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Tenren H.
"The estimation came in a week later as
said. Price was good and signed contract. Work started next day for deck foundation. A 23'x7' deck on 2nd floor" high was done in one and half day (
and Fri). While deck is going on, patio door opening started and door (I provided patio door bought from Home Depot) got installed on first day. Old windows was removed and new windows installed (I provided window bought from Home Depot). The carpenter left the window and patio door external aluminum capping unfinished and did not show in Sat and Monday. My 2nd payment paid on time. Finally on Tue main exterior work completed. I finished up some minor work myself. In General the work process were fast and well done. i'm willing to introduce them to my friends.
Rated by
"The demolition and build went very well.
is a class act and his team was prompt and thorough when they got started -- they did the demo in about a day and then" they completed the build in the remaining three -- then came later and performed the staining. My only complaints are minor. They were busy with larger projects, so getting the actual job scheduled took a long time. It also took them a couple of days to haul the debris away after the project was complete. But these are minor quibbles -- the job was done very well, the pricing was very competitive, and they did a commercial grade job on my relatively minor residential project.
worked with me on options for the Trex, and helped me make solid decisions so that the structure will last for years to come. As a fellow landlord, he helped me manage costs without compromising safety, quality or maintenance for those grueling winter months when the snow removal will wreak havoc on the porch stairs... I recommend this company and would use them again.
Rated by
Johanna C.
"We hired
Corp. of Northern
based upon favorable reviews from Angie’s List. This is a lengthy but necessary read if you find yourself" considering
as your contractor. **Please know that Premier will attempt to refute everything documented below. However, we have substantiating emails, etc. to support our claims. In June 2014, we hired
of Premier Builders to build a front porch for our home, which is located in the City of Chicago. Having no knowledge of the municipal building code as it pertains to porch construction and/or permitting process. We relied solely upon Mr.
’s integrity as a licensed General Contractor. That was our first mistake. During the consultation process, Mr.
briefly mentioned something about drawings but in the same breath stated that he always obtains a “repair and replace” permit. Mr.
told us that he has obtained this type of permit since 2008 and has never had any problems. Our first permit was obtained based on his recommendation. That was our second mistake. Our third mistake was that Mr.
told us to just sign the estimate. No real contract was ever provided, nor was the company’s license and insurance information. After numerous delays, Premier’s concrete subcontractors finally came out to demo our existing porch and to pour the concrete piers for the new one. The fact that they went to our neighbor’s house before being directed to ours should have set off alarms. Finally, after more delays, the actual porch construction began in late
. On
31, 2014, a City Building Inspector paid our project a visit and issued a Stop Work Order. We were shut down for not having a permit. No permit, you ask?! Yeah, we thought we had one too. It turns out that Premier had obtained a repair and replace permit for our neighbor’s address. Furthermore, the permit was void anyway, because our project required architectural drawings. Not only that, but the Inspector noted that the porch was oversized. Oversized? During consultation with Mr.
, we asked him how far the porch could come out from the house according to city code. He said 7 feet from the door, which we agreed to and is reflected in the contract. Mr.
later responded by falsely claiming that we insisted, against his advice, that it come out 10 feet. At no point in time was this request ever made. The contract refutes Mr.
’s false statement. Furthermore, Mr.
is the licensed general contractor. He is supposed to know and adhere to city code. After the Stop Work Order was issued, Mr.
stood on our partially finished porch deck and said non verbatim, “
, I hope this isn’t too big. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that we got shut down before we went any farther.” What?? To which we replied, “We hired you because of your knowledge and expertise with city code.” It was then agreed upon that Premier would pay for the architectural drawings and new permit. In early September, Mr.
emailed us to report that the architectural drawings and new permit were approved by the city. The email also stated that the drawings had a straight shed roof. We hired Premier in part because of the roof design they suggested. Our home has dormers that do not lend themselves to a straight shed roof. Instead, it was agreed upon and written into the “contract” that there would be a gable over the front door with a straight shed roof on either side. We immediately conferred with the architect who stated that he had never been made aware of the agreed upon roof design. Premier’s response was to perform a “field provision.” What’s that, you ask? Basically, it’s when the contractor deviates from the architectural drawings. We informed Mr.
that we were not comfortable with an on-site adjustment, fearing another Stop Work Order. This could’ve been avoided had the drawings been presented to us for approval before being submitted to the City. Oh, we also need to mention that Mr.
requested that we pay him an additional $1,000 for labor and materials to bring the deck in 2 FEET. He continued to insist that it measured 10 feet out from the house. We reported that it did not extend that far out, and if it did it was in violation of our contract. Therefore, we are not responsible for correcting his error. However, we distinctly felt as though he would not continue the project unless we paid him the additional $1000, which we did not. This made us wonder what other inconsistencies existed. So, we began to measure the lumber used thus far and compared it against what was written into the contract. We were quite surprised to find that Mr.
substituted the deck joists and rafters with smaller dimensional lumber than what agreed upon in the contract and paid for. This was done without our knowledge or approval. This is where Premier will state that 2x8 deck joists (what were used) are standard unless the deck extends passed 8 feet. Then 2x10 deck joists (what we believed we were paying for) need to be used. Premier will also state that the lumber used is reflected in the architectural drawings. Excuse me, but the porch was built BEFORE the architectural drawings were created. That is backwards logic. The porch was supposed to be constructed according to our contract. No conversation ever transpired about switching the joists out, a false claim Mr.
has already made to us. We documented these discrepancies in numerous emails to Mr.
. Around that time, he stopped communicating with us. We then received a few emails from
, who reported that she was the owner of
. After numerous emails and written correspondence, all of which we retain, Premier Builders finally replied. Their response was to inform us that they would be contacting the City on Monday September 21st 2014 to have their name withdrawn from our permit. All of this time, we had been requesting that they continue this project. We asked Premier to provide us with the date on which they would commence work, pending clarification of the roof issue. Up to the Stop Work Order, Premier had completed the decking, columns, and initial roof framing. We adhered to the contract and paid Premier according to their payment schedule. According to their schedule and what we have paid, we should have the decking, the columns, and a completed roof structure including the disputed roof gable with a barrel ceiling. In fact, we have paid for roofing elements that have not been installed. We have an incomplete porch for which we have overpaid. Either Premier needs to finish the contracted project or they need to provide a refund. We were shocked and disappointed that a company so highly reviewed on Angie’s List would choose to walk away from our project with more of our money than work has been done. Eventually and with great difficulty, we were able to obtain reimbursement for the difference in lumber that had been installed contrary to our “contract” and without our knowledge and/or approval. Premier also provided reimbursement for the lumber that we had paid for but was returned to the lumberyard after they claimed to have withdrawn from our project. Now, we are unduly burdened with amending the drawings to reflect the gable, paying for a new expedited permit, and finding someone to finish our half-built unsafe porch prior to winter. Because Premier failed to inform the architect of the gable roof and our desire to avoid further Stop Work Orders, we received an estimate to the amended drawings and new permit from the expeditor Mr.
had initially used. In a prior email, Premier promised to pay for the drawings and permit. As of October 3rd, 2014, per the City of Chicago Department of Buildings, Premier Builders continues to be the contractor on record for our permit. These new fees, being Premier’s responsibility, we attempted to forward the new estimate to them via email. It appears that
has blocked our email address, the one that we have been using to mutually correspond since the beginning of our project. We believe that it is vitally important to document all communications with Premier, as they have a pattern of making false claims regarding the content of our verbal conversations. In conclusion, we chose this company because of its high Angie’s List rating. We are extremely disappointed that their performance falls far short of their rating on Angie’s list. We attempted to completely resolve these matters privately but have been forced to bring it to the attention of Angie’s List. We hope that our experience will serve as a warning to those who are considering business with Premier Builders.

Chicago Deck Building Articles

Deck Building reviews in Chicago


It went great, they had a very busy schedule but found time to fit me in. Their price was better or close to other companies but I chose them because they were responsive, and offered multiple services. My dad was actually there during some of the work and and both of us couldn't believe how good everything turned out. I let them choose the color for the stain and it looked perfect, just like a new deck. I'm also having them rebuild my upstairs deck in the upcoming months and can't wait to see how that turns out. I would highly recommend them, they were very professional and reasonably priced for the great work they do.
- Kim W.

Chicago Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
was one of several decking company estimates we received - the prices were all similar. It was the demeanor, professionalism and attention to detail of the owner/estimator that first impressed us. He was very interested in understanding how we planned to use the deck and then provided suggestions based on those discussions. For example, the top deck, off the kitchen, was planned as a grill and prep area. He explained that the size of that tier needed to be a bit larger than we designed to accomodate that properly - and was he right! It would not have worked as we originally designed. (The other companies were just quoting/building it to what we designed.) The height of the lower deck was important considering we're on the corner and didn't want to be on stage when we sat outside. He gave great visual suggestions so we could insure we didn't build it too high or too low. We also had a catch basin in the yard that really complicated the build considering we wanted to maintain good access to it and keep the octagon shape design that included several entrance/exits.
Chicago Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
went above and beyond to work the integrity of the design aesthetic around that obstacle. There were also color options that made a big difference - making it two toned was their suggestion and its so classy. We also opted for lights in the stairs so we didn't worry about anyone missing a step - and they ended up being such a nice mood
Chicago Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
. All these added touches we love so much are only there because the owner cared enough to talk about every detail.
The deck itself is built so well. The crew was amazing! They worked incredibly hard. They kept the area clean. It took 5 days to complete. The finished product is impeccable - every detail was pure quality craftsmanship - and we got an even better design than we orginally envisioned. We LOVE our new deck. It was a big expense but so worth it! Its maintenance free and just beautiful. we've used it so many times this summer - and when we're not outside, we're enjoying it from our kitchen window. We strongly recommend this great company!
- Deborah L.

Rushed home from work to make the agreed upon appointment time.
Gentleman showed up 20 minutes late and stood out front to look at the three columns/porch in question. Told us the columns looked like they were leaning (yes, that's why we called you) but said he thought repairs could be delayed anywhere from a year to maybe five years. (Later confirmed by a structural engineer not to be true).
Asked what the repair would involve if we chose to move forward and a few options were outlined. We had to make the request for an estimate to be sent and were told it would be available the next day. No estimate was received so we followed up and told they would send something ASAP. Almost a month later and we have received nothing.
- Brian L.

Everything went well. I am pleased with the work and the fast response to my little complaints. Complaints: they pieced the facing on the bottom step instead of giving me a full board; the handicap rail installed was not steady enough; a nail pierced the plastic covering on one of the rails.
They replaced the facing; they installed metal railings, which are really sturdy; they sanded and painted the nail pierce. Everything is to my satisfaction. The carpenter was wonderful--old school European. Would definitely use them again.
Chicago Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
in the office was very helpful in getting the carpenters back on the job.
- Elizabeth B.

Worked with DAL on a basic design (dimensions, type of wood, type of spindles, skirting, etc.) and they ran with it from there.
Showed up on first day of construction, took down the old staircase, dug for the concrete piers, poured it and got the basic framing done. Efficient, no
Chicago Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
around, totally professional.
Next day it was the decking and rails and soon thereafter the stairs and spindles and skirting.
All the carpentry was top-notch, as was daily clean-up. The crew couldn't have been nicer or more professional.
Chicago Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, who oversaw the project, was accessible and explained everything.
Oh, and the price was right.
Love the results. Couldn't be happier with DAL. Look forward to using them in the future.
- James C.

I really wanted to like
Chicago Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
My initial experience with
Chicago Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
was very positive. The job was scoped in a reasonable amount of time, price wasn't bad, and work began very quickly after the contract was signed.
Chicago Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
was very responsive, courteous, and professional throughout the whole process.
Chicago Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and the crew that did the work didn't seem to be in sync with
Chicago Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, and were unreliable.
Although I appreciated the work starting as soon as it did,
Chicago Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
told me they'd start the following week. No big deal, but it'd be nice to know when things are actually happening.
I also felt like I had to stay on top of them to follow my architect's specifications, which ultimately were not followed in some cases. However, the work has been described as "sufficient," and I'm hoping that since these guys do this kind of work all the time that they made the right sizing and materials choices. I'm suspicious of the bolts used to fasten the beams to the posts (treated lumber) as well - I'm not sure if all of them are galvanized. Nonetheless, I will be keeping a sharp eye on things.
Hopefully I don't have to try and get them back out to fix anything as I can't imagine it'd go smoothly.
Lastly, two electrical junction boxes that were removed to do the work were never reconnected, which I was told would be done several times on specific days. It never happened, and they have my money, which was a dumb move on my part. I've given up and will do the work myself. Again, not the biggest issue as I do electrical work all the time (and I trust myself to do it the right way), but it's just another case of not doing what you said you'd do, when you said you'd do it.
I don't mind when schedules change, that's just how business works sometimes. But to say you're going to show up at a certain time, or do certain work, and you just don't without informing the customer directly and you make me chase you, that's just bad business.
- Ryan A.

Initial condition of the deck wood was neglected; very dry and grey.

Chicago Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
did a very good job power washing and prepping the wood for the staining. The wash really breathed new life into the wood and made it look healthy again. The suggested stain looks great and appears to be holding up just fine. We did encounter some rain delays during the project, but the job was completed in an acceptable time frame.
The guys who came out were very timely, friendly, and able to answer all my questions (and share knowledge) as you'd expect from professional.
Chicago Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
also very honest, motivated to please the customer, and driven to grow his business.
The only reason I went with a B on the quality of the work were:
1. There were some noticeable fan
Chicago Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
where you could tell the power wash didn't quite get to the
Chicago Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
of the wood.
2. As stated before, the wood was neglected and dry and I had to request a few areas be covered again as the wood really sucked up the stain and you could tell the color was slightly off from the surrounding areas. There were NO complaints at all from from the crew that some areas needed additional more stain after a few days.
I recommend
Chicago Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
for quality work, staying on budget, accurate quote, honesty, and professionalism.

- Jason K.
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604 N. Division St.
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TJ'S Maintenance & Remodeling, LLC

PO Box 594
Winfield, IL


2609 10TH ST
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TKL Home Improvements & Handyman service

3117 N.Oconto ave
Elmwood Park, IL

TL Capital Ventures Inc DBA Ls home builders

3149 Dundee #158
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TLC Remodeling

4101 Earlston Rd.
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Tm Image Construction Inc

7321 Summit Rd
Darien, IL

Tmw Enterprises Paving & Maintenance

179 E George St
Bensenville, IL

Tn'T Carpentry

31203 Prairie Ridge Rd
Libertyville, IL

TNS Enterprises, Inc.

Bridgeview, IL

TNT Builders

632 Federal Parkway
Lake Villa, IL

TNT-National Restoration & Home Services

2404 Spring Ridge ave
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1822 Greendale Av
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Marengo, IL


3N628 N 17TH ST
Saint Charles, IL

Tom The Painter

228 Timber Hill Rd
Buffalo Grove, IL

Tom's Construction

PO Box 655
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Tony Cimbalo Construction

1700 Forest Ave
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Tony the Handy One - Handyman Services

437 Kevin Drive
Addison, IL

Top Deck Repair

410 S. Inverness St.
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Top Drawer Carpentry LLC

6959 W Higgins
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Streamwood, IL

Top Notch Remodeling Inc

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3746 N. Central Ave.
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Total Rehab

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3100 31st
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14432 S. California Ave.
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TR Knapp Architects pc

320 North Main Street
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Trademark Construction Inc.

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Tribal Decorating

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PO Box 427
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Tripp Properties

3451 N Tripp
Chicago, IL


Chicago, IL

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5936 N. Caldwell Ave.
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True Customs Inc

31w495 Spaulding Rd
Elgin, IL

True Finish Carpentry

818 Hillview Ave
West Chicago, IL

True Remodeling Inc.

9753 Southwest Highway
Oak Lawn, IL

Trut Quality Inc.

7211 Larchwood Ln.
Woodridge, IL

TVL Construction LLC

P.O. Box 891
Westmont, IL

Twins Painting

1821 Edgewood Rd
Waukegan, IL

Ultimate Remodelers Inc

209 N Highland Ave
Lombard, IL

Ultra Handy, Inc.

524 Ridgewood Lane
Buffalo Grove, IL


Chicago, IL

Unique Construction W & S

8612 78th Ave
Bridgeview, IL

Unique Deck Builders Inc.

172 Skokie Valley Rd
Highland Park, IL

Unique Innovations and Designs, Inc.

Naperville, IL


5701 South California
Chicago, IL

Universal Concrete Systems Inc.

PO Box 1062
Plainfield, IL

Universal Masonry

7707 10th Ave
Kenosha, WI


962 W Colfax St
Palatine, IL

UpKeepers Inc

219 55th St
Clarendon Hills, IL

Upscale Remodeling

925 Edgewood Drive
Sugar Grove, IL

URA Construction

Northbrook, IL

Urban Construction & Development

22w204 Woodview Dr.
Medinah, IL

Urban Handyman Inc

2013 W Touhy Ave
Chicago, IL


2243 N Cleveland Ave
Chicago, IL

Utermark & Sons Quality Lawncare Co

PO Box 1129
Homewood, IL


Glenview, IL

V.I.P Remodeling

Morton Grove, IL


Chicago, IL

Vacko Property Services

PO Box 691
Plainfield, IL

Val's Construction Inc

2512 Harrison St
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West Chicago, IL


West Chicago, IL

Varco Windows & Doors Inc.

319 W Dempster
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vassell remodelling ent

11920 gregory street
Blue Island, il

VC Builds, Inc.

PO Box 264
New Lenox Il, IL

VD Remodeling

6674 W Albion Ave.
Niles, IL

Vekos Remodeling

740 Lakeview Point
Schaumburg, IL


8303 n ozanam
Niles, IL

Vertical Design Inc

105 E Vallette
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Vesper's Remodeling, Inc.

16919 Charlotte Ct.
Harvard, IL

Viking Exteriors and Remodeling, Inc

421 Shagbark Ct
Algonquin, IL

Villa General Contractors LLC

2709 N 76th Ave
Elmwood Park, IL

Vincent Remodeling

402 Cory Dr
Ottumwa, IA

Vincent's Landscaping Contractor, Inc.

27300 S. Klemme Road
Crete, Il

Visual Design Concepts

4425 N Maplewood Ave
Chicago, IL

VK Builders LLC

8910 Burton Rd
Wonder Lake, IL

VLCEK Remodeling

Lockport, IL

VLM construction

751 e cunningham dr
Palatine, IL

VM Landscaping & Nursery Company

2228 Wadsworth Rd
Waukegan, IL

Voss Remodeling Ltd

1065 N Sterling Ave Apt 113
Palatine, IL

Vriner Construction LLC

307 S Cuyler Ave
Oak Park, IL

W K Precision Painting & Decorating

1416 Summerhill Dr
Mundelein, IL


Harwood Heights, IL

Wallace Remodeling

1285 Pleasant Ave
Glendale Heights, IL

Wally's Above &Beyond

1915 Pierce Rd.
Hoffman. Estates, IL


Chicago, IL

Walz Builders Inc.

222 Willowwood Dr.
Oswego, IL

Wangler Construction

E Vallette St
Elmhurst, IL

Ware Landscaping & Snow Removal

964 Eddystone Circle
Naperville, IL


Plainfield, IL

Warrior Construction Inc

Franklin Park, IL

Waterkotte Remodeling

46 Williamsburg Rd
Evanston, IL


15134 Myrtle Ave
Harvey, IL

Wayne Mortensen & Son, General Contractor

25021 W Cedarwood Lane
Ingleside, IL

We Group Renovations & Improvements, Inc.

9163 S. Harvard Ave.
Chicago, IL

Webber Contracting

5125 Blodgett Av.
Downers Grove, IL

Weber Carpentry Inc

303 Circle Rd
Fox River Grove, IL


Waukegan, IL


1811 N. Kostner Ave
Chicago, IL

Wes Jenkins Builders Inc

11218 Wicker Ave
Cedar Lake, IN

Wet Works Concrete

519 E Illinois St
Wheaton, IL


PO Box 494
Saint Charles, IL


1282 Market Place Dr Unit 2112
Yorkville, IL

white pony woodworks

1528 grove dr.
Round Lake, il

Why Not Complete Home Improvements Inc

1395 Prairie St
Des Plaines, IL

Wickenkamp Construction

5309 Business Pkwy
Ringwood, IL


Lombard, IL


Wilmette, IL

Williams Home Remodeling

6411 S Peoria St
Chicago, IL

Wilson Home Restorations

21212 W Commercial Dr
Mundelein, IL

Wilson Ware Group Landscape Architecture

418 N Ashaldn Ave
La Grange Park, IL


Wauconda, IL

Windy City Handyman, Inc.

7259 N. Campbell Street
Chicago, IL

Windy City Residential Remodeling

3339 W Cullom
Chicago, IL

Windy City Woodshop

Oak Park, IL


2645 greenleaf ave
Elk Grove, IL


7902 Pineview Ln
Frankfort, IL

Wirtz Group, Inc

N7236 Cane Drive
Elkhorn, WI

Wisz Choice Construction

209 South Bluff
South Beloit, IL


5S426Sherman Ave
Naperville, IL

WMT Construction Inc.

8810 Briar Ct
Des Plaines, IL

Wojcieszak Painting

La Porte, IN


830 W Country Dr
Bartlett, IL

Wood Craft Creations

Schoger Drive
Naperville, IL

wood fence repairs

115 E Ogden Ave
Chicago, IL

Woodcrest Builders Inc

5111 Timber Ln
Woodstock, IL

Woodcut Remodeling

148 S Lombard Ave
Lombard, IL

Wooden Valley Carpentry

4208 11th Street
Winthrop Harbor, IL

Woodridge Builders Inc

2602 Sigwalt St
Rolling Meadows, IL

Woodridge Homes Inc

71 W. Paddock St
Crystal Lake, IL

Woods Home Improvements

P.O. Box 6070
River Forest, IL

Woodstar Energy LLC

513 Rose Ave
Des Plaines, IL

WoodWork Arts

124 Linden Ave
Streamwood, IL

Woodworks Contracting

6483 E Oakhill Rd
Stillman Valley, IL

Wook Kim

27 N Wacker Dr
Chicago, IL


23737 W. Bayview Road
Antioch, IL

World Class Construction Inc.

714 N Walnut St.
Itasca, IL

World Class Painting & Decorating Inc.

624 Sheridan Rd
Highwood, IL

WR Wheeler's Accessible Living Solutions

P.O. Box 965
Park Forest, IL

WW Construction & Roofing, Inc.

16W591 Crest Ave.
Bensenville, IL

xTop Construction

517 S President St
Wheaton, IL

YAD Construction LLC

1644 n Normandy ave
Chicago, IL

Yamane Development LLC

3317 W Irving Park
Chicago, IL

Yellow Square Corporation

1024 Arcady Dr
Lake Forest, IL

Yonke Construction, Inc

PO Box 601
Zion, IL


PO BOX 595
Yorkville, IL

Your Chicagoland Remodeling

12822 Carriage Ln.
Midlothian, IL

Your Handyman

418 White Oak Dr.
Roselle, IL

Your Handyman

995 Willow St
Itasca, IL

Your Handyman

704 Sutton Circle
Wheeling, IL

Your Home Town Painting Services

3S264 State Route 59
Warrenville, IL

Yuba Company

PO Box 66
La Grange, IL


P.O. Box 23
Elk Grove Village, IL


Lyons, IL


1801 N Bloomington St
Streator, IL

Zeco Construction Group Inc.

8560 Plainfield Rd.
Lyons, IL

6850 W Montrose Ave
Harwood Heights, IL

ZiDe Enterprises

2113 Red Barn Ct
Woodstock, IL

Ziggy Painting

3428 N Octavia Ave
Chicago, IL

Zigman Construction & Remodeling

7115 Hiawatha Dr
Wonder Lake, IL


Evanston, IL

ZM Construction

43247 N. Grandview Terrace
Antioch, IL

Zumpano Builders Inc

West Chicago, IL
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