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Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked

To date, the title “Worst of the Worst” of all the contractors in
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
Texas has to be awarded to
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
of ESTATE GATE INC. and/or
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked

I did everything I thought I should do to choose the right company. I acquired 3 bids and was not focused on the lowest price. As long as the bid was within $1,000 of the others, I wanted the company that would see the project through from beginning to end without my having to become involved. It became a coin toss between 2 of the bidding companies but
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
was the
most eager which won him points. He gave me 2 references, which I did call. One said he was a good guy (probably his father) and the other said she had a huge development and
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
did all of the fencing and gate work. She said that he did a good job for her but that probably anybody would because it was continual ongoing expensive work. My job was only about $10,000.
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
said that the job out take 10 days and promised it would be complete for sure no later than 2 weeks. He told me exactly what I wanted to hear.

His unsupervised crew came out and tore up my landscaping digging holes and setting the posts in concrete to find they were not any where near where the plan had specified their install and they all had to be pulled up leaving a mess which they did not clean up. I was concerned that I was out of town when they were doing this process but on the phone
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
said how could they possibly mess it up, they had a plan and it is simply measurements. Well, given all of that, it was a complete botch job.
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
again had trouble with the truth and told me on thephone that the fence panels had changed in measurements which is why they made the mess in all the wrong places. The simply was not true. I specified each panel at 8 ft long and that never changed.

Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
lied to me about how long it would be to complete the project as he took my $4,000 deposit. He said 2 weeks at the most. I never saw
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
again until he completed the job 2 MONTHS LATER when he came to collect on the rest of the contract. His crew leader
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
has informed me that he had NEVER completed any project EVER in 2 weeks. His unsupervised crew left
my property destroyed with piles of dried up concrete, multiple broken sprinkler pipes and 120-volt electrical left lying on top of the ground. When I opened the electrical junction box I discovered that his crew had neglected to tie in the ground wire leaving a completely hazardous situation! Even
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
made remarks about how badly everything was left as he held his hand out for the remainder of the money. He said he would send a crew out to clean all of the debris left behind. I told him not tobother that they had done enough damage and I would address all of the problems myself.

The gate never worked from the moment he was paid in full until almost a year later when I hired another company to come and fix the disaster.

After payment in full, several days of the gate not operating, and all of my phone calls completely ignored, I sent him a text and told him about the problems and asked what he could do to help. This is the text
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
wrote back to me:

"Happy Easter Big Goof! My attorney
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
has all your info't call me again CLOWN!!!"

Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
is no stranger to legal problems as he referred me to his attorney immediately after depositing my final payment.

I suppose we now know 3 things about
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
: he is certainly immature/inappropriate, he
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
, and he is unprofessional.

I was left with a non-operational gate. The prices he charges are supposed to include warranty work and he never attempted to get my gate to work at all, ever after payment in full.
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
never showed his face again at my home or done anything to make good on his contract.

Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
is 100% hands off and you will see him only 3 times. Once, when he comes to pitch his services, then again to come and collect the down payment and the last time you see hm is to collect the final payment. After pleading with
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
many times, I resorted to hiring another gate company to come fix the problems. Now I only hear from
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
's attorney.

Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
makes very sure he signs his contracts as a representative for HIS company so that it is not in HIS name therefore HE will not be responsible for the impending disaster. He
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
behind his company names and has them stripped of any value or assets so that when he is sued, there is nothing to recover. This is a well-oiled machine and the con-man will make sure he gets the best of you.

Interesting that
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
is a one-man show but uses 2 company names interchangeably, Estate Gate, Inc. and
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
Estate Gate. You can be sure that after he has enough bad reviews he will have his attorney file a couple of new company names to start the process all over again. Please ask him why he finds it necessary to have two company names. Then ask him why neither of his company names show up on this site. He had so many bad reviews that he threatened to
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
Angie's List and now these companies do not come up in "
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked

Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
is a straight up fast talking con-man and needs is an intensive 4-year boot camp in ethics.

After filing a similar review with the Better Business Bureau,
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
's lawyer sent me a letter demanding that I immediately remove that review or they would
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
me. Sadly, I just can't keep spending more and more money on
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
. So far he has cost me over $14,000 in legal fees and another lawsuit was not something I could handle, so I gave in to his threat. He will do anything it takes to keep the bad reviews away from the BBB.

Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
does such a poor job with operatiing his current business, he should consider starting
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
's List", a publication of contractors who are fed up with bad reviews!

- steve A.

Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
is at this point, a small local business with a high degree of quality craftsmanship involved in their work.
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
kept me up to date as to when he would be able to begin my fence replacement. He completed the work promptly, efficiently, and with attention to detail. I couldn't be more pleased. The quality of work was far superior to the previous fence company that I had used when another portion of my fence was damaged. I highly recommend this company for both their quality work and their reasonable pricing.
- Wendy L.

We called 4 fence companies to come give us estimates. All 4 companies came out to give us estimates but only
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
one other company got back to us with a price.
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
Company came in a few hundred dollars cheaper so we chose them. We hired
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
to do the work for us. He said he would start the following week and he did. The work took 3 days and everything was about as perfect as it can be. I am very pleased with the outcome and will definitely call them next time we do some fence repairs.
- Jennifer B.

Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
completed the work in 2 days, which was remarkable. The workmanship is of the highest quality and we could not be happier with the finished product.
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
responded to all of our inquiries promptly and courteously and
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
, who built and installed the new gate and the gate operators, is truly an exceptional craftsman. Many of our neighbors have remarked on how quickly the gate was built and installed and how beautiful it looks. We are very pleased with the work that was done by
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
and will use them for any future projects that arise. Their approach is highly professional and the outcome is better than we had imagined.

Here are some Facebook comments to display how it went:

Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
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Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked

Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
did a wonderful job. We are so pleased. He stuck to his bid, completed everything we discusses and all in about 7 work days.January 23 at 11:41am · Like · 2
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
Looks awesome! Well done guys!!!January 23 at 12:56pm · Like
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked

Oh man he really did such a great job. What a difference in our home. I love it!January 23 at 1:01pm · Like
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked

Wow!January 23 at 1:18pm · Like
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
Looks great you guys.January 23 at 4:50pm · Like
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
Nice job!January 23 at 4:53pm · Like
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
You'all have turned that house into a home!January 23 at 6:26pm · Like
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked

Looks great!January 24 at 8:55pm · Like

I have had several fences and gates built and every one, including the one
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
and I had built upon move-in, fell short to say the least. We loved our neighbors fence. Not just the look. The overall quality of wood and build quality were excellent. So we grabbed his name from them and were impressed. Terrific guy and I would bet his prices are very competitive as well. A good friend of ours who is also a contractor said he thought the work we had done was very reasonably bid by
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked He's a great guy - VERY honest. He did every single thing we asked him to and communicated ANY change - even as far as to ask if the shingles he purchased, which were brown, needed to be returned so he could purchase grey shingles to match our existing roof. They donate 5% of every job to a wellness and well-digging non-profit his father-in-law started in Ethiopia in addition to volunteering their own time in Ethiopia several times per year. Please hire this company - you WILL NOT be disappointed.
- kristin S.

Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
is AWESOME. Super responsive, professional, friendly and a problem solver. I had several companies come out and bid the project. None was willing to offer a creative solution that was both practical and economical to my driveway needs.
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
looked it over, came up with a plan on the spot and executed it perfectly. I could not be happier!!
- Erlinda V.

Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
was one of three estimates we received for this job. The estimate included options for steel posts vs. wood, steel frame driveway gate and wrought iron gates. We went with the steel posts and the steel frame driveway gate. They had another job in front of us but, to our surprise, were able to start our job a week earlier than scheduled. We'd just moved into this property and couldn't let our dogs out with supervision because of the gaps and holes in the fence. They had to work around a few trees and a gradual grade in the terrain. At the last minute, my partner asked if they could extend the fence another 75' making the total job about 200'. They did a great job and we -- and the dogs -- are very pleased with their work!
- Don C.

I'd scheduled the date of for the estimate a week in advance but he was an hour late. The estimate was fine but I had a few questions. After several calls and emails without a response, I finally gave up on
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
. I'll give them the benefit of a doubt, assume their unresponsiveness wasn't racially motivated and write it off to bad service.
- Don C.

See above for start to finish. I would give the overall process and
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
service experience a rating of "excellent." I found them on Angie's List, to which I always turn for service providers when I don't already know someone.
- Carol A.

The service I received from
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
was superb and completely exceeded my expectations. I contacted
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
this summer to request an estimate for approximately 350 linear feet of horizontal cedar fencing with a top cap and two gates.
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
Ransom responded to my request and I could not be happier that he was selected as my
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
representative. His service was exceptional. He walked me through every step of the process to ensure that I was happy with the end result. I interviewed six companies for this project, including Metalink, Allied, ABC, Austex, AAA, and Viking. Three of the six companies bid similar amounts, but of the three Vikings products were far superior. Most fencing companies bid a standard ¾” rough cedar board with pressure treated posts. Viking is able to offer lower prices on superior products though because they are their own distributor – which means they cut out the middle-man and save you some cash. Vikings quote included 5/4” (e.g. true 1” board) cedar planks with one smooth side and cedar posts. I wanted to upgrade to metal posts though after reading some consumer forums online. When I told my Viking rep,
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
, about my decision to upgrade he promptly set out to find the best possible solution that would accommodate my horizontal plank installation. Well, he nailed it and I couldn’t be happier with the results. During the construction phase
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
’s installation crew arrived on-time and went straight to work. They were very polite and patient whenever I had a question or request. They worked diligently for three days to complete the project and thoroughly cleaned my yard when they were finished.
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
stopped by twice during the construction phase to make sure everything was okay and that I was happy with the work they had done. On the day
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
was unable to stop by in person he phoned to make sure everything was okay. I am so pleased and grateful for the experience I had with
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
. This project was a major investment for me, and I am very happy with the results. My new fence is gorgeous!
Austin Driveway Gate Installers Provider Name Locked
truly sets the bar for product quality and outstanding service.
- Dawn E.
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My business provides excellent and fast services for our customers, we have 3 crews with 2-3...

Ferguson Fabrication

262 Cedar Ln
Cedar Creek, TX
Metal fabrication and welding company, i sub-contract and employee sub-contractors depending...

Fine Line Painting

San Marcos, TX
Fine line painting has been serving san marcos and surrounding areas in texas for over 10...


610 Springdale Rd
Austin, TX

Fortress Fence Company

1002 W. Hopkins St.
San Marcos, TX
Over 17 years experience with references available. very competitive prices based upon bids...

fred cerna

4504 Heritage Well Ln
Round Rock, TX
Access control, automatic gates, welding fabrication and repair building automation

Full Circle Remodeling

7312 E. Ben White #12
Austin, TX
Full service design and build company, remodeling and handyman services


P.O. Box 2554
Wimberley, TX
Owner-operated. no subs. charges a flat rate. no travel charges. no service fees. may contact...

Gary Burton Fence Replacement/Repair

2801 Wells Branch Pkwy
Austin, TX
A residential fence company commited to quality, service and affordability, offering cedar as...

Gaz The English Handyman

910 east 13th street
Austin, Tx
Established in 2012 i started my business after moving from the uk where i have fifteen years...

GB Construction

204 Apache Pass
Hutto, TX

Georgetown Fence & Deck LLC

3700 Williams Dr
Georgetown, TX
We are a family owned and operated full service fencing and deck company.


Austin, TX
Gonzales iron works is a specialty welding and metal fabrication company. our product line...

Greens Services

605 winterfield drive
Hutto, TX
Flooring installation and general home repairs and new build projects

Guardian Pool Fences of South Texas

9106 Windward Trce
San Antonio, TX
Baby fences for pools and fences for yards

Gunn Custom Home Care

7602 creston ln
Austin, TX
As a reliable quality-focused production manager/handyman, i offer hands-on building and...

Guzman General Contracting

1709 High Road
Kyle, Tx
We are a reliable and hard working business. we have dedicated employess that will do a great...

Handy Services

Manor, TX
Home repair/remodeling

Handyman Dan

1005 Hyde Park Dr
Round Rock, TX
Friendly and affordable, i focus on quality, efficiency, and customer service. i do all the...

Handyman Of Austin

Leander, TX
Experienced in homebuilding, painting, handyman services.

Handyman Team

11900 Hamrich Court
Austin, TX

HC Handyman Services

9113 Japonica Ct
Austin, TX
Hc handyman services is a service company that takes pride in its work if its a 1/2 day job or...

Herzog and Sons Construction

P. O. Box 1494
Kyle, TX
Herzog and sons construction has been building beautiful custom homes for over a decade. in...

Highland Lakes Fence and Gate

3807 county road 101
Lampasas, TX
Full service fence, gate, and gate operator installation company.

Hill Country Fence & Power Gate Co.

3907 Aero Dr.
Georgetown, TX

Hill Country Handyman Services

PO Box 5094
Leander, TX
We have been serving central texas since 1984. we provide a variety of services including...

Hill Country Renovations

Hwy 290
Dripping Springs, TX
Hill country renovations is a locally owned family business located in dripping springs,...

Hill Fence Company

1402hyridge cir
Round Rock, TX
Family owned and operated.

Hillside Decking

605 Winterfield Dr
Hutto, TX
I am relatively new to austin, up from san antonio. i have been doing construction jobs here...

HMS Handyman Services

Austin, Tx
We have been serving austin for over 10 yrs. and have built up our clientel. we offer all...

Hollo Renovations

9817 Indina Hills Drive
Austin, TX
We specialize in whole house renovations, including interior and exterior work!

Home Matters

Leander, Tx
We are a small handyman and home improvement company.

Hometown Decking & Decorative Concrete

P.O. Box 1020
Buda, TX
At hometown decking & decorative concrete our goal is to provide you an awesome outdoor...

House of Floors

307 FM 1209
Bastrop, TX
House of floors has turned back the clock to the time of collaboration between service...

Hunter Services

1313 Mockingbird
Leander, TX
Our company is comprised of two cousins, marty hunter and fred hunter. we learned the business...

Infinite Exteriors Construction Company LLC

7301 RR 620 North Suite 155-162
Austin, TX
Dedicated office personnel, sales team, with multiple construction crew. certified with the...

Innovo Renovations

14493 SPID
Corpus Christi, TX
Innovo renovations specializes in additions, kitchen and bath remodeling.

Integrated Home & Commercial Services

16238 FM 620,. Ste F 112
Austin, TX
Integrated environmental is a premier home and commercial services company located in...

Integrity Constructive Solutions LLC

2700 County Road 172
Round Rock, TX
$150.00 minimum $2 million dollar general liability insurance lifetime craftsmanship warranty...

Interior Results

PO Box 1565
San Marcos, TX
Interior results is owner managed and has extensive experience in various fields. the bulk of...

Iron Kreation

31729 Decker Industrial Drive
Pinehurst, TX
Family owned and operated. est. 2000. we specialize in custom wrought iron, staircases,...


Austin, TX
Bonded and licensed in the state of texas. major credit cards accepted (visa, mastercard,...

J D R Construction

7424 Onion Creek Drive
Austin, TX
We have been the only contractor on jobs, we have sub-contracted to other contractors and have...

J&T Stucco and General Contractors

4131 Spicewood springs
Austin, TX
We are a general contracting company that has a long list of great and talented craftsmen that...

J.C. Custom Trim & Home Repair

7014 FM 3405
Liberty Hill, TX
New home or remodels 28 years in the area

James Stone Painting

5814 Steven Creek Way
Austin, TX
James stone painting has been painting austin homes for over 16 years. james stone painting is...

JCK Home Services

1280 Steen Rd
Austin, TX
Whether your needing a something small like a leaky faucet changed, drywall patch and texture...

JL Remodeling

Austin, TX
Jl remodeling is a small, locally-owned company that provides quality work at competitive...

JMW Handyman Services

Round Rock, TX
Jmw handyman services opperates under the same principles that we would like to be treated...


Bastrop, TX
We are a family owned business serving central texas since 1985. we provide quality masonry...

John Davis Consulting

1503 Bridgeway Dr # A
Austin, TX
John davis consulting is a construction estimating firm that specializes in multifamily, mixed...

Jose Vergara Construction

6205 Turtle Dove Dr
Austin, TX
Over 20 years experience working in residential and commercial construction/remodeling. we...

jw construction

10052 janet loop
Dripping Springs, tx
General construction

JZ General Contractor

Pflugervillle, TX

Kayden Construction

P.O. Box 1120
Hutto, TX


2125 Goodrich Ave
Austin, TX
Kcwfabtech fabricates and machines custom pieces. as a small company, we specialize in meeting...

KDL Construction

1205 Challenger
Austin, TX
We are a residential contracting company and have 2 workers full time, and more as needed. we...

Kelton Deck

3601 County Road 258
Liberty Hill, TX
Family-owned and operated business, since 2003. free consultations and estimates. our goal is...

Ken's Handyman Service

212 Hwy 21 E
Bastrop, TX
Ken's handyman service:loyal,dependable, and dedicated to my work. i will beat any competitors...

Kraft Werks

109 Highland Horizon
Austin, TX
Home improvement consultant

L and M Home Detail

1405 Clearfield Dr
Austin, TX
We do any type of work for you make ready and detail your home to your satisfaction for sale...

L&S Remodel

136 Howard Ln.
Bastrop, TX
We are about making your dreams come true. meeting and exceeding your expectations. getting...

Lago Vista Fence and Decks

P.O. Box 4551
Leander, TX
Residential fencing and decks of all types (privacy, chain link, wrought iron). we also stain...

Lake Travis Interior Renovations

840 Alta Vista Rd
Spicewood, TX
Lake travis interior renovations has been in business since 2005, with over 18 years of...


Canyon Lake, TX
Specializing in custom residential driveway gates and automatic gate operators since 1998....

Liberty General Construction and Landscapes

11705 Lindeman Loop
Leander, TX
We are a small local general contractor, that have been in business for 12 years. we offer...

Live Oak Landscape Inc

7928 W Hwy 71
Austin, TX
No subcontractors, locally owned, design, build, maintain

Lone Star Custom Builders

2311 Founder Dr
Cedar Park, TX
Family own for 42 years serving all off texas a+ rating with bbb epa certified lead paint...

Majestic Floors & Remodeling

2915 Pioneer Way
Round Rock, TX
With over 17 years in the industry, we take great pride in providing our clients with the...

Makira, LLC

305 Preakness Pl
Georgetown, TX
Makira, llc provides friendly, honest,trustworthy and affordable residential and commercial...

Mark Griffor

Austin, TX

Austin, TX
Residential and commercial work

Martinez Valley White Services

PO BOX 286
San Benito, TX
I will be the person who will be at the work site to take care of the job personally.

Mason Man

Cedar Park, TX
We have been in business since 1999. owner jaye stark is a fourth generation mason. employees...

Matt's Remodeling

2637 Alcott Ln
Austin, TX
Matt's remodeling consist of two direct employees both are named matt and several different...

Mayfield Contractor Services

1600 Stoney Ridge Ct.
Marble Falls, TX
At mayfield we take care to provide our customers with high quality services personalized for...

McAdoo & Sons

107 E 47th St
Austin, TX
We are a small family owned, oriented, and operated business. we try 9 ways till sunday to...


9201 Hwy 183 South
Austin, TX
Metalink supplies, manufactures, and installs fencing, carports, gates, kennels, and...

Michael Sooby Inc.

1208 Angelina St
Austin, TX
Shou-sugi-ban (焼杉板), or burnt sugi boards. sugi is known as japanese cedar, but its...

Michael Sooby Inc.

Austin, TX
Shou-sugi-ban (焼杉板), or burnt sugi boards. sugi is known as japanese cedar, but its...

Mike Owen Construction

9913 E Hwy 71
Spicewood, TX

Modern Man Construction & Remodeling

507 Cutty Trail
Austin, TX
Locally owned owner performs most of the handyman work pricing: $55 per man hour + $25 trip...

Moore Construction Co

1510 Randolph St
Carrollton, TX
Family owned & operated. additional dba - moore construction co inc.

More Than A Carpenter

1313 Crete Ln.
Pflugerville, TX

Mr Done Right LLC

15403 Delahunty Ln
Pflugerville, TX
You name it we can do it

MRP Services Inc

1117 Regal Row, Suite 104
Austin, TX
Mrp services inc. strives to provide our clients with quality service performed in a prompt,...


12306 Technology Blvd.
Austin, TX
Northwest fence and iron has been manufacturing and installing iron fencing and gates since...


PO BOX 151842
Austin, TX
We are a family oriented two partner general contracting company using hourly and sub contract...

Off Duty Firefighters Home and Haul

321 Cliffwood
Georgetown, TX
Off duty firefighters providing home and haul services. we accept all major credit cards,...

OnCall Home Services

2029 Sorghum Hill Dr
Austin, TX
With over eleven years of experience servicing the austin area, we strive to provide a wide...

Ortiz Handyman Services

2313 Rockridge Dr.
Austin, TX

P-H Services

1604 Middleway Rd
Pflugerville, TX
Complete handyman services; fence and deck installs and repairs; interior and exterior...

Paris Remodeling

3000 N Lakeline blvd
Leander, TX
Paris remodeling is a member off the bbb. all work is guaranteed. references available. free...

Partners Remodeling Restoration & Waterproofing

3219 Harpers Ferry Ln
Austin, TX
P.r.r.w. is a small company but we have tackled big and small projects. we are full fledged...

Patino Construction

Granite Shoals, Tx

Patriot Fence and Construction

405 Bear Canyon Drive
Manchaca, TX
Patriot fence and construction is a referral based company serving austin and surrounding...

Pegasus General Contractors, Inc.

Post Office Box 29042
Austin, TX
With over 20 years of experience, our small company is a great option for your next commercial...

Perry's Mobile Welding Services

Mc Dade, tx
Family owned and operated business, competitive pricing with fast response and getting the job...

Premier Home Design

2902 Redsky Pass
San Antonio, TX
Just because you dream big doesn't mean you have to spend big. at phdtx we make remodeling a...


18613 White Water Cove
Pflugerville, TX
Premium environmental design (prende) is the efficient and affordable way to renovate your...

Professional Handyman Services

2617 Alcott Lane
Austin, TX
Professional handyman services - professional service with integrity! now serving the austin...

R & R Lawn and Landscape

11006 3rd St
Leander, TX
R & r lawn and landscape is a full service firm. it has offices in north austin and...

8440 Ulmerton Rd
Largo, FL
Our companys slogan is done once done right. it has been a staple for me and my men from the...

Reclaimed Space

443 S. Bastrop Hwy
Austin, TX
Reclaimed space is forging the future by reclaiming the past. we create artisan, heirloom...

Reliable Outdoor Living

10927 E Crystal Falls Parkway
Leander, TX
Specialize in custom work specfically pools, outdoor kitchens, gazebos, fountains, and more....

Remodel Me

1009 W Slaughter lane
Austin, TX
Developed this small austin based general contracting business as an offshoot of my 13 yr real...

Remodeling Boutique

11001 S 1st St Apt 620
Austin, TX
We are austin's only remodeling boutique- we are a design + build studio comprised of...

Renaissance Contracting, LLC

13492 Research Blvd.
Austin, TX
Renaissance contracting is a residential and commercial builder and remodeler. our work...

Rescue Renovations

101 Kiowa Trail
Lockhart, TX
Our business is total restoration on homes new and old, mobilehomes as well. we have three...

reyes multiservice

1101 N Georgetown St Apt 1502
Round Rock, TX
Have 13 years in austin metro area.

RG Designs

PO Box 376
Manchaca, TX
We are small but reliable company with a max of 8 workers and growing . the most important...

Rj's Construction & Remodeling

Round Rock, TX
R.j.'s construction officially started shortly after april 1st, 2000, the day i got back from...

RJB Concrete

20605 High Dr
Leander, TX
Rjb concrete is a family owned business with over 14 years experience. we serve austin and...

Rockin' D Services

164 Wood Farm Rd
Huntsville, TX
Give us a call we do it all.

Ron the Handyman

PO Box 40216
Austin, TX
Reliable repairs and property improvements. visit my web site for customer testimonials and...

Ruvalcabas Paving Company

257 Kothmann Drive
Blanco, TX
We provide asphalt maintenance services, asphalt paving, new construction of driveways and...

S & W Pest Control Plus Handyman

PO Box 188
Cedar Park, TX
Additional dba name, handyman services.

Segura and Son's Ironwork, LLC

120 Lakeside Cir
Del Valle, TX

Shelton's Outback Fence Co

2242 S Abbey Loop
New Braunfels, TX
Locally owned & operated.

Shipwash Remodeling & Floors

3400 Shoreline Dr
Austin, TX
Shipwash remodeling and floors has many years of experience in all phases of remodeling. we...

Sierra Outdoor Living

2207 W Parmer Ln
Austin, TX
Sierra outdoor living is austin's premier landscape company. we handle all of your outdoor...

Silver Rock Services

3000 S I-35
Austin, TX
Silver rock services is your solution for every home and office improvement project. through...

Solar Direct Developers

1426 Gessner Dr
Houston, TX
Solar direct developers: complete remodels, additions, renovations, and new construction. ...

South Austin Fence Co

403 Elm View Way
Manchaca, TX
Welcome to south austin fence co. we are a leading provider of quality fencing services and...

SpawGlass Contractors

1111 Smith Rd
Austin, TX
Spawglass employs over 350 people throughout the texas area. this large workforce enables us...

Spectrum Pro Service

263 Western Dr
Kyle, TX
Spectrum pro service offers the most important information to a consumer looking for a home...

Spicewood Metalworks

2505 Pace Bend Rd S
Spicewood, TX
Whether you are in a residential neighborhood or a commercial establishment, we’ll help to...

Superior General Contracting

P.O. Box 3816
Cedar Park, TX
At superior general contracting we pride ourselves in exceeding customers expectations. we...

SVC Fence and Deck Company

Salado, TX
Family owned business, based on family care, we have no more than 5 employees so you will know...

Syndicate Audio

2089 Hwy 183
Leander, TX
Syndicate audio is the nameplate for my professional audio services. i, matt mason, am the...

T&T Ranch and Fencing

600 County Road 349
Granger, TX
T&t ranch and fencing strive to make you happy and be there for you when you need us day or...

T-CON Services, LLC

PO Box 622
Buda, TX
T-con services is open to a wide variety of ideas and can perform many types of projects. we...

Texas Beautyscapes, Inc.

Buffalo Springs Trail
Georgetown, TX
Texas beautyscapes, inc. is a full service landscaping company. we will design your landscape...

Texas Green Builders, Inc.

11300 Mayo St
Austin, TX

Texas Home & Floors LLC

6705 Highway 290 West
Austin, TX
Cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service fee. may contact through email or...

Texas Rain

16203 FM 150 West
Driftwood, TX
Texas rain was established in 2000 and has provided excellent customer sevice ever since. we...

The Austin Fence Company

7211 Northeast Dr Apt 218
Austin, TX
The austin fence company is austin's premier fence company. we offer free...

The Magic Anvil

15501 Fox Run Drive
Austin, TX
Based in austin, texas, the magic anvil is a family owned and operated business. the magic...

The Working Man

8210 Bent Tree Rd
Austin, TX

Toby's Handyman & Construction Service

Marble Falls, TX
For all your handy needs. "free estimate" quality work at affordable prices!


San Antonio, TX
Specializing in residential home remodeling and repairs. targeting areas of deficiency while ...

Triple JJJ Construction

7004 Silvermine Dr
Austin, TX
Triple jjj construction is a locally owned and operated business. we have 2 employees and...

Trusted Restore

12407 N MOPAC
Austin, TX
Insurance claims specialists,add-ons, full remodels,kitchens and baths,all flooring,...

TSC Construction Inc

7703 N Lamar
Austin, TX
Locally owned & operated. additional dbas - tsc construction, texas stain concrete,...

TWC carpentry

P O Box 3043
Cedar Park, Tx
We are a small family owned carpentry business offering services in most of your general...

Twin Brothers Construction & Roofing

Austin, TX
Twin brothers construction offers a wide variety of home remodeling and repairs. we accept...

Tyko Inc

10601 Manchaca Rd
Austin, TX
Tyko operates right here in the heart of central texas. founded in late 2009, we bring our...

u-buy wood privacy fences

5514 Steven Creek Way
Austin, TX
U-buy is a veteran own business that was started back in 2011.our employees take pride in...

Universal Iron Doors Inc

11676 Tuxford St
Sun Valley, CA
Custom iron work.

UpKeepers, Inc

4314 Medical Pkwy
Austin, TX
Upkeepers, inc. was founded by thomas molidor, president and owner of his award-winning custom...

US Certified Contractors

13187 Research Blvd
Austin, TX
Us certified contractors, inc. cares about keeping a roof over your head. we have been a...

Vanwhy Construction

3407 McCall Ln
Austin, TX
All exterior house repairs. 6 other employees. rarely hires sub contractors. charges by the...


4413 Nixon Ln
Austin, TX
Verdi is an austin-based company that specializes in mid to large-scale landscape design and...

Viking Fence

9602 Gray Blvd
Austin, TX
Viking fence is a full service fence and gate company offering both residential and commercial...

Vintage Modern

2029 Northridge Dr.
Austin, TX
Vintage modern combines a full service real estate agency, design/build and remodeling firm,...

Vista Home Services

16309 Elm Drive
Austin, TX

WamBam Fence

10616 Baily Rd. Unit H
Cornelius, NC
We help home owners install vinyl and aluminum fence! we believe that the homeowner with an...

Waterloo Landscape and Design

11609 North Oaks Drive
Austin, TX
Hi! my name is marian mayer and i founded waterloo landscape and design in 2010. as a local...

Welborn Garage Door Inc

1260 Shiloh Rd
Plano, TX
Since its inception in 1997, welborn garage doors, inc. has provided installation and repair...

Welborn Garage Doors Inc

13621 Immanual Rd.
Pflugerville, TX
Since its inception in 1997, welborn garage doors, inc. has provided installation and repair...

Westwood Construction & Property Maintenance

103 la strada circle
Austin, TX
No job too big or small we do it all westwood construction & property maintenance. ...

White lion construction

508 E.howard Ln.
Austin, Tx
First of all our mission is to perform for our customers the highest level of quality...

Wild West Fencing

PO Box 525
Winderley, TX
Over 14 years of service to hill country area.


1513 park wood dr
Leander, TX
My company is family owned and orperated if you need any type of work done we can help. i do...

Will does it ALL

4508 Elwood rd
Austin, TX
Over 15 years experience as a handyman, 5 years video editing and production

Woodall Design

2618 Glen Field Dr
Cedar Park, TX
We offer superior craftsmanship with excellent customer service. we deal with all aspects of...

Xstream ATX

7703 Brodie Ln
Austin, TX
Check our website for a complete list of services that we offer:


311primavera loop
Kyle, Tx
We can power wash just about any surface including wood, stucco, vinyl siding, brick, stone...

Yarrow Landscaping and Lawn Care

Austin, TX
Yarrow landscaping specializes in beautiful, easy-to-maintain commercial and residential...

Yates Services

Bastrop, TX
Yates services is a family owned business for over 20 years. we take pride in our work and...

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