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. 6, 2012, someone impersonating my mother
(now 91) withdrew $5,000 from her savings account. She discovered" the fraud and reported it. She received a letter dated
. 31, 2013 from the bank's "Claim Services" Dept. saying that she had received the benefit of the funds and the case was closed. However, my mother never withdrew this money! In fact, her name was MISSPELLED on the withdrawal slip. She and a family friend met with the bank manager who said everything appeared to be in order and she had, indeed, made this withdrawal, However, he could not provide a video of my mother making this transaction. At the age of 88, with two checking accounts, my mother had no need to go into this bank and withdraw $5,000. It would have been physically difficult for her to do this. A complaint letter was then sent to the main office in RI. No response. This is a case of fraud. The bank has NOT proven my mother withdrew the funds and has responded with indifference and lack of professionalism. Personally, I feel that because she is old and feeble, they think they need not take this seriously. If they wait long enough, she'll die. That is hardly a professional attitude on the part of a bank which is the custodian of people's money.

-Pauline R.

gave me the worst customer service I have ever experienced from a bank. I applied for a mortgage loan with them using their mortgage banker" Art
. He never returned emails or phone calls. He told me a closing date of 45 to 60 days. He told me I only qualified for a 30 year mortgage at 4.01% interest. After 85 days of dealing with no closing date, unreturned voice messages, unreturned emails, excuse after excuse of why underwriting was taking so long, I finally fired Chase and hired Prime Lending who told me almost immediately that I qualified for a 15 year plan at a 3.85% interest rate. I can only assume that the nonsense about me not qualifying for a 15 year mortgage rate (I have a 780 credit score by the way) was an attempt at getting a higher commission from me which I think is completely criminal if that is the case. I asked
to refund my $450 application fee because I gave them well over 60 days to get me to closing which they did not. I still have not received my refund.
is a corrupt and crooked bank that stole my money and treated me as if my time was worthless. I will never give them another penny of my money.

-Guinevere M.

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Banking reviews in Albany


I have been in business for 22 years and have operated in 4 states. I hold positions of trust and authority and sit on several boards. I offer this preface to my comments below so that you may understand that I do not bend the truth nor do I make rash choices.
I transferred my business and personal banking, around 9 accounts, to The
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
for convenience since my office relocated near to their Greenwood branch on
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
Valley Road. The bank's facilities are very nice and, generally, the staff is very friendly and helpful. My family's oil corporation uses NBOI and pumps tens of millions of dollars through the bank. Thus, I thought I would end up with good service.
I was promised that none of my accounts would have any fees. Several months after switching, some of my accounts started to receive a $12.00 fee each month. There was nothing the branch manager could do about them he said, despite my being told that there would be no fees.
One of the
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
has always been difficult on everything, not very friendly and usually has a "smart"
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
to her voice. When a business uses deposit tickets that are two sheets (white with a yellow carbonless copy behind it), that means that they want that yellow copy back after being printed on with the transaction details. For nearly two years, I constantly had to tell her each time I made a deposit that I wanted the yellow copy back. This same
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
refused to cash a check from the State of Indiana (tax return) since it needed time "to clear". The check was less than $1,500 and was from the STATE. My guess is that it's good. I had more than enough money in my account at the time and another $750k in an investment account. I think I could have covered for the State if Indiana bounced a check. The
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
, with a smirk, said that it would take 5-7 business days to clear. She must not be aware of Check 24 that went into effect years ago. Checks are all digital now and don't take 5-7 business days to clear anymore. She was just being difficult.
The issue that brought me to write this review, however, involved my desire to deposit a check.
Originally, I had well more than 9 accounts. After selling two of my businesses, my accountant gave me a list of accounts to close. There was a mistake on the list and it contained an account that should not have been closed.
I deposited the check, from the Story Inn (a well-known gourmet bed and breakfast in Brown County) into the account that I believed was still open. THE
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
The next day, I received a call stating that the
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
had deposited the check into a closed account and didn't realize that it was closed. I said that I had written a check on that account and why would she have deposited a check to a closed account. The story / lie I was told at the time was that NBOI's computer system doesn't inform
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
if an account is closed. I later found out that it actually does display a warning message but that the
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
just didn't notice it. Of course, this is the same
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
I have had problems with.
I was asked to come back to the bank to get the check. I drove over there 3-4 days later since I was out of town at the time I was called.
To my dismay, the problematic
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
was called to the drive-up window to discuss her error. But, instead of telling me the truth, she blamed me for making a deposit to a closed account and that I should "pay more attention to what" I am "doing." I explained the accountant's error and that I didn't catch it but that I would have expected her or the computer to catch the closed account at the time of deposit. We went around and around for another 3-5 minutes before she finally admitted that she just didn't pay attention and that there was a warning message about the closed status of the account in question.
All during this conversation, the
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
had a smart attitude and kept smirking every time she admonished me about the account.
I finally told her to deposit the check into my personal account. She refused stating that it was a business check. I told her that you can't cash a check written to a business but that I can deposit it into any account I want. She, again with a smart attitude and smirk, refused and kept telling me the same thing. I told her that the business the check was written to was a DBA and a sole proprietorship of mine.
The tell kept refusing and then in a holier-than-thou attitude began asking me if the account had the DBA listed on it anywhere. I told her that I didn't know and that it didn't matter because I could endorse the check in the business name and then deposit it as a third-party check. "No. I'm not going to let you do that" was her response. I asked "Why?" Her reply was "Because I'm not going to." I informed her that I knew a lot about banking laws (I have done a lot of financial investigative / fraud work) and that I could most certainly deposit it as a third-party check. She told me that I didn't know what I was talking about and that she wasn't going to allow the deposit.
I asked her if I just needed to close all of my accounts. She told me I could do whatever I wanted. I asked to see the manager. The
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
replied that he wasn't there and that it wouldn't change anything. So, I told her to close all of my accounts and to give me the check back. I said that I would be back in the next day or so to pick up checks for the balances in all accounts.
Since I never use just one bank, I took the check to another bank closer to my house and deposited it as a third-party check directly into another personal checking account of mine.
That evening, I also researched UCC and other laws covering banks and deposits just to ensure that nothing had changed. The
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
was WRONG. I most certainly could have deposited the check and that was proved not only by my research but by the fact that the other bank deposited the check even after I discussed the situation with them.
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
at NBOI just wanted to be difficult. She was disrespectful, rude and acted as though she was God's gift to banking. She was wrong to have deposited the check into a closed account and she was wrong not to allow the deposit as a third-party check to my personal account. And, NBOI didn't have a policy against third-party checks because I've done such a deposit several times before.
While it may take some time to sever a decades-old banking relationship, my family's oil business already uses other banks and we'll see if we can make it one less, just like I did with my accounts at NBOI.
- David M.

My parents wallets and checkbook was stolen while they were staying at the hospital. We did our best to handle the situation for them since they are in their 90's.
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
worked with us to cancel credit cards and get new ones, cancel debit cards, freeze a checking account and convert a savings account to a new checking account.
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
also worked with the detective who needed information about times and amounts of transactions when the thief attempted to use the stolen cards. Over the period of about ten days and after two visits to the bank and many phone calls, the situation is almost resolved. I do like the zero liability policy for stolen information. We were advised to freeze credit with all three credit bureaus which we did.

Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
in Edgewater Maryland has a good location and a few good employees, but Ms.
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
Mi Brown is an exceptional employee !
She is always Prompt, Pleasant & Professional !
She maintains her focus on the transaction and Customer she is dealing with, no distractions or time-outs occur when Ms.
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
Mi Brown is handling ALL of your Banking requirements.
She expedites the transactions and always offers value added options to take complete advantage of the many
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
that exist at
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
in Edgewater Maryland.

She is clearly a Primary Asset in her chosen field of expertise !

She also clearly understands the complexities of Banking, but always simplifies the process to expand your grasp of Saving & Banking, and it is sincerely appreciated !

- Spencer P.

Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
was very helpful and thorough with helping us find the right credit card processor for our small business. He walked us through each detail of the statements and didn't overwhelm us with unnecessary information that many other processors we met with did.
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
got back to me right away with any questions and he followed up with us to ensure everything was going well. I look forward to a continued relationship with him as we learn our new credit card
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
- Sandra C.

I had a loan with this credit union from a few years back. That was a very good experience to get the loan. Later when they were transferring the loan to Centennial Lending, there were issues with the transfer and I needed to speak with someone. I tried to contact
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
repeatedly. She contacted me a few weeks later after I put in complaints. In the past year I have tried a couple of times to call in to ask about loan services. The most recent one was a few weeks ago. They don't answer(calls again go to
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
) so the call goes to voice mail. Calls do not get returned.
- Kristi V.

I would not recommend this service to anyone. If you need financing for medical/dental services, seek elsewhere. This credit card can be used for personal medical/dental services in addition to veterinary services, but beware! You will end up paying twice as much in interest as the original charge! In addition, I requested a small credit increase over a year ago, they simply ignored me until Synchrony bought them out, then approved the credit increase when I no longer needed it!
- Kevin J.

I have been using them for 27 years and they sent me a congratulatory message which was very nice of them. They later did their so called upgrade to their system and I pay consequently through them and they never said anything. When the format came up, it was completely different so I didn't answer to that I was thinking, "Is this a hacker or what?" because it was nothing like it used to be. When they upgraded it, they dropped I don't know how many of my vendors that I pay every month. I had a call from my recent insurance company that I was no longer covered and I needed to call them immediately if I wanted my insurance which I paid from three years.

I found out that during this upgrading they threw out all these people. When I put in a bill to pay, apparently it was delayed or something. When I called the insurance company, I was talking to a robot and they said I didn't owe them anything. Apparently when they upgraded, they dropped that or they were late paying it. Apparently everything is okay other than that. There was a guy, a very nice guy who went to another level and found out it was the upgrading issue. I have two vendors in there with no names, just the account number that I have with them. How would they make such a mistake?

How do you get people that are doing this and they are still working. There is no history on my card. They upgraded and instead of making something
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
, they complicated it to no return.
- Jeanne J.

The resources and business plans presented to me by
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked

Funds have been beyond helpful. The plan and procedures are not always
apparent to the small business owner, or start up business. You don't
typically find out this valuable
information from friends, family,
other business owners or your banker.
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked
has been there
for me, guided me along the way, and the information has made me more
confident to move forward with growing my business than ever before. I
think all business owners should be given the opportunity to know all
the products and services available to them. Unfortunately, it doesn't
work that way in the business world, and without
Albany Banks Provider Name Locked

empowering me to grow my business, I would not be where I am today
without them.
- Kathy W.

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