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I had a great experience with
. They were prompt and friendly in their communications. They arrived on time and completed the work within the estimated time. I even asked them to do a little extra, and they were very flexible with me and got it done that day. I was impressed with the quality of the work and with the cost. I would def recommend, and use them again.
- Abby S.

Contractor kept consistent schedule, worked steadily on job from when they arrived to daily cleanup. Good communication and scheduling updates via text messages. Very smoothly run job, neighbors interested in good quality work. Great job overall.
- Andrew C.

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Ceramic Tiling reviews in Austin


I contacted
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
for an estimate on a masterbath shower expansion.
Company does not do remodel of showers and recommended an
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
Remodeling of 146 Cedar Creek Circle, Bastrop, TX 78612 512-373-9454; beware of this
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
contractor who signed a contract with me 5/30 to complete 6/12, took a $1500 deposit and has not shown up to complete job still as of today 6/19/2014.
Beware of bad recommendations. I assume that a good company will give a good recommendation but that was certainly not in this case.
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
Remodeling misrepresented getting a plumbing permit and has walked away with the initial downpayment.

Overall, I was pleased, although the job was incomplete. I learned from the very informative provider that a coloring of the grout could help the overall appearance. He was also able to clean my carpet for a small additional fee. I was pleased with them and plan to use them again to clean and color all the grout in the kitchen and den. I recommend them.
- Francisco P.

They arrived on time. Professional and polite. The floor is off white porcelain tile (not a shiny surface)(tile is 2-1/2yrs old in a 2 person residence) and grout that needed cleaning. A cleaner was sprayed on the tile with brushing of the grout lines followed by a steaming of the tile and grout. Like the steaming equipment they use for carpets. Sorry to say that the tile looked dirtier when they finished. I wiped a sponge across the floor and the dirt just smeared. It seemed to me that the steaming equipment brought the dirt to the surface but it was not able to remove it from the surface. I was able to use a Mr. Clean sponge to create a clean spot to show that the tile was still dirty and how easily the dirty smeared.
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
said that a Mr. Clean sponge was a white out sponge and that is why I was seeing a clean spot. The tech said it was because I was using "elbow crease" to create that clean spot. So I used a regular sponge and a white utility towel and plain water and was able to make another clean spot. I was then told that it was the type of tile we had that made it hard to clean and that was the best they could do with the steaming. I asked that they redo the floor to remove the dirt. I spoke to
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
and it was agreed that the floors would be redone. I was also told that if I wanted a cleaner floor I would have to use their floor scrubber/buffering service. Lesson learned. As the customer make sure the service you are paying for matches your expectations. As the service provider know your tile surfaces and don't commit a the job offered by your value offer if you can not meet the customers expectations.
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
I appreciate you authorizing the techs to redo the floors. The floors and grout lines still look dirty.
- Rudy B.

The crew showed up on time and did the job in the agreed upon timeframe. I supplied the material as agreed upon and the crew even touched up the nail holes and caulked around the trim. I will probably have them give me an estimate for some more exterior work.
- Monti G.

At this point, I'm requesting a refund from Angie's list since no work was performed. Also no quote was provided and no response to email.
- Daniel P.

I had used Van previously on a couple of small projects. I was not sure if he was experienced enough or had sub contractors to do a remodel, but I hired him anyways. I wish I hadn't. I demoed all of the kitchen in an attempt to help bring down the cost. The first two days seemed to go okay. Van was here both of those days. On day three the drywall sub came to smooth out the ceiling (I had removed the popcorn), float it, sand it and install new drywall where the backsplash would go as it was mostly gone after I demoed it. The drywall contractor did not put up the containment wall I was promised in the bid and had requested prior to the project until the last day. By that point everything, every dish, cup, piece of furniture, kid
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
, rug, etc was covered in a good
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
of white dust. That was frustrating since I had asked in advance. After workers left every day I had a friend, who has been a General Contractor for 30 years, walk through to make sure everything was being done properly. Every day he had corrections he thought should be fixed. Van didn't show up for another week, which was also frustrating considering I was paying him to oversee the remodel so that I wouldn't have to. The drywall sub did a good job on the ceiling, but didn't do the best work on the drywall for the backsplash. He spread the mud too far out so that the texture was completely covered for a good four inches around where the tile would go. In order to make it match the rest of the wall, I had to hire someone to come out and retexture the wall there so it was not an eye sore. There was a small part of drywall that was supposed to be replaced on a pony wall behind the sink. What was there was very moist and crumbling. He didn't replace it. He just put mud on it. He also didn't put up the drywall over my
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
top. My contractor friend told me to have it replaced and not to let them just screw the mud into the wall instead. I had to push to have the drywall installed. When the painter didn't show when he was supposed to I asked Van and his friend come and replace the drywall on the pony wall as I had requested and install the drywall over the
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
. After being there all day I came into find the mud, in fact, screwed into the pony wall. With deck screws, no less. It wasn't a big issue. It could have been done in 45 min. The problem was that it wasn't done. Not the first time and not after I requested it be fixed and NOT screwed into the wall. It shouldn't have been an issue. I'm paying for it. I asked for it to be replaced, so replace it. Things just weren't going well. I started to be concerned. Everything was just the bare minimum. I decided that after the cabinets were painted I would settle up with Van and find my own tile guy to install the backsplash as it was a complicated design. Things went TERRIBLY wrong after this.
His painter, (His name is
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
. That's all I got. DO NOT LET HIM IN YOUR HOME. EVER.) finally showed and Van was there, after being absent for a week. We walked him through showing him everything that needed to be done. The cabinets are 23 years old so almost every door had paint chipped off exposing the bare wood so they needed to be floated with filler and sanded to match the rest of the door. The same was true with the corners of the boxes and the fronts of all of the shelves. I had removed contact paper from the shelves, but hadn't had time to remove the adhesive so asked if he would do that as well. He assured me he would. I was concerned that there was only one guy. I have a lot of cabinets, plus he had the ceiling to paint. He started the prep about 10:00 on Wednesday. He was done by 3:00 or so. He painted Thursday and by Friday at 1:00 he was packing up. He said he was done, and would come back Monday to paint the accent color on the inside of my upper cabinets. I walked into the kitchen and immediately knew he didn't do a good job. There were huge sections of dripping paint. I looked at the drawers and he hadn't painted all the way to the back of the inside of the drawer. When I questioned why there were bare spots in the back of the drawer
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
said "Usually you only paint halfway back. No one looks all the way back there anyways." I removed all of the drawers I knew the entire inside was originally painted so that was ridiculous. Plus, the bid wasn't for only half of the drawers to be painted. Because he had just finished and the paint was completely wet I couldn't tell if it looked good or not. Because the fumes were so strong we hadn't been staying at the house so I decided to come back the next morning to get a better look at it. When I got there I knew things were really bad. It wasn't just a few touch ups that needed to be done.
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
hadn't done the prep work. None of it. 90% of painting is the prep work. The taping, filling, sanding, laying paper and plastic to make sure paint doesn't go anywhere, but on what you're painting. It's the reason we hire painters to begin with. Most of us don't have the time to do all the prep.
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
didn't do any prep. NONE OF IT. I called Van and left a message telling him I needed him to be here at 8AM on Monday when
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
got here to go over the paint with me. I told him
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
hadn't done the prep. Van had not been there since the first walk through with
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
so he had no idea what it looked like. I admit I was not at all happy by this point. It had not been the easiest of two weeks. Van called me back a few hours later and proceeded to yell at me about how
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
wasn't done, essentially that I didn't know what I was talking about, and then proceeded to accuse me of being a thief saying that he I was trying to not pay. The conversation deteriorated from there. I was still shocked that he was willing to yell at his client over a paint job HE HAD NEVER SEEN. All he had to say was "I haven't seen it, but I will be there Monday. I promise we'll fix it." Problem solved. But instead he chose to yell. Even if everything had been perfect up to that point, the moment he decided to yell at me we would have been done. Why would I let someone back into my home who thought he had free range to blow up at me? We agreed that we were not going to continue working together. I came over Sunday night to put pieces of tape on all the spots that needed to be fixed and where prep wasn't done. I was shocked. It was significantly worse than I thought. He hadn't done ANY prep work. The chipped paint on the doors was still chipped. Paint flaked off of every single door. One door under the sink had six inch cracks of paint that flaked right off on one touch. He didn't degrease the shelves as promised. Instead he sprayed the adhesive. The shelves felt like sand paper. I had left some contact paper balled up on a couple of the shelves. Instead of removing it he just sprayed the paper in place. He SPRAYED WADDED UP PAPER. Anything that you can't see by standing in one place didn't get any paint AT ALL! So on the bottom front of the drawers, where you pull to open them, was the original paint and dirt. The tops of the doors on the upper cabinets had no paint. The bottom of the lower doors had no paint. The inside of the cabinets of my pantry, above my oven, and above my refrigerator got not paint at all. Every opening on the cabinets was not painted. The doors felt like sand paper because he didn't spray enough paint on them. You could see it without even touching them. Literally every single door, drawer, shelf and the fronts of the cabinet boxes was screwed up. Monday morning I was here ready to settle with Van. He didn't show. He sent
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
instead to finish the painting after I made it clear that was not going to happen. I paid him for what he had done up to that point, which was $1500 of the original $3200 bid. I now wish I had not paid anything. I had to hire my own painters to come in and completely start over. They couldn't use anything he had done. I had two paint companies here to give me a bid, my tile contractor, an electrician and a plumber and every single person was shocked at the paint. Everyone. They all wanted to know who did it. I made sure they knew. To make matters worse, when I removed all the paper the drywall guy had laid down I discovered
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
did nothing to protect my belongings. I had castoff oil paint about three inches wide down the length of the wall on my wood floors. He also got it on my stained concrete floors. I have not been able to get it off.
Van called and yelled at me again that Monday. I'm not sure why he thinks that is an appropriate or effective means of communicating with clients. I was accused by Van of planning this from day 1. Planning to take a two week project and turn it into an eight week project? To spend thousands of dollars more than anticipated to repair what was damaged and bring in new contractors to finish. Why would I ever plan to do that? How do I benefit from that at all? I have made sure everyone I ever recommended Van to has been informed and would recommend no one else using him either. I can't tell if he is just incompetent, inexperienced or both. He is fine as a
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
, but he should stay away from remodeling.
It took four painters and three late into the night days to prep and repaint the cabinets.
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
did it alone in 2.5 short days.

My fault. I didn't read the small print - only ceramic tile was covered. rather than
Austin Tiling Experts Provider Name Locked
the value of my coupon, he honored my purchase price ( not the value of the coupon) and did the work well but at full pricet.
- Margaret G.

On time, on budget, excellent, took time to level the floor tiles. Accurate grout line alignment. Only negative was huge amount of fine dust generated, but they cleaned it up.
- Henry F.
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