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Anna B.
"Installer arrived early to remove four old basement windows and install 4 new glass block windows with vents. Job was a little difficult as one of the windows was obstructed, but the" installer was able to maneuver around and complete the instillation. The job was done in about 4 hours, and the installer cleaned up after the job was done. My husband said that this was money well spent. I would recommend
Rated by
Kenneth S.
"Only one installer was needed. He did an excellent job that did not take very long and when he had completed the job, he cleaned up afterwards. Our new windows not only provide security," they keep the basement cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
Rated by
"Unfortunately this review is almost a year past the date of the initial work, but I recall the experience to be very good. The sales rep was quick to offer a quote and the work was" scheduled to be done within a few days. The morning of the scheduled work, two installers arrived on-time and were very kind and courteous. I was present during the removal of the old windows/frames and they were receptive to my judgment and requests on installing the new windows (my old basement frames were very old and installed in an unusual way, so it was initially unclear as to the best way to remove and install the new windows). In the end, I was very happy with how it all went. The only "negative" I recall was that their selection of stock was low and I felt slightly railroaded into getting a certain style of block (I originally wanted the normal clear, wavy block, but they only had the "foggy" wave available). The rep was kind enough to email me images of the block they wanted to install ahead of time. After it was all said and done, I think I actually like the foggy block better. The price jumped $20 per window to install a vent, which was pretty much in line with other window installers, as was the price per window. I'm very much a DIYer and seriously considered doing this work myself, but after seeing what really went into tearing out the old windows and installing new ones, I'm glad I left it to the pros. The cost of buying the windows on my own wouldn't have really offset the cost of getting them installed anyway - at least not enough to justify the pain and suffering of busting out old wooden frames that were partly embedded in concrete. Plus, the windows are guaranteed! There was one goof-up where they brought one window without the vent. I decided it wasn't that important in the particular window, so I had them install the window without the vent. The naturally deducted the cost of the vent, and also offered to come back and install the vent free of charge if I changed my mind. You really can't ask for much more than that.

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Glass block has the strength of masonry but allows light to pass through. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Larry B.)

Glass block

As strong and secure as masonry, yet able to allow light to pass through, glass block can be a great option for bathrooms, basements and other projects.

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Contractors say homeowners with this trait are the most satisfied with home improvement projects.

glass block basement windows
Glass Block

Do you need to replace your basement windows? Professionals installers say glass block windows add privacy, allow light to pass through and much more.

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Don't tackle a DIY home repair without asking yourself these three questions.

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From what I can see in a picture of the item, there does not appear to be anything special about the glass. unless it has an Ikea emplem on it or special etching or something, any normal window glass replacement company like Speedy Glass or such should be able to cut and install replacement glass - probably about $100-300 depending on whether a pane or entire door-sized panel of glass, depending on which style you have.
Just about every sliding door I have installed is put in in sections. If it is a brand name you may be able to purchase a replacement panel from a lumber yard or call a glass company to replace just the glass. I have seen some windows and doors that have a "welded" plastic frame that is next to impossible to replace just the glass. I hate to give estimated costs on labor or material since they very by manufacturer and regional prices but I would think you are in the $250-350 range in labor plus cost of glass or panel. 

Could be held on with concealed mirror fasteners (usually a clip or notched "button" design, with very litle showing outside the mirror, or none showing if has trim around it, or with large dabs or swipes of mirror adhesive or liquid nails. The former leaves minimal damage when removed - no more than a heavy duty picture hanger, the latter leaves divots in drywall, as you surmised, and holes in the drywall if a piece of plywood is not used as a prypoint when prying it off.


If you want to try to save the mirrors, then a glass and mirror installer is needed - they can remove them from the hangers, or cut the adhesive with wire saw - though that will add probably 2-3 hours labor per room. Then you would need a painter who also does minor drywall repairs.


If not saving the mirrors, then I suspect you could get a Handyman to pop them off, repair the divots, and repaint. Otherwise, a Painter would probably be glad to do it and repair the damage and repaint - just be prepared for a hefty charge for duct tape - like $100-200, because that is the best way to do this - duct tape the surface completely, pry the mirrors off (commonly breaking them), then cut through the tape to make pieces of glass manageable and of a size to fit in garbage can or box for hauling out. Be sure to emphasize PLYWOOD protection for floors, overlain by canvas or plastic, when removing the mirrors - drop a good sized piece and you have significant flooring damage.


Here is a prior response for a similar situation, including the same suggestions about removal, but also a bunch of ideas of how to leave the mirrors and cover or integrate them - which can be a LOT cheaper than paying a two-man crew for a day to remove mirrors, depending on solution you choose.


this is probably a quarter to full days job to remove depending on how fastened and if saving or not, so about $200-800 range. Drywall repair and painting probably about another $150-250 range, so ballpark numbers - pushing $300-400 if mirrors come off easy (bracketed) or can be scrapped, more like a thousand $ if saving mirrors.

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Your Search the List category is Glass and Mirrors - the Speedy Glass type company that does home and auto glass replacement.


If the glass is held in with window putty (a doughy tan or white putty) or by a wood trim piece all around it pinching it in place, then you can probably fix it yourself for about $15 piece of glass at a glass replacement place or somehome improvement/lumberyards.


If the glass is multiple-pane, or encased in a metal frame, then not easy to do yourself, though in some situations with single-pane you could remove the glass mounting frame entirely, use larger glass, and install with window putty. Double or triple pane you need then to fabricate a new "glazing unit" for you - the glass layers all enclosed in the metal encasing unit.If you are going to pay for that, might as well have them put it in too.

Glass Block Installation reviews in Cincinnati


Everything was communicated clearly, scheduling was easy and installation went without a hitch. We did have to delay the installation a day due to truck issues for one of the installers, but they communicated the problem proactively and got the work done the following day, on a Saturday, which worked out just as good for our schedule.
- Bradley A.

I first got an estimate from a man who was very honest and didn't try to upsell me any of his products. He showed me their full line of windows and was the only company who was willing to work around at that time would have been a wood-burning
Cincinnati Glass Blocks Provider Name Locked
pipe chimney that went through one of the windows. In fact, he was going to give me that window for free.
When we finally decided to go with
Cincinnati Glass Blocks Provider Name Locked
, we had decided to get rid of the wood-burning
Cincinnati Glass Blocks Provider Name Locked
as part of the basement remodel and put a full window in where only a half would be.
Cincinnati Glass Blocks Provider Name Locked
honored their original bid on the job!
The workers showed up when we expected them and worked hard and fast. They kind of twisted the outdoor part of the chimney that was still attached to the outside wall and actually goes through my roof (so I need it to stay in place until I replace my roof), but other than that, the windows look amazing, I feel safer and the basement is much more comfortable.
Great honest American company! I highly recommend them and made sure to give their contact info to my basement contractor because of how easy they were to work with.
- Wayne T.

It started off slow and not too well. I left a voice mail and filled out their internet request for quote and never heard back. After waiting a week I tried calling again and luckily reached a human being. Once that part was done everything else went just fine.
I wanted to get USA manufactured and installed windows. I also wanted them mortared and not siliconed. So that really left me with
Cincinnati Glass Blocks Provider Name Locked
. The estimator was on time and walked my wife through window finish types and eventually brought up a new version with white paint on outside edges to reflect more light. She chose this.
A couple days for them to build the window and show up to house (pre-scheduled when estimator was at house to measure and quote). I
Cincinnati Glass Blocks Provider Name Locked
’t think it took him 30 minutes to do the whole thing which made me uneasy about the window that was there before. He barely made any noise pulling out the old wooden framed single paned window and it only took about a minute for him to rip it out. Made me regret putting this task off as long as I did.
After he had placed the new window and centered it up he asked me some questions on how I would like it finished on the inside. I decided and he finished it off.
I am very pleased with the window (centered and square) and how it was put in. I dinged them a bit on responsiveness as they should have replied back even with a “we are super busy” message and I thought it was a snick high on the price, but not outrageous. I would easily have them do windows in my home again and I feel WAY more secure knowing what he removed and what he installed.
- Jon S.

Cincinnati Glass Blocks Provider Name Locked
replaced our two pane glass basement windows with vented glass block windows. Every interaction during installation was warm and professional. The basement is now more secure, and will have cross ventilation.

The gentleman who installed was very professional and did a great job! From estimate to job completion it was only 3 days. The windows turned out perfect.
- Amy K.

It was a great and easy experience. Immediate call to schedule estimate. Arrived on time for the estimate. Scheduled install. Installers on time and worked liked a well oiled machine. Father and son team put in 5 windows perfectly in approx 45 min to 1 hour. I met them at my house on my lunch break and they were done before I finished eating. Simply awesome!


It went well. I was disappointed that there was damage to my painted concrete floor aftewards, but the windows themselves are beautiful and I believe I definitely got my money's worth.
- Jennifer B.

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