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For some time, I was faced with a persistent leak of ground water streaming into my basement around the water line that comes into the house from the main out at the street.
After several of my futile attempts to stop the leak, another contractor recommended
That was, without a doubt, the best recommendation I have ever been offered.
showed up at my house on time and within 30 minutes, he cleaned up the residue of previous attempts to patch the leak, re-packed the leak and absolutely stopped the inflow of water.
In my book,
is a star, a first class gentleman, skilled at what he does and more, much more, he was fair and totally honest in his pricing and working with me to quickly and positively solve a real problem. If I ever have a similar problem in the
is my man! I would recommend him to anyone with a basement water problem.

After an inspection was done on a house that we were trying to sell a crack in the basement wall was discovered. The inspector's report said that a certified structural engineer was needed to evaluate and repair it. I found
on Angie's list. (A contractor was going to charge close to $500 just to evaluate it) Not only did the owner, Cliff
, provide a free estimate, he met my husband and I early on a Saturday morning and spent approximately an hour explaining everything that we needed to know and
a diagram to further explain things to us. On 7/18/14 I told him that we needed to have the work done by 7/31/14 so he accomodated that deadline and had the work performed prior to that date. Cliff provided me with a detailed certification letter and a paid invoice prior to 7/31/14 so that I would have that for the buyer.
This is an excellent family owned company that I would highly recommend.
and Cliff
are the nicest people to deal with.

- gary M.

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Basement Waterproofing reviews in Baltimore


I read so many reviews and decided to go with BS. The sales pitch went great and the owner was very personable, showed warranties etc. The work was done neatly and completed on time (3 days). I did not like the discharge pipe sitting on the grass. They suggested I get a landscaper to solve the problem. They do not bury the pipe but I can live with that. I also agree that they track those payments like
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and will call you until it's paid. The niceness wore off when I called them back, several time. About two months after the work was done (August 2013) I started to get efflorescence on the several areas of the floor. I had never had a problem with mold or this white residue that comes out of the concrete that smells damp. I called, sent some pictures of what looked like white dust (not mold) and they were hesitant but came. They said that if it wasn't water coming up through the floor, they were not responsible. The system works very well but I never had had this problem and I do not know how to get rid of it. They suggested I paint the floor. It took about two weeks and the powder bubbled the paint and eventually it chipped off everywhere where there was powder or efflorescence as they call it and the floor looks worse than when it wasn't painted and I am out $$$. The company is basically telling me it's out of their hands because they didn't cause this. I told them that before the waterproofing, I didn't have the problem, after the job, I did. So they solved my water problem and after they did, I have a new one. I have no recourse, since they are the experts and they can't tell me how to solve it and as far as they are concerned, it's not their responsibility. Quite an expensive experience as basements go. I've spoken to several contractors and a local company that deals with commercial sealants for really big jobs like dams and cylinders, etc. I have someone coming to my house to see if they can figure out how to resolve it. You sweep it away and it comes back. I never had to sweep until I had this system installed. With basements, you are basically at the mercy of the company because usually, you need the problem resolved quickly. It's expensive and once you pay for it, they say bye, bye. Do your research or you'll be sweeping too!
- adriana V.

I would never call this company again or recommend them to anyone. The guy who gave us the estimate was very rude. He acted like it was a privilege for him to be at our house. He told us all of these things needed to be done when they really didnt. Nevee followed up with us to see if we were interested. He was late to the appointment. My husband is a professional mover for a living and the guy said your going to need fo move alot of people to pay for this. I thought that was really out of line. Its like he didnt want our business. We ended up using a different company to do tne work and fhey were aboout a third of the price we got from
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked

- jason B.

Excellent. Work was done in 1 day. All mess was cleaned up. Fraction of the price that Mr. Basement quoted us. Also didnt recommend some of the unnecessary things that mr. Basement said we needed. Very professional and timely.
- jason B.

After I contracted with
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
to waterproof the basement of my rental property, I paid a contractor to come and remove the panels on the walls, so that
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
would not cut them up to install the waterproof system. The scheduler told me the job should take one day and when the three-person crew came out on the first day, the project manager also expected to complete the job in one day. As it turned out, not only did the crew fail to complete the job in one day – Monday -- it took them 7 days even though they submitted a change order to eliminate the window well tap (
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
deducted a measly $300). Because I was told the job was done, twice I made a trip to the property to complete the paperwork, only to find out the crew was not finished (
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
charges a fee if it has to make return trips, but it did not compensate me for my repeat trips). The crew finally finished the job late in the evening on Monday, one week after they started. Apparently, they begin a job so that the customer is stuck with them, then begin jobs for other people. That way, the job can’t be cancelled.
Even though
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
took its time completing the project, the minute it was done, the scheduler starting harassing me (Tuesday morning) for payment and tried to blame me for the delays. Over 2 days, I received 3 phone calls and 2 emails, to schedule a walk through so that
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
could get paid. Just a little over a week later (and after
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
got paid), following heavy rains, my contractor returned to the property to complete some additional work and discovered water in the basement. There was water in the front area, where the Free Flo System was installed, and water in the back where
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
had replaced the sump pump. Upon inspection, there was a pipe that was disconnected, so water from the sump pump was simply pumping the water right back into the basement. When I called for service, after explaining that my basement was flooded and more heavy rains were expected that evening, I was told someone would call in about 24-48 hours to schedule a time to come out. Two days later, a manager called and scheduled the service call for Saturday, July19, between 8 and 9 am. On Saturday,
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
19, I arrived at the property early, and while I waited, I checked the basement, only to discover mold and mildew growing on the walls in the back, where the sump pump was located, where most of the water had been when the basement flooded. By 9:15, no one had called and no one had shown up. I got no answer at either of the two numbers I called to contact the manager I had spoken with to schedule the appointment. At 9:30, I called the service center and the service person wanted me to wait until 10:00 for her to try to contact a manager. When I refused because I had already been waiting for 1-1/2 hours, she put me on hold to try to reach her manager. No one was available. At 9:40, I called the manager back at both numbers. Still no answer.
At 10:25, the project manager (one of the original crew who installed the system), called to say he was leaving to meet me and could be there by 11:00 am. He would still need an hour to complete the water test (assuming he knew what he was doing). I didn't wait. Monday the manager came out and was unable to find the problem when he completed the "water test."
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
will not pay to eliminate the mold and mildew (it keeps coming back even though I clean it up) that resulted from its sloppy work that caused the basement to flood. When I emailed to request a name and contact information for a manager to discuss these issues with, I was told my email would be forwarded to
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
. I haven't heard from him, nor have I received my warranty that I was supposed to receive in 2 weeks, even though it's been four. But, why should
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
care (clearly it doesn't), it got paid. I now have to pay money to replace the drywall ruined by
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
's negligence. All this company cares about is getting paid. They have ZERO concern for the quality of their work or their customers. If you need water proofing, don't call
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
. If someone from
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
tries to approach you for your business . . . RUN AWAY . . . FAST!
- Venetia B.

Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
provided the estimates for work. He was great to work with - listened to exactly what I was looking for, not looking for, budget, etc. He provided several options that covered various scopes of work, including written estimates for each. He provided suggestions along the way and explained everything thoroughly, but was never pushy with upselling. When I was ready, he stopped back at the house to finalize the contract and ensure the scope of work was written correctly.
The installer arrived on time, and completed the work according to schedule. The cement work at the pump looked great I thought. He was very considerate during the whole process, working to minimize impact on me while I was working from home. I really appreciated that.
- steven W.

Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
came to my house on June 13th and reviewed the problem that I was having: every heavy rain
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
to water leaking into my basement near the door. He pointed out where there were signs of water coming in over the footers at different places near the wall. He recommended having a channel dug along the three walls (I have an end unit townhouse) as well as the speed drain. He said that there was no need to dig a channel along the party wall and my existing sump hole and sump pump could handle the water flow. The crew from Oriole did the job in two days. They were all very professional and courteous. Since the work has been completed, there have been two substantial storms and my basement has stayed dry. My water problem started gradually more than a decade ago. Some of the fixes that I tried on my own helped but were not a permanent solution. I wish that I had contacted Oriole several years ago. When
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
came out for the estimate, he was very thorough and very professional. He explained things to me in
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
's terms and answered all of my questions. I really appreciate that he did not try to sell me anything that I did not need. I had talked with two other companies before Oriole and both wanted to install a full perimeter drain, expand my sump hole and replace my sump pump with one of their pumps.
- Stephen H.

Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
was very responsive, met me at the house on short notice to provide a free estimate and was able to accommodate my need to have the work very quickly (before the new tenants moved in). I won't know how successful the fix is until we've had a few heavy rains, but I will update this review once I do know.
- Scott S.

We contacted Oriole for there "supposedly expertise" in the waterproofing field. We were told that all we needed were a few more weep holes and mired tile installed. Since we are not waterproofers, we took
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
experience into consideration and thought that he knew what he was talking about. Boy were we wrong.
His guys
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
hammered the perimeter of the basement, supposedly put in more weep holes and the tile. The next morning we went to the basement to find 2 inches of water. We had to call a plumber who discovered that the sump pump (which has always worked), was filled with stone/concrete from the
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
hammering and a pair of sunglasses. All of this stopped the sump pump from working and now we were in worst shape then before the job was done. We had just installed new drywall.
After calling
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
to ask what he was going to do about this situation, his response was it had nothing to do with his work. He did not believe his guys jammed our sump pump with concrete or dropped sunglasses in the pit, who else did this, they were the only company we hired!
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
would not even come to investigate the issue due to the fact that he had health issues, ok, we understand, send someone else!!
The plumber replaced both sumps and we thought we were ok so we installed new drywall AGAIN, painted, put in new
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
carpet and completely finished the basement, it looked great. We were putting our house on the
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
to sell as we were moving. We started cleaning up and noticed green mold on our brand new trim and carpet! So we got estimates from other companies regarding the waterproofing, had to roll up brand new carpet and cut out brand new painted drywall, rent a POD and move everything back out (we did this after Oriole's fabulous work initially, put it all back in the house and had to repeat). All 3 waterproof companies told us that we should not have only had more weep holes and tile, but an entire new french drain should have been installed. The drain wasn't even connected to the outside drain, it was cut off!! Once again, an entire water guard system was installed at the cost of $6800.00, and is guaranteed for LIFE! Once again, we replaced drywall, painted, had the carpet tacks re-installed and the carpet kicked back in. The expense of all of this has been ridiculous.
So if this company is THAT experienced, why did they not recommend the system be replaced instead of putting on bandaids?? It is infuriating to depend on people that are educated and experienced in work that you need done and you rely on them to get the issues resolved, not create more problems.
Would I recommend these
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
Baltimore  Waterproofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
's??? NO, NO, NO, NO!!
- Linda M.
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