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Sharon W.
was the consummate professional and I have nothing but good things to say about him as he was timely, responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. " DryPro provided me with an abundance of helpful information on their products and services. By the looks of it they use top notch materials, particularly their sump pump and basin and they offer a very good-looking warranty. They are however expensive, quoting me for $13,458 for the option that made the most sense to me while a competitor's quote was more the $5000 less for the same work and similar materials and warranty. The CleanSpace system that DryPro uses is marketed by its owner (Basement Systems Inc.) in a book DryPro sent me as a passive radon mitigation system, however the EPA does not recommend only sealing crawlspace walls and floors for radon mitigation. In fact several studies have found that sealing a crawlspace can substantially increase radon levels in many cases to the point that it is a health hazard. It takes installing vent pipes under the liner and extending out of the liner and then out of the house for it to be a radon mitigation system, which is not something that DryPro seems to do as that was not mentioned anywhere in their materials and they are not listed as a radon mitigator on the websites of the North
Department of Health and Human Services, the National Radon Proficiency Program, or the National Radon Safety Board. I didn't find many if any who specialize in sealing crawlspaces who are. Instead I focused on making sure any liner installed could form a good seal and be used by a qualified radon mitigator if needed. FYI, I did see my radon levels climb from around 1.3 pCi/L to about 3.4 pCi/L after having a competitor seal my crawlspace and will be having radon mitigation done. While the high price would have been very hard to swallow and the mistaken overselling of CleanSpace as constituting passive radon mitigation by itself bothered me, what tipped the
for me was one of the Terms and Conditions in their agreement: "DP limits its responsibility for any and all claims of missing or damaged personal property to an aggregate amount of $250 per contract." That is not a typo. A $250 limit of liability on a $13k contract for a several hundred thousand dollar home and its contents. Even if that doesn't apply to the house itself (which isn't clear to me), it still doesn't strike me as reasonable given the limit of liability on a checked bag for domestic air travel is $3400 and so I felt justified in marking DryPro's professionalism rating down a bit for lawyering away accountability.
Rated by
Doug W.
"Work was contracted with this firm due to the fact that during the evaluation of the crawlspace, I had multiple proposals, and
recommended not to encapsulate" the crawlspace, where others gave no other alternatives.
could have easily agreed with the others to get the work, but gave me an option. The work was scheduled, executed by very friendly personnel who worked very hard to make sure all areas were covered and the fungus removed. One of the areas that I appreciated as much as the work was the fact that money was not requested the minute they finished. I was invoiced "after" they called to see that I was satisfied with the results. I definitely would recommend this firm
Rated by
"The wood repair was made under my front door and several small pieces of trim in the front door area were replaced with a pvc material. The trim work was not caulked; it was very noticeable" as you walked up to my front door. When I specifically asked
to have his guys caulk the new pieces, he refused to, saying there was no need to caulk the new pieces because they wouldn't rot if water penetrated between or behind them. Having gaps between those pieces created an eyesore as you walked up to my front door. The work that was done in my crawlspace was horrible. For starters, the piece of wood under my front door that was replaced had been done from the crawlspace. The worker had removed the insulation under my front door/foyer, but when he was finished with the wood repair he didn't replace the insulation. My front door/foyer area was left with no insulation underneath it. The drain line for the sump pump was supposed to run from the back of my house to my back property line to get the water away from my house. Without my knowledge or permission, the drain line was installed going out the side of my foundation and it ended about a foot away from my foundation. This obviously is NOT getting water away from my house. In fact, the sump pump drain line was located so that it dumped water along the very foundation wall where water was entering the crawlspace in the first place. After the guys dug the trench around the interior perimeter of my crawlspace, they started to cover it with plastic without putting the black corrugated pipe into the trench. I asked them where the black pipe was and they said that
hadn't brought them any. It was just lucky that I happened to look into the crawlspace to see what they were doing (or not doing) because otherwise they would have covered the trench with plastic and I never would have know that they never installed the black corrugated pipe in the trench. The worker did call
to bring the black pipe;
claimed that we had never discussed putting the pipe in the trench when we had.
' attitude became hostile and aggressive towards me. When quoting the job,
had explained to me in detail what the pipe looked like and how it would be installed in the trench and I had written it down during our conversation. Once the work began, I think
was looking to cut corners and figured that since the trench would be covered with plastic I would never know that the black pipe had never been put in the trench.
refused to install the black corrugated pipe in the drain trench unless I agreed to pay $68 extra. I agreed to pay the additional money just to keep things moving; it just wasn't worth it to argue with him over it. The sump pump had a one inch opening at the top of it to discharge water, and yet the worker hooked it to a one half inch diameter pvc drain line with a piece of flexible hose in between the sump pump and the drain line with no glue, clamps, etc. holding the pieces of hose and pvc pipe together. Any person with common sense knows that's going to be a problem. You can't have an opening one inch wide discharging water into an opening one half inch wide. That is a recipe for disaster. Before I describe the disaster that occurred on 9/13/14 as a result of the faulty installation of the sump pump and drain line, let me explain that I contacted
numerous times over a 4 month period asking him to please come to my home to inspect the problems with the work that his guys did and to please correct the problems.
adamantly denied that there was anything wrong with the work that they had done and yet he never did come to my house to inspect the work that his guys did. After I paid
, I was left "swinging in the wind." Before the work in the crawlspace was completed,
sent one of his guys to get a check from me for the final payment. I didn't want to pay before the work was not completed, but his worker insisted that he had been instructed to get the check from me and take it
. I told him that I would mail the check to
after the work was completed if
didn't want to come pick it up, but the worker insisted that
had told him not to leave my house without my final payment in hand. Against my better judgment, I caved in to the pressure and wrote a check for the final payment before the work was completed. On 6/20/14, I texted
about the problems with the work in my crawlspace. I told him that the plastic was falling down off the walls in my crawlspace and that there was water pooling on top of the plastic on the floor of the crawlspace.
immediately said that there was no problem with the work that they had done (he would have no way to know that since he'd never seen the work that was done.)
said that after they had done my job that he had realized that the adhesive that they had been using was defective and that they were having a lot of issues with it not holding. He said that he had had the 3M Rep come out and look at it. He said that the adhesive was repeatedly failing and that he had changed to another kind of adhesive after they did my job. I told him that my crawlspace walls would need to be re-glued with the "new" adhesive.
said that I must have a plumbing problem if water was pooling on top of the plastic on the floor of my crawlspace. He said that he would come to my home on 6/25.
was a "no-show" for our appointment on 6/25 and I did not receive any communication from him. I did have my plumber inspect my crawlspace to see if I had any plumbing problems. My plumber said that my plumbing was fine and that the only problem in my crawlspace was with the work that
had done. My plumber pointed out the improper placement of the sump pump drain line so that it dumped water about a foot away from the foundation of my home along the very wall where water was coming into my crawlspace in the first place. My plumber also pointed out the poor workmanship that
did when they connected a sump pump with a one inch diameter output to a half inch pvc drain line. My plumber also noted the plastic falling down off the walls. I never received any communication from
after his "no-show" for our appointment on 6/25. On 8/13 I contacted
again and he said that he would come to my home the morning on 8/18. On 8/18,
was a "no-show" again. When I walked out of my house that morning, I saw a van sitting in front of my house. One of
' workers (
) got out of the van and told me that he was there to re-glue the plastic where it was falling off the walls. I asked him if he had the new adhesive and he said, "no" that
had given him the old adhesive (the stuff that he was no longer using because it repeatedly failed). I asked him if he was going to fix the drain line on the sump pump or replace the missing insulation under my house and he said "no," that he had only been given instructions to re-glue the plastic on the walls (with the old, defective adhesive). I told him that it didn't make sense to use the old adhesive that
had already determined was defective due to it's high failure rate; he said that was all
had given him. I asked him if
was meeting him at my home and he said that
wasn't coming to my home. Since
was at my home and
wasn't, I took him around and showed him the problems with the work that had been done so that he could describe it to
since I couldn't get
to come to my home. That same day (8/18) I emailed
and asked him to please give me a day and time that he could come to my home that week to inspect the problems with the work in my crawlspace and to schedule a time to get the problems corrected.
did not respond to my email. AND THEN THE DISASTER HAPPENED.....On Saturday night, 9/13, my daughter heard noises coming through our dining room floor. I went outside in the pouring rain and opened my crawlspace door. The sump pump that
installed was shooting water straight out of the top of it into the floor joists of my home. There was about 4 inches of reddish brown water on top of the plastic on the floor of my crawlspace. The insulation under my dining room was saturated with water; some of it was falling down onto the ground from the weight of the water. The water was shooting up out of the sump pump into the floor joists and then splashing back down onto the plastic on the floor of the crawlspace. There was no hose attached to the top of the sump pump. All of the wood framing underneath my house was saturated with water. It might be necessary to pull up the flooring in my dining room to dry the subfloor. On Sunday, 9/14, I emailed
and described to him in detail what had happened the night before. He emailed me back saying that he would be at my house on Monday morning, 9/15.
was a "no-show" on 9/15 and I received no communication from him to let me know that he wasn't coming to my home. I emailed him on 9/15 and asked for his insurance information (he had not provided it to me when he did the work at my home) and he refused. It will cost thousands of dollars to repair the damages to my home. He had another appointment for 9/16 but was a noshow. My communications to
throughout this process have been civil and professional while his communications to me have been hostile, aggressive, disrespectful, and extremely unprofessional. There was a NOTICE OF SERVICE OF PROCESS BY PUBLICATION in the Mecklenburg Times on 5/9/14 stating that
. were being sued by in Mecklenburg County Superior Court for Negligent Construction, Breach of Contract, Breach of Good Faith and Fair Dealing, Fraud in the Inducement, and Unjust Enrichment. The case number is 13-CVS-18370.

Charlotte Basement Waterproofing Articles

Basement Waterproofing reviews in Charlotte


First, on his initial visit,
Charlotte Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
was the only company to sit down and actually draw me a picture of what the problem was and exactly how he proposed to fix it. He spent a great deal of time with me so that I had a clear understanding of what needed to be done. (Keep in mind I have no aptitude for something like this.)
Charlotte Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
(the lead),
Charlotte Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
Charlotte Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
worked their tails off.
Charlotte Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
consistently gave me status updates which really helped. They were punctual and didn't stop until they were done. There was no slack time. The project took 2 days, as estimated by
Charlotte Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
This company does not do sheet rock, which I knew ahead of time, but
Charlotte Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
will me in touch with someone who he has worked with in the past.
I'm a very happy camper and because the value that
Charlotte Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
provided is about as good as it gets.
- Doug M.

On March 27th, I had a very informative meeting at the rental property site with the sales representative who was knowlegable and helpful. He did a fine job describing the process for installation of piers to support a structure like mine and recommended an engineering firm to proivide the required engineering design opinion and clearance letter after installation who I ended up using and was pleased with. I was told the installation would take approximately 2 days, but once installation began, they discovered the gas meter needed to be relocated instead of simply disconnected. This should have been anticipated. I was never told of the delay but odly, I received a call from someone in the office a few weeks later asking if the job was complete. Not knowing, I suggested she talk with the project manager and for him to call me with an update. This happened again over the course of several weeks. Frustrating! I ended up having to call the slaes rep and project manager more than once to encourage them to get the job completed ASAP. I attempted to call the owner of the business but was never successful in reaching him. It took until June 19 to finally get the job completed. Then I didn't receive a bill for another 2 months.
The job appears to have been done well, however, I prefer to keep things within an agreed upon schedule and if unexpected delays happen, I expect to be kept informed. Neither of these things occured. Plenty of room for improvement here.
- Sam H.

6811 Honors Ct
Charlotte Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
showed up as scheduled and listened to the work I wanted done following an engineer's inspection.He then measured the property where the work was to be done.Later I received an e-mail with a drawing of the property with the work to be done including detailed measurements and pricing. Several alternative upgrades were priced out separately for me to consider.

After a lengthy delay on my part the work was scheduled several months later and the crew began as scheduled to perform the repairs and upgrades.
The work went well and the worker team was very conscientious and courteous.They cleaned up every day and were eager to do little extras as well.
I asked them to return for a minor issue and they returned and rearranged a pipe for better flow into my yard at no charge.

- Bill I.

Insulation and mold was done on Friday, August 15th. They did a good job. Second crew came out on Monday, August 18th. They installed new insulation in crawl space and put down materials to seal the area. They removed all loose items in crawl space and raked it out. Overall a very good job.

Went great! Actual pricing more the package prepurchased, but still a good value. B only because i was a little surprised by the upcharge, but will use them again. Very good crew and very professional. The quality of he work was fantastic.

Dry Pro installed a Crawlspace French drain and sump pump using affiliate company ADVANTA for mold issue and
Charlotte Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
Electric for electrical relating to sump pump. All want well from initial inspection and estimate to installation. The franchise drain installation crew worked efficiently and were always ready to answer questions or provide explanation when asked. Would use provider again based on the experience to date.
- Emily S.

What a difference!
Charlotte Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
's work immediately raised my property value.
Charlotte Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
was thorough and professional. It was obvious from the start that his company takes quality and customer satisfaction very seriously. He spent the time to determine what I wanted and what I thought was best. He then offered his recommendation and never wavered from initial cost estimates.
The work was performed quickly and the crew cleaned up completely. Absolutely 100% satisfied.
- Scott K.
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