How much do veneers cost vs. Lumineers?

Your dentist can perform a consultation to see if you’re a candidate for veneers. (Photo by Katie Jacewicz)

Your dentist can perform a consultation to see if you’re a candidate for veneers. (Photo by Katie Jacewicz)

Dental veneers are thin shells placed over your teeth to cover chips, stains or gaps. Lumineers is just one brand of veneers, and your dentist can help you decide whether it's right for you.

The cost of veneers and Lumineers

Traditional veneers cost up to $1,100 per tooth, while Lumineers can cost up to $1,300 per tooth. Many factors will influence the cost of dental veneers, also sometimes called porcelain veneers since they can be made from this material as well as resin composite materials. Factors affecting price include the office location, the dentist and how many you get at one time. Costs can vary greatly between dental offices in the same region, so check Angie's List for highly rated local dentists and call around to compare prices. The dentist may charge less per tooth if you get more than one at a time, so ask whether a discount is available for multiple teeth.

Ask your dentist how much experience he or she has with veneers in general, especially with the type you choose. An inexperienced dentist may not place the veneer properly, and this may require several trips to the dentist to have it fixed. Some problems may be easy to fix and will be covered by your dentist, but other problems related to incorrect placement may be your responsibility. Ask around whether the dentists guarantee their work and for how long.

How are veneers and Lumineers different?

Traditional veneers are typically about 0.5 millimeters thick, whereas Lumineers are typically 0.3 millimeters thick. Many prefer the Lumineers brand over traditional veneers because they're thinner and easier to place on the teeth.

Because they're thinner than other veneers, it may be harder for Lumineers to mask discolored teeth. If your teeth are heavily stained, there may not be enough material to hide the stains, and traditional veneers may be a better option.

Because Lumineers cover the existing tooth surface, you'll notice that your tooth is thicker. You may find it more difficult to clean your gum line, which may place you at a higher risk for gum disease. If you choose traditional veneers, your dentist will smooth the tooth for a better fit.

Does my dental insurance cover veneers?

Most dental insurance plans don't cover the cost of veneers because they consider them cosmetic. Call your insurance agent and ask whether the company will cover part of the cost.

What other price factors should I consider?

You should need to cover only the teeth with visible damage with veneers, so your costs will be less if you only have one damaged tooth. Some people want to cover all of their visible teeth, which drives the cost of veneers up.

Before a dentist can give you a quote, he or she will examine your teeth, which will help you both decide whether Lumineers are a good choice for your teeth, and if they will correct the problem to your liking.

Most dentists want a follow-up appointment about two weeks after the procedure to ensure correct fit and placement. Ask if this appointment is covered in the quoted price or if there is an additional cost.

Ask your dentist for a guarantee and the manufacturer's warranty. Most dentists will fix any problems related to fit or placement, but others may charge a fee to replace a veneer.

This is an updated version of a story originally posted on Oct. 18, 2012.

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I have been to a few dentists one was too ruff and the other sucked he made me choke one my temp because his assistance was not paying attention then gave me a shot to work on my back tooth the girl came back in to ask me a few questions and I noticed my speech was different I was talking as if I was def. They ended up putting a filling on a tooth that clearly needed a root canal and they. Didn't even filled the whole tooth so if I chew on that side I'm in so much pain I'm to terrified of dentist. Two of my crowns have fall in off my front tooth has just chipped. I'm so worried I'm going to lose my teeth! I'm a mother of three barley able to pay my bills I spent over 5,000 just on 2 crowns and 5 fillings!!!!!!!! This is just Wat happens last year.

Thank you everyone for you enlightening comments and discussions. I feel like I have a better understanding about lumineers and veneers. I can't wait to get started. Got my ortho appointment next week as my first step.

The Government needs to regulate the costs for Dental Procedures!!! $1300 for a tooth for 30 min of work... Seriously how do these people live with themselves charging someone $2600 an hour?? Thats a months work for the average American or 160 man hrs.... And I thought people that became Dr's were supposed to help them... Not ROB THEM BLIND!!!

lots of angry poor people here

RICK do you realize how much the dentist has to pay on a weekly basis, staff, equipment, building rental, power, all the different kinds of qaulifications they need to keep up to date on, so if a patient needs sedation prior to having dental work, not to mention all the different kinds of crowns and bridges and the list is endless, so before you go calling them scumbags you should really think about what they have to do with just one tooth. How would you like it if you have a business and people started calling you a scumbag saying you are ripping people off when you are just trying to make a living, it would suck i'm sure and youd be pissed so stop being a dick and think about how much they have to pay back in education too trust me as a dental assistant mine obviously didnt cost anywhere CLOSE to a dentist but it's still a fair amount, they are not indentured servents, plus the lumineers and veneers are not something you NEED it's a cosmetic choice thats why insurance wont pay for it........

I have been in the US for 21 years and have YET to find a halfway decent dentist! In my 40 years in Africa (yes a Third World country!!) my dentists were AMAZING and always preserved my teeth! Here in the US, they drill for NO reason and when there is nothing left of the tooth, they pull it, suggesting implants (because that's where the big money is)! When I have refused implants due to cost, they made a denture for me - IT NEVER FITTED, despite SEVEN fittings! I have had THREE dentures and all were ill fitting! When I cracked a molar, it had to be pulled. I was fobbed off on an assistant (not that I knew it then!) who took TWO HOURS to pull one tooth! A week later, it became apparent that the assistant had cracked my jaw in removing the tooth! I wouldn't mind paying $2,600 an hour for a good dentist ~ there just aren't any in the US.... it's a meat market/gold mine for them and little care for the patient! I don't believe that a dentists costs are any more than mine, to run a business and my hourly rate is nothing like theirs! I also spent YEARS qualifying for my career and I AM ALSO NOT AN INDENTURED SERVANT! Dentistry in the US is legal robbery!

I am disturbed by so many negative comments about dentist and dentistry.I am a practicing dentist,and have been for almost 30 years,who cares for my patients. I believe most of my colleagues feel the same way.Are ther bad apples in the bunch? Sure,but that's in every profession.I cannot tell you how many sleepless night I've had over concern for my patients. There are solutions to all of these problems.Dont give up just keep looking for for a carring and compassionate dentist.

The Lumineers were about $1,300.00 a tooth. I had braces to straighten out A DoD orthodontist in military school at 13 years old. The teeth coloring was lousy. The structured look great but very little brightness. No good solution from the dentist and a RIP final between us. 61 years of age and work done 4 years ago.

Yes i agree that the dentist charge people wat to much money for somthing so important to people. thats why im going to school for dental. to help people and to charge according to your income.... dont worry we will be helping soo.

I have upper front veneers done one year ago and now they keep falling off.glued on . But are not lasting . Paying 900.00. Is a lot of money who lives on a fixed income. Not sure what to do about my front teeth , any suggestions out there ? Dentist are a big rip off. So what they have to pay for staff and equipment. There are many of us that pay for schooling and get degrees and still can't get any work. Nothing in this world has to cost a lot of money. dr's, dentist, lawyers ,vets , are big greedy people, they get away with it because they know it is a need.

I had Vaneers put on back in 1992 and they still look great! I did chip one of my canines because I bit down on something hard, completely my own fault, but the dentist repaired it and good as new. The right dentist is the key. Definitely find someone who specializes in this treatment, and has had plenty of practice. I hope this helps. CJ

There is a product you can get at Walgreens which cements crowns. I can't recall the name, but it's an over the counter product and is only around $5-8 or so. You could try that with your veneers... Good luck!

My husband was told he needed crowns on the front teeth because veneers were too thin for his type of wear and damage. We went with that, and paid $4500 for 4 front teeth and one back tooth. Doesn't sound like that much but it was. And now the problem - they look like horse teeth, his speech is different, I don't like them at all since they look too big, and the dentist says they're FINE and DANDY and she did a great job with his smile!! There's no fixing them unless he starts over from scratch!! More money!! I am so upset about it now that I don't know what to do. They fit the mold OK and looked OK on the mold, but NOT on the real mouth!! Can't afford a redo.

I totally agree with you, but I would think the price would go down because it not everyday the someone with adverage income can afford to rack up this cost for their self-esteem, not to mention being in the public especially when working with the public. Employers will look and hire you by your appearance. I need or should I say want 14 teeth done, my dentist cost is 1250.00 per tooth.. :-( = $ 16,800.00 that a good down payment on a home ! Just like everything else ... " It's Supply and Demand " !

I want to get my teeth Whiter but who would pay that ridiculous amount of money per tooth?????

In April 2007, I had 19 Lumineers done. The cost was considerable over $17K, but cheaper since I went with so many Lumineers. Today, November 2014, most of them are still intact. I have lost 2 of them (back teeth) over the years and 2 of them had small chips. Here is some truth that you will not find anywhere: 1. Lumineers lie about no pain and no drilling. There was pain and a lot of drilling. My dentist had to smooth all my teeth in order to place Lumineers on them. It took him the entire day to do this. About 8-10 hours. After that, he took impressions of my teeth and placed an order. 2. Two weeks later (you have to live with your not so good looking teeth for those 2 weeks), Lumineers arrived at my dentist's office. I went back to have them installed. Again, a lot of pain, and it took all day to do this. 3. You have to change the way you eat. You will learn very fast what you can and cannot bite. You will also learn to use utensils forever very carefully, so they don’t bang on your teeth. I cracked my upper front Lumineer in about 1 month and had to go back to my dentist twice 2 weeks apart. First time, to take an impression and place a temporary cover on my tooth so it would not stand out, and the second time to place Lumineer when it arrived from the manufacturer. The result was absolutely outstanding. My dentist was right advising me not to get the whitest color since it looked very artificial (look at old actors/TV personalities with very bright teeth). I think that he went 1 or 2 shades darker. My teeth look very white and natural. I am a coffee drinker, and they don't stain. I will recommend it to anyone with just 1 precaution: the artistry of your dentist means everything (how long Lumineers stay in, if they crack, the way they are placed and separated, proportions, correct color, etc.) You may lose all your Lumineers in a matter months if you go with an inexperienced or impatient dentist.

q tip 40 volumn peroxide dabbed on tooth exactly fo 2-3 minutes, thoroughly rinse and brush with fluoride and baking soda toothpaste..... repeat as needed

can you give a few more details about this home treatment you are describing?

After reading above article, how can you find repuditable dentist?

Hi Diane, We have several articles about this very topic! You can find more information on that topic by copying and pasting these liks into your browser:, and

Need help

I completely agree with Rick and Ashlea. I was looking to have this done myself but there is no way I can afford it at these prices, it's ridiculous!!! It can't cost dentist that much and it really takes no time at all for them to do the procedure in the first place , so I don't see why we should have to pay so much to feel Greta about ourselves. Dentist and Doctors really could care less about the lower class people and it's is sickening!!!

I agree with Rick and Ashlea, it really is outrageous that it costs that much. I was lookin to have it done, but there's really no way I can afford that price!!!! Not everyone is rich or has the money to do this, it's crazy!!!! No dentist or doctor really looks out for the lower class people and it is sickening!!

$1,100 per tooth to have a great smile, forever - not outrageous - and besides, it is elective not mandatory. The dentist pays for years of schooling, rent on an office, buys a ton of high-tech equipment, pays a staff (he employs a number of people), insurance and more. Next time you have a tooth emergency, I recommend NOT using the insulting words above in your conversation.

Plenty of us in other professions have gone to school to get our BAs, MAs and PhDs and NO ONE has reimbursed us for our schooling, our equipment, our books, our professional development courses, our supplies, our books, our insurance, etc. What makes you guys feel so entitled? And when is the time limit for reimbursement of your education? 10 years, 15 years, 20 years or eternity?

I completely agree with u mary!! Thats just completely insane wonder all these people are walking around with bad teeth...I could understand a 2,000-3,000 for your WHOLE mouth...but PER TOOTH??? OMG!!! These people need to wake up and realize not everyone makes 3 figures..there is a lower class people geesh!!

Someone should post what thieving dentists actually PAY for those veneers that they have a total of possibly an HOUR invested in, by the time they're installed. $1,100 per tooth, INDEED!!! Those arrogant, pocket picking scumbag dentists should be castrated for FREE. People need to wake up and realize that the entire medical profession takes advantage of their patient's illnesses, ailments and limitations. The insurance companies are in bed with the Dr.s and hospitals. They pay those outrageous prices and then charge higher premiums. ..... One more thing... BEWARE of AARP. It's a scam that was set up by the Insurance industry to get Seniors to sign up... giving the INSURANCE INDUSTRY the names, addresses and phone numbers of their TARGET CUSTOMERS. (absolute truth)

How much is cost for a full mouth

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