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I contacted the company by email and after discussing our needs, replacing a single gate with a double gate of a wooden stockade fence, we agreed to the bid amount of $750.00 and scheduled a time for the work to be done.....which was to be at 1:00 pm today. At no time was it mentioned that the fence work would carry over to the following day and the area of the fence would be open or unsecured overnight. The contractor was to call 30 minutes prior to arriving this afternoon and when he did call and say he would be arriving in a hour, he asked if we had been told the area would be left open ? I asked what he meant and he explained that the area would be left open until they returned tomorrow to complete the job. I told him no one had said anything about that, or that the job would roll into tomorrow. I called back to the company and asked why it had not been explained to me about the area being left open and also just now telling us that the job would not be completed today, but would be completed tomorrow......which was not ever discussed prior today. I was also told that they had already charged my credit card for the full amount of the bid and they had not even set foot on my property, The contract I signed apparently said that the company would be charging my card on the day of the job, but I at least thought they would come to my property before doing so. After expressing my concerns with how they had failed to inform me of the scope of the job until now, I was worried that they would not meet the standards I had assumed they would and I would be monitoring the project very closely with this information now evident. The office manager, I assume, called me back and said they were canceling their crew and our contract and did not think we were a good fit. At that point I agreed and they said they would reverse the charge on my credit card. Since this company is not interested in customer service and made no effort to "make this situation still work for both of us" by offering to reduce our bid by 10%, or offering to check the rest of the fence for stability, or to power wash the fence....anything that would have shown me they cared about my business. Therefore an F for Failure is the only grade I can give this company.
- Carolyn P.

My old existing wood fence was installed in 1996 and had been damaged in a wind storm in spring 2013. The back fence had fallen so my neighbor and I started getting bids. I got 3 bids from the big 3 companies in
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
. All bids were between $3200 - $3400. One of the companies stated they were too backed up and were referring to CJ of
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
. My neighbor had also been referred to him through a different source, so we both got bids. CJ came out to give an estimate. He was punctual, knowledgable, enthusiastic and gave me a lot of time answering my questions. I let him know that I wanted 2 gates and I showed him specifically which direction I wanted one of the gates to swing. I accepted his bid and gave him a 50% deposit. We scheduled for the following week. His 2 workers were polite and worked constantly for a full day and a half. CJ came out the next morning for the follow up walk thru (and the last 1/2 payment). He was in a hurry. When I showed him that the gate was installed swinging the wrong direction, he became upset. He hastily went to his truck, got out some tools and "fixed" the gate. Then he shut the gate loudly and asked, "Is this fixed enough for you?" I was shocked by the attitude and said it was fine. He left quickly. I didn't notice at the time, but CJ removed a bracing 2 x 4 and left 2 large diameter bolts' tips exposed for over 1". The whole "fix" was a farce. My gate had no strength.
By early spring, neither one of my gates would open or close. I also started noticing that some of the 4 x 4 's were twisting and curving and quite a few of the fence planks were starting to curl. I've called CJ & left many messages describing the problem (referencing defective materials instead of workmanship). No return call. The fence continues to get worse. I've read the similar bad reviews of CJ on YELP. I've left numerous messages - no return call.
Today I received a bid from
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
-Tex to repair my new fence - - -$ 825 !!!!

- Casie P.

Although it took a number of phone calls to get
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
to commit to a date for the job (after the upfront Angie's List promotional payment), they did show up for the job as promised. The 2-man crew was courteous and professional, completing the work in about 5 hours. Considering its age (15 years) and weathering, the newly painted fence looked remarkably good, in large part due to the crew's skill and excellent coverage properties of the
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
400 paint that was used. The main issue, which
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
advised about prior to starting the job, was paint overspray. Although the crew worked hard to minimize overspray, it proved impossible to prevent black "paint dust" from settling on horizontal surfaces, even some surfaces more than 10' away from the work area. Fortunately, the dust was easily cleaned up, either by skimming it from the pool surface or high-pressure washing affected deck areas. Overall, a small price to pay for a really good outcome and a fence that will hopefully look good for many more years.
- Bernard J R.

I'm very disappointed. After my initial phone call, the owner,
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
, came out to assess the situation to see what was needed under the 10-year warranty. Let me summarize what was needed. When the iron railing was purchased and installed on June 28, 2010,
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
Love (the then owner) signed the contract reassuring me there was a 10-year warranty against rust or any problems. For the four years hence, there is black stuff coming off on your hands when you rub against it (when it was installed, a young man was going around with a spray can)
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
said it was the joints but it was only on the top horizontal railing and those areas were dull, not shiny like the rest of the iron railing. There were some rust spots but that wasn't the major concern.
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
looked at the customer "
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
" side gate and said he didn't think they could take care of the rust on it. I told him if he gave me the paint (I never thought it would be a spray) I would do the side gate. I just expected their workers to come out to take care of the dull areas and rust on the railings.
Over the last four years I've just put up with it, but now I'm getting my home ready to put on the
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
to relocate to Virginia to be closer to family as I took a serious fall on the mountainside in May. I wanted
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
to come out and make it right because it looked so bad. You can't have someone getting black stuff on their hands when they touch it. I asked repeatedly if they couldn't just work this (possibly 2 hour job) between a few big jobs since they were so busy. No.
I paid $4,867.00 at that time which included the custom '
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
' side gate, front gate and surrounding enclosure, full rear deck and upper balcony deck. It was supposed to be powder coated steel which I'm told would last 25 years. Because of the custom nature, etc. of the job,
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
said they had to coat it locally. That's why he was only able to give me a 10 year warranty.
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
said he had no idea what the young man sprayed on the railings but experienced first hand getting black stuff on his hand when he wiped his hand across it - four years later!
The bottom line is that I (as a senior citizen) spent over 2 hours doing the job myself (inhaling the fumes and getting it on my skin even though I wore latex gloves as they split. The handyman I'm using for other tasks was too busy and couldn't 'mess with it' either, saying 'that stuff is toxic without a
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
'. Foolishly I didn't have a
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
and went ahead (my error I guess) and did the job. The handyman said it looks really nice but I suffered the effects afterwards with a headache, feeling sick to my stomach and overall weakness. I've been coughing now off and on for over a week (hopefully it will get better in time).
I've very disappointed in
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
. The only reason I don't give them an F review is that their
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
did an excellent job in custom designing my side gate. It's beautiful and I'm very proud of it. At the time, I visited their place of business and gave input to the
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
. I remember him saying how happy he was to be working on something so beautiful and creative instead of the usual fencing.
What do I expect from
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
? To treat their customers better -- when they have warranty work that no matter how busy they are with big jobs, they handle the small requests like mine to keep their word.
I'm passing on the contract to the new owner with a caveat. Yes there's still 6 years on the warranty. Good luck getting this company to come out and honor it if there are problems.
- Sharon T.


The owner came out when he said he would to look at the yard and tell us when the work would begin and it did. The fellows who did the job started on a Friday and finished on Monday. That in itself was remarkable. Their work ethic was and is the best! It is rare today to meet folks that are so organized, thorough ,hard working, neat and personable. The clean up was done in a professional manner We highly recommend
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked

- Audrey H.

Seamlessly. The workers were extremely professional and competent, and the fence looks incredible and they finished in the exact time that they quoted. I wish I had called them to replace the fence years ago!

After the power cleaning - the fence looked really nice - and a good bit of the gray, worn look was removed. Then, they returned several weeks later to do the painting. This part was the most frustrating because I would love to have the painting done much sooner - but the rains and the winds were a factor. We picked the color of stain we wanted on the fence - and once the fence was stained, you could not tell what part of the fence was new and what part was many years old! It looks very nice - better than it has looked in the ten years we have lived in this home. Very pleased!
- Rebie N.

Below is what I sent to the e-mail address I was given for the owner of
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
on 7/15. As of 7/19 I've received no response from them to the e-mail. I wanted to give them a
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
to respond before posting my review/comments but guess they chose not to.
Called on 6/16 to ask for an estimate on repair work. You scheduled Israel
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
to come out on the next morning.
Israel showed up on time, surveyed the damage and requested my e-mail address so he could send a quote. Asked if Apple took credit cards, yep, just not American Express.
I called your office on Thursday 6/19 to ask when I might get the estimate, I was told to check my spam/junk e-mail folders since you were having trouble with your provider. Said I do check those and no e-mails from Apple, gave you another e-mail address on another domain to try, no e-mail the rest of the day.
Called on Friday 6/20 at 3:45, still no quote from Apple, again told to check my spam/junk mail folders, again I said there's nothing in there from Apple. Israel was in the office and was asked if he had sent the quote out yet, no he hadn't but will later on Friday. Got the quote in my regular mail folder at 4:42. Sent e-mail back to Israel with scan of signed quote approving the work.
On Monday 6/23 Israel and I exchanged some e-mails expanding the scope of the work to do more replacement of the fence vs. repairing. Sent back new signed approval at 3:50 on 6/28 and asked Israel what the next steps would be, his response was someone from the office would contact me.
Since I hadn't heard anything from anyone at Apple I called your office on Friday 6/27 asking if you have any idea when the work would start. I was asked if I had sent my deposit in, no since nobody said I had to send anything in. Well, we can't schedule you until we have your deposit, great looks like we lost a week because nobody from Apple called and asked for the deposit. OK, I'll give you my credit card number, fine we can do that but there's a 2% surcharge. Excuse me, Israel made no mention of a 2% surcharge for credit card but since we needed to get this work going I just paid it.
I called on 7/1 to ask if you had an estimated start date yet, given 7/9. Received a call from Apple saying you can come out on 7/8, great I'm ready. Do have any idea about when on 7/8 you'll arrive, yep mid morning.
7/8 arrives and it's almost noon, nobody from Apple has arrived or called. I call your office and told they're on the way, will be there within the hour. Your crew finally shows up at 1:20.

Without contacting me to see if it was OK, your crew backs their trailer into my driveway blocking me if I had to get a car out of the garage. Since we didn't need to go anywhere that day we could live with that but it would have been nice if your crew at least asked if it was OK.
Your crew brought their supplies into our yard and started to remove the fence that was being replaced. At about 5:25 we noticed them pulling away, again nothing from your crew saying we're done for the day, what time they'd be back on the next day, just gone. Checked the back yard and it looks like your crew just dropped their tools where they were when it was quitting time, there was a tape measure in the grass and a hammer in our flower bed. After they left I noticed something in our drive way. Upon further inspection we noticed that there was a metal band in the drive, a number of nails, some pieces of wood and a few scrapes in the concrete from their trailer. We cleaned up their mess so we didn't have a flat tire.
7/9 your crew arrives at 9:30 to finish removing the old fence and started digging holes for the new fence posts. I called your office and asked how many days this was schedule for, the board said two days so they should be finished before the end of day Thursday. I said no way based on the speed they were working at. I totally understand that in the heat they were working in breaks
are needed, but I think they might have been excessive. Again they left at 6:30 without saying a word. Again were a bit messy when they left, found a bunch of crackers that they had spilled in the yard along with used water bottles.

On 7/10 another late start, showed up at 12:45 and started their lunch, started work about 1:10. Again they parked their trailer in our drive way without asking first if it was OK. It looked like they weren't going to finish that day and told them they could leave their trailer in our driveway overnight if they wanted to. No we don't need to do that, we're going to be done that day.
That didn't happen, they agreed they would leave the trailer in the drive way overnight. Said they wanted to get an early start on Friday so they could finish this up, could they start at 6:30AM, we said that would be OK. So I'm up and waiting for your crew at 6:30 on 7/11, they show up at 8:30.

They finished the job, cleaned up the yards and left at 11:35. and of course, our driveway concrete now has more scratches in it from the trailer.I will say the work they did, from what we can see, if great. The only issues is that an electrical outlet that's on our back fence line, which used to be totally in our yard, now has part of it in the neighbors yard. We have a 'good neighbor' fence and it looks like the pattern of panels is reversed from what we used to have causing the problem. If I had to sum up the biggest problem poor communications.
One reason I chose
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
was because my son had work done by them and was happy with the job so I guess you're experience may vary from what I received.

- Richard D.

I was very impressed with the reviews and I reached out and left a message and I received a call late in the evening from
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
to schedule my appointment. He apologized for calling so late, but he had just gotten off work, but I greatly appreciated that he took the time to call me after a long day.
We scheduled a visit for Saturday at 11am, and he never showed up. I called him at 11:30am and left a message and never received a call back. I was very disappointed.

- David R.

Initial phone conversation with
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
17: she collected information from me and would forward to a scheduler who would call me for an appointment. She told me this would happen after
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
30 which was okay with me.
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
23 I found message from
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
that I had an appointment on Jul 1 but didn't provide a time or window. On Jul 1,
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
arrived unannounced at 9:15am. I walked them thru the scope of the project and answered
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
's questions. Both
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
were very polite,seemed knowledgable and respectful.
Austin Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
told me to expect a price estimate via email by Mon, Jul 7 (it would take a bit longer due to Jul 4th holiday) and I was okay with this. I have checked email every day (both inbox and spam folders) but have not received anything....not even a follow-up phone call.
- Y. Doray L.
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Austin to Houston Handyman Services

6512 Libyan Dr
Austin, TX
General handyman services. just about anything, light electrical and plumbing as well. 25...

Austin Yard Builder Masonry

1421 Hyridge
Round Rock, TX
Austin yard builder masonry contractor serving austin tx town for more than 10 years ,offering...

Austins Best G C

Austin Tx
Austin, TX
Free estimates- 512-998-2868 member of the ...


Buchanan Dam, TX
3 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service charges....


Austin, TX


Marble Falls, TX
Repair damage wood and install all new wood on all project as stated in contract to customer...


Marble Falls, TX
Repair damage wood and install all new wood on all project as stated in contract to customer...

B.C. Fence

2301 W. Whitestone Blvd. #C-5
Cedar Park, TX
Since 1996 "building with quality and pride" all work - one year warranty

Baby Guard Pool Fence

Austin, TX
All pool safety fences and pool barriers are not the same. baby guard fencing products have a...

Bam Bam Renovation and Repair

10200 Sprinkle Rd.
Austin, TX
Honesty and dependability is our motto! we are a full fledged general contracting company with...

Banderas Painting

1609 Barley Arabian Dr
Pflugerville, TX
18 exp and honesty

Bar 5 Specialties

507 Aqua Bell Cv
Leander, TX
We are a small welding and fencing company located in leander texas. payment forms we accept...

Barnes Fence Company

638 hwy 95 north
Bastrop, Tx
Woman owned, family owned small business operating for over 20 years

Barrientez Contracting

6111 Club Terrace
Austin, TX
We give you free quotes on the services that you need and call us back if there are any...

Barrier Fence Systems

402 W Palm Valley Blvd
Round Rock, TX
Welcome to barrier fence systems! a new breed of fence company. here at barrier fence...

Bastrop Co. Fence

109 Mesquite Cv
Bastrop, TX
We specialize in cedar privacy fences, and pride ourselves on not cutting corners on the...

Best Austin Handyman & Remodeling

937 Reinli, Suite 14
Austin, TX
Locally owned and operated. all handyman, landscaping, home automation, and remodeling...


Austin, TX
4 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. travel charges may apply. no service...


2801 Wells Branch Pkwy
Austin, TX
We have been serving austin and central texas since 1990 with excellent workmanship and...

Bexar County Contracting LLC

113 Tolcarne Dr
Hutto, TX
We are a registered and insured general home contractor and remodeler. we specialize in taking...

Black's Construction

P.O. Box 24
Martindale, TX
This is a residential general contracting company. majority of the work is not sub-contracted...


9300 S IH35
Austin, TX
Cost is determined by the job.

Blue Ridge Construction

12907 Lamplight Village Ave
Austin, TX
We have been in business for the past 10 years. our employees have been working with us since...

Bluebonnet Home Services

Austin, TX
It's quite simple, really. we believe in making life easier with friendly, hassle-free service...

Bo's Fence Co.

7700 Basil Dr.
Austin, TX
Bo's fence company is a locally owned and operated fencing company specializing in residential...

Boatright Painting

PO Box 142446
Austin, TX
Family owned & operated. 30 years plus in the austin area. 2 year warranty.

Bowman Construction

4950 Williams Dr
Georgetown, TX
Family owned

Boyd Construction Co

3119 watercastle Ct
League City, TX
We have 47 employees in two states with 16 employees here at your service as well as a on duty...

Brennan Enterprises Inc

2100 East Randol Mill Road
Arlington, TX
Angie's super service award for last 7 years. bbb a+ rating. the brennan family has been...


Austin, TX


PO BOX 1345
Pflugerville, TX
We are a family owned fence company. we have been in the fencing business here in austin for...

Britlin Fence

2925 Cedar Crest Cir
Round Rock, TX

Brown & Co.

Kyle, TX

BrownStone Construction

1013 Austin Highlands Blvd
Austin, TX
At brownstone construction we build and reinvent homes with our clients not just for them. we...

Brush Country Trees & Landscaping

Austin, TX
With more than 12 years of experience in austin and the surrounding hill country, we are a...

C & L Septic and Welding Service

199 Willy Rd
Bastrop, TX

C&K Roofing

11521 Silmarillion Tr.
Austin, TX
We know how important it is to have a good roof over your head. that's why we take each...

Cain Construction & Carpentry

15019 Big Falls Dr
Leander, TX
Cain construction and carpentry can handle all of your home building and commercial needs. my...

Caldwell County Construction

1663 N. Magnolia Avenue
Luling, TX
We are a licensed and bonded general contracting company. all work is performed under a...

capital area contracting

1813 Pannier Ln
Austin, TX
Capital area contracting is owned by a second generation contractor,so we understand the...


502 Sherwood Forest Dr
Marble Falls, TX

Capital City Maintenance & Waterproofing

3300 Killingsworth Ln.
Pflugerville, TX
We have been in business since 2004 but have worked in this field since 1996. we have 20...

Capital City Pressure Washing

103E 30th Street
Austin, TX
Capital city pressure washing is a cleaning business that is dedicated to the satisfaction of...

capital city remodeling

Austin, TX
Capital city remodeling is a full service, fully insured residential remodeling and repair...


13724 AVENUE K
Austin, TX
12 employees. uses subs for installation. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges....

Capitol Renovations

4500 Williams Dr
Georgetown, TX
Capitol renovations has over 25 years of experience in the home building and repair industry....

CapTex Fence and Deck

12820 Appaloosa Chase Dr.
Austin, TX
Captex fence and deck is locally-owned and operated in austin, texas, with an unparalleled...

Carpenter Residential

11359 Rim Rock Trail
Austin, TX
We are your south and west austin provider of all things home related. cash, checks, or...

Casa Innovations

P.O. Box 1983
Cedar Park, TX
Casa innovations offers painting, pressure washing, and window cleaning services all...

caspian handyman

1109 gazania dr
Pflugerville, tx

Castle Construction and Remodeling

506 Fife Dr
Spicewood, TX
Our company castle construction and remodeling is a family owned business, and we take pride...


Pflugerville, TX
5 employees. uses subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. ask about angie's...

Cedar Park Concrete

10609 settlers trail
Austin, TX
Cedar park concrete is a full serviice concrete & landscape construction company. we...

Cedar Park Handyman

1525 Cypress Creek Rd
Cedar Park, TX
Cedar park handyman is a locally owned and owner-operated business with more than 20 years of...


P.O.BOX 1051
Elgin, TX
Two employees 1/2 down balance on completion all major credit cards


Leander, TX
Install and service automatic gate openers have been in operation for 10 years residental,...

Checo's Lawn Service

Austin, TX
No subcontractors! price depends on job size and difficulty, we offer free quotes! we...

Childers Construction Company

115 Billy Joe Fox Dr
Burnet, TX
Owner involved in all phases of remodeling for over 25 years. all work during this period was...

Chris Federoff Carpentry

305 North Mt Rushmore Dr
Cedar Park, TX
I am a professional self employed carpenter. i started my own company after years of working...

Chula Vista Land Clearing & Fencing

1500 Bell Springs Road
Dripping Springs, TX
Land enhancement professionals. we cover the entire hill country and lake area.

Classic Restoration

100 W Pflugerville Pkwy
Pflugerville, TX
General contracting, remodeling, fire & smoke damage, flood damage, mold & insurance claims....

Claussen Services

12501 Tech Ridge Blvd
Austin, TX
We specialize in residential and commercial construction. we do sub-contracting work as well...

Clear Choice Roofing

9065 Jollyville Rd.
Austin, TX
Family owned and operated and an owens corning *platinum preferred contractor*, you can rest...

Cobra Home Security

Spring, TX
Cobra home security llc. is houston's most reliable security company in its industry with more...


Round Rock, TX
Cohesion hauling offers a range of convenient junk removal services for your home or business....

Confianza Contracting

11900 Jollyville Rd #203521
Austin, TX
We offer guaranteed customer satisfaction at an affordable price. we are are two person...

Cooper's Handyman and Remodeling

2106 Lanier Drive
Austin, TX
We do handyman and remodeling. we have 25 years experience in the industry. there is no job...

Cotham Construction Services & Roofing

201 S Lakeline Blvd
Cedar Park, TX
Let me take a minute to introduce myself and my company. my name is marlon cotham, i am the...

Cougar Construction LLC.

3049 FM 1185
Lockhart, TX
General building contractor carpenter handy man

Craftsmen Iinc.

7000 Convict Hill Rd.
Austin, TX
At craftsmen inc., our goal is to not only help you design and build your dream home, but to...

Crosby's Creative Soultions

5100 woodgreen cove
Austin, tx
Land and tree services

Crossroads Construction

San Marcos, TX
We are a small, family owned business that provides contractor services. we specialize in the...

Crosstown Painting

8701 W Parmer Lane
Austin, TX
We have over 10 years of experience doing high-quality painting on interior and exterior...

curtis raymond

5312 mccarty lane
Austin, TX
34 years in business. no trip or service fees. no down payment

Curtis Vinson

202 W 11th St
Taylor, TX
I am a twenty five year construction veteran and still love what i beautiful...

Cuspinera Home Services

3105 S IH35
Austin, tx
In cuspinera home services we take care of your house , and we do all the work so you don't...

Custom Choice

8202 W Gate Blvd
Austin, TX
Custom choice is a company that has been in business for 15 years. we offer great gauranteed...

Custom Deck and Fence Staining

1708 Shag Bark Trail
Austin, TX
We specialize in powerwashing and staining of decks, fences, pergolas, pavilions, and wooden...

Custom Solutions Construction

2541 S Interstate 35 Ste 200-187
Round Rock, TX
Your central texas gutter experts! your problem, our solution! we specialize in gutters &...

D&B Tree Company, Inc

15000 Ranch Road 620
Austin, TX
Tree nursery, landscaping, irrigation, retaining walls, stone edging, grass, sod,

Daddy's Home Fixin'

Homewood Cir.
Round Rock, TX
I offered a 3 year workmanship warranty on all work completed. i offer small repair service...

Daniel's Painting

Austin, TX
We are a business that does the work and not by any subcontractor. we take pride in our work...

Danny's Flooring & Remodeling

270 Over Hill Rd
Bastrop, TX

Darrell McGuire Remodeling

1306 Greenlawn Blvd
Round Rock, TX
Additional dba - master tile setter member of bbb several pictures and references...


911 Watson Ln E
New Braunfels, TX
Dave loveday began building all types of fences with his father in 1964 when he was still in...


San Antonio, TX
10 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. travel charges may apply. service fees...

David Landscape Group

402 A West Palm Valley BLVD.
Round Rock, TX
David landscape group is an award winning fully insured design/build firm consisting of a...

David's Texas Painting And Construction

1401 Thibodeaux Dr
Round Rock, TX
We are a remodeling business. we also do sheet rock work. tape, floating, texturing, painting...


2730 Perkins Place
Georgetown, TX
Dbc fence company is a top georgetown fence installer. we offer a variety of fences, from wood...

Deal's Custom Decks

7604 Melville Cove
Austin, TX
Deal’s custom decks beautiful * custom-built * reasonably priced * cabanas * gazebos *...

Decked Out & Fenced In Construction

PO Box 3647
Pflugerville, TX
Family owned and operated.


Austin, TX
Complete installation of all types of fences. we also work on and install automatic gates. we...

DeLeo Custom Rebuild

Austin, TX
Deleo custom rebuild™ is a small, professional crew. we pride ourselves on continually...

Delta Home And Commercial

Austin, TX
I am an honest, hardworking, southern raised gentleman who takes pride in the work that i do....


Cedar Park, TX


Austin, TX

Design Space Color

12113 Metric blvd
Austin, TX
Design space color is a conceptual and creative company. dsc is form by enginners and...


PO Box 7312
Round Rock, TX
Locally owned & operated.

Dig Doug's Bobcat Services

Lexington, TX
Locally owned & operated.

Discerning Carpentry

3111 Parker Lane
Austin, TX

DNZ Landscaping

3439 Bliss Spillar Rd
Manchaca, TX
Landscaping , tree trimming fencing

Dock Floats LTD

5115 Hudson Bend Rd
Austin, TX

Dominion Fences & Decks

8927 Peaceful Grv
San Antonio, TX
So you want to improve your home... perhaps finish a project that your responsibilities will...


Cedar Creek, TX

Door Install and Repair / Building / Remodeling

Austin, TX
The services that i provide to homeowners are as follows, building remodels and additions,...

Double T Construction, Inc.

3728 Pointer St.
Belton, TX
At double t construction, inc., our goal has always been to give our customers the best...

Douglas Landscapes

127 copperwood Loop
Round Rock, TX


Pflugerville, TX
Unique alternative to real stone and block construction. down to earth landscape services uses...

DPR Services

200 Alyson Lane
Hutto, TX
Dpr is a full service remodel and repair company. we only use subcontractors for specific...

DreamScape Design

8760-A Research Blvd
Austin, TX / / / austin-...

DreamScpapes Exterior Design

201 Hunters Crossing Blvd, Suite 10-192
Bastrop, TX
Landscape design and construction company focused on integrity, customer service, and quality...

DS Farm Ranch and Construction

510 country lane
Dripping Springs, TX
We offer free estimates and jobsite visits. we can complete jobs of all sizes- both...

E.M. Remodeling

Cedar Park, TX
I am trying to start my new business to do something that i love to do. my passion is...

Eagle View Roofing & Remodeling

PO Box 761391
San Antonio, TX

EB Construction

13359 N Hwy 183 STE 406-106
Austin, TX
Eb construction takes exceptional pride in every job they perform. we are a very one on one...

Eclipse Landscape & Construction

9114 Hwy 290 W
Austin, TX
Owner-operated. uses subs for labor. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges....

Eco Rock Homes

Austin, TX
Ecorock homes is a full services remodeling and repair company. we offer a wide range of...


Austin, TX
Additional dbas - landscape and garden inc, ecotopes landscape & living systems.


9345 e hwy 290
Austin, TX
Quality work at great low prices. we specialize in installing general landscape, sprinkler...

EDM Painting & Construction

PO Box 19213
Austin, TX
Edm painting & construction is family owned and operated and has been serving the austin and...

Elite Custom Tile and Remodeling

Round Rock, TX
We remodel kitchens, bathrooms, and all other areas of the home.

Elite Custom tile and remodeling

Round Rock, TX
We do extreme home makeovers

Emerald Irrigation

P.O. Box 148
Round Mountain, TX
Over 30 years of residential & commercial irrigation systems experience.

Empire Fence Co., Inc.

1731 County Road
Leander, TX
Empire fence is a premier fencing company in austin, texas. whether you need a residential or...

Escobar Construction, LLC

11805 Dove Haven Dr
Austin, TX
Dba: escobar construstion, llc

ESO Construction Co

8225 N FM 620
Austin, TX
Our goal at e.s.o. construction is to provide you with a quality functional bathroom that you...


Austin, TX

Expert Service Inc

1308 E 51st St
Austin, TX
When you need repairs, you want someone skilled and knowledgeable who takes helpful action to...

Express Costruction and Handyman Services

2005 Lime Rock Dr
Round Rock, TX
We have over 20 years handyman/construction exerience making your home a more comfortable...

Exteriors of Texas

123 first st
Moody, TX
Most jobs require half down then half upon completion unless otherwise stated in the estimate....


15005 Natural Spring Way
Austin, TX
Handyman--repairs of plumbing, electrical, gen fix up, tree triming, erect fences, sheds etc.

extreme home remodel

1602 Saint Leger
Pflugerville, TX
I can also do handyman reapir work we are extreme home remodel, we have over 20 years...

ExtremeScapes of Central Texas

5009 Daymon Court
Hutto, TX
Residential and commercial landscape contractor. our main focus is to design and install...

EZ Land Services

Austin/San Antonio/Hill Country
Austin, TX
My name is scott hodges and i offer land improvement services for commercial, farm & ranch,...


12609 Dessau Rd
Austin, TX
Ez home project company is a small family business, founded in 2005. the construction firm has...

Falkin Services Unlimited

2727 Lyons Rd.
Austin, TX
Falkin services unlimted was created from all the years that ive spent learning skills under...


Austin, TX
Father&son contractors was established in 1978 by beto castillo. now beto and his son mauricio...

Father & Son Painting and MakeReady

Metropolitan Area - Austin, Texas
Austin, TX
Home and commercial property make ready and repair services. we offer repair services for...

Felix Landscaping

PO Box 444
Georgetown, TX
For regular maintenance customers, we bill monthly. large jobs, payment is due upon...


Marble Falls, TX, LLC

Morrisville, PA
We are an online fence company specializing in jerith and delgard products, as well home and...


161 Coreopsis Cove
Kyle, TX
At fencewerx we provide high quality fencing options at affordable pricing

Ferguson Fabrication

262 Cedar Ln
Cedar Creek, TX
Metal fabrication and welding company, i sub-contract and employee sub-contractors depending...

Ferguson Remodeling & Construction llc

651 N Us Highway 183
Leander, TX
If you would like to pay with a credit card there will be a convenience fee of 3% added to...

Fine Handyman

6203 Homestead Tr
Austin, TX
My brother and i provide the quality of work that we would want in our own homes. we offer...

Fine Line Painting

San Marcos, TX
Fine line painting has been serving san marcos and surrounding areas in texas for over 10...

Fine Line Remodeling

2404 La Rochelle Dr
Cedar Park, TX
Additional email:


Austin, TX
Flox specializes in customizing the look of any space through design, wall preparation and...

Fortress Fence Company

1002 W. Hopkins St.
San Marcos, TX
Over 17 years experience with references available. very competitive prices based upon bids...


4303 W Innovation Loop
Marble Falls, TX

Framing Unlimited

2905 Mission Tejas Dr
Pflugerville, TX

Francisco Amesquita

45 Loop 15
Dripping Springs, TX
1 employee. charges by the job.

fred cerna

4504 Heritage Well Ln
Round Rock, TX
Access control, automatic gates, welding fabrication and repair building automation


Austin, TX
Fred tillman contractors, inc. is one of central texas’ most experienced and most reliable...

Frelco Enterprises LLC

1203 Mills Meadow Drive
Round Rock, TX
We are a family business operating in the austin, texas area. we have been in operation for...

Frenchie's Auto and Appliance Repair

9904 Gray Blv.
Austin, TX
With over 35 years of experience in auto repair with professional workmanship with added...

Full Circle Remodeling

7312 E. Ben White #12
Austin, TX
Full service design and build company, remodeling and handyman services

Full Moon Enterprises

2131 CR 152

Full Moon Enterprises

Georgetown, Tx
Full moon enterprises is a one man operation that uses sub-contractors to assist when...


PO BOX 28297
Austin, TX

Gaz The English Handyman

910 east 13th street
Austin, Tx
Established in 2012 i started my business after moving from the uk where i have fifteen years...

GB Construction

204 Apache Pass
Hutto, TX


530 S I H
Round Rock, TX

Georgetown Fence & Deck LLC

3700 Williams Dr
Georgetown, TX
We are a family owned and operated full service fencing and deck company.

Get It Done Guys

1404 bellmar
Round Rock, tx

Gideon Cofty Construction

3307 Zinfandel Ln
Leander, TX
Additional e-mail -


Austin, TX
Gonzales iron works is a specialty welding and metal fabrication company. our product line...


209 Rabbit Hollow Ln
Georgetown, TX

Good Guys Professional Home Improvement

Round Rock, tx
I am my the owner of the business, will get help for a job if i feel i need it. fairly new...


7500 Dallas Dr
Austin, TX
Goodwood primarily serves the austin and surrounding area geography. however we have a growing...

Gray Renovation

2406 S 3rd
Austin, TX
Gray renovation is a residential remodeling company located in austin texas, and we serve the...

Great Dane Fence Staining

1902 Timberwood Dr
Cedar Park, TX
We stain wood fences and decks with only the most proven and durable oil based stains. great...

Great Outdoors Fences & Decks

1504 Darold Dr
Del Valle, TX
Additional email -

Greater Austin painting and Remodeling

400 Yucca House Drive
Pflugerville, TX
We are a hands on company, the contractor that bids your jobs is also on the site working to...

Green Earth Landscapes

2919 Tradewind Dr
Spicewood, TX
We have been in business since 2004 and are devoted to keeping our customers happy. we employ...

Greenbelt Design Elements

Leander, TX
We are a "custom" landscape design/build company.

Grillin' Spaces, LLC.

P.O. 78691
Pflugerville, TX
Locally owned. payment excepted in the form of cash, check, credit card and paypal.

Growing Green

6800 West Gate Blvd, Ste 132 #551
Austin, TX
Organic lawn care, gardening and landscaping is what we love to do. we use organic products &...

Guardian Pool Fences of South Texas

9106 Windward Trce
San Antonio, TX
Baby fences for pools and fences for yards

Gulf Stream Pool Covers Of Texas

13910 Murphy Rd
Stafford, TX
Family-owned & operated. additional phone numbers: (512) 426-2902 & (210) 341-6150.

Guzman General Contracting

1709 High Road
Kyle, Tx
We are a reliable and hard working business. we have dedicated employess that will do a great...

H & H Design & Build Inc

12409 Sceptre CV
Austin, TX


Austin, TX

H&H Design and Construction

284 The Oaks Blvd
Elgin, TX
Thank you for your interest in h&h design and construction. we have been providing new home...

Hammer'n Handyman

Dripping Springs, TX
Owner operated.

Hammerhead Construction

Austin, Tx
I typically work on my own or with a small crew. i also draw from my network of licensed...


Pflugerville, TX
Owenr-operated. no subs. cost is determined by the job. travel charges may apply. no service...

Handy Man Matt

Austin, TX
Handyman, construction contracting

Handy Men512

1302 Barbergale St
Pflugerville, TX
Were a fun an energetic group, it's a family orientated company.our motto is "we can & would...

Handy Services

Manor, TX
Home repair/remodeling


1916 Cannonwood
Austin, TX
Handychicks is an austin-based home improvement business with 10 years experience and an...


7502 Barcelona Dr
Austin, TX

Handyman Connection- Austin

223 W. Anderson Ln.
Austin, TX
We specialize in small to med. home repairs, home maintenance, and remodeling. cost is...

Handyman Dan

1005 Hyde Park Dr
Round Rock, TX
Friendly and affordable, i focus on quality, efficiency, and customer service. i do all the...

Handyman for Hire

2207 Frontier Trail
Round Rock, TX
Pete has over twenty-five years experience in all areas of construction, and has a special...

Handyman Team

11900 Hamrich Court
Austin, TX

Happy Fence

Austin, TX
Central texas wood fencing experts.

Harmony Construction Co

PO Box 3086
Canyon Lake, TX
Additional email:


PO BOX 1716
Wimberley, TX

HC Handyman Services

9113 Japonica Ct
Austin, TX
Hc handyman services is a service company that takes pride in its work if its a 1/2 day job or...

Head Construction

1909 Alguno Rd
Austin, TX
Head construction consists of the owner/contractor and an additional employee. we have...

Heisman Contracting

11811 Rotherham Dr
Austin, TX
Heisman contracting is a locally owned and operated company that specializes in home...

Heritage Fence Stain

809 adventure ln
Cedar Park, TX
My name is josh, i am the owner of heritage fence stain, llc. all work is performed by me. i...

Herzog and Sons Construction

P. O. Box 1494
Kyle, TX
Herzog and sons construction has been building beautiful custom homes for over a decade. in...

HFA Builders LLC

1000 Howell Terrace Place
Round Rock, TX
Additional phone numbers - (512) 388-5021 & (512) 818-5464. additional contact name -...

Hicks Construction

706 Cactus Bend Dr
Pflugerville, TX
Hicks construction is a small business offering personalized service. jim wiederhold is, in...

Hicks Fencing Company

4133 Sequoia Trail W
Georgetown, TX
All types of fencing and fence related masonry work such as stone columns and stone walls. ...

Highland Lakes Fence and Gate

3807 county road 101
Lampasas, TX
Full service fence, gate, and gate operator installation company.

Hill Country Fence & Power Gate Co.

3907 Aero Dr.
Georgetown, TX

Hill Country Fence and Ranch

110 Old San Antonio Rd
Boerne, TX
- locally owned and operated -no subcontractors/day labor used -all work is performed by...


6500 E HWY 71
Spicewood, TX
Additional contact: richard novigard. additional email:

Hill Country Gardeners

Hwy 290
Dripping Springs, TX
Hill country gardeners is focused on providing high-quality services for all your gardening...

Hill Country Handyman Services

PO Box 5094
Leander, TX
We have been serving central texas since 1984. we provide a variety of services including...


PO BOX 2239
Kyle, TX
Hill country home services is a fully insured partnership that is locally owned and operated...

Hill Country Renovations

Hwy 290
Dripping Springs, TX
Hill country renovations is a locally owned family business located in dripping springs,...

Hill Fence Company

1402hyridge cir
Round Rock, TX
Family owned and operated.


299 Mercer Street
Dripping Springs, TX

Hillside Decking

605 Winterfield Dr
Hutto, TX
I am relatively new to austin, up from san antonio. i have been doing construction jobs here...


3913 Todd Ln
Austin, TX
Hello, my name is carlos garza. i am the owner of hire pros. although, this is a very new...


Austin, TX
Fence installation and sales


15725 W HWY 29
Liberty Hill, TX
2 employees. uses same subs for roofing & carpentry. cost is determined by the job. travel...

Home Depot

11301 Lakeline Blvd
Austin, TX
The home depot is your destination for home improvement products and diy project know-how. we...


7900 RANCH RD 620 N
Austin, TX

Home Depot

1200 Barbara Jordan Blvd
Austin, TX
Additional contact name - george.

Home Maintenance Services

8154 Ceberry Drive
Austin, TX
Handyman services for individuals and businesses. high quality care of your property,...

Home Repair-We Fix It!

San Marcos, TX
Home repair- we fix it! is a small renovation and repair service. i do all the work with...

Home Sweet Home Improvements

4620 Allen Genoa Road
Pasadena, TX
thirty years in austin and houston areas building quality custom indoor and outdoor products...

Homelink Roofing Siding Inc.

111 Porter Creek Ct.
Kyle, TX
Family owned, minority owned, military veteran operated business as an installer for the first...

Hometown Decking & Decorative Concrete

P.O. Box 1020
Buda, TX
At hometown decking & decorative concrete our goal is to provide you an awesome outdoor...

House of Floors

307 FM 1209
Bastrop, TX
House of floors has turned back the clock to the time of collaboration between service...

House To House Lawn Care & Maintenance

8609 Verona Trl
Austin, TX
We do primarily lawn mowing and all manners of related services for south austin. in order to...

Hunter Services

1313 Mockingbird
Leander, TX
Our company is comprised of two cousins, marty hunter and fred hunter. we learned the business...

I C Services

3001 Siskin Dr
Austin, TX


Pflugerville, TX
No subs. owner operated.

I-Renovate Austin

8811 Ampezo Trail
Austin, TX
I-renovate austin offers advantages over other renovation companies: as a locally owned...

Infinite Exteriors Construction Company LLC

7301 RR 620 North Suite 155-162
Austin, TX
Dedicated office personnel, sales team, with multiple construction crew. certified with the...

Innovo Renovations

14493 SPID
Corpus Christi, TX
Innovo renovations specializes in additions, kitchen and bath remodeling.


Round Rock, TX
Owner operated. uses subs for larger jobs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges....

Instant Repair Service

11203 Iron Oak Trl
Austin, TX
I’ve been “keeping austin remodeled” for 35 years. from the smallest repair to the...

Integrated Home & Commercial Services

16238 FM 620,. Ste F 112
Austin, TX
Integrated environmental is a premier home and commercial services company located in...

Integrity Constructive Solutions LLC

2700 County Road 172
Round Rock, TX
$150.00 minimum $2 million dollar general liability insurance lifetime craftsmanship warranty...

Integrity Contractors & Developers LLC

15201 East Freeway
Channelview, TX
Icd is an insured independent contractor specializing in residential and commercial repair and...

Interior Results

PO Box 1565
San Marcos, TX
Interior results is owner managed and has extensive experience in various fields. the bulk of...

Inviting Outdoors

3355 Bee Caves Road
Austin, TX
Free estimate. your contact will be with the owner. your project will be managed by the...

Iron Kreation

31729 Decker Industrial Drive
Pinehurst, TX
Family owned and operated. est. 2000. we specialize in custom wrought iron, staircases,...


Austin, TX
With over 20 years in the roofing and construction industry, j & a roofing and general...

J & A Trim Inc

817 Cleawater Trl
Round Rock, TX
Just contact us we can give you good prices. also free estimates and no obligations. spoken...


Austin, TX
Bonded and licensed in the state of texas. major credit cards accepted (visa, mastercard,...

J D R Construction

7424 Onion Creek Drive
Austin, TX
We have been the only contractor on jobs, we have sub-contracted to other contractors and have...

J&R Construction

18702 Lakeland Dr
Lago Vista, TX
Hi, my name is john wilkerson and i am the founder of j&r construction. many owners like...

J.A. Zamora Construction

3301 Winding Shore Ln
Pflugerville, TX
We have a variety of honest and reliable employees that will start and finish any job that we...

Jackson Matthew Contracting

9323 Manchaca #213
Austin, TX
Your go-to contractors for anything and everything residential. from new construction to...

jaimes handyman services

12026 shropshire blvd
Austin, TX
Most of all handyman services at home ,fencing ,plumbing,electrical,carpentry work attic...

Jarhead Construction Co.

P.O.Box 173
Cedar Park, TX
We are a full construction, roofing,remodeling and handyman service company who has our own...


Austin, TX
General home repairs/improvements

JB Handyman

2424 Roundabout ln
Round Rock, TX
Discounted 4 hour and 8 hour blocks... or free estimate on larger projects....

Jesse's Home Improvement

1254 Austin Hwy
San Antonio, TX

Jim The Happy Handyman

14400 Sawyer Ranch Road
Dripping Springs, TX
Owner operated. has additional workers and occasionally uses subs for extra help. travel...

Jim-Dandy, Inc.

10900 STATE HWY 29 E
Georgetown, TX
Jim-dandy, inc. is a small, personable, service provider focused on helping homeowners...

JL Remodeling

Austin, TX
Jl remodeling is a small, locally-owned company that provides quality work at competitive...

Jo's Installs & Remodels

179 Cynthia Dr
Bastrop, TX
Family owned & operated. additional contact joanne mills.


Bastrop, TX
We are a family owned business serving central texas since 1985. we provide quality masonry...

Joe Nichols

Round Rock, TX
Handyman service

John Davis Consulting

1503 Bridgeway Dr # A
Austin, TX
John davis consulting is a construction estimating firm that specializes in multifamily, mixed...

Jose Vergara Construction

6205 Turtle Dove Dr
Austin, TX
Over 20 years experience working in residential and commercial construction/remodeling. we...

JP Construction

4018 Shavano Dr
Austin, TX
Family owned & operated with over 30 years of experience. j p construction takes pride in...

jw construction

10052 janet loop
Dripping Springs, tx
General construction

JZ General Contractor

Pflugervillle, TX

Kathryn's Carpenters

2012 Pine St.
Georgetown, Tx
We are kathryn's carpenters. we build and remodel homes throughout the austin area. we are...


2125 Goodrich Ave
Austin, TX
Kcwfabtech fabricates and machines custom pieces. as a small company, we specialize in meeting...

KDL Construction

1205 Challenger
Austin, TX
We are a residential contracting company and have 2 workers full time, and more as needed. we...

Kelton Deck

3601 County Road 258
Liberty Hill, TX
Family-owned and operated business, since 2003. free consultations and estimates. our goal is...

Ken's Handyman Service

212 Hwy 21 E
Bastrop, TX
Ken's handyman service:loyal,dependable, and dedicated to my work. i will beat any competitors...

Keto Roofing

11500 Trinity Hill Dr.
Austin, TX
Full service contractor, fully insured, in house crews, insurance claims specialists, owner...


Austin, TX

Kountry Craftsman

Jonestown, TX
Kountry craftsman is a family owned and operated business in the austin area.

Kraft Werks

109 Highland Horizon
Austin, TX
Home improvement consultant

L and M Home Detail

1405 Clearfield Dr
Austin, TX
We do any type of work for you make ready and detail your home to your satisfaction for sale...


Georgetown, TX

L&M Plumbing and Remodeling

2924 Cohoba Drive
Austin, TX
L&m plumbing and home remodeling is a locally family owned and operated company servicing ...

L&S Remodel

136 Howard Ln.
Bastrop, TX
We are about making your dreams come true. meeting and exceeding your expectations. getting...

L.A. Landscape Service, Inc

PO Box 516
Martindale, TX
Family owned and operated since 1998 fully insured

Lago Vista Fence and Decks

P.O. Box 4551
Leander, TX
Residential fencing and decks of all types (privacy, chain link, wrought iron). we also stain...

Lake Travis Honey Do Home Handy Man

PO Box 813
Spicewood, TX
Home handy man general home repairs

LaMore Contracting

507 Oak Hill Ct
Lanoka Harbor, NJ


Johnson City, TX


Canyon Lake, TX
Specializing in custom residential driveway gates and automatic gate operators since 1998....

Last Call Remodeling

706 S 11th St
Copperas Cove, TX
Last call remodeling is a small family owned company, here to give you the best service that...


Leander, TX

LawnShark Landscaping and Irrigation

Pflugerville, TX
Residential and commercial service, 15 yrs experinece,no subs,

LawnShark Landscaping and Irrigation

P.O. Box 883
Pflugerville, TX
Residential and commercial professional services, we do not use subs, over 15 years...

Legends Roofing

9536 Tarleton St
Dallas, TX
Ask about angie's list discount. social media site: twitter:

Leo's Yard Work

Austin, TX
All landscaping

Lindley Pond Landscaping

171 Wren Road
Johnson City, TX
We are a full service design and installation landscaping company. we are 7 strong and...

Live Oak Landscape Inc

7928 W Hwy 71
Austin, TX
No subcontractors, locally owned, design, build, maintain

Lively Creations

240 Pine Valley Dr
Paige, TX
At lively creations we are a wide range of home improvements and make your dreams of what you...

Lockwood Services LLC

PO Box 303354
Austin, TX
Cost is determined by job. additional e-mail -

lone star fencing

155 vista dr
Elgin, TX
we do fencing landscaping concrete and decks 6 employees i do sub contractors

Lone Star Repairs & Remodeling

244 Roadrunner Ave
New Braunfels, TX
2 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service charges. no...

Lone Star Specialized Contractors

533 Celery Loop
Austin, TX
Here at lone star specialized contractors, we are your "peace of mind" full service...


7310 Sherwood Road
Austin, TX
Additional email -


Georgetown, TX

Loviolette Enterprises

120 Faldyn St
Bastrop, TX
Classic restoration of your home. full service.


Austin, TX

Lucero Landscaping

1817 Mason Creek Blvd
Leander, TX
Specializing in flagstone patios. we also do complete landscaping... flowerbed borders and bed...


Austin, TX

M T C Home Remodeling & Repair

1401 Ransom
Pflugerville, TX

Mac Management Prperties LLC

3005 Rte 88
Point Pleasant Borough, NJ

Majestic Floors & Remodeling

2915 Pioneer Way
Round Rock, TX
With over 17 years in the industry, we take great pride in providing our clients with the...

Makira, LLC

305 Preakness Pl
Georgetown, TX
Makira, llc provides friendly, honest,trustworthy and affordable residential and commercial...

Mark Griffor

Austin, TX

Mark Marsteller

22104 W Summit Dr
Briarcliff, TX

Mark's Custom Painting

901 east 37th st
Austin, TX
Having been in business for over fifteen years i understand how important it is to feel...

Austin, TX
Residential and commercial work

Martinez Valley White Services

PO BOX 286
San Benito, TX
I will be the person who will be at the work site to take care of the job personally.

Mason Man

Cedar Park, TX
We have been in business since 1999. owner jaye stark is a fourth generation mason. employees...

Master Fix

16401 Westview Tr
Austin, TX
1 employee. uses subs for a/c. charges an hourly rate of $40 (5/8/09). travel charges may...

Matrix Services

114 Olive St.
San Marcos, TX
We are a full service general contractor,we have built many residential and commercial...

Matt's Remodeling

2637 Alcott Ln
Austin, TX
Matt's remodeling consist of two direct employees both are named matt and several different...

Maverick Builders

2614 B
Austin, TX
General contracting services, project management, remodeling, new construction, residential...


1305 FM
Manchaca, TX


San Marcos, TX


13324 W HIGHWAY 71
Austin, TX


Austin, TX

McAdoo & Sons

107 E 47th St
Austin, TX
We are a small family owned, oriented, and operated business. we try 9 ways till sunday to...

McCoy's Building Supply

3401 N Main
Taylor, TX

Mel.Bri L.L.C.

9305 Granada Hills Dr.
Austin, TX
We've worked in the construction industry since 1996 building trusses/lumber and have remodel...


Pflugerville, TX


3103 N I H
Austin, TX


9201 Hwy 183 South
Austin, TX
Metalink supplies, manufactures, and installs fencing, carports, gates, kennels, and...

Metro Interior Construction, Inc.

PO Box 803228
Dallas, TX
Metro interior construction is a general contracting firm with offices in dallas and austin,...

Mike Owen Construction

9913 E Hwy 71
Spicewood, TX

MK Construction Specialists

P.O.Box 641
Liberty Hill, TX
Mk construction specialist is a local, family owned general contracting company. we take...

MKZ Construction

1430 Rustling Oaks Dr.
Conroe, TX
Custom home builder, we have 6 full time employees, some work is subcontracted out, free...


Austin, TX
With experience in masonry and construction , mocegalis offers customers the treatment and...

Mockingbird Lawn and Home

706 Russet Valley Dr
Cedar Park, TX
I am a small company looking to grow. i do lawn work, trash removal, light remodeling, ect....

Modal Contracting

PO Box 91565
Austin, TX
Modal contracting offers its clients insured documented employees with a "get it done on time"...

More Than A Carpenter

1313 Crete Ln.
Pflugerville, TX


Spring Hollow dr
Leander, tx

Morningstar Landscaping Inc

Austin, TX
Please note that to a heavy back log, we are currently not accepting landscaping/drainage...

Mr Done Right LLC

15403 Delahunty Ln
Pflugerville, TX
You name it we can do it

Mr. Handyman Of NE Austin And Georgetown

2508 Williams Dr.
Georgetown, TX
Busy schedules make both major and minor home repairs hard to get to. now your growing "to do"...

Mr. Handyman of NW Austin

1700 Bryant Dr.
Round Rock, TX
We are america's choice for home improvement and repair. customer satisfaction is our top...

Mr. Handyman of South Austin/Lakeway

9901 Brodie Lane Ste 160 - 230
Austin, TX
One call does it all! at mr. handyman, we complete jobs faster and better because you don’t...

Munoz Ironwork

Kyle, TX
Wrought ironwork angie's list in austin


Austin, TX

Nelson Improvements

1008 W 5th Street
Taylor, TX
Free estimates payment is due upon completion of work and usually requires a down payment.

Nelson Improvements

1008 W. 5th St
Taylor, TX
Established in 2012. we are a family / veteran owned company serving the central texas...

New Beginning Renovations

2635 Oak Meadow Dr
Round Rock, TX

Newmatic Painting and Remodeling

9610 Holly Springs Dr.
Austin, TX
Newmatic painting and remodeling is fully insured and offers free estimates for any type of...

Noah's Ark Carpentry & Siding Inc

303 Hickok St.
Round Rock, TX
Specialize in hardie-board siding installation. 5 employees. 5% discount for angie's list...


12306 Technology Blvd.
Austin, TX
Northwest fence and iron has been manufacturing and installing iron fencing and gates since...

Nwc General Construction

1701 W Northwest Hwy
Grapevine, TX
We are a general contractor that specializes in insurance claims. usually hail storms. we'll...

Oak Springs Fence Company

1602 Harley Dr
Harker Heights, TX
General fence construction and repair

Oasis HG

1795 Goodson Ct
Round Rock, TX
We are a small business, family owned and operated. with years of experience on all the...

ODI, INC. & Home Remodeling

12400 W Hwy 71
Austin, TX
Odi, inc. home remodeling is a full–service residential remodeling company that has been...

Off Duty Firefighters Home and Haul

321 Cliffwood
Georgetown, TX
Off duty firefighters providing home and haul services. we accept all major credit cards,...

Olive Constructors LLC

7309 Bucknell Dr
Austin, TX
**in order to give each customer the best service and highest quality of work possible, please...

OnCall Home Services

2029 Sorghum Hill Dr
Austin, TX
With over eleven years of experience servicing the austin area, we strive to provide a wide...

Ortiz Handyman Services

2313 Rockridge Dr.
Austin, TX

Outside Views

3410 Great Valley Dr
Cedar Park, TX

P-H Services

1604 Middleway Rd
Pflugerville, TX
Complete handyman services; fence and deck installs and repairs; interior and exterior...

Pacific Renovations & Home Repairs

10508 Plains Trail
Austin, TX
Any & all home renovations or remodeling tointerior or exterior of your home. family...


PO Box 151445
Austin, TX
General contractor; 30 years of experience. servicing austin and surrounding area since 1981...

Paradigm Contracting LLC

10719 Twilight Vista
Austin, TX
Located in austin, texas, paradigm contracting takes pride in the level of service we provide....

Paragon C&D Builders

P.O. Box 486
Blanco, TX
We are primarily a custom home builder and remodeler, including additions, porches/decks and...

Paris Remodeling

3000 N Lakeline blvd
Leander, TX
Paris remodeling is a member off the bbb. all work is guaranteed. references available. free...

Patino Construction

Granite Shoals, Tx

Patriot Fence and Construction

405 Bear Canyon Drive
Manchaca, TX
Patriot fence and construction is a referral based company serving austin and surrounding...

Paul Martin Construction, LLC.

605 S. Hwy 95
Taylor, TX
Paul martin construction, llc. maintains staff skilled in all areas of general construction...

PCS Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

110 Pflugerville Pkwy Suite H
Pflugerville, TX
Established in 2002, pcs cleaning & restoration is a family owned and operated commercial and...

Pegasus General Contractors, Inc.

Post Office Box 29042
Austin, TX
With over 20 years of experience, our small company is a great option for your next commercial...


Austin, TX
Perfect lawns & landworks of austin is a team of well trained lawn care professionals and...

Perfection Landscape

PO Box 932
Liberty Hill, TX
I am a self employed business owner. i do work for another company but only work four days a...

Perilous Times Restoration

11495 Toepperwein Rd 2
Live Oak, TX
With over 27 years experience, perilous times restoration offers the very best in quality...

Perry's Mobile Welding Services

Mc Dade, tx
Family owned and operated business, competitive pricing with fast response and getting the job...

Persona Construction

145 San Jacinto
Bastrop, TX
Persona construction - i'm ur man 4 ur home projects! i have been in the...

Pet Protection of Texas, Inc

1209 Baylor
Austin, TX
designed to work together, our systems give you amazing options to expand your pets’...

Platinum Construction

405 Tamworth Ave
Austin, TX
Platinum construction is a trusted contractor in austin, tx specializing in new wooden fences,...


2457 S LOOP
Buda, TX

Premier Home Design

2902 Redsky Pass
San Antonio, TX
Just because you dream big doesn't mean you have to spend big. at phdtx we make remodeling a...

Premium Siding & Painting Co

16323-B Wells Rd
Manor, TX
Psp hardi plank siding in austin have the best service for hardiplank siding, replacement...


18613 White Water Cove
Pflugerville, TX
Premium environmental design (prende) is the efficient and affordable way to renovate your...


PO BOX 2144
Leander, TX
Protect your property from prying eyes with high-grade privacy fencing. pro-fence is the...


11511 catalonia dr
Austin, TX
We do jobs of all sizes ,sheds to apartments,residential and commercial

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