5 tips for hindering headaches

About 90 percent of men and 95 percent of women suffer from headaches each year, according to the National Headache Foundation. "Erratic sleep schedules, skipping meals, stress and overstimulation can be triggers," says Dr. Merle Diamond of the highly rated Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago. Some simple lifestyle adjustments could help prevent the pain in your cranium.

  • Give your mind some time to relax. Maintain a regular sleep schedule by going to bed and waking up at the same time each day.
  • Your body produces endorphins when you work up a sweat, so exercise can be a powerful protector, says Dr. Juline Bryson of the highly rated Headache Institute in New York City.
  • The effects of stress on your body's health are wide-ranging, and headaches are among them. Reduce stress by improving your time management, relaxing and doing yoga or meditation.
  • Avoiding certain foods may decrease your chance of headache. Triggers include aged cheese, nuts, citrus, chocolate, and foods with additives like MSG, nitrates and aspartame.
  • It's no surprise alcohol can cause headaches. "Never have more than two drinks per night," says Bryson, who recommends drinking two glasses of water per alcoholic beverage.

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Seeking relief from throbbing migraine headaches? You’re not alone


 Dr. Juline Bryson analyzes brain scans at her headache-focused practice in New York City. She says many patients with migraine headaches suffer unnecessarily before visiting a doctor for treatment. (Photo by Shravan Vidyarthi)
Dr. Juline Bryson analyzes brain scans at her headache-focused practice in New York City. She says many patients with migraine headaches suffer unnecessarily before visiting a doctor for treatment. (Photo by Shravan Vidyarthi)

Debilitating migraines affect some 36 million Americans, yet still is little known about what causes migraines or what the most effective migraine treatments are. Patients navigate providers and treatments in search of head pain relief.


If you have headaches in the morning,esp w/ nausea, check carbon monoxide level in your house.

I have pinched nerves in my neck from gymnastics accident, never been food etc. Many doctors don't want to hear that, have had for 32 years, no pain killer works and pain fluctuates from none to unlivable. Not tried acupuncture yet


Low blood oxygen saturation will often be the cause of headaches. If you have morning headaches, ask your PCP to order an overnight pulse oximetry test. This is a non-invasive, simple test you do at home.

I had migraines for years and finally tried acupuncture. Took appx a year of treatments, but I no longer have migraines

I had uncontrollable migraines for 21 years-3-5 per week. I found a neurologist whose specializes in headache treatment and he prescribed Neurontin.. I have a new life. Not completely headache free but 90% better. Ask your neurologist about it.

I've had Migraines for over 32 years! Nothing Helps! I've tried Everything!@ Never drank alcohol! I hope for the day of NO more Headaches or Migraines or Cancer!!

The article makes is sound as if all or most headaches are caused by sleep habits, food or beverage intake or stress. That is not true and should be expressed in the article. Some headaches are caused by weather changes, some by neck problems [not caused by stress0 or other physiological diffiulties. It's not a simple problem.

these suggestions are only helpful in some cases. It depends on the source of the headache. Not all headaches are due to tiredness or stress of food or beverages. That should be made clear in the article.

My Husband suffers from Migraines- for the most part I think it is from dehydration because he drinks coffee, and soda and not enough water, when he drinks his 8 glasses a day he doesn't get the headaches. But we have found a quick fix for him once they do come on, we have an inversion machine that I use for my back and neck that is wonderful! So when he gets a headache coming on he gets on the machine and in less than 20 min- it is gone, It works just by getting all of the blood flow to the brain- hope this helps.

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