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sWe met with
one of their service reps. He went through our 7 family building with my husband and made note of what we wanted done. Then he ordered the parts.
was on vacation the next week, so we had to wait for the parts to come in and for him to come back from vacation. He then installed all of the new parts, made keys as necessary.
One of the locks failed, he came back and fixed it. Then it failed again and he replaced the lock saying that he had experienced some problems with these locks before. Since then we have had another failure, but we were charged for this repair since
said that someone had forced the lock and broken two pins in the lock (different type of lock from the one that had failed before).
- Gretchen C.

I recently purchased two condos to rent out and a condo to move into all within a few weeks of each other. I also rented out the condo I was living. I needed all of the locks changed - seven in all.

Unit 1 - One lock rekeye

Unit 2 - Three locks rekeyed - garage & front door deadbolts, front door handle. Took a very long time. Door handle lock did not work very well. You could unlock the door handle with a key but could not lock it. Locksmith had to change out the lock two days later.

Unit 3 - Two locks rekeyed - two deadbolts on garage & front door. Took a long time.

Unit 4 - One lock rekeyed - front door deadbolt. Existing lock was not real smooth to turn so I asked the locksmith if it might be better to just replace the whole lock based on how long it had taken to change out the other locks. It was only $29.95 and that was the installed price.

Here is a very important point to make. If it was that cheap to replace a lock, and the lock would be brand new and would better than trying to rekey old locks, then why in the world wouldn’ the locksmith recommend this to begin with?

So back to unit 4 - primary residence in area that is surrounded by a high crime area. This is a long story so please bear with me. I asked the locksmith to change the deadbolt on my primary residence. He called and got the price and went to his truck to get a lock. A few minutes later he comes back and says he does not have a lock on his truck. Seriously? You are driving an
service truck and you do not have a deadbolt lock on it???

At this point, I need the lock changed. So he says he will give me a break and rekey the lock for the same price as a new lock. I comment that does not really seem like a great deal to pay to have an old lock rekeyed for what is normally a higher price than putting on a new lock. I said if that was the case, why in the world did he not recommend replacing the locks to begin with? My goal was to have multiple locks at the same unit keyed to match one another so only one key was necessary. You can buy locks at the hardware store that have multiple locks keyed the same

Since the locksmith did not have a deadbolt lock on this truck, it was decided to rekey the lock. When he is done rekeying he tells me that if I have a problem getting the key out of the lock then I should turn the key back to the right then back to the left a little bit so the key will come out. This is a very important point to keep in mind. I told the locksmith I was not real happy that I might need to experiment with the key to open the door.

At this point all of the locks have been changed so he prepares the bill which was $410. Seems like a lot of money and is $35 above the estimate but at this point I am running late and need to get ready to go to a concert. So I go into the house through my garage door which was open. When I am ready to go I leave through the front door . When I am outside I insert the key and lock the door. However, I am not able to remove the key while the door is locked. When I turn the key to the right and then back a little bit the key does come out. However, at that point the deadbolt is no longer extended, so the door is not locked!!! So yes, per the locksmith, if you turn the key to left it locks and normally you would remove the key at that point. But per his directions, if the key does not come out (which it obviously should) then turn it back to the right. Yes,
. At that point it is no longer locked.

I decide to lock the front door from the inside and then exit out through the garage door. When I attempt to lock the deadbolt from the inside it will not move an inch. It is as if it is frozen. It was impossible to lock the door from the inside. So now I open the door and am experimenting with turning the key back and forth hoping that at some point it would work. The lock could only be turned with the key and then the key would be stuck inside the lock and could not be removed without opening the lock.
I called the locksmith company and left a message. I get a call back from the locksmith. I ask him if he could come fix or replace the lock. He says he would need to charge me for it. I ask him if there is someone else I can talk to. He tells me everyone will tell me the same thing. So I call back and leave another message.

Eventually I ended up talking to the person who scheduled the appointment. His name was
. When I explained what had happened he said someone would be out to fix it the next day at no charge. However, I still had the issue where I could not lock my door without leaving the key in on the outside which did not seem like a good idea from a security standpoint. On Sunday,
the original locksmith returns. First thing I ask him to do is to lock the door. He tried to turn the deadbolt from inside the house and could not. He could not get the deadbolt to budge.

Now the next part of the story really becomes bizarre. I had some old keys on the dining room table, including the key from the lock before it was rekeyed which was a silver colored key. The locksmith inserted a silver key into the lock and could not get the lock to turn from the outside of the door. I clearly remember thinking how strange that he was using the key he was. I am not sure where he got it from. I am assuming he picked it up from there or pulled one out of his pocket, I do not know. I do remember thinking it was pretty odd he was not using the right key but thought maybe he had some kind of master key or maybe he was going to rekey the lock, I had no idea what he was doing and apparently either did he! He then proceeds to take the deadbolt off of the door. As soon as he gets the deadbolt off – as soon as it is off – he comes over and asks if I have the key to the lock that he must have been using the wrong key. So I hand him the gold colored key he had given me the night before. I had one on my key ring and the second key on another key ring. He said the key I gave him was incorrect, that it was a silver colored key. I said no, the old key was silver but the new key was gold (copper, brass colored). I even held up the key I gave him against the key on my key ring and of course it matched. At this point the lock is disassembled and it is difficult to prove that you could not lock the deadbolt and remove the key. You could not prove this since the lock was disassembled and I can only assume that was the point of this whole charade. The reason I am telling this lengthy story is based on what happened the next day on Monday. Then he makes a comment that the lock was working correctly when he left. No it was not. I just had not had a
to try it at that point.

On Monday I called the locksmith to let them know I was not real pleased with how all of this transpired. He snickered on the phone that he heard I had been using the wrong key. Wow, this comment incensed me. No, I did not use the wrong key. The only one who used the wrong key was
the locksmith who rekeyed the lock. I explained that in fact I was using the right key all along. It was just an inappropriate comment to make although in his defense he was just relaying what was told to him by
, which of course was totally inaccurate. During the call I also recommended they should suggest to the customer it might be better and cheaper to just replace the lock as opposed to spending all of the time rekeying and old lock.

On Sunday I spoke with the tenant of unit 2 that had the three locks rekeyed including the door handle. They said the lock was not working correctly. I mentioned this to
on Monday and they ended up replacing that lock as well at no charge.

A couple of days transpired and I called
to hopefully talk to someone with a vested interested in the company and asked for
and was told he was not in. I asked who I was speaking to and it was
. So I ended the call and then called the Kentucky location and asked for
. I was told he was not in and was asked if there was something they could help me with. Once again I was talking to
. I asked if there was someone I could talk to who seemed to care. He inquired that hadn’t everything been taken care and pointed out they did not charge me. Actually they did charge me - $410, not a small sum of money. Did they charge me to fix the locks which did not work properly? No. Should they have charged me to repair or replace locks that they had worked on the day before? Of course not. The amusing part though is they acted like they were doing me some huge favor for simply repairing/replacing locks they did not install right to begin with. When I tried to explain why I was upset with what happened I was cut off by
by him stating well everything was now working correctly and I was not charged so as far as he was concerned the issue was over. So after another day or two I called back again to try to explain what had happened. Once again
answered the phone. He went and got
and all three of us were conferenced in. I explained what had happened and how
had used the wrong key.
starts yelling in the phone that I gave him the key which I did not. So once again, for the third or fourth time in trying to give the place an opportunity to resolve it and listen and understand and perhaps apologize for all of the trouble I had been put through but that never happened. In extreme frustration I thanked them for fixing the locks and hung up. Once again the comment was made about how they did not charge to repair items and once again I will say I did pay a lot the day before and of course I should not pay for them to fix their mistakes and then they act like this was such a big favor.
In summary, save yourself money and time and change the locks yourself.

- Thomas B.

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Locksmith reviews in Cincinnati


Cincinnati Locksmiths Provider Name Locked
, the man who came was on time. AHe was very friendly, respectful, and congenial. He was extremely professional and knew his skills very well. When I first called the store I was upset, as I had to change my home locks because someone had stolen my purse with my spare house key in it. The owner was very polite and understanding. Both he and
Cincinnati Locksmiths Provider Name Locked
gave me additional information on how to help me and advised me what to do when they could not re-key my car ~ they do cars but not my year and make.
It's nice to have what I consider 'old fashioned' business with good work and fair prices. i highly recommend them!!!
- BJ H.

Cincinnati Locksmiths Provider Name Locked
and Key did an excellent job. They moved one part further away from the jamb and installed the new lock for what I thought was an excellent price. When there was a problem after their installation and I called them,
Cincinnati Locksmiths Provider Name Locked
and Key returned as soon as I had an opening on my schedule and readjusted the pins inside the lock. They advised that there is a problem with the style of lock I bought -- on my own I had purchased a lock higher in quality and with a longer warranty than what I thought I could buy "off the truck". This kind is advertised as a better choice, but
Cincinnati Locksmiths Provider Name Locked
and Key advised me this latest style has a recurrent problem because the pins slip out of place easily.
The problem remaining is that the weatherstripping on the door no longer works since the new lock was installed -- a bad situation when it's minus 18 -- but my previous addition of the weatherstripping seems to be the reason the original lock came apart in the first place.
Cincinnati Locksmiths Provider Name Locked
and Key gave me advice about what I might be able to do to improve the weatherstripping on that door.
- Mary O.

Locksmith arrived on time and spent about two hours, maybe more, making keys for outside doors. Suggested tenant keys that fit only one door for 35 out of the 40 keys.
- Gary L.

During the recent ice storm in Cincinnati, my only back door key broke off in the lock. Because of the row houses on Liberty Hill, a blocked back door meant that I had to climb more than 20 icy steps to use my front door. Naturally I wanted to get this problem fixed as quickly as possible. Rich at AB Bonded Locksmiths suggested that I try to remove the key fragment from the lock. As an alternative, he described how to remove the lock en bloc so that he could extract the key in the store. The last option was to replace both locks on the back door (both opened with the same key) at a cost of more than $100. By following RIch's instructions I was able to remove the key fragment, and RIch made 3 new keys in the store. Total cost was $6.28. Had Rich not taken the time to discuss the problem, I would have spent more than $100 and lost work time for an unnecessary repair. AB Bonded Locksmiths definitely deserves their high rating on Angie's list.
- Margaret H.

The work went well and the locks are working fine. the only negative is the fact that the young man who did the work tracked mud and dirt through my house with impunity. I expect wkmen to be aware of people's property.
- Brenda S.

They did exactly what I asked, the door works fine now, I spare keys, but I still have the old door knob that goes with the look of my house. The people came on time, stuck to their estimate and were professional. i would use them again.
- joanne R.

It went very well. He called as he was running a little late which wasn't an issue for me and then arrived when I expected after that call. He fixed the doors quickly.

Cincinnati Locksmiths Provider Name Locked
professional (Avi Yaslovitz) provided excellent customer service when I was locked out of my vehicle, with a friendly and kind attitude, Avi explained all that I needed to know as well as the options that I had in order to get a key cut for my car as well as optional remote and additional key copies.
I would highly recommend
Cincinnati Locksmiths Provider Name Locked
professional locksmith services to anyone who would like a high quality customer oriented locksmith service provider that is not out there to take advantage of a person like me who has no idea of what getting your car key replaced entails and costs. -
Cincinnati Locksmiths Provider Name Locked

- Rodolfo Z.
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