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Samantha S.
" 8/28/14: AmeriServe Techinician/Sales Rep,
, inspected my carport and gave me a price for a garage door and installation." 50% payment made over the phone for installation date of 9/2/14. 9/2/14: AmeriServe installed garage door, including building a frame for the garage door. 1. Issues: a.
was lead on this job when I arrived home from work. After garage door was installed,
pointed out that the right side of garage door would not sit flush with the concrete. He pointed out that there is a 2-3 foot piece of the concrete that is lower than the other side due to a crack. His solution was for us to ?just call a concrete specialist to pull out the concrete around the frame, and repour to make it even.? My fianc? was home for entire installation. b. The other 2 installers left about 7 additional holes in the ceiling, apparently looking for a stud to hang the
that the garage door moves on. c. The motor is installed to the far right of the carport. It is not centered, my fianc?, asked the electrician why it was not centered and we were not given an answer. The electrician installed an outlet for the motor, but left the original light hole in the ceiling. If we do install another light to another switch, it will be 2 lights 1 foot apart on the right side of the carport. d. The top of the frame of the inner garage door is bent. e. The wood frame that was built is wood directly put on the concrete. My understanding from 2 concrete specialist is that wood should never touch concrete directly because the wood will act as a sponge and soak up water on the concrete which leads to deterioration and termites. f. The garage door opener for inside of the garage that is supposed to be mounted to the wall is currently taped to the wall. The 2 installers stapled the cord to the ceiling from the motor and told me they could not mount the opener because there is a brick outerwall. They suggested putting it on the inside of the house or using liquid nails to mount the opener. g. The garage is about 3 feet too short of a normal depth for a garage. We found this out after the installers left and we try to pull our cars into the garage. The person in the second car can only get into the house by jumping over the first car. And, we cannot get into the trunks of either car, because of how close the car is to the garage door. h. When I wanted AmeriServe to come remove the Garage door because of the issues we have,
told me that I would have to pay a 50% restocking fee for the garage door per the invoice. I have 2 issues with this: i. When I paid the deposit for the garage door installation with
, it was over the phone and
did not mention the 50% restocking fee. Also, the invoice states ?all pricing on services performed on this invoice were explained to me in detail and given my approval before any work/service was performed.? This is inaccurate as the garage door and frame were both installed BEFORE
, the onsite lead for my installation, told us about the uneven garage door. ii. You have a 100% satisfaction guarantee per Trust
.comthat states no work is paid for unless you are 100% satisfied. However, the invoice boldly states ?All invoices due upon completion of work.? iii. I was explained what my cost would cover initially by
, however I was not explained what was going on the day of installation until after installation was complete. 2. I contacted
on 9/4/14, as I was unhappy with how large the frame was on both sides of the garage. He spoke to
who spoke to me and said that this is a normal size door and we will be able to fit our cars. It is a 16 foot garage door. 3. Timeline of calls to AmeriServe to correct the issues noted in #1. a. 9/3/14: I contacted
to tell him about all the issues we noted in #1. He agrees to come out on Sat, 9/6/14, to look at the installation and see what next steps need to be taken. b. 9/6/14:
comes out and speaks with my fianc? and myself. He agrees that our garage is 3 feet shy of a normal depth for a garage and says that he did not think about measuring to wear the frame would be to ensure that our cars will fit. We drive 2 small cars at the moment, a Honda Accord and a Nissan Altima. He says he can putty the wood holes in the ceiling and repaint, fix the bent frame, and add extra plastic to the bottom of the garage door so that it looks like it is flush (which is not a good solution in my mind). His only 2 suggestions for making the garage work for us is to rebuild the frame out past the front of the house or tearing down the wall at the back of the garage that leads to a storage area. But, he would have to get an AmeriServe Contractor to come take a look at all the issues we are having to see how we proceed forward- either a refund or making this a garage that works. He sets us up with a 9:00 amappointment on 9/11/14 for 9 am. c. 9/11/14: 9:00 am- My fianc? & I take off from work to meet with the contractor. We wait until almost 10:00 am, when I call
to see when the contractor is expected to come.
informs me that it is a 4 hour window and it doesn?t look like anyone from AmeriServe will be here until closer to 12. We reschedule for Friday, 9/12/14 between 1-5 pm. d. 9/12/14: I take the afternoon off from work to wait for AmeriServe to look at our garage issues. At approximately1:30 pm, I call AmeriServe to ensure someone is still coming and to ensure I will get a call 30 min prior. I am told yes. At approximately 5:20 pm, I call AmeriServe to ensure someone is still coming since it is after 5 pm. I am told we are the next job and someone will be coming tonight. At approximately, 7:30 pm, I call AmeriServe and get the answering service who says they will take my phone number and pass it on. Around 8 pm, I text
and tell him that I want a refund and for AmeriServe to come and get the garage door and uninstall it. I do not hear back from
. e. 9/13/14: At Approximately 9:20 am, I call AmeriServe and I am told someone will call me back immediately. At Approximately, 1:00 pm, I call AmeriServe back and get transferred to
. He explains to me all the tech issues going on and says that AmeriServe wants to make this right. He also says that it is not a 100% refund, that it is a
situation because the invoice says I still have to pay 50%. But, he will call me back today to let me know something. i.
does not call me back on Saturday. ii. I look at the invoice and it states, there is a 50% restocking fee, for jobs cancelled before the work is completed/started. f. 9/15/14: At approximately 9:30 am, I call AmeriServe and tell them what has developed. The person who answers the phone says they will have the AmeriServe contractor come today around 5:00 pm. i. Still no call back from
. ii. I contact my fianc? to tell him what has developed. He & I conference call AmeriServe to talk to
ask to speak to
and is transferred to him.
listens to all of our complaints and says that he sees someone is coming out tonight and we will take it from there. iii.
from AmeriServe comes to my house around6:30 pm and takes a look at the garage install. He sees all of our issues and does not take any notes, but asks me if I can a list of our issues. 1. My biggest issue is that
?s suggestion for tearing out the back wall and making the garage bigger is using pressure treated wood & plywood to build a 3-4 in ramp up to the storage area behind the wall. Not adding more concrete. g. 9/15/14: I at 9:20 pm. i. I do not receive any confirmation of my email. h. 9/17/14: I have not heard any word from AmeriServe. I call
on Wednesday afternoon and he states that he briefly spoke with
earlier Wednesday. He is super busy , but he is meeting with
on Thursday morning and will have
call me. i. 9/18/14: No phone call from anyone at AmeriServe. i. I call at 3:04 pmand leave a message for
to call me back, since he is on the other line. ii. My fianc? and I call at 5:03 pm and my fianc? asks to speak to
says he was never given a message for him to call me. We explain our issues and I make the comment that dealing with AmeriServe 1 week before my wedding is not something I want to be doing. His comment, ?I didn?t realize I was on a timeframe.? iii.
tells us that he will call before close of business on 9/19/14 with a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C. j. 9/19/14: No phone call from AmeriServe or specifically from
. At approximately, 5:20 pm, we call AmeriServe and ask to speak to
. We are told he is on the other line and they will let him know to call us back as soon as possible. i. At approximately,6 pm; I call American Express to dispute paying for the total cost of the garage door installation. This is 2 payments of $975. I tell American Express everything that I have outlined in the document. And, I tell American Express that AmeriServe can come and take their garage door at any time that I am home to monitor the work. k. 9/23/14: 5:00 pm: No phone call from AmeriServe or any representative from AmeriServe.
Rated by
Belinda M.
"My technician was
. He explained exactly what the coupon covered and did a complete inspection of my garage door mechanism. During the inspection he discovered" that the lower panel in the garage door was very rotten (its 20+ years old) He explained the cost of a replacement and we scheduled a visit for the next day to replace the panel. He arrived on time both days and completed the work in a timely manner. The garage door works better than it ever has and operates very quietly. Will difinitely use Precision Door Service again.
Rated by
Mary J G.
"I went to the
Company to purchase some garage door openers. My new home didn't have them previously with the former owner, and the
" Company person who assisted me was great about explaining to me how to program them correctly. I also knew that my garage door was not bolted correctly. At no cost he showed me their sample door and how the bolts and pivots joints were set up and provided me with some properly sized hardware so I could easily make my repair.

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Angie's Answers


I think he is trying to upsell you on something you don't need, or their company policy is neer fix, always replace - some companies are in that mode not, to prevent future call-backs when it does not work.


IF only needs screws, sounds like a good do it yourself job with self-tapping sheet metal screws. Or a Handyman could do for maybe $50-70 if that is all that is needed.


If the weatherstrip is damaged and in on the front edge of the garage door, one other possibility - replace with one like this, or screw a bottom compression type rubber weatherstrip on the bottom of the door - actually work a lot better than the face-mounted ones anyway, in my opinion. Look like this from M-D Building Products and Frost King among others. Can also be used nailed to frame to flap contacts door face as an edge and top weatherstrip -

Maintanence is going to vary by how much you use the door.  If it is used multiple times a day as cars go in and out I recommend having it checked annually.  You want someone to lube all of the proper points and inspect the rollers for wear or damage.  You don't want a component of that door failing and falling on yourself or a child.  Sometimes tracks need to be adjusted or realigned for various reasons.  Also, the springs can weaken and break causing the door to fall.  Have those checked as well.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services

Garage Door Installation And Repair reviews in Atlanta


Service was wonderful. I would not hesitate to recommend them in the future. And, will be calling again myself for a list of things.
- Julie K.

It went great! I called to arrange an appointment to meet a representative and had it scheduled within 3 days. The representative stayed in contact with us when traffic delayed him arriving at the time of his appointment. The representative was very. He was very helpful hearing out needs and suggesting options to replace our old garage doors. We reviewed the entire plan and made a deposit. The installation took place two weeks later. A team of two technicians arrived early and worked very efficiently during the day. By late afternoon the installation was completed and they provided a full orientation to the system. We were able to pay both the deposit and final payment after we were satisfied. Very happy with the project and the company.
- William H.

Just a few days ago, my garage door suddenly stopped while I was trying to close it down. I tried to pull it down manually, but no matter how hard I tug it wouldn’t budge. Took out my phone and called them for advice. Telling the service representative my situation, he said that it might be a problem with the cable, however he suggested that it would be better for him to personally check on my garage because broken cable was just one of the many reasons why my door acted that way.
Not even an hour have passed since we spoke on the phone, he pulled into the driveway. He immediately went to business. Turns out his initial diagnosis was right. Knowing what he should do, he worked on my garage door without wasting any time. In no time, he was able to make it work again.

- Laticia E.

Atlanta Garage Door Repair Companies Provider Name Locked
Atlanta Garage Door Repair Companies Provider Name Locked
was great to work with. My Garage door springs snapped on Sunday and I purchased the big deal that night.
Atlanta Garage Door Repair Companies Provider Name Locked
called me first thing Monday morning saying that he can stop by between 10-12 the same day. He showed up promptly with great communication skills. Gave me my options and performed a great job replacing my springs on my garage door.
- Michael T.

Choice came during an emergency, replaced our garage door’s coil and got it to work properly again. We were unable to open our garage door because the coil snapped – trapping my car inside the garage. I badly needed my car that day so I called Choice for an emergency garage repair. The technician came out promptly and quickly, replacing the coil and making the door working again. When the garage door was open, I was really glad to see my car again. As I was about to pay for his repair, I was surprised when he asked me the standard fee for repairs. I really expected to pay more because it was an emergency but why should I complain when I was able to get to pay an affordable bill. Super glad that Choice came for me!
- Ronni M.

The service experience was very good. The technician was very professional. I would encourage the provide to correspond and make appointments via email rather than requiring me to call them.
- Julie B.

Bottom fourth panel of one of our garage doors had rotted due to water damage. Otherwise the door was in perfect conditioin. Since we have two custom wood garage doors, we wanted to avoid paying thousands of dollars to replace both doors so they'd match - especially since only one fourth of one garage door had an issue.
Atlanta Garage Door Repair Companies Provider Name Locked
came in and built a brand new panel - matching the existing design perfectly.
Atlanta Garage Door Repair Companies Provider Name Locked
was our service provider and he was always on time, courteous and efficient. He went above and beyond by taking care to use the right wood and doing his best to match up the decorative bead board. When we called about a little piece of wood sticking out, he scheduled a return visit immediately even though we had already paid in full. Their quote was the most competitive and the quality of their work was outstanding. Would recommend
Atlanta Garage Door Repair Companies Provider Name Locked
Atlanta Garage Door Repair Companies Provider Name Locked
to anyone having issues with their garage doors.
- binu G.

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Sentor locksmith , safe Cctv access control

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The Honey Do Service of Alpharetta, GA

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PO BOX 390541

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Total Home Repair

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Tri-Ad Security Associates404-585-5966

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875 Gettysburg Trl NE

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Universal Iron Doors Inc

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