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Mark D.
(owner of
) worked very patiently with us as we painfully crawled through the design and estimating/ bid evaluation process. He had" a lot of great ideas we had not considered when we decided to remodel the kitchen. Once we finally accepted his offer, he very clearly lined out all the steps his team need to do and all the homework we needed to do in order to get all materials and resources in the right place at the right time. The first day of demo was Oct 19, 2011 and the last day of punch list tidy ups was
23. The bulk of all the work and adjustments were completed by the end of November but
's commitment to 100% customer satisfaction kept his guys coming back until everything was right per his opinion which in a number of cases was far more detailed than ours. All of his team were very personable and we had no concerns allowing them to work in our home unattended. We got to meet all of them prior to us even signing the contract with
which was just another example of how
took uncertainty out of the equation. Add on top this, their use of a web based project planning tool that we were given access to so we could always keep up with what was accomplished by who as well as what was coming and when. The team kept the house very neat considering the level of construction that was taking place and made sure to clean up at the end of everyday. We could not be happier with the final product
delivered for us. The kitchen is far more functional than the original with lots more cabinet and drawer space without adding a single inch of sq footage. From beginning to end,
and his project manager,
were always responsive by e-mail and phone for any question that popped into our heads and the thoroughness of the upfront planning & design efforts they
resulted in no change orders or other financial surprises (except for items mandated by city code i.e. smoke detectors on every open surface in house it seems, over which they had no control). All of
' subcontractors took as much ownership of our satisfaction as
did for which we are very grateful. We highly recommend you consider
for your remodeling project, you will not be disappointed!
Rated by
Debra P.
"We previously bought furniture from here and loved everything we had, no problem. We recently bought 2 sofas and have not been happy with the quality, at all. They are trying to make" it right but at the same time trying to blame me by saying I'm just not happy with the sofa. Where as I am happy with the actual look of the sofa, just not the overall quality of the job done. I had it scotch guarded and the material is not cleaning up well at all. There are strings hanging from the bottom that I had to clip off. The stuffing under neath is lumpy, the back cushions are breaking down after a couple months of use. The manager is now pointing the finger at everyone else, just not at Sofa and Chair. Not sure what happened to this company but there must have been a recent change, the quality is poor, especially for the price.
Rated by
Vickie H.
"After our kitchen remodel over the summer, performed by Signature, we knew that the coordinating cabinetry in the family room would be gorgeous...and it is! Armanzo met with us to give" suggestions about our AV requirements for the unit. He had obvious experience with this type of cabinetry and offered clever ideas to accommodate ventilation and mounting of equipment. Although we decided not to wall mount the flat screen TV as we originally planned (because we didn't want it to be even a few inches higher), all the equipment is a perfect fit because it was designed that way. It looks and sounds amazing. Installation took longer than we expected, but the results were worth the wait.

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Angie's Answers


I would call the manufacturer first.


They probably have a recommended serviceman list and/or replacement parts available. 

That's an interesting concept, plus now you can buy all-new furniture at your new place. You can find ratings and reviews on local real estate agents on Angie's List. I would definitely finding a few agents who are familiar with that kind of listing, or alternatviely, you may want to consider an auction house to help sell off our furniture (which you can also find on Angie's List). Check out both servcies here

If you use promo code ANSWERS, you'll get 20% off an annual membership. Good luck with your sale!

1) contact local furniture store that handles and repairs recliners. Frequently, even if they do not have the exact spring, they can come up with a pair that is close enough in length and stiffness that you can swap both and get satisfactory performance.

2) google your local barcalounger dealer - they might be able to get parts or keep a few common ones like springs in stock

3) write the company - Corporate Address: 400 W. Main Street, Suite 210 Morristown, TN 37814 It went bankrupt in 2010 and was bought by HPC3 Furniture Holdings - manufacturing in china now but distributing in US.

4) Google the phrase - barcalounger parts - there are a number of companies listing parts for sale, including springs

Custom Furniture reviews in Austin


Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
came over promptly, gave us numerous excellent suggestions for how to do the overall design (and later for details like trim, door design, molding, hardware, etc) and produced a written estimate. He then produced shop drawings for our approval and finalized numerous design details. The oak cabinets were constructed promptly offsite and delivered to our house for staining (both contractors were very accommodating to our schedule needs and cooperated well to get the job done in time for the arrival of our house guests). The wall units were constructed, delivered and installed very promptly and professionally. The cabinets are beautiful and exactly what we wanted. The quality of work was excellent and the design suggestions invaluable.
- Larry K.

I have had
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
doing carpentry work for me for years. Recently, he built an armoire for us. He designed it with us in mind. We think it looks beautiful.
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
is a private contractor. I feel that he completes the project in a timely manner.
- Bennett B.

I didn't hear from them after 3 weeks and called to find out what was going on. I was told it was probably on the truck. Asked them to call back and confirm. No return call. Left a message that I wanted to cancel my order, and again no return phone call. Tried twice more via phone to talk to someone and got only voicemail. At 4 1/2 weeks after my order I went in person to the store to find out about my order. Told them that I was told it would take 3 weeks and that they should give me free delivery for being late. They said they wouldn't because they told me 'ABOUT 3 weeks' I told them I wanted to cancel and they said then they would keep my down payment. I told them loudly so that other customers could here that I expected better service from them, and they finally said that they would deliver it for free when it arrived. It's been 5 weeks now, and I still don't have my furniture.
- Jim S.

My first experience with the Arbor was great. On time. It went downhill from there. The rest of the remodeling was at cost plus, but he gave us an average estimate. We asked for weekly invoices, which he never had time to do. He assured us things were on track,not to worry. We should have made him stop until we got invoices but did not, due to his reassurance. His costs were $8,000 over his estimate. There were no major structural problems. If his costs were twice what he bid, at some point he should have let us know. We put our trust in him and he managed the job & our money horribly. He is a nice person but gets in way over his head. We paid him but really feel ripped off. He never finished the work. As a general contractor, he should have managed our money & the job much more professionally. We also asked for a contract which he never produced. Our naivete and trust cost us $8,000 over estimate, we were shocked to say the least. He was a very poor General Contractor.

At no point did anyone, aside from the project manager, have a firm grasp on what my project entailed. The office staff does not acknowledge problems, but instead minimizes them, which can be irritating. For example, after multiple failures to complete a project it is perhaps not a good idea to tell a client "good news, only two more issues to go."
Unless you live next door to
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
don't count on the office staff when they tell you the crew will be there at 8:00 am, just go ahead with your plans for the morning. I found it helpful to simply ask the crew to give me a call when they were knew what time they would be there. They were great about that and very accurate.
Do expect the office to call right before the end of business to ask if you can be free the next day. This is difficult if you have clients of your own. Do expect them to call you at the end of business to tell you they can't be there the next day as scheduled. This is also difficult when you have clients of your own. Clients get justifiably irritated when you try to move them back onto your calendar.
don't expect all the necessary people to be present for your project. In fact, they may not even be aware a person is a necessary party.

Prior to project:
I contacted
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
in late August 2012 through Angie's List. An appointment was set up for September 17, 2012 at 1:30.
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
arrived on time at my home. We went over what I wanted done. He gave me a verbal estimate that landed in the middle of two I had received from other companies. We decided to go with
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
due predominantly to the reviews on Angie's List. And, I also liked the idea of there being a project manager that was assigned to your job.
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
was getting married that weekend and was unavailable to get a written estimate to me, but
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
(one of the owners) put one together and I received that on October 1, 2012. I accepted the estimate and a meeting was set for October 10, 2012 to go over the contract with
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
at my home.
At the October 10, 2012 meeting
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
explained they were busy and that mid-December would be the time frame for my job. I signed the contract and gave
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
the down payment.
A meeting was set up with the designer/project manager for October 24, 2012.
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
arrive on time. I had an actual photo of the built-ins I wanted made, so the meeting didn't take long. The empty alcoves were very deep and I didn't want the built-ins pushed all the way back, so if anything took time it was deciding how deep I wanted the cabinets to be placed in the alcoves. We discussed the need for electrical work for the puck lighting in the cabinet tops and that outlets would need to be pulled forward into the lower portion of the cabinets.
I gave
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
a sample of the paint color I wanted the cabinets to be. The sample was in a small unmarked can and was given to me for touch ups by the company that made our shutters the year prior. When I opened the can, there was a little rust around the ring but the paint color looked fine. I asked if he thought that was okay, (I had a whole
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
that had been color matched to the sample about 2 months prior to our meeting and would have happily opened that)
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
thought it was fine and quite frankly, so did I.
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
asked me to email the photo of the cabinets to him and I did so before he left. I was told I should receive a drawing of the cabinets in about two weeks for approval. I emailed a couple of times starting around November 17, 2012, because I had not received the drawing and had no idea how long it took to build these things. I wanted to make sure we would on target for a mid
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
. install. I received the drawing on December 3, 2012.
The project:
In general the project took too long. The end of August to mid May for two built ins and kitchen floor removal/wood install is too long. The narrative below will explain why, at least with regard to the first phase. After that, I had to put off the floors off for a bit due to my work schedule. Additional delays were due to the floors not being installed properly.
We were scheduled for installation right before the holidays. The morning of installation someone from the office called to inform me they would be there by 10:00am. I asked how long they estimated for installation. She read through some notes and said 2 to 3 hrs. I noticed she had not accounted for the time for the electrician to do the necessary wiring prior to the built ins being installed and she said "oh, yeah the electrician." 10:00 am comes and goes. I call and am assured they will be there soon, unless I would prefer they come after lunch time. I let her know I preferred they get here as soon as possible. Around 12:30pm an electrician shows up. He has no idea what he is supposed to be doing and was pulled off another job to come to my house. He calls the office for information. He says he has to run to Home Depot to buy the 2 puck lights. I told him he would need four, two in each alcove. He said the office said 2 total. I pull out the contract and show him the description of work. He is clearly annoyed with the office and heads off to home depot. He does the wiring and deals with the outlets to be pulled forward into the lower portion of the cabinets.
2:30 the crew arrives. They pull the built-ins into the house, and they are the wrong color. One of the crew tried to convince me it was just the lighting. Back they go. There was much debate about who was to blame for the color not being right. In any event, they have changed their policy and when a wet sample is provided, a dry sample must be provided as well, so hopefully that will not happen again. I agreed to pay for the actual cost of the paint for the second painting. I regret that now in light of future events.
2nd try: After the holidays: One guy,
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
, shows up. These units are huge. I watched as he nearly went into cardiac arrest getting them inside. The color is perfect. But the arch in the top of one has popped away from the rest of the unit and upon inspecting the bottom of the units I notice the recessed kick plates which were part of the design are missing. The backs of the units were basically two pieces of plywood and wobbled about. I had assumed at the last failed install that the carpenter would be doing something to support the back on site, but wary, I decided to clear this up as well. He said he wasn't told to do anything. He and I sat down and went over everything. He called the office and sent photos of the issue with the arch. He also told them the repairs would need to be made at
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
and he would need an electrician for the installation anyway. They apparently disagreed until it became obvious they thought the units would be pushed all the way back into the alcove's back wall for support and all that would be needed was a hole to reach the outlets. (This was made more amusing to me as I looked at the outlets dangling from my wall from the first attempt at installation where they had been pulled forward for placement in the units.) I now wanted to scream.
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
, the electrician shows up. I told him I didn't know why they had him rush over as the units had to go back. He informs me they told him to "hightail it over here." I called the office and was informed they were trying to decide what to do, but
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
was in a meeting. I knew they had to go back and wasn't willing to give up an afternoon worth of work when I knew they had to go back. So, back the units went. I was informed by
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
the reason for the misunderstanding was due to her trying to cover others and rush my project for the holidays. I met with them in September, it was now January. And, really the bottom line is that the written job description spelled out the project.
Third attempt: Everyone necessary shows up! The units have all the correct parts and the backs have been properly supported. Plenty of people who have come to my home have commented on how nice they look and ask if I would recommend the business that made them. No.
I will spare you the details of the floor demolition and wood installation. Suffice to say the same poor communication continued. There are gaps between the wood planks here and there, and a couple of planks are not level with the others. One pops up almost 1/8 of an inch towards one end and is starting to rise up on the other end. There was another board they they managed to secure down, but could not fix this without ripping up a large portion of the floor. I really just did not want to go through it anymore. I was also supposed to have new quarter round as well, but it became clear that no one was aware of that and quite frankly, I didn't bring it up because I didn't want to delay this being over. Like another reviewer they took 500.00 off the cost. They also gave me a gift card to a local restaurant--which wouldn't you know--had no cash loaded onto it. Was I surprised? Not one bit.
The actual crews were polite and some are quite good at what they do. I know some of the guys I had are now gone. The electrician,
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
, and
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
, the carpenter are no longer there and they were among the best I dealt with.
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
is great. I do wish he had been able to actually be my project manager as was promised, but he is spread way too thin. I basically had
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
handling things, and well, you know how that went.
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
was there for the initial meeting and later came in as things went south. That is not what I contracted for. I apologize for the length of this review. All I can say in my defense is that I could go on for another page or so, mainly regarding my infuriating experience with the office staff, but again, I will spare you. If there are any misspellings or grammatical errors, I apologize but I will not be proof reading this as I lack the will to spend one more moment on this project.

- sarah C.

They did a beautiful job! The installation did take about twice as long as I was told (6 hours instead of 3), but when the guys were unable to make the crown molding look right due to an angled wall, they removed it, added an extra filler piece & ran the molding to the wall, which was a great result. I can't wait to have my first visitor try out the bed. We were able to customize it exactly to my specifications & they did not screw the bed into the floor, so if it is removed at a later point, there won't be any holes in my brand new bamboo floor. Couldn't be happier!
- Kelly C.

We initially went to the store to look for a
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
bed as well as a
solution for media storage in our living room. We met with Kayt and set
up an appointment to have her come to our home and measure as well as
talk about our needs. That meeting took place the following week, and
everything went great. Kayt is a delightful and personable young lady
and seemed quite knowledgeable about the many styles and materials
offered by
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
. We were very excited about the
possibilities and anxious to review the designs that she was to create.
The first opportunity convenient for all of us was in two weeks. We
were so glad when the day finally came and we were going to see the
possibilities for our new home. We got to the store at the appointed
time but were told by the other sales associate in the store that Kayt wasn't yet in. After some encouragement on our parts, she contacted Kayt and we were told that she was running late and should be there in 20-30 minutes. Although disappointed, we went down the road for a cup of coffee, and returned shortly. Kayt showed up after an hour and twenty minutes. She apologized and although we were pretty frustrated, our irritation was soon eclipsed by the excitement over the designs and elements we were choosing. We made the choices for the
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
bed, it was to be pretty
Austin Unique Furniture Makers Provider Name Locked
and would use fairly basic materials, but we chose a rather unusual "glass" (I think it's actually an acrylic with natural materials poured in during the manufacturing process) for our cabinet doors. Kayt was able to give us a quote for the bed, and for the rest of the materials to be used in the media cabinets, but since the glass material was new, she didn't yet have pricing. This was on a Saturday, and she promised to have the final numbers to us by Monday so that we could finalize the order. Monday came and went, with no word. She e-mailed a week later to tell me that she would have the numbers by the following Tuesday (nine days following our meeting). Tuesday came and went with no communication. I waited another week and finally e-mailed her to tell her that we were no longer interested. That was several days ago and I haven't received word that she got my e-mail, an apology, explanation, anything. I would be terrified to order anything from this vendor if this is representative of their dependability. She quoted a 3-4 month wait on anything we ordered, and at this rate, we felt like it could be a year with no communication. Extremely disappointing.
- Natalie A.

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