was done with them and they no longer needed to return.

I then received a billing for what they claimed was the remainder due. This amount was greater than the cost in the contract minus the payments I had already made. I disputed the amount with
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
and further advised that I would not pay them anything else due to the contract not being honored, their lack of interest in fully completing the job, and the hardship and inconvenience they had caused. Completion at that point was about 2 1/2 months past due. He then threatened that securing my occupancy permit would be jeopardized and that they would have their attorney begin action to put a
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
on my house. I hired someone to pursue the issuance of the occupancy permit and received the permit. I told
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
that I had provided my attorney with a detail of the issues with the project along with email communications from
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
that further supported my concerns. I told
Cincinnati Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
to proceed as he saw fit given his knowledge of the circumstances. I did not receive any further threats from him.

I was disappointed with this portion of my dealings with Precision Group especially after the generally favorable experience with their work to replace my roof and install siding. Overall, the experience with the remodel was horrible and I do not recommend this company.
- Dawn-Anne P.
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