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Looking back, I never should have allowed
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
in my house without advance compensation before scheduling an appointment and having him sign a contract first.
No. 1. – I have no idea whether
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
was true in his representations to me. I have no documentation except his business
card. Questions I have in my mind are whether he was really location scouting or was he simply trying to gain entry
into my house for an alternative reason. Did someone pay him to gain access to take photos of my house interior?
No. 2 – I have no control over what he does with the photographs of my house and I have no contracted rights because I did not make him sign a contract before even scheduling an appointment and or gaining access to my house.
No. 3 – He now has photos of the interior layout of my house for which anyone may be able to gain access. They would be able to see what type of alarm I have, how the layout is with respect to the windows, etc. This is a personal security risk that I am
not comfortable with.
No. 4 – I am out $125 because I had to pay an AC repair main for what was simply
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
turning off a switch that looked like a light switch. Understandable, but I am now out of $125 that I did not plan on paying and would not have had to pay if I would not have let him into my house.
No. 5 - I received no compensation for my time and access to the property. In short, he received something of value for which I failed to adequately price out and obtain fair compensation. (My error. I hope this review will keep members from making this error as well.)
Many times, location scouts will get access to a home based on the potential for future revenue if your home is chosen. The likelihood of your home being chosen is small; therefore, homeowners should focus on getting compensation up front before allowing access to their home, as well as an agreement as to what will be done with the photos and the % of revenues to be earned from those photos in the event they are placed in publications. Control over how the photos may be used is key to your safety as well as your rights from each revenue producing activity that should be preauthorized.
A homeowner being approached by
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
or any other location scout that wishes to gain access to their home should strongly consider the following:
A. Your time, access to your home, and the photographs of your home that will be taken have value. Before giving any of the above, you should obtain compensation in advance.
Making yourself available and cleaning the house for prep takes time and your time has value, therefore you should be
compensated in advance before showing your home to someone by obtaining a check that clears and or cash.
B. Just meeting with a location scout and walking your house in the middle of the day while you would normally be at work will likely cost you vacation time, hourly wages, and or lost sales if you are a business owner. If you have to meet at a last minute type of thing you should be compensated even more for the inconvenience of having to get someone to stand in for you at
work, the lost sales, or the aggravation factor that your co-workers and or boss may incur because you may have to leave work at a certain time to meet the scout.
C. You have no idea as to how safe it will be to let him and or others in your house. You
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
’t know these people. What can you do to make this a safe situation?
D. Your home has value, otherwise they would not even want to gain access to it to take pictures and see the layout; therefore, no one should not take the value of your home access for granted. You should be paid upfront before even
allowing a location scout in your home. After the access is granted, you have no way to get compensated unless you have a
contracted right which will likely have to be enforced by an attorney who will want to be paid an advance retainer out of your pocket.
E. The time to bring up the compensation for your time and access to your house should be brought up before you even schedule an appointment. You should be paid before he or she can even enter the house to check the layout and take pictures.
F. Individuals representing themselves may or may not be location scouts but may also be working on the side for someone else to obtain photos of your house interior in order to determine your standard of living, or other ulterior motives. Getting access to one’s home and having the ability to take pictures of their home usually reveals a lot of information about the family and their lifestyle. Do you have any disgruntled business partners, divorced spouses, or are you in the midst of some business negotiations at that particular time in your life? Something to consider.
G. Make the location scout tell you why he or she is interested in your house. Do not settle for someone telling you that you have a house that has “a certain look.” Act like you are a real estate agent and ask what features make your house stand out.
If your house has a certain look and there are twenty more up and down your street or in your neighborhood and similar in feature, why would your house be any different than theirs? Look at the individual while they answer your questions; you are looking for signs someone is trying to deceive you. Does it sound right? Does it make sense? Look at their body language.
H. Obtain a consultation from an attorney and get a contract mapped out for not only film location purposes but also for
publication purposes to cover any and all possible uses of the pictures in publications. If legitimate, the location scout should be able to fax and or email you a contract before even coming out. This is part of the paper trail.
I. Before allowing access, have him mail / fax / email you something on letterhead bearing his signature stating the business purpose and the film associated as well as the name of the company that has hired him to survey locations. Contact the company that has engaged him through an independent internet
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
and have them mail / fax / email you something on letterhead that will prove that he has been engaged to perform this service. This may be a way to not only confirm his business purpose, but it will also require him and the hiring company to document on their letterhead (accompanied
with a printed name, title, and signature) as to what is really going on to establish legitimacy and that this is not a con. Additionally, this is part of the paper trail and your attorney can use all of this information when he or she is either reviewing their contracts and or constructing your own. The more documentation you have, the more information you will have in the event of a claim against your homeowner policy and or a dispute over compensation.
J. Do these people have insurance? A normal business has general liability, auto, and work man’s compensation insurance.
Does the location scout have general liability and workman’s compensation insurance in the name of his business? What if he or she falls and injures themselves and or does something inadvertently to damage my home, what insurance policy will
cover the injuries and or damage? Prior to the scout coming onto my property, he or she should be like any other
contractor. His agent must mail, fax, and or email me a
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
page (declaration of insurance) for which I am identified
as a certificate holder in case he or she falls or claims to fall or damages my property. This can be done within twenty-hours. This is part of the paper trail and also insures my homeowner policy is not used as a cash cow to someone looking to file a bogus claim and therefore making my rates go up.
K. No matter what the urgency is, do not skip the above steps. Common tactics are that the location scout is going to be in town only for a number of hours and or days, or that the film is behind deadline, etc. It does not really matter. Your safety, your privacy, your right to fixed and royalty compensation, your litigation exposure, and your home are more important than anyone’s
urgency. DO NOT LET ANYONE RUSH YOU. Urgency is a typical sign of a con designed to shorten time between your ability to obtain information and confirm the story as well adequately consider the risks versus rewards of the situation.
L. Consider do you really even want a film crew on the property as a homeowner. Some internet searches will give you an idea about how much wear and tear your home will incur as a result of the numerous crew members all over your house and your lawn. Does it remind you of a home renovation? Based on the type of damage that can occur to your carpet, your walls, and everything else when you have location crews at your house, the contract should not only pay you a daily rate but should also cover the damage that will occur at your house. Think about over fifteen people walking back and forth on your carpet for three weeks long all day long and moving furniture all over. Your carpet will be trashed. Another reason to get an attorney involved in this industry or business is to prepare a contract that will cover all of the damages and or the wear and tear that will occur, not to mention the costs that you will have to incur as you move out and stay at a hotel as well as the aggravation factor.
M. Look up the business on Secretary of State. Are they still filing or are they now inactive. If inactive, what are they doing business for under that name. Are they even showing up in the Louisiana Secretary of State business database? Is this a true business or is it bogus?
N. Get references from the locations scouts.Call them and ask them if they would do it again.

- Marco B.

Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
is the owner and he is the one I spoke to when I was making the appointment. hw was very professional and so helpful. He was the first cleaning service I spoke to that told me he could get everything i wanted done without a problem. i was looking to get the kitchen cabinets degreased and the floor in the kitchen cleaned really well as well as the rest of the house cleaned and disinfected properly. He showed up himself with another worker on time and they did a phenomenal job! They worked hard and the house was spotless when they left. They stayed an hour or so extra to finish and did not charge me extra or complain. He takes pride in his work and it shows! I would highly recommend him to anyone. I have moved several times and had houses cleaned during move out and move ins, and this, by far, is the best company I have come across.
- james G.

Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
came on time, worked around our employees schedule to shoot the videos.
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
had a great style, was able to ask questions and put the subjects at ease and help them talk in a natural style. He shot over a dozen videos and we had edited versions ready for our website in just a few days.
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
also took our videos and other marketing information and created a looped video to play on the screen above our service counter.
I couldn't be happier about the service and expect to use
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
services on an ongoing basis.

- Robin T.

I've had
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
for 7 years. EVERY TIME I have moved,or made a subscription change - it has been an incredibly painful experience and needless hassle after hassle.
Change subscription plan over three months ago - this month AGAIN, I have to get on the phone with them - go over all the details and pricing of this plan AGAIN, and get them to credit my account, and update the credit plan - just like I've had to do for the past three months.
This is after they turned off my cable/internet services, in order to do the changes i had ordered, and that was a 3 day hassle to get set up properly.
- Dwayne H.

We reached out to this provider to inquire about doing an aerial video. We were quite clear because we explained that we had been disappointed by the lack of response from another company we had contacted regarding
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
or helicopter video services. The price they quoted was fine, but they after chasing THEM down for 2 days about scheduling, they called back to say that they could not do the work because they a) didn't have anyone to do the video services (they only did photos) and b) they were working on getting someone to do video but weren't ready.
Is anyone else out there tired of people wasting their time and not being responsive? Suggestion: Tell us at the first phone call that you do not have the capability to do the job and we will move on. But, waste out time, and we simply MUST warn other about this, since we do not want anyone else to experience this headache and frustration.
None of us has enough time these days. Please try to respect that and tell the truth instead of trying to get the business when you can't support it yet.

Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
Woods and his wife,
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
, showed up at our son's wedding on time. They were both so very nice and seemed very professional at the wedding. We waited, however, for three months for the finished product before contacting him. I emailed him, and he told me that he would "be uploading it for our review soon." We heard nothing, so I contacted him again on February 26th. Then again in March, April, and May.
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
has stopped responding. He took our down payment, and never gave us the video. It has now been 7 months and he no longer will answer emails or phone calls. We are devastated because his was the only video we had of the wedding.
I attempted to rate him on his Facebook Page and on Twitter. He took down his rating system & blocked me from Facebook. He closed his Twitter account (@officialTDUB) as well. I also rated him on Thumbtack where I initially found him and he closed his account there as well.
I have poured out my heart to Mr.
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
, pleading for our son's video. I have told him that if he will finish the product or return our money, all would be forgiven. Still, no response.
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
"TDUB" Woods does photography and films. He is also a Christian hip hop artist, which makes it even sadder. I do not recommend "Woods Films" "
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
" or any other name that his business may be listed under. Ours was a very poor experience and I simply hope to stop him from taking money from anyone else.
- Lisa J.

He was very prepared. He came to the dress rehearsal and taped it so he would be aware of the performance lighting and sound etc. He even taped two shows in one day because some
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
were double cast. He had a quick turn around delivering the DVD after the performance was complete. Excellent quality and sound.
- Renee H.

The cup that I took by the water dispenser was a plastic type cup that can be washed in the dishwasher, but it was dirty. It made me not want to drink the tea that was served in a ceramic mug. The floor was dirty and had not been swept or vacuumed in a very long time. If they don't have time to make the place presentable, I can just imagine the attitude towards food presentation.
I stopped eating there several years ago when they served us salads with spoiled, slimy lettuce. Now I am not going there for anything to drink either. Sorry, I used to love this place.
- Katherine N.

Everything went great at our wedding. We first hired a company that skipped town in the middle of the night so we were very hesitant.
Most communication was done through
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
, and they were very understanding of what we had gone through and why we might be paranoid.
The photographer (
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
) met with me the day before the wedding to go over everything I wanted. I was a little unsure at first but the photos were better than I could have imagined. I would suggest being as specific as possible as to what you want and look online for ideas.
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
listened to what specific shots I wanted and provided them.
The DJ
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
was on time and set up ready to go for the reception. He played the music we wanted and was very good about taking requests. For example, spur of the moment, I decided I would like to have Military past and present be recognized, he made a great announcement followed by a song about soldiers. Very friendly and accommodating. Great DJ.
I would recommend the up-lights they just add to the ambience!
The videographer (
Boston Videographers Provider Name Locked
) did not say much the whole time so I was nervous to see the outcome of the video. Amazing. I am so happy I can look back and watch that video any time - totally worth it!
The photo booth was the biggest hit. I had it for two hours but I would recommend to have it longer. There was a line to use it the whole night and people of all ages loved it. I had it outside the main room, I would have had it in the main ballroom because everyone was standing in line over and over again to use the photo booth so the main room felt empty at times, but that was do to the recommendations of the hotel.
I would absolutely use this company again in the future.
- Jennifer P.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I was with a different company that sold their accounts to this company, so I inherited them. I was proactive in calling them to ensure that everything would be the same with my account and I even updated my credit card with them. We went out of town for a week long trip and I turned on the alarm as usual. I got a call a few days later from my neighbor asking if everything was ok, as my front door was open. I replied back that we are 1000's of miles away and that it should not be open. I called a friend to come check and he noticed my back french door glass broken as he was driving up. I immediately called the security company and the first thing that they said to me was that I had cancelled my account! I was irate, I obviously had not cancelled as I was still being charged automatically on my update credit card info. They said that they would check and get back to me. They called me back a little while later stating that my alarm had gone off 2 DAYS AGO and they did not call me or send anyone to check on my house! So my house was completely open for 2 days!!! They sent someone over to "check out my system". My friend was still over with the police. They then called me back to say that I needed more security and they wanted to talk to me about the options! They still had no reason as to why they didn't call or send someone! Needless to say, I didn't want to discuss that with them. The first thing that I did when I came home was change security companies. We lost some valuable items and they cannot be replaced, but thankfully we were not home. I have two small children and I cannot even begin to imagine all of the horrible things that could have happened to us. They did not even call to ask why the security system was not communicating with them after I had it changed. I had my mother's changed as well, and they never noticed that either one of us was with a different company. They also CHARGED my mother an extra month of monitoring for cancelling her "service". I feel that both of us have paid for no "service", so I was very annoyed with that. I sent them an email detailing all of the things that we have lost due to their negligence and I received an email back stating that they are not an insurance company and they are not liable for ANYTHING! So what have I been paying for? They don't call, they don't send anyone to check on my house and they are not responsible for anything! Great, I might as well just throw my money in the trash. No amount of money is worth risking the security of my family! If you want someone that will follow through with what you are paying them for, look elsewhere! Please think about what could have happened to my family
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