5 ways to use essential oils

Aromatherapy has many relaxing and healing properties, and you can use essential oils in a variety of ways. Check out these five tips for using essential oils.

1. Diffusing

Diffusing essential oils into the air with a diffuser is an easy way to use aromatherapy as you go about your daily activities. A diffuser is any device that releases the scent of essential oils into the air. The types of diffusers available range from a simple candle that heats a small amount of water containing essential oils to nebulizing diffusers that pump air through a chamber containing essential oils without using heat or water.

Choosing a diffuser depends both on how you plan to use it and your personal preferences. Nebulizing diffusers produce the strongest scent, and professional sources generally consider nebulizers the best choice for therapeutic purposes. However, these diffusers also cost more than other types.

2. Baths

Add essential oils to a bath to relax or help with health conditions such as skin problems or urinary tract infections. Some recommended oils for relaxation include lavender, rose, roman chamomile and frankincense. For dealing with specific conditions, consult a reliable essential oil source or qualified aromatherapist.

Usually, six to 10 drops of oil work well in a tub of water. Because essential oils don't easily disperse in water, many sources recommend blending the essential oil in a teaspoon of carrier oil (olive, almond or any fatty oil) or in whole milk and then stirring the blend into the bath.

3. Massage

You can get a professional aromatherapy massage or blend essential oils with a massage oil for self-massage at home. Essential oils you can use for a massage include lavender and roman chamomile, or you can blend oils, with the help of professional advice, to address specific health issues.

4. Cleaning

Because many essential oils help fight germs, you can make non-toxic cleaning products using the oils and simple ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda and borax. Some of the most common oils recommended for cleaning products are lemon, eucalyptus, pine and tea tree.

To make a simple surface cleaner, combine 3 drops tea tree, 1 drop lemon and 1 drop eucalyptus with 1 teaspoon white vinegar, 2 tablespoons baking soda and enough water to make a paste.

5. Skin care

Although some commercial skin care products contain essential oils, you can make your own skin care products at home. The best essential oils for your skin depend on the type and condition of your skin, although lavender and frankincense work well for many types. Working with a professional aromatherapist is a great way to safely choose the oils that are best for you.

For more information, please read, How to Find a Qualified Aromatherapist.

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