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Sara J.
"We used
for a foundation repair estimate. We ended up using a different company for the actual repair simply for name recognition so that when we sell our house" the transferrable warranty will appeal to more buyers. I was very pleased with
' service. He was on time and very thorough in his estimation process. He was also recommended as a great provider by the Structural Engineer that we used for an unbiased consultation on our foundation. I would recommend
based on their friendliness and professionalism.
Rated by
Lynn M.
"My job went very well. The back of the house had sunk 6 inches lower than the front and had distinct bumps in the floor.
brought the house up to level.
" was careful to inform me that while no matter what work was done, the floors would never be as flat as they were when the house was built, but that considerable improvement was possible. The floors have only minor changes in them now, and doors that either would not open or would not closed work properly. They were also careful to make it clear that several months should be allowed to go by before starting sheetrock repairs (sheetrock damage was caused by the shifting of the house prior to the leveling, not the leveling process) to allow the structure to settle into its new configuration. After the original inspection and decision to do the job,
stayed in contact, answered all of my questions, provided a drawing showing where the new piers would be located, and gave me a detailed information/instruction sheet. The job supervisor was very easy to work with and made sure I knew when different parts of the job were scheduled so I could see what was being done and observe the actual leveling and measuring once all of the bracing and piers were in place. The crew worked hard (it was summer) and efficiently. A week or two after it was done,
, one of the owners, came by to do a final inspection, post the paperwork for the city inspector, and answer any other questions I might have. In addition to the work itself,
set up having an independent engineer look at the job and handled the permit with the City. I enjoyed working with everyone at
. They were knowledgeable, professional, helpful, and interested in helping make the house last for a long time in an improved condition.
Rated by
Christina M.
"I guess they don't actually want business. What a colossal waste of PTO to be home for this b*******. I called the vendor to confirm my appointment, they confirmed, then the" time came and went and nothing happened. When I called back 2 hours later, he said he'd tried to keep the appointment. All he did was show up to my door, left a card. Didn't ring the doorbell or knock. My dogs didn't even bark, and they bark at people walking down the street, so he must have tiptoed to the door and left the card and ran away super fast. In an attempt to keep my PTO from being totally wasted, I called and begged for a revisit, but he coudln't be bothered. don't waste your time on Mr.

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Angie's Answers

Unfortunately this is not something you will easily resolve; and even if you were to win, the amount of time and funds spent will probably exceed the cost of the actual repair.

Each state has different rules on what "as-is" means, but almost all use the term when it comes to realestate sales.  At two years, you are facing a hurdle that any issue could be the result of new conditions, acceptable wear / settlement, etc.  Has there been any changes in the area? (New house built next door, new addition, earthquake, flooding, etc?)

While you may have been given a home warranty with the purchase (do check your sales paperwork to see if there is any warranty and what it covers for how long) the house is sold to you as-is; it is your responsibility to raise concerns prior to taking over the house, so going back two years later is a huge up hill batle.

The home inspector is also going to be found faultless, as their reports almost always have words like "consult with an expert. . ." after each report section and they have disclaimers for missed items, etc. I got certified as a home inspector and was surprised at just how little they actually require you to know to become an inspector. They are really just an extra pair of eyes to help inexpereinced home owners look where most people don't look or go.  You even mention that the repair work was well masked, so you didn't notice it until you began looking for it.  A good inspector might have caught it, but you won't win any court cases proving yours wasn't good enough.

The Seller will claim that any foundation issues were fixed and resolved, which is why they marked "No" on the foundation issue section.  They fixed it; so it was no longer an issue.  If it came back, that is a new issue.  You and I know this is bogus, but to win in court you have to prove intent; and the builder can easily show they thought it was fixed.  Or, they might even be able to claim they were unaware - the repairs were from the previous owner, and were hidden so well HE and YOU didn't notice them.

So the next step is to meet with your home insurance agent.  As I mentioned above, if there have been any enviromental changes (a new house next door could have changed the underground water table flow or pressures, for example) you may be covered.  Even if there are no issues, you still may have a policy that allows for major repairs to be covered after a certian cost threshold, etc.  You'd be surprised at what your home owners insurance covers - find out first; they might have in house or low cost engineers who will do the initial inspection, etc.  They also will provide advice on your home sale; if they think you have a case against the Seller.

Best of luck on this issue.  Make sure any solution you pay for solves the cause (Stress on the wall), and doesn't just fix the results (cracks).


     There are two types of cracks in foudation walls, horizonal and vertical. The vertical is from settling and usually is not that bad a repair onec the settling stops or the cause is fixed. A horizontal crack in my opinion worse unless it happened right as the house was built and it was backfilled incorrectly. That should have been fixed at that time though. Horizontal cracks are a sign of lateral pressure due to either a water problem, improper wall sizing or a combination of these. In these conditions I have always felt complete excavation outside the wall and reconstruction is your best approach with the proper sized block or concrete wall with buttresses as needed.

     You mention the future sale of the home and I would think the total replacement would be the best way as it will not leave any red flags. The steel plating would point to the problem and I can just think of all that would go through a buyers mind. Little things like how long will it be before the plate rusts out and needs to be replaced, even though it would probable last a long time.

     I would think you should spend the money on a consult with a structural engineer and get a written report on the problem and his recommendations as to the best repair. It will help with any future sale of the home. Without drawings the consult should be less than $500. I would bet he would recommend total replacement.




I hope I am reading the question correctly.  By added work, I assume you are speaking of change orders or additional work as opposed to the original work he contracted for? I think there are very few occasions that it would be wise to pay a contractor in full up front for work on the main contract that you are hireing him for. BUT, It is quite common that a general contractor will charge for (and should be paid), all change orders 100% upfront, as changes are typically very disruptive to a building process. Charging up front is somewhat to discourage changes as well as to not make the builder deal with chasing after money at least if he has to work quickly to modify his schedule due to the change at hand. It should have been spelled out in his contract with you prior to the start of the job that that was the agreement for how changes would be handled.


Some unscrupulous customers can also contract for work that they don't actually have the money for and then it puts the builder at a disadvantage at the end of the project when trying to collect. so basically doing a change is a courtesy so paying changes up front is part of reciprocating and extending courtesy back.


Also, check with some of his references and referral customers and find out if they too had the same experience and see if it worked out ok for them. 

Foundation Repair reviews in Austin


Now operating as
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
Design and Build

Beware! His last name says it all...he will STRING you along! Saw
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
at a Home and Garden show and made contact for an estimate for a kitchen remodel. They came to look at the kitchen the 3rd week of February. While looking at it they suggested also doing the master bath which was next to the area. Thought that made sense and so we started with the bath because it was a small job. Problems with master bath remodel included: 1. leaving demo debris in the front yard and driveway area for weeks even though told it would be picked up numerous times during that period. 2. sub in charge of framing and tile work took out existing insulation saying it was in good shape and he would put it back in, but forgot to and only got excuses from
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
- not really needed (though not true it helps with sound reduction) and then said he would put it in when kitchen work was done...never happened. 3. He bought crappy shower head unit. For $300 you would think it would have had some adjustment feature - but no - nothing to adjust the flow at all. And the plumber took out the filter for it, so it just blasted out. Instead of agreeing to replace it was told I had to buy something else myself and when I couldn't remove the one they had put in on my own (it was really tight) - it took them a month to get the plumber back out there. 4. Left back of shower/drywall that backed into kitchen completely unfinished. With screws showing and gap around the
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
. Was
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
to believe they would do it when the kitchen was done and never would have allowed that to be left in that condition if I had known they would never come back. Problems with kitchen: 1. Well actually it never happened. They never gave a proposal for the work but kept saying they would. After the bath was completed (about 2 1/2 months from when they first came to see the space)
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
said it would be two more weeks. 2. A month after that still no proposal. 3. So at 3 1/2 months I sent an email asking about it and said if they were too busy or just weren't able to do it, to let me know. 4. Instead of just being honest
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
again said they wanted to do the work "if I would have them" and would get me the proposal the following week. 5. On the day it was supposed to be ready
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
sent a text at 6pm saying
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
had to go out of town the day before and would be back on Thursday (3 days from when she left). 6. It is has now been 3 additional months and 7 months since initial look and not a word! Nothing! Why he wasn't honest when given the
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
to say he couldn't do it - I don't know. Starts out talking a good game but his interactions, customer service, and follow through have been AWFUL.

Repairing a foundation? Look no further! After extensive research & many recommendations later, my
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
ended with
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
Company. This was no easy choice. Because several different foundation companies gave me several different opinions on how they would do the repair work. I wound up paying an independent engineer to inspect my property.
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
came closest to the independent engineer's recommendation. Lucky for me, it was also the least expensive option. What I appreciated most about the initial visit to discuss the details of the whole process, was
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
's approachable manner. I felt very comfortable asking them questions, which took about 40 minutes. When my son-in-law came by a little later, they voluntarily took the time to explain the whole proposal again to him. At no time was there any "hard sell" tactics. Both my son-in-law & his brother have since used this company to inspect their properties. Both had positive outcomes with no need to repair recommendations.
Having your foundation repaired can be an overwhelming experience. Quality Repair made the process as "painless" as possible.
Workers arrived on time. They worked efficiently & completed the job by noon the next day, which was sooner than the predicted
2 days. From all the other comments I have read about, I envisioned a huge mess in my front yard. I was pleasantly surprised
to find the crew to be very respectful of my property. Most of my hedges along the front of my house remained intact.
Needless to say, I would highly recommend you include this company as part of your foundation research. After all the choices
out there, it's such a pleasure to work with kind, trustworthy people who do their job well. They do exist!
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked

- Pam K.

We hired Capital to repair a major foundation issue. A six month, $100 K kind of issue. They seemed like a reputable company and we felt like we had chosen the right folks at first, but their unprofessionalism the last three months has us regretting our decision.

On the fifth month, we asked them to give us a date they would be finished because we were living in an apartment and our lease was ending. They gave us September 15. Almost as soon as they gave us this date, they seemed stressed for our payment. (We weren't late on our payment, but a worker was sent to my husband's work to pick up the check and the check was immediately cashed. This seemed a little desperate.) It is September 8th. We have gone by the house a few times a day and have not seen anybody and there has not been any progression in the work for six weeks. When we call, email or text, they rarely respond. When they do respond, they lie about the activity at the house. "There's a crew out there now." "I promise
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
will call you." etc.

Now, they have given us a date of "sometime in October." Our apartment has already been leased. We don't have a place to live and with ACL
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
coming, the
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
for hotels is impossible.

Do yourself a favor and learn from our mistakes. These guys just cash your checks and leave you homeless.
- Jennifer P.

They were great except for two things. First and most important, they missed a poorly supported pair of beams under the bathroom floor. The carpenter discovered the problem when he was basically rebuilding the whole bathroom area. Two beams met with nothing under the seam; they should have seen that and set a pier there. Granted, it was much easier to see after the bathroom floor was taken out, but
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
should have found it first. The floor inside the house sagged a little right around that point. And I called
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
to come look specifically at the severe mess of the walls and beams around the bathroom where old water damage had occurred. He said it was fine, but he never actually went under the house. He kneels at the
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
and shines a bright little flashlight at the beams, but that isn't good enough. I went under there many times to remove the old wiring. If I could do it, so could he. If the carpenter hadn't been so thorough in repairing the bathroom walls and floor, that floor would not have been stable. It was a problem waiting to happen. I said at the outset that I wanted to find out everything that might possibly go wrong and fix it now while the skirt was off. This was part of a major whole house rehab. The second thing had to do with team management. My growing scrap metal pile, including a bath tub and a broken down metal shed, vanished on the foundation crew's last day. I don't think it's a coincidence. That tells me that they don't pay their guys fairly enough and don't supervise them carefully enough, either. Otherwise, the work was good. My piers are beautiful. The stucco crew was excellent. So, a mixed review. The carpenter would give them a C at best, but they did replace 23 piers and do a good job of that. Hire them, but get under your house and inspect your own beams with a good strong light.
- Heidi J.

Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
, arrived on time and performed an inspection of the foundation of my house. He inspected the slab from the exterior and then took measurements of the relative elevations of the slab from numerous locations in all rooms of my house. He produced a floor plan diagram which displayed all of the variations in elevation throughout the house. He discussed three different methods of foundation repair and which method he would recommend for my house. Later in the same day, he emailed me an estimate for those repairs. Although it's obvious that my foundation has been shifting as evidenced by sticking doors, cracks radiating from doorways and windows, cracks in masonry and cracks where drywall is pullingapart at the seams,
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
was very honest in explaining that at this time no repairs were actually necessary. It appears that the expansive soils under my house have been flexing the slab and producing the visible damage over a period in excess of 20 years, but at this time it has returned to a relatively level position with the maximum variation in elevation being less than an inch. The estimate for repairs would be for the purpose of stabilizing the slab to prevent any future movement. I am so happy with the total experience I had with this company. The other review that I copied was exactly to the point. Hard to find good honest service providers these days. This company is a rare gem. You will not go wrong with
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
- Jennifer D.

I was very happy with the work of
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
and his team. They were not the cheapest of the quotes I received, but they offered a solution that seemed to offer a longer-term solution, rather than put a band-aid on the problem.
Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
called every evening with an update on the progress, and the work crew was always hard at work. I'll tell you working under a house in 90+ degree heat all day does not sound like fun too me, but these people took their work seriously! The were efficient, courteous and didn't seem to take any shortcuts.
Overall very pleased with the results. The house is definitely in better shape, and the parts of the house that felt "trampoline like" are more solid than ever! I also don't have to use shims anymore to keep my furniture from leaning! Sweet!
- Heather P.

Austin Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
was great! On time, called ahead, informative, and clearly honest. After assessing the condition of my current foundation and hearing my questions and concerns, it turned out I didn't really need a full, or even partial repair. As it turned out I just need some better water diversion, away from the house, in a particular place. Anyway, it was a pleasure to deal with someone who was honest and wasn't just trying to sell me something. Hat's off! If you need foundation work I'd definitely start off talking to these guys!

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101 South First

A Rod's Sand & Finish

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A+ Instant Repair Service

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San Antonio



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Atlas Green Homes

Main office in Houston. serving Austin,San Antonio


4611 Bee Caves Rd


1602 SARACEN rd

Austin Drain and Air Rescue

5214 Burleson Rd

Austin Foundation Repair

PO Box 90086

Austin House Calls

11754 Jollyville Rd


P.O. Box 92513

Bam Bam Renovation and Repair

10200 Sprinkle Rd.

Black's Construction

P.O. Box 24

Blaker Restorations & Remodeling INC

3630 Cheyenne
Round Rock

Blue Ridge Construction

12907 Lamplight Village Ave

Bruecher Foundation

12134 Pecan St

Cain Construction & Carpentry

15019 Big Falls Dr

Caldwell County Construction

1663 N. Magnolia Avenue

Capital Foundations

1703 Bench Mark Dr

Capitol Renovations

4500 Williams Dr

Casey Resources

12924 Pegasus St

Catalyst Construction, Inc.

500 S. Congress Ave.

Cedar Park Concrete

10609 settlers trail

Centex Foundation Repair

1120 East 52nd

Chino's Construction

415 east st. elmo #1E

Copeland Concepts

PO Box 204449

Cotham Construction Services & Roofing

201 S Lakeline Blvd
Cedar Park

Craftsmen Iinc.

7000 Convict Hill Rd.



CRC Concrete Raising and Repair

1720 Howard Ln

Crown Foundation Repair

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Round Rock

Crown Foundation Repair

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Round Rock

Dawson Foundation Repair

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Diehr Masonry

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DreamScape Design

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Du-West Foundation Repair

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7801 N LAMAR

Escobar Construction, LLC

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Falkin Services Unlimited

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Fortis Foundation Repair

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Full Circle Remodeling

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Garner Consulting Group

100 Commons Rd
Dripping Springs

Geo-Tech Foundation Repair

11816 Inwood Road

Gray Renovation

2406 S 3rd

Historic Builders

PO Box 2236

Home Source Construction

13359 N Hwy 183 Ste 406-207

Houston Foundation Co

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Infinite Exteriors Construction Company LLC

7301 RR 620 North Suite 155-162

J&T Stucco and General Contractors

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J. B. Concrete Services

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Jackson Matthew Contracting

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Lake Engineers & Constructors Inc

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Del Valle

Level Best Foundation Repair

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Lockwood Services LLC

PO Box 303354

Lone Star Custom Builders

2311 Founder Dr
Cedar Park

M & M Construction & Remodeling

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Maldonado's Concrete

5103 Two Iron st.

Mammoth Construction

12221 Branston Dr

Masonry Plus LLC

702 Packsaddle Pass

Maverick Construction

17906 Linkview Dr.
Dripping Springs

MK Construction Specialists

P.O.Box 641
Liberty Hill

More Than A Carpenter

1313 Crete Ln.

Mr. Handyman of NW Austin

1700 Bryant Dr.
Round Rock

Myers Concrete Construction LLP

P O Box 2928


PO BOX 151842

Olshan Foundation Repair

1720 SE Loop 410
San Antonio

Patterson Home Repair

22223 Oban Dr

Pegasus General Contractors, Inc.

Post Office Box 29042

Pro-Crete of Cedar Park

1019 Silverstone Ln
Cedar Park

Quality Foundation Repair

9906 Gray Blvd

Quality Handyman Services

8011 Niles Cove

Rebuild Austin LLC

9205 Sanford Dr

RJB Concrete

20605 High Dr

RRS Construction Services

10107 Janet Loop
Dripping Springs

Serrano Concrete Masonry

PO Box 291

SpawGlass Contractors

1111 Smith Rd

Stackable & Associates

13403 Briar Hollow Dr

Stone Creek Engineering Services Inc

2100 Walsh Drive
Round Rock

Storey Construction, LLC

6633 E Hwy 290

Superior Foundation Repair

13107 Dessau Rd

Sure Safe EFS

1440 Grand Ave Ste B

SuVida Enterprises

10453 Ember Glen Dr

Texas Green Builders, Inc.

11300 Mayo St

Texas Power Washing

602 Thrush Ave.

The Foundation Man

1526 Alberi

The Ideal Makeover

5335 Pine Cliff Dr

Trusted Restore

12407 N MOPAC

TSC Construction Inc

7703 N Lamar

UpKeepers, Inc

4314 Medical Pkwy



Vintage Modern

2029 Northridge Dr.

Waco Foundation Repair Inc

706 Sun Valley Blvd

Wolfe Concrete

New Braunfels

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