Why is an energy efficient roof important?

The roof plays an important role when it comes to controlling the temperature of your home. (Photo courtesy of HomeFix Corp.)

The roof plays an important role when it comes to controlling the temperature of your home. (Photo courtesy of HomeFix Corp.)

Energy efficiency is something that most homeowners will agree is important. In the Mid-Atlantic states, the weather is getting cooler, and here at HomeFix Corporation, we are starting to think about keeping our homes heated for the winter weather. However, energy efficiency is important all year round, and through all four seasons.

You may think of replacement windows and proper insulation as the major players in the energy efficiency game. A proper roofing system that consists of the correct insulation and ventilation has a significant impact on the efficiency and climate control of your home, as well. In fact, a great roofing system can sustain events that might otherwise cause damage to the building’s structure, costing more money to fix than it would have cost to prevent.

As the upper boundary of our homes, we know that a good roof will keep precipitation out. Weatherproof materials seal our homes against rain, snow, and debris from outdoors. It is an undeniably significant job, but, in an era of rising energy costs, the roof plays even more important roles when it comes to temperature control.

The hot summer sun can be brutal, and your roof takes the brunt of it. Shingles and other roofing materials contribute to the SPF factor of your home, and a higher SPF rating means that more of the sun’s rays are reflected away from your home, rather than absorbed. This reduces the amount of heat gained, meaning that your air conditioner will not need to work as hard to maintain the desired temperature.

In the opposite situation, you will want to keep your home comfortably warm during the colder times of year. Because heat rises, your roof needs the right amount of insulation to keep it indoors, which will prevent your heating system from working overtime to compensate for heat loss. This is even more important during the ice and snow, because an inefficient roof can contribute to ice dam formation.

Ice dams are formed when heat escapes from the interior of a home through the roof. Ice and snow at the center of the roof begin to melt, and the resulting water drips down toward the eaves where it refreezes as it contacts the snow and ice collecting at the edges. An ice dam can weight down components of your roof or gutter system, damaging it, and possibly causing any water that does not refreeze to seep through the roof itself.

Preventing a problem is always easier than fixing it and an efficient roofing system will save money over an old and inefficient one. Disastrous possibilities aside, the energy saving benefits of an excellent quality, and professionally installed roof are worth considering when faced with the winter months ahead, and the rising cost of heating your home in cold weather.

Samantha Majka writes for HomeFix Corporation, an exterior home improvement contractor that has served Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC since 1990. She also writes for HomeFix's company blogs and websites.

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