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came and started on the scheduled time. They worked continually until the work was finished. They were always very professional and conscientious. We were very happy with entire project. The windows are great. The doors are better than ever. The siding improved the overall appearance of the house.
- John D.

It went very well. The crew came on January 2 & 3 to set up scaffolding and begin work. We had one small blip with a frozen pipe from one of the days they removed old siding with the outside temperature around 5 degrees. One of the owners came by and personally added the needed insulation, and they brought in plumber to find the frozen spot and thaw it out. The following week the full crew started and was extrememly cold, including one morning of torrential rain. That did not slow down the work at all. They finished a day early and cleaned up thoroughly.
We primarily dealt with
, who was extremely pleasant, prompt and professional. It has been a family business since 1951, and they sons continue the work today. Each time I stopped by the site, the crew was always working, quick to say hello and really pleasant.
I highly recommend
and would not hesitate to hire them again.
- Jordyn B.

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Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
of this year, I purchased a house that I could afford, now being a lower income individual, that means the house needed a lot of work, very specialized, and time consuming work that a
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked who was there to complete a job quickly, and move on to the next payday would either not have taken, or taken, done the work in a shoddy manner, and left me to discover I'd spent all my money simply having my house band-aided together.
My house was built in 1927, and not much had been maintained since then!
I am so grateful for the existence of Angie's List to Lead me to someone as amazing as
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
was nothing short of a blessing to me and my house!!!
There was so much to be done, I was afraid
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
would be overwhelmed, and turn us down. Luckily for me, I was wrong. That was the first and last time I ever doubted
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
We agreed on our price at the start, and although the jobs themselves turned out to be more involved than we had anticipated,
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
stuck to the price, hence making it possible for this little house to be put back together and truly functional again.
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
was extremely helpful in advisement along the way, and resourceful when it came to artfully solving unexpected limitations of all scopes, and turning them into positive outcomes.
He was even able to advise my mason on how to vent my drier outside, had
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
not been there that day, my drier would currently be venting into my house, filling it with dust.
He believes in complete openness in communication. He's truly dedicated to fully understanding exactly what it is you want, doing exactly that.....and then going beyond to exceed those expectations!!!
I was so excited to come home everyday and see the house's beautiful transformation, I was repeatedly left in were my neighbors! They were all impressed and eager to tell me how they could tell he worked to very high standards of quality, standards of quality that they rarely see anymore.
I can only say that this house became the possibility of becoming a home because of the care that
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
put into it.
I hope to have him back for any and all jobs big and small, my trust in him is unparalleled.
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
said to me that he always believes "The best is yet to come"
For anyone fortunate enough to hire
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
, I believe you will see exactly what he means!

- Michael D.

We looked into siding companies for about 1 year. We only had a few estimates but we had one bad experience with an estimate from a company referred by BJ's. We saw a house in our neighborhood that we liked the look of the siding. We talked with our neighbor who recommended
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
highly. We were impressed by their professionalism and products. We were looking for siding and doors only but
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
gave us a reasonable estimate for the windows so we went for windows as well.
Work went very well.
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
came as promised and meticulously removed our windows and installed new replacement windows in a couple days. They were finished with windows, siding and gutters in 10 working days. Their work was very professional. Even now we see small things that they did to complete our project. We are very happy with their work.
- diggins C.

After an accident ruined the siding on only one side of the house, I called a couple of contractors to fix the problem. We chose
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
Frame to do the repairs after being impressed with his professionalism and references. He was able to find an exact match to our decades old siding and have the work done in one day. I was very impressed and would call him again, no question!
- Chris T.

Agreed to work and paid a down payment on August 9th. Was offered a special discount if I agreed to the work immediately because our uncommon color was the same as an order they were working on in the area. They would be able to bundle our order and save us money. I was told I could get a discount if I agreed to host a sign in my yard and write a review/letter of recommendation. I agreed.
We were told we would be hearing from the install team within a few weeks. When work had not started by the first week of October, we called to inquire. We were told we would be hearing from someone by the end of the week. That Friday we were told the installation team would be by on Monday to begin the install. We were expected to be onsite to meet them at the start of the work. Even with the short notice I took time off work to make certain everything started on time.
Some of the crew arrived right on time but others were apparently missing. We went through the details of the work, how I needed to take pictures off the external walls so they didn't break from the banging. After a few hours I had noticed that the work permit was still not on location, and it was a holiday (Columbus Day). The dumpster that was supposed to be in site was also missing. I was assured that both were on the way. By mid-day they indeed arrived and work began.
The gentlemen on site working were always very polite and professional. However, it seemed to me that more often than not one person was left on site alone. Work seemed to go nowhere! With two dogs locked in the house while work is being done it seemed that the job took way longer than necessary. When they did actually have more than one person on site you could see the work flying by.
Realizing how far behind they were, we were asked if it was acceptable for them to work on the weekend. We agreed, reluctantly, because we just wanted to get the house back in order and our dogs back on a normal schedule. They worked sun up to sun down to catch back up to schedule. I admire their dedication to try and get back to schedule, but it would have not been necessary to disrupt our lives if they had the right staff on site all along.
During the installs, both storm doors ended up being removed. One was obviously damaged, but it was for the garage door we seldom ever use so we told them to not worry about it. The front door, however, does not close. Somehow they managed to re-attach a storm door so that it does not come within two inches of the latch that holds it in place. I wanted to make a big deal of this but my wife reminded me we were planning in getting new doors soon anyway so we can just swap around the timing of other projects to make the doors sooner. I managed to let it go.
After the siding, fascia and soffits were completed, we were informed that the gutter people would be calling to set up the install. Later that week we were contacted and informed there was a problem with our order. The color we ordered was not available. The installer worked with my wife to select the color that would be the best alternative, and I agree it probably looks way better than the color I selected initially. I was a little more than annoyed that I was finding out nearly three months later that the color I selected wasn't available any longer. Why did this detail wait until the day they were supposed to be starting work to be started?
After the siding was done I noticed two problem spots. On one corner of the house the siding was not connected to anything and was just moving with the breeze. Right near the front entrance there was a two inch gap that was visible near a window. I called in and was sent to the voicemail of the woman in charge of service - I was disconnected while her voicemail greeting played. I called back and left a message with the receptionist. Instead of hearing from the woman in the service department I was surprised with a call from the contractor who agreed to come out and look at the problem spots that evening. He did not show.
A few days later, the gutters were done without anyone even telling us they were going to be on site. I am very happy they were able to get done in a day and they looked beautifully done - but we had no idea they were going to be on site and were not able to alert our neighbors who work at home during the day.
We then got a call from
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
to follow up with us. I thought he was coming to talk with us about the work that needed to be done. Turns out
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
had no knowledge of the problems and was sincerely trying to provide a quality follow up.
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
noticed the problems with the door and wanted to sell us some doors but I stopped him immediately and let him know how the door got broken and why I have already contacted another contractor for the replacement. He acknowledged some of the challenges they have had with the very rapid expansion of their business recently and agreed that a team of four should have been on site for the siding install. Unfortunately, all
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
could do was apologize.
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
was very professional and promised he would contact the service team to get us a follow up with the items I pointed out.
Days later, that follow up had still not occurred. We had some heavy rain and I discovered a leak in the gutters. RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DOOR! The very reason I decided to get gutters was to not have the roof drain on us as we get the dogs in from outside when it rains, and now we have the entire side of the roof draining into a gutter that is literally leaking right on top of us.
I was angry, but waited until the next day to call so I would not say something offensive. This time I was able to get through to the woman in the service department. She mentioned that there were two separate contractors that
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
had sent out, one for the siding and one for the gutters. She would need to make arrangements with both. The siding contractor did indeed call on Sunday and asked if he could stop by to look at the problems. I asked how long he thought he would need to wait to get the replacement pieces in with our unique color, and he told me if we needed any replacements it would not be a problem because they keep everything in stock. The same gentleman who was on site by himself most of the time was the person who came out to do the repairs and took care of everything in minutes. I am very pleased with the results.
I have still not heard a word on the gutters.
Overall, there are some quality products offered by
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
. We are very happy with the siding. Truth be told, there are some really quality people who work very hard to get things done. All of the problems I had can easily be traced to over selling their services and not having the staff to keep up. Had
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
Solution been willing to be honest with us about scheduling issues we probably would have been very willing to work with them. But right now the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing, which leads to a lack of communication, unnecessary delays and interruption, and answers that just do not meet expectation. Rather than sell me on a promise of a deal if I agreed to bundle a purchase at the right time, they should have been honest with me and told me the color I selected was always kept in stock.
I do believe I received a fair deal on the product I purchased. But finding out they were feeding me a sales line to get me to complete an order really left a bad taste in my mouth. If the gutters were repaired tomorrow and everything was fine, I probably would have agreed to do business with
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
again. But since I found out I was misled, I could not trust them to price another project.
- Willie W.

Everything went well,
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
and crew were easy to deal with. No problems, and my outdated house looks modern and new. Its nice not to look at that old aluminum siding and old camp porch windows.
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
, DJ and the rest of the crew, I'll see you in the spring. I need 13 more windows replaced!!!
- Julie C.


The whole process was fantastic.
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
inspected our original siding for hail damage prior to any work beginning and found some areas that had been dented and scraped by mother nature. He had us contact our insurance adjuster who came out and confirmed the damage and cut us a check to help offset the cost of the project. We then had a meeting to pick out siding color and design, which gave us a little trouble because we have a screen room.
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
had his sales representative from the siding company come to our house the next day and give us ideas on how to make our screen room seem more like a summer hangout and no longer just a screened square hanging off the side of our house. We made a decision that night and work started four days later, after our siding was delivered.
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew did an excellent job and went above and beyond our expectations. They even changed my outdoor outlet boxes to match the siding and painted the electrical clamps on the house to match the siding. The workmanship was perfect and the crew were all very nice and polite to me and my wife. Very satisfied.
- Christopher K.

My initial meeting with
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
went well as he and another worker repaired my siding, which was not an easy job as they had to fight off a hive of bees where the repairs were needed, enduring some stings in the process. They also inspected the roof and attic which was part of the initial offer. I was informed that the roof on my front porch overhang was in very bad condition and needed to be replaced. It was also recommended I replace the roof on the house. I asked him to come up with an estimate and get back to me. My initial experience was good.
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
returned to the house a week later with an estimate for the house and porch roof and detailed all the work that would be done. The estimate seemed reasonable but I told him I would think about it and get back to him. After about two weeks I got back to him and let him know I was interested in the porch roof repair but not the house. The roof on the house is 13 years old and I have not had any problems with it to date and felt I could get a few more years out of it before it needed to be replaced. The porch job was a $950 job while the house was $5,000. I could sense the disappointment from
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
that I only wanted the porch roof done but he said he was interested in doing it. He came to my house and gave me a written estimate for the job which I signed. He would get back to me with a scheduled work date.
This is where the problem began. I did not hear from
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
for 2 weeks and messages went unanswered. I finally got him on the phone and he apologized for not getting back to me. He said he had some big jobs he was finishing but would get to me after Labor Day and schedule a date to do the job. After not hearing from
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
I sent him a text message the week after Labor Day asking him to call me and schedule the job. I received no reply. Three days later I left a message on his cell phone asking if he was still interested in doing the job and again did not receive a reply.
So I can't really give a review of
Albany Siding Contractors Provider Name Locked
's work since he never did the work or got back to me. If the job was too small for him he should have told me so and not strung me along. At least have the courtesy to tell me so I could find someone else to do the work. It's sad because I liked him from the initial meeting, felt he knew his stuff and would do a good job. And if he had done the porch roof to my satisfaction, I certainly would have called him when the house roof repair was needed. But given this experience, I can't recommend G&A.
- Kevin D.

Remove all old siding, replaced with new. Removed and replaced two doors. Showed up on agreed date. Worked steadily until the job was done. Cleaned up the area when done. House looks very good. Neighbors have made several very positive comments on the appearance of the house.
- Carl T.
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