4 types of dental braces for adults

Dental braces are no longer for teenagers only. An increasing number of adults are choosing braces to straighten their teeth. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, about 22 percent of braces wearers are adults. You can select from these four types of braces to acquire that perfect smile.

Metal braces

The most inexpensive type of braces for adults are the traditional, stainless-steel versions. Obviously, the drawback to wearing these is how visible they are. Metal braces hold a thin wire held in place with rubber bands to put pressure on the teeth and move them to the desired place.

Metal braces can irritate gums and cheeks at first. Once you have them on, you have to watch what you eat, avoiding things that can stick to the braces, such as caramel or gum. You also have to avoid eating hard food, which can move or dislodge the braces.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces cost more than stainless-steel versions because they blend in with the teeth and aren't as visible. Also, you can choose between clear elastic ties or white metal ties to hold the braces in place.

Though the braces themselves won't stain, the ties will easily, especially if you consume items that typically stain teeth, such as coffee. Your orthodontist will swap out the ties every time he or she adjusts the braces, which is usually every month.

Ceramic braces are more sensitive and can easily break or chip, so they require more maintenance and more time to install than metal braces, which increases the treatment time and cost.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are customized to bond and hide behind the teeth to remain invisible, but they cost more than metal or ceramic braces because the process is more complicated. They require a skillful orthodontist to install them, and not every orthodontist knows how to do it.

Also, lingual braces don't work well on small teeth and get in the way of the tongue, potentially causing speech problems and injuries, so you have to learn and practice speaking with them on.

Invisible braces

Invisible braces, such as Invisalign, cost more than any other types of braces because they are practically invisible. These braces are mainly for people without great teeth problems.

Instead of brackets mounted to the teeth, these braces are custom-fitted aligners (rubber trays) that you wear except when eating or brushing your teeth. The process involves using different aligners every two weeks to move the teeth gradually to the desired place.

These types of braces can be uncomfortable at first as the tray begins to put pressure on the teeth and you get used to them. You must also be disciplined because the success of these braces depends on you wearing the trays no less than 20 hours a day.

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Invisalign braces
Talk to your orthodontist about options for braces, like Invisalign (pictured), along with cost. (Photo by Brandon Smith)

Many adults are wearing braces to get a better smile. The cost you pay for metal, ceramic, lingual or Invisalign braces will depend on these four factors.


Nice article! The best option I ever found is ceramic braces. It is the expensive one but the result is really awesome and good for most of the conditions.

How much do they cost?

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