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Robert A.
"He claimed to had cleaned it before we moved in, and we found cat hair in all the cabinets, the oven and bedrooms. He told us we would have access to basic cable, we had nothing. He" said he would fix the microwave and never did. He said he would replace the crushed tile in the living room and never did. The toilet backed up two-three times a month for the first six months we lived there, and I missed about a weeks worth of work. When asked to come make the repairs,
would either be traveling or tell me where I could go find the part to replace whatever needed to be fixed. We had ants, termites...he did nothing. At one point in time we wanted to leave because someone smashed the windshield out of the back side of my car. He said that if we left early, we would
our deposit (which was fine) but that we would also be responsible for realtor fees, any repairs that had to be made on the apartment and background checks for the new tenants. During our last month in the apartment, my wife and I just had our first child. He didn't care what time of the day it was, just texted almost every day saying that he needed to show the apartment and to respond immediately. I explained to him that my wife had just had our kid and that I didn't want strange people looking at the apartment while I was at work or at the hospital. Every time he did bring someone over,
never looked me in the eye or talked to me directly. My wife would sit on our bed with our son, I'd be packing and he'd go through the house as though we didn't exist. We dealt with it because we had too, but having tons of people come in to go through your entire house right after you've brought a baby home from the hospital isn't the most joyous experience. Thing is,
does not care about those he rents too, so long as he gets his money. He won't ever respond to any of your problems but expects you to answer him immediately. He is a greedy, selfish old coward that will take your money at whatever the cost. Even if you leave the apartment in the condition you received it in, he will keep your deposit for 'cleaning fees'. Also beware; he has a background in Law and will use that to his advantage against you.
Rated by
Dana T.
and the other housekeeper (forget her name) came and went over the detailed checklist of items to be cleaned. Asked if we had any questions and got right to" work. They were very professional and friendly. They charged $40/hour for 2 house cleaners. It took 3 hours, plus $5/per blind. For a total of $145.00 We are fairly tidy, keep stuff picked up, but our bathrooms and kitchen especially needed cleaning. They did your standard cleaning, plus baseboards, front of cabinets, ceiling fans, all dusting of everything. Mopped, etc.... Our house sparkled and looked great! I would highly recommend!!!! They have a list of add-on items, such as windows, inside the oven, etc. We were very pleased and will use again. Very pleased that the quote over the phone was exactly what we got.
Rated by
Katharine H.
"Things could not have been worse!
is manipulative and shady. My father hired them and suddenly passed away only 2 days after signing a vague contract for" a $22,000 home project and putting 25% down up front. They just started the job so a lot hadn’t been done yet but the wife who handles much of the business tried to convince me to finish the job. I told them to stop work until further notice. I had no power; I didn’t own the house or have control of my father’s finances. I told her we would make sure they were paid for work done until that point but I needed an itemized invoice. She was several days late getting that to me and then she showed up to the funeral! That night I reviewed the invoice and the charges were outrageous and farfetched considering that $6,500 was already paid to them and not much had been done. I requested receipts (from listed tool rentals, purchase of new windows, etc). She refused and filed a mechanics
on the house immediately. I sought legal advice and they contacted her in the hopes of obtaining receipts per my request. She adjusted the invoice to a lower amount but still reused to show any receipts. After a rude voicemail to me she eventually agreed to send what she had. After following up with her several times she still never sent them. Months later I needed the mechanic’s
removed and we agreed on an amount to remove the
which was still high, over $5300. But we needed to sell the property so the
had to be removed. Do yourself a favor and
’t go near

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Horrible, The rental staff, trained to sell it well. The list of amenities are a joke, half of them don't exist. Once the lease is signed, you are on your own. Termites, rats, roaches, they don't fix anything. At least until you threaten legal action. Then when they do, it's a band aid repair. A/C units seriously outdated and always having problems. Only one apartment is nice, the model they show you. They will tell you that you cant see your unit due to "the contractors are working on it". The rent here is high giving the illusion that your getting a good place to live. The residents for the most part are decent and seem to be very respectable.

The first rental we were in had sewage backup into the downstairs sinks. This included the neighbors sewage. In the sink that I washed my dishes in. They sent a plumber whom told my wife and I that this wasn't their first call to that unit, and it was explained to management that the whole buildings plumbing needed major work. Yet they continued to rent it. I had to threatened to move into a hotel and send them the bill.

We were offered another unit, the "newly remodeled" one, We took it, thinking maybe they just made an honest mistake. We took a smaller one for higher rent because it was remodeled. They had us sign a new lease. After a couple of weeks we were told that we weren't being charged enough rent, they had to raise it. Vehicle break ins are common here, they take no action, to
Chicago Apartment Services Provider Name Locked
them, even tough they have the means to provide security. The trash dumpster is constantly overflowing, and smells like a landfill. At least once or twice a month it flows into the driveway. Part of it is due to non residents bringing their trash in, no one stops them.

Go the other way, there are plenty of places to rent in this area, cheaper and way better. Save yourself the headache. I have videos and many pictures to prove this as well as other problems.
- Joshua L.

All in all, this is the worst apartment I have ever rented. It was $829 a month for about 700 sq feet of living space, but we paid it so we could have a fenced in area for our dogs. This was the whole reason we chose these apartments. Big mistake!!! The apartments have extremely old fixtures. Baseboard heating and 2 window air conditions (which did nothing to cool down the place), which barely worked, and resulted in an electric bill over $300 a month. And we hardly ever used the air conditioning since it didn't do any good. There was no washer and dryer in half the units and they charge you $3 a load and $10 to get a card that you HAVE to have in order to do laundry. The staffed seemed nice while I lived there, and then once I moved, their true colors came out. I got a letter stating I breached my contract, which no one told us about until we were gone. The letter said they wouldn't be returning our deposit because of the breach in contract and that we owed them rent for the month of October. Then when I called about, the woman who answered,
Chicago Apartment Services Provider Name Locked
, was rude. She kept talking over me and raised her voice because I had to do the same to TRY and get a word in. Then she told me they would be sending us a bill for the carpet because there was dog urine all of the carpets, which is not true because we cleaned the carpets just before we left, and they looked brand new. Save your money and time, and rent somewhere else.
- Stacy B.

Chicago Apartment Services Provider Name Locked
are a nightmare. First, I had maintenance do repairs on my apartment and I gave them permission to enter. I did not think I had any problems after that until I went into the private office of the Main Property Manager and saw a brass vase sitting in her office, and I picked it up and asked her where she had gotten that and she would not tell me. I told her that is my grandmother's vase that has been in my family for generations and instead of trying to get answers for me, she started to
Chicago Apartment Services Provider Name Locked
at me and said " prove it" I turned it over and said it is engraved. I called the police and they did not want to pursue it due to the fact that the vase did not cost over 1000 dollars. I always trusted management and the service providers that made repairs on my apartment. All the handymen work directly for the apartments. Because of this issue I went through my entire house and my storage room. I never go in my storage room, but the handyman had to empty it out in order to change the hot water heater and I remembered that so I looked through the room and sure enough my up right dolly and flat dolly were gone. I complained to the office and started talking bad about me in Spanish to their co-workers and they were saying racist things, however, they did not know I do speak and understand 100% Spanish. All together my video camera was gone. I opened up the box to my laptop that I purchased as a gift and the laptop was missing out of the box. The Manager was rude and of course she was apart of the theft because I found the bronze vase in her office. Nobody is allowed in her office, so she thought nobody would find it. I opened the door and let myself in because it was so busy in there that I had to find a place to sit down. Besides the theft..............I have gone 9 months without a working oven. When I first moved in the handy man came and said he would order parts and he would come back and he never came back. 9 months later I still do not have a working oven. The handy man said I will be here Sunday to replace the oven. I waited all day on that Sunday and nobody showed up. I went out and found one of the handy men on property and he said we do not have any ovens. I asked him why he would let me sit all day if he never intended on showing up. The Manager in the office now is
Chicago Apartment Services Provider Name Locked
and she is very rude. She recently had all of the apartments sprayed and if all the cabinets were not empty she said " oh well, if they are not all empty then you are not getting sprayed at all" I told her that the apartments only gave 3 days notice and the elderly and handicapp could not get help to remove everything and she continued to say " oh well"
Chicago Apartment Services Provider Name Locked
is very rude.
Chicago Apartment Services Provider Name Locked
allows every ghetto, drug dealer, garbage to move in here. If anyone wants to buy drugs, get robbed, this is the place that it is going on. VIENNA
Chicago Apartment Services Provider Name Locked
is the name of the manager that stole my belongings. When I told her that I was going to the police she all of a sudden did not work for the apartments anymore. Be careful.............VIENNA
Chicago Apartment Services Provider Name Locked
may work at another complex. The management would not allow me to get out of my lease unless I pay hundreds of dollars. I am surprised at how unprofessional management is. The manager should be nice to their tenants that are good and never cause problems, because we can live wherever we want, so if someone is going to be rude to us than why should we stay. I tried to walk my dog and a bunch of guys asked me if I was afraid of black guys. I just kept walking. The property manager is the worst and do not even try to get a call in to the property management company. The Property Management company is in California and they do not take calls. The only way to contact them is through an email and the only response you receive back is we have received your email and we are handling the situation, yet nothing ever changes. These apartments are also on a list that gives discounts to people who's company is transferring them or people who are going to school. DO NOT PUT THESE APARTMENTS ON YOUR LIST. I was surprised that there were not a large amount of Angie List complaints on, but the tenants here are low income people and would not spend the extra money to pay for an Angie's List subscription, but I paid the money just to warn everyone. Please be aware before renting will regret it.
Chicago Apartment Services Provider Name Locked
/Prime Management Group...bad bad bad
- tracy H.

Very professional, did things exactly the way we wanted , always very attentive, clean, great price, did a very good satisfying job , timily wis

- cresio D.

I'm not one to rant but....The day of arrival (which I showed up a day later than expected) was greeted by management stating cleaning had yet to come and there was no door knob or lock to be found. The floor was covered in dust from construction, the blind rods were broke (later repaired) and there was no actual cleaning found. We were given an opportunity to move to a different unit but still the same mess. When construction is done there should be a sweep through. It took 3 boxes of Swiffers to get the dirt almost gone. Nevertheless, we tried to press on but to our surprise the A/C was broke and we were told to wait 3-5 days when a tech could come repair it even though habitable standards in the agreement state any lack of A/C on 80 degrees and up are emergency response situations. The maintenance was poor and lacking, especially when the drunk teens pull the alarms at 4 a.m. on a weekday. By then end of our patience the garbage door was broke majority of the time and garbage piled up the walls creating smells and flies. I would also advise to really check into the surrounding building/organizations if you are concerned about your safety.
At the end of the battle
Chicago Apartment Services Provider Name Locked
refused to speak with me or come to any sort of reasonable settlement.
- Josh D.

Chicago Apartment Services Provider Name Locked
in Beech Grove, Indiana -
My new husband and I had lived here for approximately four years before
Chicago Apartment Services Provider Name Locked
for a new home. We began our
Chicago Apartment Services Provider Name Locked
a few months before our
lease ended, and found the home of our dreams faster than we
anticipated. After speaking with the apartment complex about moving into
the home (30 days prior to the closing date for our home), we were
greeted with delays, untrained office personnel, and excuses. The office
was understaffed and the manager on duty refused to meet with us,
despite multiple trips to the front office. In the end, we are being
asked to pay an extra months rent and an extra $450 because we were
given a discount on our rental fee for the year.
It is important to note that this "discount" continued to grow smaller
over the years as our rent increased dramatically. I would not advise
anyone to move into this apartment complex nor any of the other
complexes owned by this company.
This is all especially
frustrating because we are not moving to a competitor, nor have we ever
created problems for this complex. It would be nearly impossible to time
a home purchase with the end of a lease. Think about this before moving
Chicago Apartment Services Provider Name Locked
-- especially as these individuals are unwilling to negotiate or work with you in any way!
- Craig V.

I guess you get what you pay for. The monthly rent was only $585.00; the grounds are nice, the apartments are nice in appearance, the apartment managers are nice, but that is where the niceness ends. We were locked into a year lease with
Chicago Apartment Services Provider Name Locked
for their Town & Country Apartments in Calcutta, Ohio, believing that the apartments were "quiet", the main request we had upon signing the lease. Within a few weeks, we realized that the apartments were anything, but soundproof. You can hear everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) through the paper thin walls. My husband and I were forced to sleep in the living room of our apartment because of the loud snoring from the neighbor above us, but snoring wasn't the only problem; we could hear people relieving themselves in their bathrooms and walking around in their apartments (which is normal I suppose, but we could also hear the cat above us running back and forth across the floor at all hours of the night). If that wasn't problematic enough, lack of proper ventilation within the apartments allowed the smoke from cigarettes of our smoking neighbors to seep into our non-smoking apartment. No matter how hard I tried to get rid of the smell of cigarettes, I couldn't. When we approached
Chicago Apartment Services Provider Name Locked
about the "noise" problem, mainly the loud snoring from the tenant above, we were told that we could be moved to another apartment, but in doing so, we had to sign another year's lease. They weren't willing to budge on that stipulation; stating that if they made an exception for us, they would have to make one for everyone; which in itself was comical considering that on the secure door in which one enters the apartment building it has "no pets" painted on the glass, however, there are both cats and dogs in the building. Our year lease will end in October and I have contacted the corporate office by phone and mail several times; trying to speak with the Property Manager as well as the CEO, hoping that they would work to better soundproof the apartments for future tenants, but to no avail. All letters have been ignored. Needless to say, I am very glad that our lease is up within a few weeks and that we will be moving out of our apartment and for the first time in nearly a year, we will be getting a sound sleep.
- Cheryl F.
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LAW Ventures Ltd

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1951 Euclid Avenue
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M&M Remodeling

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Magic Hammer

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Master Detailers

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MC Associates & Developments

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Aurora, IL

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Lombard, IL

Modern Property Management, Inc.

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Remax Properties Northwest

37 S. Prospect
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401 E 32nd St.
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4115 n richmond
Chicago, IL

Rick Tojza - Gamma Painting

126 E. Wing St Box 373
Arlington Heights, IL


5218 south Latrobe


3400 W. 111th St Ste482
Chicago, IL

Ryan Alm

Joliet, IL

Ryan Realty & Associates Inc

2615 N Sheffield
Chicago, IL

Safe Pros Cleaning Service, Inc

605 E 71st Street
Chicago, IL

Shaleh Homes DBA Stedman's Real Estate

2400 Johnsburg Rd
Johnsburg, IL

Simply Made 4 You

8224 W Lwarence Ave
Harwood Heights, IL

Sparkle Time Cleaning

Crystal Lake, IL


Mchenry, IL

Spic And Span House Cleaning Service

7310 S, Morgan St.
Chicago, IL

Spotless Cleaning

Villa Park, IL

stan's hauling

6119 s mason ave
Chicago, IL

State Farm

368 W Huron
Chicago, IL

Stay In Touch Mobile

1770 S Randall Road
Genava, IL

Tender Loving Care Jan. & Maint.

8531 S. Kingston
Chicago, il


Chicago, IL

The Big Boys

Joliet, Il

The Garcilazo Group

Vernon Hills, IL

The Ponds of Naperville

1333 Modaff Rd C1
Naperville, IL

The Sanctuary of Lake Villa

851 Sanctuary Dr
Lake Villa, IL

Timber Oaks Apartment Community

310 S Route 59
Ingleside, IL


212 E Morthland Drive
Valparaiso, IN

TKL Home Improvements & Handyman service

3117 N.Oconto ave
Elmwood Park, IL

TLG Properties LLC

904 Longmeadow Ct
Barrington, IL

Toro Builders Corp.

5412 W. Roosevelt
Chicago, IL

Tranquility Plus 2

Oak Park, IL


747 N La Salle Dr # 210
Chicago, IL

Truly Green Cleaning Service INC

P.O Box 4614
Chicago, Il

TruQuill LLC

833 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL

Universal Construction

618 George St.
Waukegan, Il

Urban Building Services Inc

7311 W Roscoe St
Chicago, IL

Walters Painting Co.

1641 S. 57th Avenue
Cicero, Il


Waukegan, IL

World Business Solutions

15251 State
South Holland, IL

Z's Comercial and Residantial Cleaning Services

1707 Huntington court
Wheeling, IL

Zigman Construction & Remodeling

7115 Hiawatha Dr
Wonder Lake, IL
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