6 signs you need to replace your carpet

Although proper maintenance can dramatically extend the life of your carpet, every carpet that sees regular use will need to be replaced sooner or later. Some of the signs can be obvious, but there are others that may be more subtle.

To determine when you should replace your own carpet, consider the following top six signs that reveal irreversible wear and tear:

1. Damage and stains remain after a carpet cleaning

A professional carpet cleaning performed by an experienced technician should always leave your carpet looking and smelling brand-new. If you have your carpet professionally cleaned regularly, but odors and wear are still present in the carpet after each cleaning, it can be a strong indicator that your carpet has reached the end of its useful life.

2. Rips and tears in the carpet

Rips and tears are a more obvious sign of carpet damage that may warrant replacement. Although small rips can potentially be repaired with the help of a professional, larger tears often require complete replacement of the carpet to prevent further tears or trip hazards.

3. Permanent presence of odors

If you own a pet or haven't cleaned in a while, you may notice a lingering smell on your carpet, but the odor should be gone or noticeably diminished after a proper cleaning. If it doesn't, this means that the odor has penetrated deep into the carpet fibers, the carpet pad or the subfloor, and it may even indicate mold and mildew growth.

In cases like these, it's often more cost effective to replace the entire carpet completely in order to fully eliminate the odor or odors.

4. The carpeting is worn bare

When your carpet no long has that soft feeling that bounces back right after a professional cleaning, it indicates that the carpet has been worn bare. Although this problem isn't necessarily dangerous to your health, it can reduce the comfort in your home.

5. Your allergies begin acting up

Often, older carpets catch and retain more allergens and particulate matter, which may cause your allergies to act up. If you notice an increase in allergies, once source may be your older carpet.

6. It's been more than 20 years

Experts recommend that you replace your carpet after use for a maximum of 20 years. Although your carpet may be in a low-traffic area, it is still a good rule of thumb to maintain good indoor air quality and your carpet in high-quality condition by having it replaced.

If you're unsure about how much remaining useful life your home's carpet has, ask a Los Angeles carpet cleaning professional the next time you have it cleaned.

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Rips and tears are hard to repair on carpet. Corner rips and tears are easier to fix than ones in the middle of the room. (Photo by Angie's List member Suzanne S. of Florence, S.C)
Rips and tears are hard to repair on carpet. Corner rips and tears are easier to fix than ones in the middle of the room. (Photo by Angie's List member Suzanne S. of Florence, S.C)

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