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The project began with us researching multiple Angieslist contractors with high ratings (B+ and above), and almost all provided the same services with different pricing.
came out promptly and provided an estimate for the deck. He was excited to help us with our deck project and took the time to explain the process to us and answer the many questions we had.
was the lowest price by approximately $1000 compared to the next closest competitor. After we signed the contract and received
and his team built the deck within 7 days.
We can't say enough good things about how amazing the deck looks and how stable it feels. In addition communicating with
and his team was seamless.
responded back to our calls almost immediately and if he was on another project then within an hour. The company also provides a 1 year standard warranty in case there were any issues.
We greatly appreciate all the work
and the
team did to construct our gorgeous deck on the back of our townhome. Thank You
5/25/14 - contract estimate provided
6/8/14 - contract signed
6/19/14 -
7/7/14 - Deck Construction Started
7/9/14 - Initial payment made
7/10/14 - Deck Completed
7/15/14 - After the project was completed we spotted a couple of dinged boards/pickets.
and his team arrived promptly and replaced the wood, at this point final payment made
7/21/14 - We recently had rain showers in the area and a couple of the knots in the boards have become holes, we will be calling
to have them replaced
Late August - Scheduled for staining
We HIGHLY recommend
Homeowners in Pikesville.
- Erin S.

I bought a deal to have my deck power washed & sealed. After calling at least twice to schedule the service, they canceled the day of due to rain. I was fine with this, since I figured they couldn't do the sealant coating if it was raining, however the day they did come back (... 2 hours after they were scheduled) it was raining... but they did it anyways. When I expressed my concern,
said it would be fine and not to worry about it. Sure enough, the deck is not sealed at all. After calling at least 5 times to have them come back to re-do the sealant, and
accusing me that I "was just not satisfied with the way the product worked because they performed the service, and no, I could not get my money back"
finally came by A MONTH LATER. But, when he did show up (by the way, I had to call him that morning and he clearly had no idea he was supposed to show up even though we had scheduled a time a week before), he didn't bring any equipment with him, looked at the deck and told me "oh, of course the sealant didn't work - the wood is too old and cracked, there's no way this would seal" and tried to blame me for the product not working. No one had mentioned anything about the product not working on my deck when they applied it! He offered to leave me a bottle of the sealant to try to see for myself, but no surprise - he never brought it. I will NEVER use them again. He also told me he couldn't believe that I was complaining, and he's only ever had 5 other complaints about this service... after reading the last several reviews, this is clearly untrue! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!
- Susan L.

Deck Building reviews in Baltimore


Great experience from start to finish. Our deck (18x16 with steps and gate) was built ahead of schedule, with work being done from about 8am to 6-7pm each working day (3).
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
came to check on the project during and after to make sure everything was okay. We'd definitely work with
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
again and have already recommended them to neighbors.
- Farrah E.

MD&S provided top notch, quality and clean service. They came in at budget and on time. Everyone was polite and comfortable to be around.
- Ann F.

The job seemed to go very well at first. I feel halfway through the job they got a little sloppy not paying attention to the slope of the porch so the rain runs off and does not puddle. The first half of the porch looks great, but when the floor is just past halfway done the water does not drain well. The other thing wrong is the ceiling below the porch that had come loose from leaking over the years was not completely reattached which was part of my contract with them. The part they did reattach was poorly done and is a mess. I have called
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
& Shed for five weeks now and have been told someone will be out to fix the concerns, but that has not happened. I would never hire this company again if this is the way they handle business. I did not get the kind of job I paid for.
- gary V.

The crew that completed the replacement and repairs is quite skilled. The material was delivered on time and the crew stared immediately. The old railings were loose and keep coming apart at the joints. Visions of a guest falling off of the deck because a railing came apart demanded a complete make over. The replacement Shoreline system is lock together in a way I no longer have to worry about an accident. The addition of the lattice to enclose the bottom portion was quite a project. The lattice was framed, supports added, as needed, finished with white board for a seamless look and the addition of a large gate. It truly adds to the value of the entire project. In addition, the Forman shored up the steps to correct the fact that the original builder did not use brackets to connect the the header. All the joints were square and cuts tight to the frame. The craftsmanship was outstanding.
- Richard Y.

First of all, I realize most of the reviews for this company are very good. However, potential clients should know that
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
& Shed pays their customers to write good reviews. After our deck was completed, a representative from the company contacted us and offered us a $20 gift certificate to write a positive review on Angie's List.

We had an awful experience with this company. We hired them in late June to build a deck on the roof of our rowhouse in Hampden. The guaranteed that the job would be done in seven working days, weather permitting. We went with this company because they promised to have the deck completed by
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
4th. This is my fiance's birthday and we wanted to have people over and watch the fireworks from the deck. While we were able to watch the fireworks from the rooftop on
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
4, the deck was not fully completed until weeks later. There was more than enough time to construct the deck before
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
4th, but the job was not completed due to the subcontractor and crew not showing up for several days and at least one workman walking off the job because he refused to work with the subcontractor. We later learned the subcontractor did not have an MHIC number. Also, while the contract stipulated the job would be done in seven days, there were no penalties for failing to complete it in time.
In addition, after the deck was finally completed, we discovered several structural problems that needed to be fixed afterwards. The railing was not attached to the frame of the deck and was very
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
. The landing was not properly bolted to the house. The pickets were attached with finishing nails rather than screwed in. The subcontractor never replaced the brick or properly sealed the door and water got into our house. There were also several cosmetic problems with the deck that needed to be fixed including corners not completed properly and railings being too short.
The subcontractor told us after the landing was built that we would need a lattice wall to protect the landing from the electrical line coming into the house. He said that if we gave him money for materials, he could complete it and assured us that
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
& Shed was fine with this arrangement. We should have known better and called MD&S, but this was our first experience with a contractor and we trusted that MD&S had chosen an honest and reputable subcontractor for our job. The subcontractor also built for us a table-top to cover a skylight inlet. He never indicated that there would be an additional charge for this.
As mentioned above, there was ample time to complete the deck by
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
4th. While the landing and deck were largely done by this date, the door had not been cut or installed. We called the subcontractor several times in the days leading up to
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
4th to ask him to come and at least cut the door. We made it very clear that we would be OK with having the door installed after as long as our guests could get outside. One day when he was supposed to come and finish the deck, the subcontractor called and said he could not come because he got heat stroke while working on another job. A few days before
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
4th, the subcontractor came in the morning, but it was raining. We tried to explain to him that the forecast said it would clear in the afternoon, but he left anyway. It cleared in the afternoon and, had he stayed, he could have at least cut the door out. The subcontractor came the night of
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
3rd to finish the stairs after he had been working on another job.
The subcontractor said he would return to install the door on the morning of
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
4th. We reiterated that it was fine to cut the door and come back and install it the next day. He insisted on installing it that day and stated it would only take a few hours. He never stated there would be an additional charge for working on
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
4th. The brick turned out to be too soft to bolt the door into, so the workman had to go to home depot to by wood for framing and then plane down the custom door we had ordered. A friend who is a contractor explained to us later that this was unnecessary as the workman could have just used liquid nail to glue small pieces of wood into the spaces where bricks had come out and attached the door to these pieces of wood. Our friend told us this was standard practice and that the workman not knowing how to do this indicated he did not have much experience installing doors in old row homes. Our friend also reiterated that it was very unwise to plane down a door that had been custom built for the opening.
The workman finished installing the door just as our guests were arriving. Altogether, it took 8 hours. As I said above, we were able to watch the fireworks from the roof top, but the deck was far from complete. The workman returned the next day to finish trimiing out the inside of the door as
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, the MD&S representative, had promised they would. The worker said that because he worked on
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
4th, he would need more money to finish trimming out the door. I was at work, and my fiance not knowing better gave him a check. When I learned of what had happened, I asked my fiance to put a stop order on the check which she did. Yet another worker came by several days later to finish the railings and pickets. This is the person who secured all the pickets with finishing nails rather than screws.
When we had the deck stained by our friend who is a contractor, he found several places where the bolts were loose and pointed out that the pickets were not secured properly. He also pointed out that the landing had not been properly attached to the butt board. I contacted
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and, to his credit, he sent out another crew who tightened all the bolts and sealed the door properly. One member of the crew commented that nearly every bolt he had examined was loose. The crew also took pictures of the deck.
Months later, my fiance received a text from the workman who installed the door asking if there was enough money in her account to cover the check she had given him. We explained that we had put a stop order on the check because we felt the work he had done was covered by the money we paid to MD&S. He stated he had not attempted to cash the check earlier because he had lost it. We told him to get in touch with the subcontractor. Both he and the subcontractor threatened to
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
us for several thousand dollars. We callled
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and he said he would take care of it. Some time passed and the workman called us back stating that he had still not been paid. We referred him to
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
then sent us a text stating that the lattice wall and table were outside the scope of the original contract and the MD&S would need to be paid for these before they paid any money to the workman. He said the cost for the lattice wall and table would be more than the workman was asking for and advised us to just pay the workman. He said that he had never authorized work to be done on a holiday. Again, the subcontractor never said there would be additional cost for the table or for working on
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
4th and said that MD&S was fine with us giving the subcontractor money for the materials for the lattice wall.
XThe workman continued to write texts threatening to
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
us. When we pointed out that he did not have an MHIC number, his
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
changed from belligerent to polite and he said that he had still not been paid and needed the money to buy a birthday present for his daughter. I felt bad that he had not been paid for his work, so I paid him half the amount he said he was owed and advised him to get the other amount from the subcontractor. He said he would and we have not heard from him since. He also said he had been ripped off by this subcontractor before.
All-in-all, this was a horrible experience. The only reason we are not giving this company all Fs is because the deck was eventually completed and the door was sealed. As I said, there are several aesthetic problems that still require fixing. In addition, a few months ago the roof in our kitchen began leaking. Our roofer believes the water is coming in where the membrane was damaged when the deck was built.
- Daniel C.

I don't know much about deck construction, but having worked with many contractors over the years in our Baltimore row home, dealing with
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
was not what I expected. First, most contractors seem to take a long time to get started, regardless of when they say they will start, and take an even longer time to finish. (Why contractors seem to not want to finish the last 5% of a job, I'll never know.)
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
sent someone out to tear down the existing structure (deck, roof over the deck and stars) and dig holes for the supports, which took about two days, as we had discussed and planned with them. A few days later (as discussed and planned) an
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
of people showed up and finished almost the entire deck, roof and stars in one day. My wife and I likened it to an Amish barn raising, tho not as complicated. They next day two or three guys finished everything up and cleaned the area.
Second, while we initially told
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
the deck looked great, over the next two weeks we noticed two small items that could have used a little more work. With every previous contractor I've worked with, once you sign off on a job, they do not come back.
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
sent someone out right away for no extra charge.
Third, having had many contractors come to our home to offer estimates on work to be done always seems tricky. A third won't return the phone call, a third will visit but never provide an estimate, and the final third offer wildly varying estimates for the same work. One quick example, a complete gut and refurbish of a small bathroom had us estimates from $7,000 to $24,000. (And yes, the $24,000 guy said it with a straight face.)
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
gave us the best price for the work. We had a very old deck and were trying not to spend an arm and a leg, and attempted to see if we could salvage the deck and just replace the roof. I note the old deck and roof were each 12 feet wide and 6 feet long. Roof estimates were coming in around $4,000. To us, a 12x12 deck, a 3x4 landing and an entirely NEW (12x7) roof for $6,500 was a good deal. The only other contractor offering a similar price had some issues with bad reviews.
Lastly, in our dealings with
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and they guys that came out to work on the deck, everyone seemed professional and courteous. If we had a question we always got a prompt response. They even came with their own generators for their tools and didn't need to use our electrical outlets, which we would have been happy to let them use.

- Gwende W.

We had two roofs with significant leaks and one, sadly, had a deck on it that had to be torn off to fix them problem.

We worked with
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, as the sales guy and supervisor.
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
was a fun guy to deal with, but some problems arose because he did not want to be nailed down to design specifics. "Just trust us -- it'll be fine" was his mantra. When problems arose, he was ready to negotiate and fix them, but some disappointments and stress occurred which would have been avoided if he'd been more planful. My question about solving roof slope issues was never addressed ("hey--you've got a warranty--don't worry") and resulted in permanent pooling on one roof which left one of his staff shaking his head. Deck design issues were resolved, at TAG's expense, because I'd had a prior recommendation not to trust
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
's aesthetic sense and so I wrangled with him.

Costs of the project were reasonable, but not a bargain.
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
explained most of the cost was because TAG hired good people and paid a fair wage.

The people who did the work were indeed top-notch. The roofers knew their stuff, were able to answer every question, and went the extra mile in the heat and gathering darkness to get the job done on schedule. They found two significant
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, unanticipated problems; one was solved at minor extra cost to me, and the other at no cost to me but much extra effort on their part.

Even more impressive was the deck crew, consisting primarily of a 50ish man and his teenage daughter. They were a skilled and synchronized team that was a
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
to watch. The Dad had clearly built many, many decks and built mine to be solid, trouble-free, and beautiful. He worked with me on design options and supplied brilliant solutions to make it work.

TAG does a wide array of general rowhouse restoration and repair issues. I will call them again for any structural issues. But I will carefully go over the plans before I make a deposit.
- Paul T.

I originally contacted
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, the owner of Outdoor Advantage, about getting a team scheduled to mow the lawn when I would be out of town for a few weeks on vacation along with some miscellaneous yard work that needed to be done, and subsequently used them again since then for some additional yard work that I was unable to get to due to a hectic work schedule during my employer's busy season.
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
was great to work with and got a team out to get the work done quickly, and everything was done to my 100% satisfaction with no issues or concerns. I will definitely be using them again in the future anytime I need some assistance getting some yard work done or the lawn mowed while out of town.
I am also doing research on a deck, and mentioned it to
Baltimore  Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
while he was on-site, and he offered some options for a deck or potential patio along with quotes. Unfortunately, I had to push off getting that done until sometime next year, but when I am ready I will likely be going with Outdoor Advantage due to my good experience with their service up to this point.
Highly recommended.
- Darien E.
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