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Rated by
Darcy V.
"Everything has gone perfectly! The
team is always so professional and knowledgeable when I call to ask questions. Last month was our first month that we got" a bill from SCE while using the new solar panels. I think we saved about $200-$250!! Because of the way our roof is configured, we were only able to get 22 solar panels, but that is enough to be able to get us down into the lower SCE tiers. It's taken quite a few calls to
to learn how this all works, and I've been able to get every question thoroughly explained. We are leasing the solar system so we put zero down.
Rated by
Edward S.
"We found the entire process to be a positive experience. The office staff and initial contacts were all professional and friendly. Every step of the way was explained in detail. " The installers were always polite, friendly and considerate of our personal needs. I was impressed with the equipment that the company had available to the installers. I had envisioned a large piece of equipment, like a crane, to raise the panels to the roof of or two story house. Instead, they used an elevator like system attached to ladders to raise the panels. This was done with no damage to our lawn and shrubs. Most of this work was done by two men with a minimum amount of interruption to our lives. They worked efficiently, obviously well trained. The electrician who handled the electrical components did a neat job with, again, very little interruption to our lives. He explained in detail what he needed to do. He even went beyond what I expected and replaced some circuit breakers to insure that we could use the existing electrical panel. This saved us $800. He contacted the town electrical inspector and was present during the inspection. The inspection passed with no problems. The roof support structure in our attic was re-enforced. This was done by another two man crew. Their only access to the attic was through a ceiling opening. The attic was well insulated and that must have been a difficult place to work. Again, the job was done with a minimum of disruption. Wood supports and materials had to be brought up to the attic through our front door and up the only staircase. Between the insulation material and the construction waste, we envisioned a large clean up problem. However, after they finished, the entire area was impeccably clean, as if they had not even been working there. The same can be said of the outside areas after that work was finished. We have had considerable work done on our house, but these men were the best we have encountered. The follow up was as well done as the start up phase. The only negative, and it was very minor, was that there were two or three communication problems between the office and us. Once someone showed up at our home unexpectedly and a payment came due before we were notified that it would be due. Nothing serious. We would recommend
to anyone interested in solar energy.
Rated by
David L.
"Great. I learned about
from a co-worker. They answered all my questions and worked with me to change the design a bit and add two more panels. They were one" of the most customer-focused and friendly group of people I've ever worked with. They were also extremely well coordinated (mostly by
), professional, and did everything they said they would do. There were really no surprises except the initial salesperson left the company shortly after I signed the contract. They handled it very well though and even gave me a
to back out if I wanted. The whole process from initial proposal to turn on of the system took about 3 months, although the install took less then two days. I couldn't recommend them more highly. As far as price, they came in a bit cheaper then a national company (Astrum). Because
was local, and their material was of higher quality overall, it was a no-brainer to go with the local company.

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Angie's Answers


Are you talking about powering your home solely on solar (i.e. no back up power source or off grid).


The power, once convered from DC to AC via the inverter, is suitable for use by the home. 


Most solar application are in supplement to the current powering of the home and will spin the meter back in the day but are not the primary. 


OK - that should strike Atlantic Plumbing off your vendor list !

You say female pipe to copper pipe connection - I hope you are not saying they connected copper directly to galvanized or black iron pipe. If so, there should have been a dielectric union put in there to prevent corrosion, which could be part of your problem.

Also, generally a bad idea to use teflon tape for hot water tank connections - too much thermal cycling, loosens it up over time. Should use plumbers dope for that application.

It sounds to me like a connection problem - if the tank itself was leaking it should be flooding the top of the tank or more likely running down through the insulation and dripping out the bottom.

Unless you are a do it yourselfer, sounds like you need to find a new plumber with good reviews and rating in your area - Search the List (in green banner bar). This should be an easy fix - should have him put in dielectric couplings (about $5-10 each depending on pipe size) if current connection is iron to copper, and even if not, have him redo connection not only for cold but also hot water - if one was done poorly, probably both were.


Solar Panel Installation reviews in Atlanta


Overall, we were very satisfied with the Installation. The installation crews were at site as scheduled and were polite and professional. The installation is
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
, clean looking and appears to be performing as predicted, time will tell. The office personnel kept us updated on a daily basis during the installation. They also kept us informed during the pre-installation phase as the permits and financing were being processed.
Prior to going to contract with
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
, we interviewed at least 6 other installers and felt that the
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
proposal was the most cost effective and we were confident that they would deliver. We think that they lived up to our expectations and would highly recommend them.
Please be aware that the permitting and inter-connection work necessary for a grid tied system will take on the order of 3 to 4 months.
- Robert H.

I am very disappointed with this company. I had an appointment with
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
of this company on Monday, 9/29/2014. He called two hours after the appointment time and said he was at the hospital with a sick child and could he re-schedule. We met the following day at 10:00AM and he quoted my job as a time and materials project at $75.00 per hour, not to exceed 4 hours and materials of approximately $50.00. He scheduled the work to be performed on 10/6/2014 at 7:00AM. On 10/6/2014 at 8:30AM
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
called to say he had a scheduling problem, but an installer was on his way. At 9:15 AM the installer,
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
arrived. He surveyed the work to be done and said he had to go to Home Depot to buy the necessary electrical parts. He returned about 45 minutes later and needed to borrow my ladder to do the work. I noticed he had Home Depot bags with electrical parts and a new electrical fish tape. At about 11:00 AM I checked on
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
's progress and found him sitting by the side of the garage, eating his lunch. He said he was waiting for a second person to arrive to assist him. At 2:00 PM
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
told me the outlet was installed and working correctly. I inspected the outlet and found that
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
had cut an oversize hole in the pegboard and had mounted the outlet flush in the wall, about 3/4" below the pegboard. The outlet also had a standard 20 amp outlet, not a GFCI. When I questioned
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
about the sloppy workmanship and lack of a proper outlet, he stated that he could only do what was on the work request. I asked him how we could resolve this issue and he said I could pay the $318.81 for the work and he could leave. He said I was getting a bargain because he was only charging me for 3 hours work and not charging me for the second man. I then called
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
and left a voice message.
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
also called
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
and talked to him.
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
left and I had a licensed electrician from another company inspect the work. He stated I could repair the outlet by installing a "goof Ring" or expansion box to move the outlet flush to the pegboard. I would also need a 20 amp GFCI outlet and an oversize outlet plate cover for the hole. He also stated that I needed to install nail safety plates on the fire break and top plates where
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
had drilled holes and fished the electrical wire. I received a voice message later in the day from
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
. He said he was sorry to hear I was disappointed with the work done by
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
. He offered no other resolution. I went to a local electrical supply company and purchased nail safety plates, an expansion box and extended screws for about $10.00. On the following day, 10/7/2014 I went to Home Depot and purchased some Masonite marker board to repair the oversized hole in the pegboard and a 20 amp GFCI for a total of about $20.00. I also used the Time and Materials Invoice inventory of parts used by
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
for my project and found the parts totaled about $45.00. I also saw that a new 65' electrical fish tape sells for $20.57. Based on this inventory, I feel
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
inflated the cost of materials for my job by about $35.00. As a result of this experience, I was surprised when I saw all of the glowing reviews on Angie's List for this company. I thought I might be an isolated event with my small project. I decided to explore this company more fully. By checking the
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
County Recorder's Office, I found that
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
has filed 9 mechanic's liens against individuals and companies since June , 2013. A mechanic's
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
is a vehicle by which a contractor places a
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
on property because a customer has failed to pay for services provided. I checked some other electrical contractors, some smaller and some larger than
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
and found one solar company with zero liens filed since they have been in business. I also found one of the largest commercial, solar and residential electrical contractors in Las Vegas to have 2 non-discharged mechanics liens
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
June , 2013. My overall evaluation is based on the following: Price-Inflated Materials Charge. Quality-Sloppy Workmanship. Responsiveness-Failure to Follow Up to Customer's Complaint. Punctuality-Missed appointment and late arrival. Professionalism-Lack of proper tools and equipment. Lack of concern for customer's complaint.

- Kenneth W.

the workers did a great job - my problem is with the companies sale people, their site supervision people and especially their home office people - part of the contact called for testing the cfm of the duct system after all the work was done - to get them to do that was a battle and took numerous phone calls to finally get it done - what the sales man promised in the way of energy savings is way over stated based on the numbers coming from nvenergy and sw gas - our savings are probably 50% of what was promised - but my biggest complaint is with a provision in the contract that called for a $500. rebate from the company after the job was completed - it took me 133 days, 14 emails and 11 phone calls to get the company to give me the rebate - listen again 133 days, 14 emails and 11 phone calls - i wonder how long, if ever, it would have been had i not been so persistent - i also had to make repeated phone calls and send many emails in order to get the certificate saying that my home now is considered an
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
home and complies to the guidelines and standards set forth by the Energy Fit Nevada program - the bottom line is that the workers did what they were supposed to but the company made my life a pain and created a lot of anxiety and frustration for my wife and i - i will never do business with them and i suggest that anyone reading this review not do business with them ever.
- Manuel F.

my father gave them his credit card number to guarantee the serviceman would arrive
the worker was given my credit card info to pay for the service, not use my father's credit card.
They have billed my father's credit card instead of mine...and not only that....
instead of 195.00, they've charged $453.12!!!!!!
hope this review keeps other people from having this problem with this company!
we are contacting the credit card company and
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
to find out what's going on.
- Kathleen S.

Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
showed up when they said they would and were on time. They finished the work on time, were very courteous, and took the time to answer all of our questions. The system works great. The one time some of our panels went out, they knew before I did and called to let me know. They came out within a couple of days and fixed the problem. We haven't had any issues since.
- Frank J.

First let me say, we had the system installed a year and a half ago and all went well and we were happy with the installation. Last Tuesday we discover water running down the roof from a PVC elbow which tied the system together. Of course there is a 12 year warranty which covers the parts and panels, however, when I called, I was informed their would be a 59 dollar service charge plus other possible additional charges. I am disappointed that the workmanship they provided was not warrantied. Would the joint have been glued properly when the installation was done, it would never have leaked. Somehow no matter what warranty is promised, there is always a charge when something goes wrong. I would have hoped that when they realized that a joint that they were responsible for and installed was not glued properly, they would have stood by their workmanship and fixed it free. In the end I paid the $92 dollars to get what should have worked in the first place. The tech that came out was polite and professional and made the repair quickly. But in the end I remain disappointed that they didn't stand by their product.
- Eric Z.

Seems to be fixed. Service techs are efficient and know what they are doing.
Atlanta Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
Baker, the service manager, is responsive to issues and makes every effort to make sure the customer's issues are resolved.
- Cal W.

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