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It happened in 3 steps.
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, the franchise owner of the local Atlanta Shelf Genie came by first. She heard what I wanted done, looked at the space and gave me information on the company and products. We discussed the various different ways to make the space more usable and she took pictures and basic measurements. When we came up with a plan she sketched it out and asked which material I wanted to use. Given that it was an enclosed pantry and not on display, I went with the basic material (which is still very high quality wood and sturdily built) and she gave me the price. It's NOT cheap and if there had been no Angie's List discount it would have totaled close to $2000.00. She told me her 'installer' would contact me to arrange a time for him to come in and take all the measurements.
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, the 'installer' contacted me within 2 days and made the appointment. After looking at
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
's notes and listening to what I wanted, he suggested a complete change in what to do which would end up giving me A LOT more usable space!! No extra cost. He took very detailed measurements and even used styrofoam to ensure he had all the odd
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
of space correct. He gave a more detailed explanation about the construction. All the measurements for the required pieces are sent out to the Shelf Genie builders. Once all the sections are done, they are all delivered to the installer who will then call to make arrangements to do the actually installation.
3) About a month later (I was told it would take about a month),
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
called and he came within a couple of days to do the installation. He removed the wire shelving already in place. He sealed the holes left behind. He checked each cut shelf to ensure it fit correctly. Asked if I wanted to change the arrangement of the shelves & drawers before beginning the installation and even suggested I leave more open space on the bottom, showing me that larger items (cases of cat food or soda) could fit underneath. He completed the entire installation in about 2 hours and it's wonderful! Worth every penny.
- Lorraine G.

Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
and his crew did the demolition for all three bathrooms. They were great about putting sheets down to protect our wood floors. The crew was great, and very respectful of our space. They were punctual and very easy to have in our house. The demolition went well. They did find a rotten subfloor, which was not in the original estimate, but he explained the cost of repairing and replacing before taking any action with us. He also
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
us suggestions to replace the old door and windows in the bathroom(s), which was also not part of the original estimate, but again, he explained the cost and was fair about not charging us for the extra labor to replace these things to make the space aesthetically pleasing.
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
pays very good attention to detail, and was good about calling us when there were questions about preferences, or to explain different options to complete certain tasks. He has passion for his work, and cares about the project as if it was his own home. What more can you ask for in a contractor?
In the end, we love the tile work they completed, as there was a lot. One of the bathrooms' tile was uneven, and they used the wet saw to trim the tile to make it even (sometimes only 1/16 of an inch)-not their mistake, but their fix to make sure we were happy with the work they did. They made sure that every detail was taken care of before completing the job, and hired a maid service to clean up the house to get rid of the construction dust. While they didn't meet our deadline, it was not their fault, as the rotten sub-floor in one bathroom and un-even tile were honest setbacks that no one planned for.
I would definitely hire
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
for future projects. He and the team were great.
- Christine W.

Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
and his team are great to work with. He worked with me on meeting my budget range for both projects and we adjusted as needed.
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
did have some health issues which did interfere with the timelines, but that was out of his control and he tried very hard to get back on track.
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
and team are very nice and easy to work with. I would definitely use them again. Only call out is having to check the work every day and call out any concerns or questions, but he was always open to talking through my concerns and resolving.
- Carol D.

The following review was submitted to the owner on March 25, 2014. As of today (April 18, 2014), I have not heard back. In addition, ATD indicated there would be a six-month (from date of completion) follow-up visit to check for any remaining issues - it is well past the six-month date and I have not heard back from the owner. There really are no issues, but I expected at least a phone call. That said, they did come back after construction was complete to take care of several issues, including replacing one of the vanity sinks. So no complaint at all about them standing behind their work (see Summary below).

Toke (Interior Designer) I have to give Toke an overall “D”. 1. She messed up the measurements on the vanity cabinet. As a result,
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
had to dig in to the drywall to make it fit. 2.
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
and I ended up having to order the mirror ourselves. I received zero input from Toke, and she failed to order it in advance. As a result, I finally got the mirror installed at least two weeks after the bathroom was finished. 3. She was of very little help in ordering the floor and shower tile. I am ok with what I picked out, but I probably could have done better if she had offered advice. 4. We agreed on a color for the walls, but again she didn’t offer much in the way of suggestions. 5.
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
(tile) and I changed her rendering for the tile border in the shower because it was too tall. She had drawn a border using a row of 4 floor tiles – it was obvious to
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
and me that this didn’t look right, so we went with rows of two tiles, which looks much better. 6. The floor tile was thicker than the wall tile. As a result, the floor tile used as a border on the walls was sticking out. She should have caught this.
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
fixed this by adding “border” strips on top and bottom of the border to
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
the difference in widths. 7. I had to make corrections to her “actual versus budget” calculations. 8. Overall, she did not offer much in the way of creative suggestions. I felt like she was just showing up. Her communication and planning were very poor. Shelves I paid $500 for the shelves, and have never been satisfied with the quality or look. They are basically just pine painted white, and there are noticeable issues with the front
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
of some of the shelves not lining up with the rest of the shelf. Caulk was used to plug the gaps between the shelves and the walls. Admittedly I may be a little over-critical here, but they just
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
’t look high-quality to me.

Shower Door There are several water spots on the inside of the door. I both squeegee and clean the inside of the door with Windex after every shower. I also treated the inside of the door with RainX before I took my first shower. So I
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
’t understand why I am getting water spots.

Tile and Grout I have to give
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
an overall “B” 1. There are still issues with differences in texture and color of the grout both on the bathroom floor and in the shower.
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
performed some remediation work, and even he acknowledged the differences, but couldn’t explain the cause. 2. The shower tile is not level with adjacent tile in some spots. 3. On the edges of the shower floor, the tiles were not cut uniformly so the grout line does not line up with the wall. 4. Did a good job on the shower border as indicated above. 5. Came back several times (although grudgingly) to remediate the grout issue described above. 6. I think
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
might normally be an “A” installer. However, for whatever reason I think he got a little sloppy on my job. Demolition Kind of hard to grade how well someone tears things down, but he did a good job. Plumber
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
gets an “A+”. The guy really enjoys his work and it shows. Drywall/Paint
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
gets an “A”. Very good at his job. Granite Overall “B” There are some rough surfaces on the backsplash and a small chip on the vanity surface. I am giving them a “B” mainly for the (in my opinion) limited choice of surfaces. I am happy with what I ended up with, but it wasn’t a choice that just jumped out and told me “this is the one”. Electrician I can’t remember his name, but he gets an “A”. Very professional and helpful, especially with the can lights. Vanity Cabinet This was a real drama. 1. As noted above, Toke had measured incorrectly, but fortunately
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
figured that out ahead of time and had the drywall appropriately altered to allow for installation. However, watching
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
do the installation, it was a very tight fit and hopefully there will no issues with the vanity buckling in the future. 2. When the cabinets arrived, the doors were wrong, so
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
/Toke had to reorder. 3. After at least three weeks of waiting, the vendor told
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
that the replacement doors had mysteriously vanished in transit. 4. When the new doors finally arrived, the inside panels had separated from the outer panels, so
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
had to re-glue them together and repaint. 5. There are cracks in the finish and wood (that
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
says are normal), the doors do not close flush against the vanity frame, and there is separation in the door panels.
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
(Project Manager)
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
gets a “B+” 1. He impressed me as being very concerned with providing excellent customer service. He was always respectful and even-tempered, and went out of his way to make sure the job was done. 2. Did a good job of coordinating the contractors, and pitched in when necessary. 3. Delivered as promised, although delivery often did not occur at the originally promised dates (see below). 4. I would have given
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
an “A”, but he was very, very slow to respond to phone calls, emails, etc., and missed deadlines he himself had set (i.e., it took at least two months to get the sink and shelf remediation work done). My impression was that this was in large part due to the fact that he has too many balls in the air all of the time. I’m not sure whose fault this is, but that was the real weakness in my relationship with ATD. I also
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
’t think he and Toke were ever on the same page. I place more blame on Toke, but on the other hand the buck stops with
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
. 5. That said, I enjoyed working with
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
. He represents you well. Price This was my first remodel/construction project and I really have nothing to compare to. Perhaps I watch too much HGTV, but I see complete home remodels for $30k - $40K, and wonder why it cost me $35k for just my bathroom. I did receive one estimate for $25,000, which included fixtures. ATD charged $27k for construction and I ended up spending $8k on fixtures.

I asked
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
for an estimate to remodel my guest bathroom, and he came back with $8.3K. This just sounds high to me based on the work that was going to be performed. Cleanliness/Disruption/Cleanup You get an “A+” here. Dust was kept to a minimum and all exposed surfaces were covered appropriately. I work from home, and was able to move my office temporarily in to the guest bedroom and work as usual. The guy in charge of this was very competent and appeared to take pride in keeping the site clean during construction and in the final cleaning. Summary Overall I give ATD a “B- “on this job. I decided to go with ATD because I felt comfortable that (1) I would be treated fairly, (2) the work would be high quality, and (3) you would stand by your work. And you generally delivered on all of these areas. However, I believe the related premium built in to your fee is on the high side. I also have a thought in the back of my head that perhaps the quote was high in an attempt to discourage me from contracting with you, as you appear to favor more high-end and expensive remodels, and prefer kitchens over bathrooms.

Admittedly I was trying to keep the cost down, but with a little more proactive attitude on the part of
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, and especially Toke, in hindsight I could have/would have made some construction and fixture choices that would have “dressed up” the final product without busting the budget. And although the new bathroom is a major improvement over the old one, I just
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
’t feel that it looks like a $35k bathroom, and I suspect that I won’t be seeing a picture of my bathroom on your website "before and after" photo gallery. In closing, I think ATD is an excellent firm with professional integrity who takes pride in its work. ATD and I may not have been the best match, but except as noted above you delivered.
- Arthur M.

Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
was very prompt in getting back to me about the initial appointment to see the house, and showed up ahead of schedule. He was very good about communication, especially with email, and provided an estimate very promptly. He seemed knowledgable and eager to complete the work. His pricing was also very competitive. Ultimately, we didn't end up going with him, as we decided to go with a general contractor for some larger projects, but we will keep him in mind for future projects.
- Christine W.

Ralf asked lots of great questions about the potential job, and had some great ideas to offer. We could tell that he will not cut corners, and that he enjoys what he does. His house was a similar layout, and even offered us to come over to see his bathroom to get renovation ideas. He was extremely polished and professional. We ultimately didn't go with him, but we will keep him in mind for future projects.
- Christine W.

Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
took a day or two to get back to us regarding a time to meet us at the house to look at the work we required. He was up front about his $35 estimate fee, and was very punctual to meet us at our house. He was quick to turnaround the bid for the work. We ultimately did not go with him because his estimate was the highest we received. However, he asked great questions, was thorough during the walk through of the work, and really seemed to know what he was doing.
- Christine W.

These are real professionals. My wife found
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, who came over promptly and helped us design the complete remodel of the master bath that we wanted. They got all the permits for us, we picked out tile and then they
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
't to work. Most of the work was done by
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, who were great to have on the job. They have developed a proprietary dust management system that keeps the rest of your house from having any problem with dust at all. They didn't mind letting us choose our own materials a la
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
and paint the walls ourselves and they connected us with a terrific tile dealer and designer who helped us a lot. They were hard workers, focused on on our satisfaction and we are very glad about the results. We are selling this house and have no doubt that we will more than recoup our investment because this company completely transformed our outdated master bath. We recommend them highly if, like us, you are looking for a one-stop shop to know your are in good hands as you "
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
". By the way, the price I quoted above of $18,000 includes all materials, labor and permits to completely renovate our master bath.
- Mark A.

I left a message and when I didn't hear back, I called again. The second time I called, I got him on the phone. He told me that he would meet with me the following Tuesday or Wednesday. I never heard from him again.
- Mike M.

Bravo for
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
!! We were all very pleased with the quality and professionalism of the experience we had working with Ralf. He was on time, professional, and really knew what he was doing. Most importantly, the job was finished down to to final punch list without a problem or delay. We would highly recommend
Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
and will seek them out to do more work for us in the future.
- nola C.
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All-Trade Solutions Inc.

Newnan, GA
There is so much more that can be done with your home and office construction and remodel...

Allatoona Renovations

3250 Kate St
Acworth, GA

Allgood Plumbing & Electric

PO Box 2852
Loganville, GA
In business since 2005. full plumbing and electrical service for residences. ask about angie's...

allied building and construction

169 scott blvd
Dallas, GA
We sub out all electric and plumbing, allied can handle all of your other home improvement...

allied building and construction

Dallas, GA
Home improvements, remodeling, room additions, and sunrooms. kitchens and bath remodeling....

Allied Construction & Renovation, Inc.

1438 Frazier Rd.
Decatur, GA
All retaining walls and drainage systems 10% off now through october 31st, 2012

Allsaints Plumbing & Contracting, LLC

106 port victoria way
Woodstock, ga
Plumbing company

ALM & Associates, LLC

3695F Cascade Rd Ste 1122
Atlanta, GA
We provide construction management services because no matter how sharp you are, there are...

Alpha & Omega Builders, Inc

314 McIntosh Trail
Sharpsburg, GA
We are a full service contracting company and have been serving the atlanta and metro area for...

Alpha Construction Group

1608 Cordillo Ct
Dacula, GA
Rick wright, owner of acg has over 30 years experience in the construction industry. mr...


Alpharetta, GA
Number of employees varies. uses subs for various jobs. cost is determined by the job. no...

ALT General Service

P.O. Box 11080
Atlanta, GA

Am Renovations Inc.

2575 Delk Rd.
Marietta, GA
We service both residential and commercial consumers in projects ranging from remodels to full...

AM-CRO Home Repair & Construction

123 Main Street
Lawrenceville, GA
We are a smaller locally owned company servicing a larger part of the metro atlanta area...

Amazon Stone

164 Weldon Rd
Palmetto, GA
Amazon stone fabricates natural stones (e.g. granite, marble, travertine, limestone,...

America Painting

2602 Mcguire dr
Kennesaw, GA
We do exterior and interior painting and any such other painting as fences porches and decks...

American Drywall and Paint

PO Box 1422
Flowery Branch, GA
Very personal hands on approach with all projects. free estimates. you will deal with the...

American Eagle General Contractors

6879 Lakeview Ln
Atlanta, GA
We are a full service licensed & insured remodeling company specializing in kitchens baths...

American Renovations

PO Box 67
Fairplay, SC
At american renovations, we know choosing a roofing contractor is a tough job. we make it...

American Sprayfoam, LLC.

6669f Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
Norcross, ga
American sprayfoam, llc serves the southeastern region of the united states. staffed with...

Americas Best Contractor

3115 Waterfront Cir
Marietta, GA
Additional phone - (770) 313-7602. additional dba - america's best home inspectors.


Marietta, GA
Cost is determined by the job.


3755 Station Dr.
Kennesaw, GA
Americrafters is a handyman service oriented company that has a 30 year background in custom...

Amigos Renovations LLC

3193 Oakcliff Rd
Atlanta, GA
The spanish/latinos beautifyers with the america reliability

Ampt Electric

4382 Park St.
Acworth, GA
Ampt electric provides electrical service to private residences and business throughout the...

AMS Total Construction Services

3605 Sandy Plains Rd
Marietta, GA
We are a small company that has been servicing the metro atlanta and north georgia mountain...

Amstar Enterprises

Po Boc 17151
Atlanta, GA
Accepts payments via paypal. cost is determined by the job. additional services - pressure...

Anderson's CCBI

4050 Highway 42
Locust Grove, GA
Anderson ccbi construction & quintessential homes (we put the "q" in quality) primary trade is...

Andes Plumbing

2296 Hansford Pass
Buford, GA
Water heater experts- 678 245 2820. we offer quality work by licensed, bonded, and insured...

Andrew Handymen

P O BOX 46
Locust Grove, GA

Andy On Call

3544 Old Milton Pkwy
Alpharetta, GA
Andy oncall® is a handyman repair service company that sends a qualified craftsman for a free...

Andy OnCall Marietta

627 Cherokee St #11
Marietta, GA
Independent contractors. cost determined by the job. uses sub-contractors for plumbing and...


3200 E. Ponce de Leon Avenue
Scottdale, GA
All residential renovations,remodeling and additions.

Annison Woodworks

4615 Helen Highway
Sautee Nacoochee, GA
3 employees. no subs. cost is determined by job. no travel charges. no service fees.

Anthony David Designs, LLC

8014 Cumming Hwy Ste 403-101
Canton, GA
Anthony david designs, llc is committed to doing craftsman quality work in all facets of the...


395 Winkler Drive
Alpharetta, GA
Since 1992 anthony's closets, shower doors & more has been providing quality and reliable...


Lowell, MI
Original antique, authentic hardware parts that were made from 1650-1945 including items such...

Antom Remodeling, LLC

3165 Creek Trace
Hiram, GA
Free estimates, free first consultation with interior designer.electrical and plumbing work...

APEC Electrical Contractors, Inc

PO Box 18
Lebanon, GA
If your looking for an electrical contractor that is honest, drug free, experienced, friendly,...

Apex Furniture Refinishing

1819 Lower Roswell Rd
Marietta, GA
Apex furniture refinishing is a family owned business. asim is the owner operator of this...

APM Contracting Co

200 Cheshire Ct
Mcdonough, GA
Apm contracting co provides general contracting services to homeowners. when and where others...

Appalachian Tubs

1915 Euharlee Road
Kingston, GA
We specialize in reglazing or refinishing bathtubs and tile to the residential or commercial...

Appliance Atlanta

602 Marietta Street
Atlanta, GA
Servicing most of atlanta including we provide service to cherokee, clayton, cobb, dekalb,...


3759 HIGHWAY 92
Acworth, GA

April Painting Co Inc

2720 Peachtree Parc Ln
Lawrenceville, GA
With over 30 years of experience our team of specialists offers extensive expertise and...


4430 Wade Green Rd NW
Kennesaw, GA
Also does business as: karras company.

AquaRama Pools Spas and Service Inc

565 Powder Springs St
Marietta, GA
New pool and spa construction,renovations,outdoor kitchens, firepits,service repairs, pool...

AquaTech Plumbing

PO Box 1141
Loganville, GA
Aquatech plumbing is a full-service, family owned and operated plumbing company. with 21 years...

AR Services, LLC

2295 Towne Lake Pkwy, Suite 116-188
Woodstock, GA
We offer a variety of services to assist people in purchasing, selling, renovating, custom...

Arbor Ridge Outdoors

765 Old Alpharetta Road
Alpharetta, GA
We are a full service design/install company in north georgia, creating both large and small...

Arc & Angle Home Builders

4504 Orleans Dr
Dunwoody, GA
Arc & angle home builders provides exceptional project outcome through construction expertise...

Arcbazar Inc

101 Main St
Cambridge, MA
Arcbazar is a first-of-its-kind competition platform for architectural design services. at...

Archer Built Homes

2850 Howard Dr NE
Marietta, GA

Architectural Solutions, LLC

5556 Redan Road
Stone Mountain, GA
Architectural solutions, specializes in the planning, design and construction of residential...

Archway Construction Services, Inc.

4305 State Bridge Road
Alpharetta, GA
Archway construction services is a professional construction services firm based in atlanta,...

Arimar Plumbing Service Inc

PO Box 550 / 204 Woods Road
Ball Ground, GA
Our company is family owned and operated. all our plumbers are licensed. we charge a dispatch...

Arnett's Roofing and Home Improvement

119 Town Creek Circle
Americus, GA

ARNOLD Masonry & Landscape

5400 Glenridge Drive NE
Atlanta, GA
Arnold masonry and landscape is an award winning, multi-construction, landscape, hardscape,...

Around The House HMS LLC

no store front
Marietta, GA
I offer quality competitvley priced home inspections, as well as handyman work. right now i...

Arrowhead Plumbing

1911 Grayson Highway
Grayson, GA
Our goal is to help solve your problems. plumbing is one of those services that's needed...


Marietta, GA
Alt email:

Art of Services

2361 Lessie Maude Drive
Marietta, GA
The owner has over twenty five years as a contractor and experience in both commercial and...


Alpharetta, GA
Additional contact: reinaldo dahora.


Marietta, GA
In business since 1981 master carpenter and professional general contractor renovation,...

Artisan Cabinet Refacing

210 Commerce Drive
Dallas, GA
All major credit cards accepted. winner of 2012 manufacturer of the year! we also provide...

Artisan Cabinetry & Design, Inc

Marietta, GA
Artisan cabinetry & design offers professional customs cabinets, home remodeling, &...


Alpharetta, GA
Specializing in old-world style custom cabinetry/woodworking.


4246 Peachtree Rd NE Ste 3
Atlanta, GA
General contractor, financing options

Artisans of Atlanta

2890 Mountain Breeze Rd.
Marietta, GA
Artisans of atlanta, inc. is a full service company providing design, consulting, engineering...

Ashley's Quality Contractors

7025 Briston Place
Suwanee, GA

Ashmel Plumbing Co., Llc

2365 Benjamin E Mays Dr SW
Atlanta, GA
Plumbing system installation emergency repairs general and preventive maintenance

Ashton Laine Residential Services

821 Jett Roberts Road
Jefferson, GA
•full management services •work directly with licensed sub contractors •complimentary...

At Home Handyman Services

Cumming, GA
Owner operated. four employees. subs used occasionally. costs are charged on a flat rate. no...


Marietta, GA

Athens Building Company

650 Oglethorpe Ave.
Athens, GA
Athens building company delivers the highest client care in building and renovation. we assure...

Atl contracting

265 Basswood Ct
Atlanta, GA
Atl contracting has been building in atlanta and surrounding areas for over 16 years employed...

ATL Renovations LLC

2897 N Druid Hills Rd NE
Atlanta, GA
We are unable to take on additional business at this time. atl renovations, owned and...

ATL Restoration

Cartersville, GA
Atl restoration was started for fire, water, and mold restoration services. it provided the...

Atlanta Architectural Innovations

920 Beech Valley Rd
Lithia Springs, GA
Additional fax - (404) 817-6050.

Atlanta Area Shower Doors

5174 McGinnis Ferry Road, Suite 346
Alpharetta, GA
Atlanta area shower doors are a leader in the frameless shower door and frameless shower...

Atlanta B C R Services 24/7

4978 long island rd nw
Atlanta, GA
Complete home remodeling and renovations services

Atlanta Basement and Remodeling

5400 Laurel Springs Pkwy
Suwanee, GA
We are a full service general contractor. we offer services from repair, kitchen and bath...

Atlanta Basement and Remodeling

5400 Laurel Springs Pkwy
Suwanee, GA
Small general contractor based in suwanne ga. we have been in business for over 23 years. we...

Atlanta Builders & Remodeling Inc

109 Pine Grove Road
Locust Grove, GA
Atlanta builders & remodeling, inc. provides homeowners with remodeling services such as:...

Atlanta City Builders and Remodeling

1625 Jasper Ct
Cumming, GA
We are a small company based out of cumming,ga. we do everything in house for your full...

Atlanta Classic Stone

Atlanta, GA
Professional and affordable remodeling contractors in atlanta. tile installation, granite...

Atlanta Construction Enterprises Inc

121 Courtland Circle
Powder Springs, GA
3 employees, dedicated sub-contractors, estimate-proposals and hourly with-a cap billing,...

Atlanta Curb Appeal

3231 Turtle Lake Drive
Marietta, GA
Atlanta curb appeal offers superior construction. our clients are always thrilled that their...

Atlanta Custom Construction

2934 Arrow Creek Dr
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta custom construction has been in business since 1986. we are a small remodeling,...

Atlanta Design & Build

1631 Canton Road
Marietta, GA
Our exclusive homestyle system ensures we listen and understand to design and transform you...

Atlanta Electrical Pros

Forest Park, ga

Atlanta Flooring Design Centers

3665 Swiftwater Park Dr
Suwanee, GA
Located in suwanee georgia and charlotte n.c., atlanta flooring design centers is both a...

Atlanta Glass & Mirror

224 Rio Circle
Decatur, GA
High quality glass, mirror, and closest system options.

Atlanta Glass Experts

2910 Cole Ct
Norcross, GA
Atlanta glass experts prides itself on offering expert commercial and residential repair and...

Atlanta Glass Repairs LLC

Sandy Springs, GA
We specialize in home glass window repair, frameless glass shower enclosures and commercial...

Atlanta Grout & Tile Care Inc

6567 Commerce Pkwy
Woodstock, GA
Family owned & operated. cost is determined by the job. our 2 part resin process eliminates...

Atlanta Home Center, LLC

4386 Springfield Drive
Norcross, GA
The majority of work is handled by myself and i do have specialized crews that will...

Atlanta Home Completion

4422 Trickum Rd
Marietta, GA
Atlanta home completion specializes in professional basement finishing with a personal touch....

Atlanta Home finishes

Mcdonough, GA
Free inspections provided for all insurance repairs. once we verify damage we will help you...

Atlanta Home Remodelers

1961 Oak Village Ln., NW
Lawrenceville, GA
Our trained team is here to take the headaches out of the remodeling projects you have been...

Atlanta Home Remodeling Group, LLC

3541 Roswell Road
Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Home Renovators

#1 Atlanta
Atlanta, GA
We make homes beautiful. also do repairs and handyman services.

Atlanta Home Solutions

390 Racetrack Rd
Mcdonough, GA
We are a building\restoration company based in the metro atlanta area with 40 years of...

Atlanta House Surgeons

260 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta house surgeons, home improvements, house repairs, new construction. state of georgia...


Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Kitchen Cabinet

Woodstock, GA
Cabinets an full service kitchen and bath renovation.

Atlanta Kitchen Gallery

Roswell, GA
Atlanta kitchen gallery,inc, its just two years old,but i as the owner,use to work for one of...

Atlanta Kitchen Makeovers

2655 Goodfellows Rd
Tucker, GA
Hello. i am patrick dale. i would like to thank you for your interest in atlanta kitchen...

Atlanta Kitchen Refinishers inc

4048-a Lawrenceville Hwy.
Tucker, GA
Atlanta kitchen refinishers has been atlanta's premier cabinet refinisher for over 20 yrs. we...

Atlanta Maintenance Management Services

3785 Lenna Dr
Snellville, GA
Simply put, to provide the best quality maintenance services available, at competitive...


Canton, GA
Atlanta painting and construction is a licensed and fully (worker's comp and liability)...

Atlanta Project Pros

550 Ringtail Dr
Buford, GA
Charges an hourly rate. owner operated.

Atlanta ProSource Services Inc

1502 Larson Way Sw
Marietta, GA
Concern about indoor exposure to mold has been increasing as the public becomes aware that...

Atlanta Roofing and Renovations

2749 Drew Valley Road
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta roofing and renovations is a full service residential home and commercial business, we...

Atlanta Tile and Stone

2148 Hills Ave
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta tile and stone specializes in wood flooring and custom tile and stone installations....


Acworth, GA

Atlanta Wholesale Flooring Inc

1902 kevin drive se
Conyers, ga
Financing options available 6 mos...12 mos...18 mos no interest but monthly payments are...

atlanta's best home improvements

1469 Greenwillow Dr
Conley, GA
We are a family own bussiness that enjoy what we do have 4 employees licensed and insured we...

Atlanta's Best Repair Service, LLC

312 Fontaine RD
Mableton, GA
We are a family owned business that has been serving the state for 4 years now. there is no...

Atlantic Construction & Remodeling

3540 Waters Glen Way
Alpharetta, GA
Atlantic construction & remodeling is a full service contracting and remodeling company,...

Atlantic Tile

6012 shadburn ferry road
Buford, Ga
Licensed and insured for commercial and residential up to 2 million dollars. quality work at...

ATM Constructors, Inc

3559 Six Oaks Court
Decator, GA
Atm constructors has been a recognized name in the atlanta design/construction industry for...

Attention to Detail Home Remodeling

10170 Swaybranch Drive
Roswell, GA
Our team aims to provide remodeling services for your family, not just for a job. we believe...

Aviation Employment Careers L.L.C.

7380 Spout Springs Road
Flowery Branch, Ga
We are a multi task business we provide many handyman services as well as employment career...


PO BOX 1426
Jonesboro, GA
4 employees. uses subs for skilled trades. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges....

Aztec Painting & Remodeling

Acworth, GA
We are a family owned and operated business with no contracting or subcontracting of any kind....

B&K Remodeling

1400 Barclay Drive
Lawrenceville, GA

Babcock Roofing Pro's

Marietta, GA
We are a small residential/light commercial contracting firm. we do any type of house repairs...

Back to New Kitchens

2888 Knotty Pine Ct
Buford, GA
We are a company that can provide you with a full service kitchen remodel at competitive...

Backus Builders LLC

11495 Mountain Laurel Dr
Roswell, GA
No home repair or renovation too small or too large

Bailey Construction co.

2150 McDuffie Rd.
Austell, GA
I have been in business for 35 years in same location.i am boned and insured. no job to small...

Bald Eagle Enterprises

4733 Sugar Hill Rd
Acworth, GA

Bald Eagle Enterprises

4733 Sugar Hill Rd
Acworth, GA


Villa Rica, GA

Barrow Contracting, Inc

3011 Rainbow Dr
Decatur, GA
We offer free written estimate

Basement Specialist

240 Woodstream Dr.
Newnan, GA
Additional dbas - basement finishing specialist, mark goodson roofing and construction....

Bassett Construction Services LLC

4349 Abbotts Bridge Rd
Duluth, GA
Bassett construction services specializes in home remodeling and restoration. we approach each...

Bassett Contracting Home Repair Services, Inc

980 Posey Rd
Newnan, GA
5% discount to angie's list members

Bath Fitter

6155 Jimmy Carter Blvd Ste B
Norcross, GA

Bath Fitter - BFU210

Norcross, GA
Bath fitter provides more than just bathtub liners and bath surrounds. with more than 25 years...

Bath Fitter of Atlanta

6155-B JImmy Carter BLvd
Norcross, GA
Additional phone - (450) 472-0024. additional fax - (770) 496-1134. additional dba - bath...

Bath Links

5938 Buford Hwy
Atlanta, GA
We are a full line remodeling company with 20 years of experience in the exterior and interior...

Bath Restorations

3001 Catamaran Cove
Villa Rica, GA
We offer complete bathroom & kitchen remodeling for our clients.when we finish, your project...

BathKitchen4U / 1st Atlanta Remodeling

595 East Crossville Rd.
Roswell, GA
We are a parent company to 1st atlanta remodeling. we offer solid wood cabinets - direct...

BC Architect

191 Peachtree Rd
Atlanta, GA
Experienced architect that has designed and managed projects that range from $50,000 home...

BC Construction and Remodeling LLC

1786 Shallowford Rd
Marietta, ga

BC Homes, Inc.

302 Magnolia Grove
Alpharetta, GA
Simple to extraordinary ~ inside or out ~ we create homes people love! check us out at...

BDM Associates LLC

PO Box 81917
Atlanta, GA
We are a full service remodel design/build firm.

BE Right Enterprise Inc

1363 Stone Lee Way
Stone Mountain, GA
We are a growing renown company that thriving to be the best with 15 employee's, 3...

Beacon Construction Company

4411 Suwanee Dam Rd. Suite 635
Suwanee, GA
Georgia state licensed general contractors in business since 2004. "unmatched client...

Beautiful Rezultz Commercial & Residential Service

111 Woodridge Dr
Atlanta, GA
Visit us on the web

BeautifulHome Services

6157 Susan Lane
Atlanta, GA
I have an engineering degree and worked for 18 years as a commercial insurance...

Beiter Enterprises

335 Camden Woods Dr
Suwanee, GA
The business owner is the primary individual doing the job. i am on site every minute....

Bell Carpet Galleries

6223 Roswell Rd Ne
Atlanta, GA
When a company claims they are a full service company what does that mean exactly? in the case...


4870 Helga Way NE
Woodstock, GA
Dba bella kitchens llc. additional address 1733 mount vernon rd ste 204 dunwoody ga 30338.


5716 South River Rd
Douglasville, GA
Bellascapes has three generation of masonry and landscape experience. we are a small...

Benchmark Innovations in Renovation

2751 Glenwood Ave SE
Atlanta, GA
Benchmark innovations is individually owned and operated by marc l. cavicchioli and is a full...

BennettBuilt Inc.

1065 Villa Rica Rd
Marietta, GA
We can build anything from the ground up. we are a family-owned and operated business,...


Norcross, GA
Since 1978, berkeley woodworking inc has provided the atlanta area with quality custom...

Berkshire Flooring & Design

1746 N Hadaway Rd NW
Kennesaw, GA
Are you ready for a change? let the experts at berkshire flooring and design show you how easy...

Bernard's Residential Remodeling

121 Miller Road
Stockbridge, GA
We are a family owned company who help homeowners in our area improve the value of their homes...

Best Price Custom Cabinets

3220 Pleasant Oaks Cir
Cumming, GA
At best price cabinets, our atlanta cabinet installers use only top quality materials in all...

Best Quality Renovations

165 White Acres Drive
Stockbridge, GA
We offer a number of renovation services. we are a 3rd generation american owned company that...

Better Homes Bureau, LLC

Lawrenceville, GA
State of georgia licensed general contractors fulling licensed, insured and bonded specializes...

BH Contractors, Inc.

600 Glynn Street
Fayetteville, GA
We are a small custom remodeling contractor located in fayetteville, ga. specializing in...

Big Bear Construction Inc.

Smyrna, GA
****attention all potential customers**** we are currently in a high volume work period & are...

Bill Johnson

140 Creekwood Dr.
Woodstock, Ga

Bill Johnson Remodeling

140 Creekwood Dr.
Woodstock, GA
43 years of experience - all work guranteed! ** i am a generial alone on...


Gainesville, GA
24 hour emergency service. accepting visa, master card, discover & american express.

Billy's Tree Serivce

144 North Ave Jonesboro
Jonesboro, GA
Billy's affordable tree is a tree contractor that offers customers in jonesboro, ga a wide...


Loganville, GA
Owner operated. uses subs plumbing/electrical. cost is determined by the job. no travel...

Blackhawk Construction Services, LLC

2270 Northwest Parkway
Marietta, GA
Blackhawk construction services, llc is a design/build firm with a cohesive staff that...

Blackhorse Plumbing LLC

688 Old Hickory Lane
Lilburn, GA
Blackhorse plumbing is a small family owned plumbing company. we have experience in both...

BlackStone R&H LLC.

4253 Dunstan ct
Stone Mountain, GA
Blackstone r&h is a perfessional renovation & handyman service with a small team design to...

Blake Shaw Homes Inc

1859 Duke Rd
Atlanta, GA

Blake Shaw Homes Inc

1859 Duke Rd
Atlanta, GA

Blan Builders

P. O. Box 2011
Hiram, GA
Blan builders is a family owned and operated residential construction company serving the...

Blessed Hands Handyman Services

6098 Twin Creeks Ct
Riverdale, GA
We offer a variety of services with over 15 years of experience in the home maintenance /...

Blue Danube Contracting, LLC

2221 Peachtree Road, NE Suite D622
Atlanta, GA

Blue Marlin Construction LLC

Kennesaw, GA
Will provide as needed

Blue Print Construction, Inc.

209 Chandler Walk
Loganville, GA
My name is ivan childress, founder and c.e.o of blue print construction, inc. my company was...


2854 ASKA RD.
Blue Ridge, GA
My name is robert green owner / opertor of blue ridge mtn. property perservation services we...

Blue Star Electric

3439 Jackson Dr
Decatur, GA
Serving atlanta's older homes and buildings, we specialize in quality service, installation,...

Blue Stream Construction

Mcdonough, GA
Professional & quality contractor service: all interior/exterior construction, remodeling, and...

BlueWater Exteriors & Remodel llc.

117 Mornington circle
Woodstock, GA
We have been in business for 14 years. we are a mainly a residential service although we have...

BMB Construct, LLC

417 Wood Branch St
Woodstock, GA
We are a small business located in woodstock ga, we can do handyman and home remodeling...

BNW Enterprises Inc.

5001 Clifftop Dr.
Loganville, GA
Bnw enterprises inc. is a small company with a grat reputation for getting the job done right...

Bobby's Home Improvements

Smyrna, GA
Home improvements additions & repairs 3 employees most payments due of completion of job


411 Hickory Rd,
Holly Springs, GA
Manufacturer of walk in bathtubs, usa certified we are a fiberglass plant so we also do other...


Marietta, GA
3 employees. uses subs for electrical, sheetrock, painting, concrete. cost is determined by...

Borkowsky Construction Inc.

112 Euharlee Rd. Sw
Cartersville, GA
Billing options dependent on job size.we do not provide financing.


Dacula, GA
5 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service charges....

Boyette Home Improvement LLC

506 South Candler Street
Decatur, GA
Boyette home improvement provides handyman services and specializes in older homes that need...

Bradshaw's Home Improvements

Marietta, GA
Additional email address:

Braswell Construction Group, Inc

6105 Emory Street NW
Covington, GA
Braswell construction group strives to achieve the highest quality and reliable services in...


Kennesaw, GA
Bray's custom painting, inc. is a full service commercial, industrial, and residential...

Breakwater Restoration and Reconstruction

5345 Bells Ferry Road
Acworth, GA
Breakwater is a full reconstruction and resoration company. we serve the entire southeast. ...

Brett's Home Repair

New Smyrna Beach, FL

Brian Stephenson painting@remodeling

3405 Richmond Dr SE
Conyers, GA
May company is a second generation company i have been in business for 43 years if a job is...

bright ideas cabinets llc

830 kingridge drive
Roswell, GA
Bright ideas cabinets offers complete cabinet design services for both residential and...

Brito Floor Covering

PO Box 674661
Avondale Estates, GA
Individually owned and operated with 17 years experience. uses sub contractors for electrical...


Cumming, GA
Brogdon electric provides honest and professional commerical and residential service including...

Brookfield Residential Const.

Sandersville, GA
Residential construction company. licensed subcontractors. free estimates. 10% off angies list...

Brookhaven Handyman

1453 Grant Dr NE
Atlanta, GA
Brookhaven handyman was founded on the premise that repairs and remodeling can be done with...

Brothers Best

3461 San Antonio Dr
Snellville, GA
Brothers' best has been serving snellville and the surrounding counties for only 10 years,...

BrowneStone Homes, LLC

33 Moonshadow Way
Acworth, GA
Brownestone homes is a locally owned home building and remodeling company that takes great...


Lilburn, GA
Owner operated. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. . hours are by...


Marietta, GA
Brownlow and sons company is a family owned remodeling company started in 1945. we have 35...

Browns Wood home improvement services

3285 blazing pine path
Decatur, GA
Our team of talented professionals can remodel your entire home or simply enhance your...


12525 Sunset Maple Way
Alpharetta, GA
Owner operated. uses subs for extra hands. cost is determined by the job. no travel charge...


163 Banks Station
Fayetteville, GA
Bryant's construction group, inc. (bcgi) provides superior commercial and residential...

BSR Trenching and Contracting LLC

268 Clara Dr
Dallas, GA

Bubba's Home Restorations

2021 Wellcrest Dr. Nw
Kennesaw, GA


4651 Roswell Rd Ste D308
Atlanta, GA
2 employees. no subs. charges $85 per hour per two men. no travel charges. no extra charge for...

Building Projects Unlimited

1439 Wheeler Dr
Lawrenceville, GA
"north atlanta's professional handyman service." at building projects unlimited we provide a...


Smyrna, GA
Custom woodwork and remodeling

BullDawg Contractors, LLC.

2587 Gray Mill Way
Loganville, GA
The “bulldawg contractors” difference we understand how difficult it can be for...

Bullzeye Electric LLC

1248 Granite Ln
Loganville, GA
Bullzeye electric is your new family electrician. we are a locally owned and operated...


Atlanta, GA

Busy Quotes Project Management

Alpharetta, GA
Busy quote project management is here for you. we have years of experience to help you get the...


Hiram, GA
C & c construction performs general contracting to atlanta, ga and its surrounding areas. the...

C A Ferguson Home Remodeling

538 Windchase Ln.
Stone Mountain, GA
We are a full service residential remodeling company. we pride ourselves in providing our...

C Marley LLC

555 Ozem Gardner Way
Westerville, OH
High quality residential remodeling, repair, renovation. most work is self-fulfilled to...


4200 Cox Farm Rd SE
Acworth, GA

C&R Contract Services

2521Millbrook Dr
Snellville, Ga
C&r brings over 40 years of construction expierience to meet all of your needs

C&S Home Repair

Lilburn, GA


409 Water Oak Way
Marietta, GA
Family owned and operated.

Cabinet & Stone City

1610 Cobb International Blvd Ste 4
Kennesaw, GA
We have kitchen and bath showroom in norcross and kennesaw, georgia

Cabinet Distributors Of Georgia Inc

2125 Corporate Dr SE Ste 109
Marietta, GA
At cabinet distributors of georgia, we specialize in delivering complete cabinetry...


Buford, GA

Cabinet Giant Kitchen Cabinets by Cabinet Giant

7600 Gardner Ave
Kansas City, MO
Cabinet giant is the right place for your online kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities,...

Cabinet Transformations

735 W lanier Ave
Fayetteville, GA
Cabinet transformations provides cabinet refacing and natural stone showers. cabinet refacing....


Conyers, GA
Cabinets, counter tops, and remodeling- kitchen and bath

Call Riley, LLC

PO Box 2058
Acworth, GA
Home and commercial maintenance and repairs, handyman services, home maintenance plans, light...

Callaway Builders Inc

PO Box 1585
Cumming, GA
If you are looking for a reputable local company with proven experience to do projects both...

Camdur Building Group, Inc.

628 Old Town Road
Villa Rica, GA
Since 2005 camdur building group has offered new home construction, earthcraft home...

Camp Construction LLC

1155 pleasant hill rd.
Conyers, GA
Insurance repair and remodeling specialist fire storm water 24 hr emergency service

Capital Art Properties

1265 pleasant hill rd
Lawrenceville, GA
At capital art properties our experienced staff utilizes state of the art technologies and...

Caps Construction

2130 Southwood Cove Suite 238
Atlanta, Ge

Capstone Consulting

battleford ct
Atlanta, GA
Capstone consulting has spent decades satisfying customers with services covering the building...


3221 HILL ST
Duluth, GA
Cardinal construction, inc. is a full service design/build residential and commercial firm...

Care For Your Castle Inc

164 Pearl St
Atlanta, GA
Care for your castle, inc. is a commercial builder and home renovation specialist in both...

Carl's Remodeling Service

1003 Sterling Point
Peachtree City, GA
Carl's remodeling service is a family owned and operated company in peachtree city, ga. we...


3350 Riverwood Parkway
Atlanta, GA
Carnell general contracting inc. has been serving atlanta and the surrounding areas since 2002...

Carpenter & Co Handyman Service

Alpharetta, GA
Employees are skilled technicians -- no subcontractors. free estimates. 1 year written...


Marietta, GA
Owner operated. uses subs for heating, ac, electrical, flooring & plumbing. cost is determined...


PO BOX 669172
Marietta, GA
Additional address: po box 669172, marietta, ga 30066. additional email:...

Carpentry Solutions

2894 Old Summerville Rd
Armuchee, GA
Carpentry and remodeling contractor with 18 years experience; free written estimates;

Carpet for Less

3634 Sope Creek Farm SE
Marietta, GA
Serving metro atlanta for over 25 years, providing the best quality flooring products within...

Carpet Revitalizers

1000 Dixie Dr
Jonesboro, GA
We offer the cleanest clean you have ever seen or it's free! i am owner operated have been in...

Carter Construction

141 Cedar Run Ln
Huntsville, AL
We are a licensed and insured family owned & operated general contraction co. in business...

Caspian Home Improvement Inc.

617 Kurtz Rd
Marietta, GA
Caspian home improvement we are a well-established and highly-rated home improvement company...

Castillo services

2230 deans landing dr
Lawrenceville, Ga
We are family own and operated sence 1998 in atlanta. we will work with your budget to ensure...

Castle Painting

4627 Roswell Road NE
Atlanta, GA
Castle painting is atlanta's premier provider of five star service for your home improvement...

Castle Renovations Inc

Lilburn, GA
Serving dekalb, gwinnett, fulton, and surrounding areas we are a full service repair and...

Castlehaven Construction

1662 Broughton Ct
Atlanta, GA
See website for additional services offered. additional phone - (770) 855-9812. additional...

Castleworks Remodeling, Inc

4850 Sugarloaf Pkwy 209-306
Lawrenceville, GA
A full service design building remolding company well versed in both residential and...

CAT Recovery Services Inc

2110 Moon Station Dr
Kennesaw, GA
Cat recovery services is a certified water damage restoration company. we are locally owned...

CBC Construction Co

1209 Hillside Gardens Ln
Gainesville, GA
C.b.c. construction company of gainesville, ga has been providing custom remodeling and...

Cebros LLC

Gainesville, ga

Cecatz & Co

1963 Beecher Road, SW
Atlanta, GA
Cecatz and company is a one stop home improvement small business who stands behind their...

CEN Construction

4997 Lake Ridge Trail
Lilburn, GA
Whether it's getting your home remodeled or fixing damage that's been done to your home, we're...

Centsable Granite

PO Box 436
Locust Grove, GA
Additional address - 129 pine grove rd, locust grove, ga 30248. additional dba - centsable...

Chad Construction Services

Gainesville, GA
Owner operated. uses subs for ceramic tile and flooring. 24 hour emergency service available.

Chad Curry Homes

424 Constitution Cir
Peachtree City, GA
Chad curry homes (770)616-3019 the sign of quality in construction. "experience! we have it,...

Chambers Home Improvement

901 Aspen Drive
Lithiasprings, Ga

Champion Bros

254 Cedar Mill Ln.
Woodstock, GA
Champion brothers is a remodeling and painting company based out of woodstock.

Champion Home Services LLC

Decatur, GA
Champion home services llc specializes in getting foreclosed properties in market ready...

Chandler Contracting & Maintenance

3276 Brownlee Ln SW
Lilburn, GA
All phases of residential and light commercial remodeling, repair, maintenance and new...

Chandler New Hope LLC

4702 Cavallon Dr
Acworth, GA
Home-builder and remodeling company over 25 years experience in all aspects of home building...

Chandler Service Company

1601 Rockdale Circle

Change Your Bathroom

3535 Peachtree Road
Atlanta, GA
Are you ready for a luxurious bathroom? then you have come to the right place, not only will...

chapman construction inc

77 Midland Ln
Dallas, GA
Chapman construction inc. has been in the construction/remodeling business for over 40 years....

Charles F. King Builder, Inc.

1489 Brentford Cove
Snellville, GA
Look at my web page for more information including testamonials from customers. i have been...

Charles T. Orr, Jr. AIA, LEED AP, CSI

1687 South Gordon Street SW
Atlanta, GA
Full service architecture firm with extensive experience in variety of project types. our...

Charmed Hands

P.O. Box 1787
Jonesboro, GA
Charmed hands is a property preservation company based out of georgia. we handle the up keep...

Chase Services

Henry County, GA

Chastain Services

Flat Shoals Church Rd.
Stockbridge, GA
Located in henry county since 1996.

Chattahoochee Cabinets Inc

4338 Abbotts Bridge Rd
Duluth, GA
Chattahoochee cabinets has been in business for 28 years. we are a family run business and...

Chattanooga Granite & Marble Co

6414 Bonny Oaks Dr.
Chattanooga, TN
Additional e-mails - additional contact name -...

Chavez Remodeling

6750 peachtree ind. blvd
Atlanta, ga
Guaranteed satisfaction, and responsible at work. services 7-days a week. free estimate and 5%...

Cherry Development Services

1625 Conley RD
Conley, GA
Construction and remodeling

Cherrytree Construction Services

520 Grays Rdg
Canton, GA
Cherrytree construction services is a full service custom residential construction and...

Cheryl Draa Interior Designs

203 Misty Jill Trail
Dallas, GA
Cheryl draa interior designs is a full residential interior design studio that specializes in...

Cheryl Draa Interiors Designs

203 Misty Hill Trail
Dallas, GA
Residential interior design for people in transition

Choice Built Homes

92 Tuscany Trail
Dallas, GA
Home building from design to completion. basement finish, plans for remodeling,basement,new...

Chris' Painting and Home Repair

324 Chesapeake Ridge
Woodstock, GA
1 employee. uses subs for electrical/plumbing & extra hands. cost is determined by the job. no...


PO Box 1706
Stockbridge, GA

Clark & Clark Asociates Inc

2600 Webb Girth Rd
Gainesville, GA
We are a full service contracting company, fully insured and licensed in the electrical and...

Classic Copper Works

9337 Spring Cypress Road
Spring, TX
Classic copper works uses time honored german copper smith techniques handed down from father...

Classic Craftsmen Inc

2564 Chestea Dr
Marietta, GA
Licensed general contractor specializing in remodeling.

Classic painting and remodeling, LLC

Clary Hill Place
Roswell, GA
Classic painting and remodeling is a family owned business established in 2006, dedicated to...

Classic Renovations and Home Repairs

2242 Brookfield Dr
Lawrenceville, GA
We offer complete home repair services. we can assess potential issues with your home and then...

Classic Stone & Masonry

126 Terrane Ridge
Peachtree City, GA
Classic stone & masonry is a residential and commercial masonry company with 5 employees...

Classic Tile & Stone Inc

106 Sweet Basil Path
Loganville, GA
Kitchen and bathroom full service remodeling and sales,all work is done to industry standards...

Clean Fix, INC

673 Effie dr
Lawrenceville, GA

Clean Sweep Recovery, LLC

Cartersville, GA
We are a full service property preservation company. we provide services from full rehab to...


Lilburn, GA
2 employees. uses subs for painting & large repairs. cost is determined by the job. no travel...

Clements Construction

127 St. Clair Drive
Conyers, GA
General contracting and carpentry company

Clever Interiors Inc. (ATLANTA)

Marietta, GA
We are a nyc general construction company expanding our services to the atlanta area. we are...

Clinton Construction Company Inc

1260 Hollonville Rd
Brooks, GA

5801 Clearwater Drive
Minnetonka, MN
The designer kitchen you buy online ■ creating a better kitchen remodeling experience ...

Close Custom Atrisan Works

9797 La View Circle
Roswell, GA

Clutter Cutter

4448 Henderson Dr
Tucker, Ge

Cmg Design Center LLC

1651 Heathermoore Way
Dacula, GA
Company has 6 employes , is on the market from 1992.

Coachman Tile LLC

123 smith street
Atlanta, GA
Flooring sales/installation/repair

Cobalt Partners Inc

PO Box 191743
Atlanta, GA
Additional contact name - kevin nelson. additional phone number - (404)550-4852. additional...

Cobb Construction Services

Acworth, Ga
Family owned and operated since 2000. residential & commercial repairs & renovations.

Cobb Home Repair

2336 Jomarc Way
Marietta, GA
35+ years of exp. quality work done every time. free estimates. 4-5 employees. no subs. cost...

Colby Home Services

1608 Cherry Hill Ct SW
Conyers, GA
Colby home services provides atlanta georgia with professional remodeling services. each...


Woodstock, GA
Family owned and operated since 1970..better business bureau a+ rating

Collinson Construction

4990 Bowman Park Pt
Cumming, GA
Home builder and remodeling

Colonial Craftsmen Construction Inc

6208 Mitchell St
Flowery Branch, GA
We are a ga state licensed contractor. all clients receive a certificate of our insurance....

Colonnade Enterprises

4920 Roswell Rd
Atlanta, GA
Award winning custom home builder and remodeler with 26 years of experience. experience with...

Colors & Remodeling, Inc

PO Box 1393
Powder Springs, GA
New construction and remodeling services for homeowners and businesses.

Colossal Construction Company LLC

590 Means Street NW
Atlanta, GA
Colossal construction company llc is a service disabled veteran owned small business sdvosb....

Combined Concepts

Riverdale, GA
Custom design company not licensed designer, but lot of real life application.custom...

Commander Construction Services

240 Inland Ridge Way NE
Atlanta, GA

Complete Contractors,Inc.

134 Wildflower Path
Dawsonville, GA
A one stop contractor shop!

Complete Handyman LLC

4942 Friendly Acres Dr
Gainesville, GA
Complete handyman llc we are licensed and insured and serve hall and dawson counties, georgia....

Complete Home Repair

Brooks, GA
Hi, i am mike mccard. i am a 3rd generation carpenter who started at an early age in the...


Atlanta, GA

Concepts Tile And Home Renovations

831 Stonebrook Dr
Lithonia, GA
We provide turnkey service and guarantee our work.

Concrete Masonry Experts

6718 Jojanne Ln
Lithonia, GA
**over 27 years in experienced concrete installation, cleaning, maintaining, sealing and...

Connelly Residential Services, Inc.

6175 Hickory Flat Hwy
Canton, GA
Connelly residential services inc. is a small company with many years experience. choosing...

Conquer Construction Inc.

273 Due West Dr
Stockbridge, GA
Conquer construction has been servicing the metro atlanta area since 2004. we are a family...

Constantine Development

2191 Northwest Pkwy SE
Marietta, GA
Company based in metro-atlanta serving within 30 mile radius - license #130496 lgb - 7...

Construction Ahead Inc

2644 Woodwin Rd
Atlanta, GA
Construction ahead, an award winning design-build firm, is one of atlanta’s top remodeling...

Construction and Design Solutions

1015 Hillside Pine Dr.
Grayson, GA
Construction and design solutions is a georgia state licensed full-service general/remodeling...

Construction Co-op

2659 Freedom Pkwy
Cumming, GA
Over 300 subcontractors. properly registered and lincensed $500 fee per annum to join and...


Decatur, GA
Family owned.

Constructive Remedies

Atlanta, GA
Owner operated. occasionally uses subs. no travel charges. cost is determined by the job.

Contour Renovations, LLC

Alpharetta, GA
All of our work is performed by licensed professionals that takes pride in their work and are...


Atlanta, GA
See website for holiday hours.

Coolray and Mr Plumber - Eastside

1400 Northbrook Pkwy
Suwanee, GA
Additional emails -,

Cooper Homes Inc

11180 Hembree Springs Dr
Roswell, GA
Family owned.

Cooper's Creations LLC

Dallas HWY
Marietta, GA
Mary jo and rodney cooper of cooper’s creations, llc have been providing custom design work...

Copperline Plumbing

4955 Highpoint Way NE
Marietta, GA
Master plumber-owner with 35 years experience in the field. provides the personal care making...

Cornerstone plumbing & mechanical

3640 bogan mill road
Buford, GA
Fully licensed and insured with 20+ years experience specializing in plumbing with renovation...


1228 #B HWY 92 N
Fayetteville, GA
With over 18 years experience there is no task we can't handle in your home, you will be very...

Council Wooten & Associates LLC

P.O. Box 191254
Atlanta, GA
Council wooten & associates, llc is a full service design/build group capable to meet all your...

Country Woodworking

Marietta, GA
Installation of hardwood flooring. ceramic and porcelain tile floors, backsplash, bathrooms,...

Countryside Construction

115 Kendal St
Newnan, GA
I work alone , use sub contractors as needed, billing starts with 1/3 down and balance on...

Covered Dish Remodeling & Home Repair

1966 Kensington High St
Lilburn, GA
Covered dish remodeling- go to: for a full...

Cowan's Construction & Remodeling INC

Atlanta, ga
Founded in 1967 as a family owned and operated residential & commercial construction and...

Cowart Homes, LLC

P.O. Box 767910
Roswell, GA
Cowart homes, llc is an established atlanta home builder and remodeler. along with being a...

Craftsman South Home Remodeling, LLC

Atlanta, GA
High-quality home remodeling services.

Craig's Household Services

Marietta, GA

Create & Construct

1430 Lakeside Trl
Cumming, GA
We are cumming's best home remodeling service, serving your surrounding areas. call us to...

Creative Basements
Marietta, GA
Creative basements designs and builds beautiful basements. utilizing available space in the...


Marietta, GA
Cabinet shop, your premier choice for custom cabinetry fabrication from design through...

Creative Cabinets and Faux Finishes, LLC

4499 Woodford Pass NE
Roswell, GA
Located in roswell georgia, creative cabinets & faux finishes specializes in custom cabinetry...

Creative Design & Construction

312 Crosstown Dr
Peachtree City, GA
General contractor


2274 Sidney Dr
Gainesville, GA
Uses subs for electrical & plumbing. cost is determined by the job. travel charges may apply....

Creative Stone, Inc

5318 Peachtree Rd
Atlanta, GA
Members of marble institute of america. 8 employees. no subs. cost determined by the job.

Creative Woodworking

1704 Chaselake Dr
Jonesboro, GA
Creative woodworking

CreekStone Custom Homes, Inc

150 Hightower Lake Trail
Ball Ground, GA
Licensed by the state of georgia. current general liability and worker's compensation...

CRES Builders Corp.

4952 Sherwood Way
Cumming, GA
My education and construction background: graduated from ucb with an architecture degree, was...

Crippen Woodworks

5885 Musket Ln
Stone Mountain, GA
Family owned carpentry company specializing in higher end custom work. we offer full custom,...

CRM Services, LLC

Austell, GA

Crown General Contracting

350 Simonson Crest Dr.
Lawrenceville, GA
We are a full service design/build general contracting firm servicing the atlanta area for all...


Jacksonville, FL
10 employees, most work performed in-house. very little sub-contracted work

Crystal Marble Company

5975 Steeplechase blvd.
Cumming, GA
We specialize in marble and granite countertops, flooring, tile, and stone cladding. marble...


Norcross, GA
Csi is a full design build firm with one of the largest kitchen and bath showrooms in the...

CTI Atlanta LLC

1402 Wevmore Way
Smyrna, GA
Sales and instalation of tile, marble, granite, travertine and etc... bathrooms, kitchens,...

Cuellar Environmental Inc.

2100 Park Lake Dr.
Atlanta, GA
Cuellar environmental inc. has the heart and work ethic of a hungry small business and has...


12320 Asbury Park Dr
Roswell, GA
Culver incorporated is a residential construction and design firm. we specialize in custom...

Cumming Home Repair

6135 Paddock Lane
Cumming, GA
Big companies charge you big bills, our small business will charge you small bills. ...

Cunningham Construction

7125 fielder rd
Jonesboro, GA
Quality without question expect nothing less! this is the way we run our buisness period. we...

Curtis Painting

2421 Southern Oak Dr SW
Marietta, GA
Full service painting company where customer staisfaction is # 1.

Custom Build America LLC

Ledieu Rd
Roswell, GA
Family owned.

custom building developments

ben hill rd
Douglasville, ga

Custom Home Improvement

712 Sherwood Dr.
Lawrenceville, GA
1-3 employees. multi skilled in all home improvements, carpentry, siding, roofing, sheetrock,...

Custom Kitchen INC

277 Industrial Park Dr. Suite A
Lawrenceville, GA
Custom kitchen inc. proudly bears the title of "leader in the custom-designed countertop...

Custom Living renovation & remodeling, LLC

141 Mangum St
Atlanta, GA
We are a multifaceted company with over 60 years combined experience. we are a female and...


11350 Old Roswell Rd
Alpharetta, GA
Locally owned and operated since 1993. we design,manufacture and install custom plantation...

Customized Roofing and Home Remodeling/Repair

2096 Kennesaw Due West Rd NW
Kennesaw, GA
We are a small business. all work is done personally and professionally. we do not sub out any...

Cutting Creations

808 Braselton Hwy.
Lawrenceville, GA
Experienced professional company that specializes in complete home renovations. there is no...


Cartersville, GA
Cooper-voyles home improvements provides quality home improvements in cartersville, ga and...

CWG Construction

3590 Cherokee St.
Kennesaw, GA
Thank you for your interest in cwg construction where we're building dreams and remodeling...

Cynthia Crossley Interior Designs, LLC

3226 Post Woods Dr.
Atlanta, GA
Cynthia crossley is a well-respected licensed interior designer, specializing in high-end...

D & R Painting and Construction

4320 Antler Ct
Douglasville, GA
D & r painting and construction is a family-run, licensed and insured painting and renovation...

D A B Reliable Construction

345 Russell Ridge Dr
Lawrenceville, GA
If you're looking for a professional construction company then you've come to the right place!...


Canton, GA
We handle all home repairs and remolding


Austell, GA


Powder Springs, GA

D&D Home Enhancements

10130 Jones Bridge Rd
Alpharetta, GA
Family owned and operated business. free estimates. fully insured and llc licensed. in...

D&R Home Services Inc.

6203 Davids Way SE
Acworth, GA
D&r home services has been in business for 9 years. we are a 2 to 3 man company, the owner and...

D'Sapone (Frameless Glass Enclosure)

6567 Commerce Pkwy
Woodstock, GA
We at d'sapone only install the highest quality frameless enclosures. we work closely with...

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