4 ways to save on prescription drugs

Despite the fact that the cost of healthcare is rising, less than 10 percent of polled consumers on Angie’s List say they shop around for the best price for prescription drugs. Talk with your doctor and pharmacist about generic versions or alternatives such as exercise or better eating habits to help your ailment. Try any of these five tips to help you save costs on prescription drugs. 


Most of the pharmacies do not give you prices easily. They need to use the computer sometimes asking for a prescription . It is not easily available

Helpful. I shall ask my pharmacist for samples. Thank you.

It's is actually illegal for pharmacies to provide samples to their patients.

My dr writes a scrip for twice the dosage then I cut the pills in half. So I only have to refill every other month saving me 50%

This could be considered fraud depending on your insurance.

I agree with Bev. Several times I have tried local pharmacy's here in South Florida, including Wal-Mart and always get the run-around with excuses like they need to enter info to my insurance company database to determine the price. I'm sure every drug has a list price for people without insurance but it is quite a well kept secret. They truly discourage people from comparison shopping.

One way to save is to take advantage of ordering three months at a time maintenance prescriptions. It is hard to compare prices because some pharmacies say they have to know about your insurance or can't tell until they run it through your insurance company. And, prices can vary between different stores in the same company. My doctor is proactive in selecting generics - and looking at taking a medication once a day versus twice, etc.

Your doctor will not have samples of generics, only the brand name drugs that the reps are pushing. And then you'll think you must have the brand when he runs out of samples. Beware. If you search online you can find prescription discount cards like the RxDrugCard that I use. Great savings. Drug prices posted!!

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